Marcello-Vestry Marcello-Vestry Avalon Japan
· Produced By: Bruno Ravel & Rob Marcello

· Running Time: 47.22

· Release Date: Out Now

· Released:

· Musical Style: Melodic Rock

· Links: Marcello Vestry
Songs: 94%
Sound: 96%
It has been a cracking year for melodic rock and AOR with plenty more still to come. The 2008 MelRock Awards will be a headache beyond headaches!
Adding to the welcome dilemma of picking out the best releases of the year is this little gem. Marcello Vestry is another slice of glorious classic melodic rock, with the finest traditions of this genre firmly entrenched in the performances, songwriting and production – all of which are world class.
And so they should be with the likes of those involved. There are reasons this release is being described as Danger Danger's little brother.
Vocalist Frank Vestry has been around several years and is best described as a cross between Paul Laine and Ted Poley (Ted's higher tone and Paul's rasp).
Guitarist/Keyboardist Rob Marcello is of course a current member of Danger Danger and fellow band mate Bruno Ravel has co-written most of the material with the lads as well as producing the album and playing bass. And we all know Mr. Ravel turns in quality productions don't we?
Just like H.E.A.T and Brother Firetribe, this is a step back into the golden age of driving melodic hard rock music, where the hair was big, but the music bigger.
Europe has been turning out the finest melodic music in years in recent times, but now it is time for the Americans to fire back with this release straight out of 1990. A little has been made of the less than serious nature of the lyrics on here – this is all about the girls, the music and what a mix of the two does to a person! No harm there.
What is important is that this album kicks ass and is a fantastic representation of everything most of this site's readers love about music.
Big guitars, soaring vocals with layers of harmonies, keyboards and driving rock songs mixed with a couple of big 80s ballads.
I love the slightly raspy tone of Frank Vestry's vocals, which really resonate with me; and Rob Marcello is all over this record. Guitars flaying and solos flying.
And the thumping bass of Ravel coupled with a tight production mean this album sounds a million bucks and fits right into the Danger Danger catalogue between Screw It and Four The Hard Way (pretty much replicating the style of the dual Cockroach releases).
The opening trio of Fireworks, Ready Or Not and All I Wanna Do Is U are melodic rock anthems complete with keyboard fills, guitar solos and memorable layered choruses.
All I Wanna Do Is U is perhaps the most anthemic.
Gone is the first big ballad of the album, but an uptempo rock ballad at that. And a big rock song if you know what I mean. It stars mellow and builds quickly to a fabulous chorus.
Without You is pure layered melodic bliss and Live Life is straight out of 1988.
The more sentimental ballad of the album is What You Mean, which reminds me of the debut Danger Danger release.
Another trio of uptempo rockers closes out the album with One More Night the last track and perhaps one of the albums best with its driving beat and killer AOR chorus which doesn't miss a beat.
The Bottom Line
Great quality melodic hard rock with soaring guitars and vocals, a killer production and some seriously enjoyable songs. 2008 just gets better and better and this is right up there with the best of the year to date. Another for the essential list I think.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
· Marcello Vestry

Line Up:
· Frank Vestry: Vocals
· Rob Marcello: Guitars, Keyboards
· Lynn D. Ruhms: Drums
· Bruno Ravel: Bass, Backing Vocals

Essential For Fans Of:
· Danger Danger
· Paul Laine
· Classic American Melodic Rock
Track Listing
· Fireworks *
· Ready Or Not
· All I Wanna Do *
· Gone *
· Without You *
· Live Life
· What You Mean *
· Love Injection
· Gangster Of Love
· One More Night *
· Gone (Acoustic)

--*Best Tracks

21/10/08: Kostas -
Rating: 98
One of the best cds of the year, for sure!

06/10/08: Charly_b -
Rating: 98
For sure,the best AOR album of 2008. Killer production, killer choruses. No songs to throw out. Amazing

03/10/08: Paul Melling -
Rating: 75
I must confess that i bought this album on the strength of Andrewīs review and i expected to be blown away by it..but i wasnīt. It is an "OK" album but the songs are just not strong enough in my opinion to be a great album. However,the production is superb and there are some blistering guitar solos here which makes it well worth turning up the volume in your car!

27/07/08: Hotzi -
Rating: 96
One of the best Album this year !! Great !!

18/07/08: Panagiotis -
Rating: 100
This is an awesome cd from the beggining to the end. Hardrockin'melodies all the way.I love it.

13/07/08: Chris -
Rating: 99
Wow, beeing someone who actually never really liked Danger Danger ( Ted Poley`s voice is terrible in my opinion..sorry ) I was afraid of checking this out. But I got this Album now and you know what- this thing is the best CD I have heard and bought this year.

After spending almost two decades beeing a Melodic Hardrock fan I was so disappointed by almost no new good bands in this genre that I rarely listened to meldic Stuff and more rarely bought it. Got more into the Harder direction.

What always brought me back to Melodic Rock is a new Harem Scarem release and everything Johnny Gioeli puts his voice on ( God bless the first Hardline Album - there has never been anything better ).

So this year is the first in a long time where I must buy 3 releases : Harem Scarem - Hope, Heat - H.E.A.T and Marcello Vestry - and Marcello Vestry is the best out of these 3 !!!

Killer Production, great Vocals, Killer Chorusses in every song and that damn cool feeling beeing back in the 80ies when the first note of Marcello Vestry gets out of the speakers, awesome stuff.

It has Elements of Def Leppard mid - end eighties in it, lots of Hardline Rhytm Work and a singer that you can`t compare to someone else.

And the lyrics are postive all over, welcome to the 80ies, and saying this means it`s a damn compliment, this Album is Killer, wow, wow, wow.........

There`s no excuse in not buying this, really !!!

08/07/08: Paul Ottowell -
Rating: 60
My initial reaction was that it was ok. I was expecting 'Screw it' type choruses but didn't get them. After the review I was expecting something as good as the Brother Firetribe release. Unfortunately it falls short.

06/07/08: Andy Braban -
Rating: 99
yeah, i have to agree fully with the other reviewers.
absolutley top notch release.
every now and again something special comes along, and this is one of those moments.
AOR has many versions of the genre but this is the absolute meaning, great melodic feel good tunes sometimes making you want to get wild other times wanting to just feel emotions. this album provides all of those feelings and more.
you can hear the danger danger influence with the two guys from the band, which is no bad thing.
the songs, the sound are all quality.
I gave 99% because i like to leave room for improvement. and that would be hard here. but i guess i am hard to please.
similar to the Los Angeles,(michele luppi) release a while back.
its a buy or die for this. well done guys.

04/07/08: RockMan -
Rating: 98
This is a very big shot back to when guitars were a bombastic wall of sound within the keys and vocal harmonies. This is what we love. It takes a lot of time to get a disc like this perfect but when it comes out, the fans can't get enough. At least I can't. Fantastic from top to bottom.

01/07/08: Ralph -
Rating: 100
Absolutely STUNNING record, a must for any fan of classy, melodic hard rock. Great production, great vocals, and Rob is an amazing guitarist (think Kee Marcello/George Lynch/Paul Gilbert).

I think the most important aspect of the record is the songwriting. Too many times these days you get only 2 or 3 good songs off any given record. Not the case here, where this record is solid from start to finish. It takes me back to my favorite times in the late 80's/early 90's driving my Mustang GT, windows rolled down, cranking the likes of Warrant's DRFSR (my favorite record of all time), Firehouse, Shotgun Messiah etc.

These guys deserve huge success, and most importantly the support of any melodic hard rock fan so hopefully we can get a few more records out of them!

01/07/08: Tom -
Rating: 100
Whow, what a classy album. Itīs on heavy rotation here and a clear winner. The production is top notch, songs are really great and give such a positive vibe. Probably my favourite of this year!
Hope to hear more from the guys in the future and I really wish this record to be a huge success for everyone involved, because they all really deserve it.

01/07/08: Roman -
Rating: 85
Well... long waiting for new Danger Danger album, two members from the band... project... hm... It sounds good, doesnt it?
Firstly, I thing production is great and sound bombastic, really good work.
Secondly, Singer is very potencional. He is singing in similar way tham Paul Laine (but without any drive)
Thirdly, songs. The first one is a real killer and also the "slower" one - gone is great. I could say that whole album is very good, melodic. Dont exept Danger Danger energy or melodies... thisdays are gone forever. But this album (if you like D2 or any of slaze/glam band from 80ī) will make a big smile on your face, and thatīs what is most important isnīt it?

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