Legs Diamond Diamonds Are Forever AOR Heaven
· Produced By: Michael Prince

· Running Time: 63.46

· Release Date: Out Now

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· Musical Style: Hard Rock

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Songs: 80%
Sound: 80%
This album took longer to digest than I anticipated. I'm not one to rush a review if I can't get an accurate feel for an album. This record is quite varied in style and I have been trying to figure out how Legs Diamond should sound in 2005, albeit with a different line-up than when we last heard from them.
I think in some ways the band is trying to figure this out as well, as the contrast between tracks is quite stark and at the end of the day, I think this works against the band.
The songwriting is great in places, but a little bland in other areas. Where the guys sound at best is when they are being true to their classic sound and style, whereas at other times they just sound like they are trying to be something they aren't.
This is a different band than they were on Town Bad Girl or Out On Bail. Most obviously, there is a new frontman in former Wild Horses frontman John Levesque.
I really like what John brings to the band. I haven't always been a fan of his, but his performance at Firefest this year was dead on (as was all the band) and having seen him live with the band, I knew he was a great fit and I have looked forward to this album ever since.
John varies his vocal delivery as much as the songs vary in style and his energy is a key element in the likeability of this record. His role should not be understated and I remain a converted fan of his.
Diamonds Are Forever is a long record. There's an hour of music here, comprised of songs ranging from three minutesto nearly 8 minutes in length .
It is thoroughly hard rocking affair – so much so that it surprised me just how heavy it is in places.
The style moves from an updated classic Legs Diamond pomp rock influenced sound where the guys sound most at home, to a more straight ahead riff driven AC/DC sound and occasionally to a more heavy and contemporary sound – both of which don't quite sound as comfortable a fit. Like I said, it is a quite varied record.
For me the two best tracks open the album, but there are more goodies inside.
Don't Turn Away is a angst filled modern heavy rocker with a pounding beat and a pleading chorus and introduces the new Legs Diamond to all. John Levesque's powerful vocals make the song.
Time Will Never Change is my pick of the whole album, with a classic keyboard intro that builds tempo with the rest of the band and subtly rises in intensity to a great chorus. Over the course of six minutes the song get a little more complex and features another great lead vocal from Levesque and some complex keyboard patterns from Michael Prince.
The haunting and more melodic Loneliness is another strong track for me, which I think captures the essence on Diamond's moodier rock personality.
The epic 8 minute plus Will You Remember is another track long time fans should appreciate.
The mid-tempo rock ballad This Time Around has a similar vibe, swathed in organ and a darker Gary Barden style vocal.
As noted, the band also have a stripped down, raw AC/DC streak to their sound on this record and that is best demonstrated on the growling Good Time, Let It Go and even the darker and heavier Trouble, which itself is musically interesting, but could have used a better chorus.
Funny to hear Michael Prince describe King Of Speed as a tribute to Deep Purple, as that is what I thought immediately upon hearing it for the first time. I think the classic organ and bluesy swagger gives that away…still a cool song.
The remaining tracks offer good support, but could be considered fillers for some. They certainly aren't the essential tracks on the album, nor the ones which show the band in their best light.
The Bottom Line
Some classic moments are overshadowed by some areas where the songwriting isn't as strong as it has been in the past. Experimentation with sound and style can be expected of a band trying to find their footing again, but that doesn't take away from the fact that the long awaited album does carry a few fillers.
One would hope a few more live shows and a quick return to the studio will deliver the classic I know they are capable of.
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· A Diamond is a Hard Rock
· Firepower
· Out On Bail
· Land of the Gun
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· The Wish
· Diamonds Are Forever

Line Up:
· John Levesque: Vocals
· Michael Prince: Keyboards, Guitar
· Jeff Poole: Drums
· Adam Kury: Bass
· Roger Romeo: Guitars

Essential For Fans Of:
· Legs Diamond
· John Levesque
· Wild Horses
Track Listing
· Don't Turn Away *
· Time Will Never Change *
· Good Time
· King Of Speed
· Trouble
· This Time Around
· Let It Go
· Will You Remember *
· Rain Down
· Loneliness *
· Get You Home
· Change (bonus track)
· For All We Know (bonus track)
-- *Best Tracks

25/04/06: Lou -
Rating: 90
Legs Diamond should have been HUGE in the 70's
BLACKMORES RAINBOW... bands who rank w/ and even
bury Sabbath and Zeppelin . Anywoo , this album
is pure hard rock at it's finest and i highly
reccomend it to all my true hard rock and metal
fans out there! KEEP IT TRUE ROCK N ROLL!

30/11/05: Axe Machine -
Rating: 90
Thank God that Legs Diamond have come back with a great album after the disappointment of The Wish. Most Diamond fans will remember the track 'Loneliness' from their recent Favorites album and I was relieved to hear how much better this John Levesque version is compared to the original Rick Sanford version, as I am sure that everyone but diehard Rick fans will agree that the vocal here is infinitely stronger. The opening three tracks are and 'Will You Remember' are also superb cuts, especially the AC/DC-ish 'Good Time' which as anyone who witnessed their set at UFOR will attest, was one of the most well delivered tracks of their truly amazing set. No, this album isnt Out On Bail or the debut, but nor is it a million miles away from what their fans remember them best for. Anyone who listens to this with an open mind will find an enjoyable listen awaiting them. Recommended.

29/11/05: freddy de keyzer -
Rating: 80
Legs Diamond is without a shadow of a doubt MY ALL TIME FAVE ACT !
Their debut is my all time number ONE album, and also Out On Bail and Town Bad Girls are IMO phenomenal !!!
So, how is their newie ?
Well, I always try to be honest in my comments, and it's a mixed affair.
Still better than lots of current releases, but not consistant enough !
Too few great, epic tracks, which built into a grand finale (see Stage Fright etc.) and too many straigh ahead rockers.
Some songs are too simple, too AC/DC-ish !, with a lack of variation !
They rock, no question about that, but the structure could have been better.
From my all time faves, I expect something more !
And the keyboards are not upfront enough ! They are essential in the Legs sound.
Mr. Levesque does a great job, but he's no mr. Sanford !
All by all, not a bad album by any means, but from Legs I expect something more, some extra class.
I agree with Andrew, Legs can do better than this !

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