Mass Crack Of Dawn Escape Music
Produced By: Martin Kronlund & Mass

Running Time: 51.03

Release Date: Out Now


Musical Style: Melodic Hard Rock

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Songs: 88%
Sound: 92%
Mass never broke out in Australia back in their day so I never spent much time with their music. That's definitely changed since I got the advance of this album I have spent a great deal of time with it. My conclusion - this is a great record that captures two sides of the band perfectly.
This record has been several years in the making, so you would expect the songwriting to be a major strength of the record and it is.
The production is also first rate. Again, it shows that a lot of time has been put into this record and everyone reaps the rewards.
A pounding rhythm section and great guitar sound greet the listener, with vocals of frontman Louis D'Augusta sailing over the top.
The band's sound is possibly a little left field for some, but it is mixed up here quite well and I find myself enjoying both sides of the band's delivery.
Those sides include a slice of sleaze rock bands such as Bang Tango and LA Guns, mixed with a Robert Plant/Led Zeppelin delivery and on the other hand at times a smoother more restrained sound, accompanies by a deeper more earthy vocal.
It's You is a mellow start to the album considering some of the rockers on board, but I like its style and attitude.
Crack Of Dawn is classic Bang Tango to some, but classic Mass to those in the know. That rock n roll sleaze is carried into Empty Soul, which you might remember was featured on MelodicRock CD Volume 2. Magic Train rocks along with a similar bluesy attitude and Monkey Brain could almost be LA Guns '88.
Who Am I rounds out the highlights from this side.
On a mellower note referenced earlier, Hello is brilliant, Castle is rich and multi-layered with a great vocal and hook and Someday is as moody as it gets.
The Bottom Line
Another surprise record not that I was expecting something average but expectations have been met and exceeded. I think this is another excellent fan-pleasing release and given that their last album was so long ago, there is a good chance new fans will come on board given the quality of this release.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
New Birth
Take You Home
Voices in the Night
Best Ones
Crack Of Dawn

Line Up:
Loius D'Augusta: Vocals
Gene D'Itria: Guitars
Joey Vadala: Drums
Lou Spagnola: Bass

Essential For Fans Of:
Track Listing
It's You *
Crack Of Dawn *
Empty Soul *
Hello *
Magic Train
Monkey Brain *
Sweet Lady Jane
Seven Days
Leaving You
Castle *
Who Am I

--*Best Tracks

01/08/07: Steve Norander -
Rating: 95
Well after almost 20 years it is finally here!!!!!! The long awaited followup to "Voices in the night" does not dissapoint! The production is top notch, as is every on this CD! MASS, to me, has always been one of those bands that I always wonder how they never got bigger. They have, in my opinion, one of the most solid lineups around, starting off with one of the greates voices in rock, Louis is a monster who delivers in a big way on the disc and in live shows as well. Gene & Lou Spag are as solid as they come and provide great backing vocals & harmonies. Now onto Joey "vee" to me one of the most underated drummers around, he pounds those things like none I know!!

Now onto the good stuff. Andrew's review is spot on so I wont waste space covering the same things he mentioned. For me this CD has many highlights, my favorite tracks are "It's You" a great mid tempo rocker that pulls you right in, "Someday" a top notch ballad, "empty soul", "castle" I like this one alot!, "hello". Not a bad song on this CD.

So if you never heard of MASS give it a try, you won't be dissapointed! and be sure to check out there back catalouge "New birth", "Take you home", & "Voices in the night" are all examples of Melodic rock at it's best! While most of the bands from these guys time have come & gone or parted ways MASS has stayed true to themselves and their music, quietly playing show after show in the Boston area and demoing new material. Stay tuned as I expect more great things from these guys in the years to come!


31/07/07: Gino -
Rating: 0
INCREDIBLE!!! The band sounds amazing on this disc!! The tracks are all HOT! Rockin`! "Hit You Right Between The Eyes" - "Listen Up While We Grab Your Attention!" fresh, new, powerful MASS rock songs that only these guys know how to uniquely put together!!! From: "C.O.D.", to "Someday", to "7 Days", to "Leaving You", etc. WOW! What a treat for the discerning rock and roll ear! May it go "Platinum" soon! LOVE THIS BAND!!! GOD BLESS!!! <><

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