a l b u m r e v i e w s

Produced by: Geroge Lynch
  1. Chem-Geo
  2. What Do You Want?
  3. Smoke This
  4. Hollow
  5. Chromeplated
  6. Hype O(gasmic)
  7. Relaxing In The Land Of AZ
  8. Get It Together
  9. Playalistics
  10. Into The Fire
  11. When I Rise
  12. Freak Attach
  13. Beg
After several years of leaving, then rejoining Dokken (when his solo projects went sour), George Lynch has bailed once again. Now his former band mates are going GREAT! and have added a new guitarist instead of calling it quits!
Now there is one positive from this move - George has taken with him his horrible love of alternative music, his experimentation, hip hop and the 90's grunge thing.
The down side is that it all turns up here.
This is NO Lynch Mob album. George Lynch, of course, can call it whatever he wants seeing that it bears his name. (Probably his main ego problem in Dokken). But this really does place into disrepute the sacred name of Lynch Mob. After all, that band did create 2 fine sleazy hard rock albums, the first always being the finest.
But to call this shite 'Lynch Mob', really does push the boundaries of good taste.
A solo album we could dismiss as 'experimental', 'broadening his horizons' or just 'oh dear, next time George', however this is taking the good commercial name, previously created, and trying to force this un-Godly crap on unsuspecting fans.
Now, I am not taking the mickey out of the production or quality of the album. The guitar playing (when there is any) is impeccable as expected. The songs and style, however, just suck.
Let's take a very quick look at it... Chem-Geo is nothing but an extended electronic hip hop sorta synth wank instrumental.
What Do You Want? offers some pretty convincing guitar work, until the fucking God awful hard rap vocal kicks in. What is this guy smoking?
Smoke This almost answers my question. No thank you Sir, if this is what it does to your mind, I am steering clear. The title track is even worse. More shit rapping, and even less guitar. More samples. Next...
Hollow is heavy and alternative. Shadowlife but worse. The vocals are by Kirk Harper. Never ever buy anything with this clown on vocals.
Chromeplated is....no I am sorry I can't take this anymore.
I have listened and skipped through the rest of the tracks a couple of times and I can safely say this is the biggest pile of self indulgent drug fucked shit I have heard in years, maybe ever.
Don't go within 100 feet of this abominable record.
ESSENTIAL FOR: People undergoing lab experiments.
DISCOGRAPHY: Dokken; Solo - Sacred Groove; Lynch Mob - Wicked Sensation . Lynch Mob

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