Miles Above Move Or Be Moved Escape Music
Produced By: Corey Macfadyen

Running Time: 48.25

Release Date: Out Now

Released: EU

Musical Style: Modern Melodic Rock

Links: Escape Music
Songs: 87%
Sound: 93%
Canadian modern rockers Miles Above impressed with their debut and have come back even better for album number two.
This is a very fine slice of modern pop/melodic rock, which sees the band more focused and more intent on delivering a truly cohesive record. The 13 songs of Move Or Be Moved are a little tougher than the style of the debut, with lead guitar playing a more prominent role.
In the last review I was talking about sweet harmonies along the lines of Rubber - Ultra Feel
, but this time we get gritty and emotion filled rock songs, more akin to Matchbox Twenty.
Previous comparisons to BBMak and Martin Stenmarck could still be valid, if you factor in a grittier guitar sound. However, I think the style of this album most resembles Sweden's Higher Ground as it has that unique modern rock feel, without actually depending on any set sound or trend.
The tone of the album is quite moody a melancholy vibe hangs over the songs, which are largely mid-tempo.
Highlights from the album include the very commercial rocker Close My Eyes, which features some orchestral parts which really add depth.
The opening pop rocker Faith Unkind features a great hook and a clean, raspy vocal.
Little Miss Innocent has another gritty chorus after a smooth intro and verse and the use of banjo in melodic rock must always be applauded!
The mid-tempo ballad August Ends sounds like it would be at home on any FM radio station in the world and the extra orchestration makes for a lush sound.
Gimmie Nothing has a certain swagger and a more attacking guitar riff and vocal.
Another highlight is the awesome 7 minute ballad that closes the album. God Help Us is filled with orchestration and has a haunting and emotional feel. Certainly not your average melodic rock tune!
The Bottom Line
The album features a top notch production. The style may not be for every melodic music fan, but those that do find this modern melodic rock album will find it perfectly produced and played. The band has a good chance of picking up a mainstream audience should their music be given a chance from the likes of radio programmers.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
Move Or Be Moved

Line Up
Tim Hicks: Vocals, Guitars, Piano, Keys
Anthony Mancini: Guitars, Banjo
Adam Mancini: Drums
Mike Turenne: Bass

Essential for fans of:
Higher Ground
Matchbox Twenty
Track Listing
Faith Unkind*
Little Miss Innocent*
Careful What You Wish For
Close My Eyes*
Far Away
August Ends*
Lights Out
Gimmie Nothin'
Burning Bridges
Live For Today
Watching The Picture Fade
God Help Us*
--*Best Tracks

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