Megadeth The System Has Failed Sanctuary Records
· Produced By: Dave Mustaine

· Running Time: 48.42

· Release Date: Out Now

· Released: WORLD

· Musical Style: Melodic Metal

· Links: Megadeth
Songs: 86%
Sound: 90%
Another album that is overdue for a review….
After disappearing a couple of years back, there was a question mark over whether Megadeth would ever return – especially after frontman Dave Mustain's slightly bizarre withdrawal from recording life.
The speed of his return surprised me for one. Whatever he did while he was away has certainly improved his creativity. I'm not a Megadeth fan per se, but I do think this is a very solid album which fans of the band and Dave should appreciate.
The line-up is somewhat new, but original guitarist Chris Poland does return for some tracks.
As one would expect, this is an uncompromising, hard hitting and powerful metal album that may not break new ground, but the material still manages to appear fresh and revitalized.
I'm really into the track Die Dead Enough, which is surprisingly melodic in its approach.
Kick The Chair is another top track, with plenty of aggressive vocals and riffs, yet a good hook remains clearly audible. In fact, running through the album one can hear more melodies than I recall in past Megadeth albums.
The Bottom Line
Dave remains an average singer, but it's his band and it wouldn't be Megadeth without his voice. He manages to put in a good performance here, with the album driven by some good songwriting and a certain vibe that just brings the album alive. I can't imagine too many Megadeth fans being disappointed with this.
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· Risk

Line Up
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Essential for fans of:
· Dave Mustaine
Track Listing
· Die Dead Enough*
· Kick The Chair*
· The Scorpion
· Tears In A Vial*
· I Know Jack
· Back In The Day
· Something I'm Not
· Truth To Be Told
· Of Mice & Men
· Shadow Of Death
· My Kingdome Come
--*Best Tracks

09/09/05: Brett -
Rating: 100
easily the best dave has to offer political distress love war old bandmates and God make a great combo for a great album

28/02/05: Tim -
Rating: 91
This is the best Megadeth cd since Cryptic Writings. I was a little nervous about this cd, especially after Risk. This cd absolutely rocks. Any Megadeth fan will be extremely happy with this!

KILLER tracks; Die Dead Enough, Kick The Chair, The Scorpion,Back In The Day,Truth Be Told, Something That I'm Not.

I think I've damn near worn this cd out!

14/02/05: John Elway -
Rating: 92
Extremely strong cd. It's hard, yet very catchy with strong hooks. Mustaine's voice gets better with time.

11/02/05: Shelby -
Rating: 92
He has the fire again and it shows. Song after song bleeds quality fits so nicley within the concept of the whole album which is to return to the classic metal format of older albums but offers a fresh sound with awesome production. This ranks among the best that Megadeth has to offer.

30/01/05: Dan MacDonald -
Rating: 100
One word-KILLER !

18/01/05: Hadi -
Rating: 100
This is a beautiful work of art.Thank you Mr Mustaine,you have
the magic back.

19/12/04: Ralph -
Rating: 100

19/12/04: Brian Hoss -
Rating: 98
This is a Megadeth masterpiece. you can compare all you want to Dave's past albums you want but I think this is got be in the top 3 albums Megadeth has put out. It is the best Metal Album I have heard in the last 2 years. Love this Album. Favorite would be Kick the Chair and The Scorpion

18/12/04: CUTTER -
Rating: 90
Pretty damm good album, has alot of diversity to it i think. I especially like the unique sounding "Back In The Day", it has a almost Blue Oyster Cult feel to it. Pretty impressive album filled with lots of killer leads.

17/12/04: Jason -
Rating: 100
The music on this album covers the whole musical spectrum of previous Megadeth albums. Although every song is unique they all have glimpses of and or qualities from previous songs.The only album I feel that this album doesn't compare to is Killing is my Business. The System has Failed is a great metal record, but I didn't hear the thrash sound of Killing on here. I think this album is a must for any Megadeth, or metal fan.

13/12/04: WardyS3 -
Rating: 90
Finally the king has indeed returned. Nasty Dave pops his head in for a chat, there's the odd Risk/Cryptic piece, a whole lot more Countdown/Rust, and some typical bass driven melodies as one would expect from Mustaine. Many of the tracks have the trademark gallop to the finish line, and we could be forgiven for accusing Dave of going for the all out typical finale to ensure each of those tracks featuring said 'tradmark' are recognised as nothing other than Megadeth tunes. But cast past judgments and comparisons aside and you're in for a very satisfying ride. Not for the non Deth fan, an album that finally captures the true sound of Megadeth again. Should have followed Youth IMO.

03/12/04: Eric Cremeans -
Rating: 100
God!!! I'm like 27 years old, and it took this long to hear the best damn album I've ever heard! Why? Anyway, on the "Track Listing" up above just below the ugly orange 88% it has "Die Dead Enough" as the first track on the album - NOT! The first track on the album is "Blackmail The Universe"! An instant standout track to start out a masterpiece! "Die Dead Enough" airplay style, "The Scorpion" (well meaningfull written, by the way), "Tears In A Vial" another stand out track! "Back In The Day" gives you the "Killing Is My Business...And My Business Is Good" feel, no lie early Megadeth sound! "Something That I'm Not" has lots of attitude! "Truth Be Told" might be the best track Dave Mustaine has ever recorded, it gives us the perfect "Rust In Peace" feel, remember "Take No Prisoners", but better! Plus I think Dave Mustaine really lost it in the studio, during the recording of "Truth Be Told", because towards the end of the track Dave sounds really pissed off! An Insant Classic! "Of Mice & Men" Is another solid Megadeth track, that could fit in with any other Megadeth record. "Shadow Of Deth" (not death seems to be everyones favorite track on the records, in which is a thoughtful angry intro to the last track, "My Kingdom" another original Megadeth track, and does not lose balance at all! This masterpiece has no ballads in sight, and is the best Megadeth album ever recorded! Dave Mustaine is back!! Special Thanks to Chris Poland as well for helping Dave make this album!

02/12/04: Joseph W. -
Rating: 93
Excellent album! Though I'm not as negative toward The World Needs a Hero as most Megadeth fans are (I liked much of TWNAH), this album is a much better effort. What is interesting about this release is that Dave Mustaine takes bit and pieces from all eras of Megadeth (sans Risk) and successfully combines those elemnts into coherent songs. For those who prefer the early day of Megadeth, songs like "Blackmail the Universe", "Kick the Chair" and "Back in the Day" will satisfy those hungry for more RIP-ish speed, technical flash and razor-sharp-riffs. Those hungry for more CTE, Youth. and even CW inpired songs will be quite pleased with the likes of "Scorpion", "Die Dead Enough" and "Of Mice and Men". Truly, this is a great album, one of my two or three favorite 'Deth albums. A metalhead's delight!

26/11/04: Chris -
Rating: 90
Excellent effort especially considering we all thought Megadeth were done 2 years ago! As good as Countdown & Youth with Kick the Chair and Back in the Day being highlights. Saw them last week in TO and they smoked!

25/11/04: jeramie -
Rating: 95
by far way better than the last cd which was pretty weak compared to youth anaia a welcome return an a rockin cd go by it support rock being a fan more of the melodic stlye ever since countdown an it has a lot to offer for those that love the old megadeth style

25/11/04: Rene -
Rating: 2
I dont like this album at all and i dont understand some people opinion saying this is a good album. Okay, some riffs sound like the old MEGADETH but the problem is that the songs are not good writen. Dave sings great, the album sound good and the guitars are strong but the problem are the songs. I dont like them at all.
A long time MEGADETH fan.

25/11/04: Freddy De Keyzer -
Rating: 75
Not my usual kind of music, but I like to listen to a good metal record now and then.
This is not top class metal, but close, and better than the previous efforts.
Megadeth is on the right track again !

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