Michael Bormann Conspiracy Indie / NL Distribution
· Produced By: Michael Bormann

· Running Time: 62.16

· Release Date: Out Now

· Released:

· Musical Style: Melodic Hard Rock

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Songs: 90%
Sound: 82%
One of the melodic rock scene's favourite vocalists is former Jaded Heart frontman Michael Bormann.
He's had some time away, but now returns with not one, but four new projects, the first of which is his brand new solo album Conspiracy. Not surprisingly the album's lyrical content is dominated by the singer's frustration in being ousted from the band he fronted for many years.
But thankfully for Jaded Heart fans, Michael continues on as a solo artist in much the same musical vein as the last few Jaded Heart records.
The songs featured here really are very good. Some quality melodic hard rock and some fine ballads. The only problem for me is that at times the guitar sound sounds a little thin in places, especially on the heavier tracks where more bottom end is needed.
This reflects on the overall production quality.
I think there is some great guitar moments on here though – plenty of solos and some great standout riffs.
Highlights from the alum include the opening title track Conspiracy, a lyrically biting affair with a hard hitting chorus; Stand Up, which has a great Jaded Heart style chorus and some fine lead vocals; Two Of A Kind is a good ballad in duet with (I believe) Anette Blyckert from Alyson Avenue; Living Just A Lie is one of Michael's best rocking anthem's in a long while…great stuff indeed.
The album mellows at this point for a few good more laid back rock tracks. Reaching Out is another high quality track, this time a more reflective rock ballad and On Man One Soul is a perfect moody, venom-laced rock track.
So This Could Be You continues that moody dark vibe and Amazing is a bluesy power ballad of sorts. The closing number Samirangel is a haunting acoustic piece which closes the album in melancholy style.
The Bottom Line
Not the best overall sound quality I have heard from Michael Bormann, but a solid album with some definite highlights and more than enough strong material to keep all fans of Bormann happy. Definitely one for Jaded Heart fans and an opportunity to hear the other side of the unfortunate break up.
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· Michael Bormann
· Conspiracy
+ work with Jaded Heart / Rain / Zeno & Redrum

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· Michael Bormann
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Track Listing
· Conspiracy *
· It's Only Physical
· Stand Up *
· Two Of A Kind
· No Regrets
· Devilīs Son
· Ainīt Just A Bit
· Living Just A Lie *
· Reaching Out *
· One Man One Soul *
· So This Could Be You
· It's Amazing
· Samirangel

--*Best Tracks

20/03/07: CJ Plain -
Rating: 95
This is just another example of why Michael is the second best singer currently recording hard rock/AOR. (The first is Jeff Scott Soto)

This CD has killer songs all the way through it. that guitars rock in the right places, the melodies are awesome, and as always, Michael's voice is in top shape.

This thing would have been perfect if it was just a tad bit longer.

08/12/06: Swanner -
Rating: 25
This album has no memorable songs whatsoever. Michael Bormann has an awesome voice and is a talented singer, but the songs on this album just do nothing for me. His other recently released project "Rain" is on the other hand totally amazing. Great songs,great voice.

28/11/06: Almir -
Rating: 95
I also join the ones who think 86% was a little unfair.
This is THE greatest surprise of the year. If last year was the Oliver Hartmann's cd, then this year Mr Bormann took the prize.
Of course it sound like Jaded Heart and this is great! First 3 songs are killers, and "Reaching Out" and "This Could Be You" are two of the best ballads that I heard recently.
Another highlights for me are "It Ain't Just a Bit" and "Devil's Son". "Living Just a Lie" got he Tommy Denander's signature...dawm, what else can you possibly want from a record?
Buy it and buy it now!

26/11/06: RockMan -
Rating: 90
A 51? Come on bud. A Michael Boremann disc that sounds like JH; Go figure! Seriously, this is truly in the vain of what made Michael a name in the modern hard rock genre. Layered harmonies, layered guitars with great hooks and riffs. This is the best of the 4 recent disc's by Mike. They are all decent but this is the best. If you like his stuff, you'll know what to expect.

25/11/06: Sava -
Rating: 51
I was big fan of his self titled solo effort from 2002...
"Conspiracy" sounds too much like Jaded Heart, and that's OK with me, but there is a little problem - last couple of Jaded Heart albums ("Helluva Time", "Trust" and "The Journey Will Never End") are ten times better than "Conspiracy"!
Sure, Bormann's voice is great as always, but there is almost no songs to backing him up!

25/11/06: Mike the Conqueror -
Rating: 95
Wow!...Sorry Andrew but I rate this one quite a bit higher than you do I think. Definitely one of the top 3 for the year of 2006 for me (and maybe #1). The first two tracks are absolute killers and the record all sounds great to me. If Michael Boremann can put out better work than this with his other coming projects (as forcasted) then he should reign over 2007 as complete ruler and king.

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