All songs - 1 minute MP3 samples.

You Lift Me: Mitch: This one is just about being blissed out. It's about that feeling we all have when things just feel like they are lined up and in place and you just feel happy to be alive. It can be about anything or anybody. It's a feel good song. A wicked track to open the album with. A fast paced, uplifting pop rocker with a chorus straight from AOR heaven.

It's About Love: This is just the realization that the key to life and the most important nothing in life is love. Nothing else, just love. There is so much crap that gets in our way on a daily basis and if we can just come back to the knowing that it's about love, it makes you a little more peaceful and able to deal with things easier. A grittier guitar driven rocker that I have been previewing on the site. A cool song that could have been lifted from Mitch's debut album.

Draw The Line: It's about knowing that when you are WAY down and feel like there is no getting back up, and you feel totally hopeless, that it is going to pass and it's going to get better in time. And don't do something drastic like hurt someone else or yourself. There is a line that we all have to draw and just take a deep breath and know that there is a stronger force than us and we will be okay. It's a very heavy song. A new side of Mitch. A mid tempo, rootsy, stripped back, Midwestern style track that could also be re-recorded as a country tune, but in this case has plenty of power and energy.

Love Made A Liar Out Of Me: This is on the lighter side of things. It's just about a person who thinks they have it all figured out and that they don't need anything or anyone and then they are touched by love and it turns them around. A great answer to follow on from the last track - another happy go lucky, uptempo, feel good pop rocker with another fabulous anthem filled chorus.

Save Me: This is the last lyric I wrote on the record, during the recording of the record, and maybe I was reaching out for help. LOL! It's just about knowing that there is help, and asking for it. In Mitch's words, his Eddie van Halen riff...a moody and darker song that rocks as much as anything with Mitch's name on it.

Places Only Love Can Go: Hum...... This one is a heartbreaker, It's about a relationship that cannot go any further without that element of love. It's like, you have to come to a wall and it can't go any further cause one of the people involved isn't there with the love.
I love this song. It can be sad though. A soft and sentimental stripped down ballad.

Another Road: This is about being yourself and doing what's in your heart and not listening to anybody else. More great pop rock in this simple and multi-layered pop rocker.

Nothing New: This is about a guy in a relationship that is saying to his long time partner, I am here and will always be here and you can count on that. It's nothing new, but it's real, and it's true. It's a song about commitment and trust. Another great ballad that could be picked and recorded in just about any form of music.

Loves On Hand: It's about feeling that the love you have has been divinely brought to you. It feels so good and so right that it must be meant to be. Similar to Draw The Line, in that it is a mid paced, stripped back acoustic driven song. A really positive message and a feel good song.

When I Try: People are told or taught to try NOT to do this, or that, and to TRY to be good. And what happens when people try to do anything is, usually they end up doing the opposite. If you try not to think of sex for instance, what is going to happen? You will end up thinking of it more than if you weren't trying NOT to think about it. If you are taught that something is bad, then you will think about it more than if you weren't taught it was bad. We all have our dark side and our light side. It's natural, just let it happen.
It's the same with anything, it's the nature of the mind. People are trying to be good when it is inherently in everyone to be good already. All we have to do is just be ourselves and not TRY to be anything, and the world would be a much better place. My absolute favorite song of the album and no better way to finish off any record. A great uptempo guitar driven song that just goes off come chorus time and finishes with a manic last 90 seconds that leaves you wanting more. Just press play again!

28/03/05: tony ramos -
Rating: 10
Mitch, realmente sua voz é uma coisa incrível, parabéns e muito sucesso. Tony - Brasil

07/03/01: Carlos -
Rating: 7

23/01/01: Rockystar -
Rating: 70
vamos mejorando mitch, por que tu primer disco fue lo mejor que habia escuchado en mucho tiempo, encambio el segundo me defraudo muchisimo, el te shine quiere retomar algo de tu primer disco pero solo se acerca, esperemos que para el cuarto sea como el primero y me sorprendas

22/11/00: Jeannot Hachey -
Rating: 10
Finally, I'm giving myself a chance to write my review instead of devoting all my time listening to the album. Long awaited, this album ROCK's the face of the earth in a big way. The album is full of energy that makes you get goosebumps all over. After listening to this album over and over I realized that it made me a "repeat/shuffle freak". I'm closing this review in saying this is a perfect album in all it's ways. It doesn't get any better than this.

18/11/00: Paul Logue -
Rating: 10
To say that I was gripped with excitement when I saw what had been posted through my letterbox
would be the understatement of the year. Only a new release from Mr Winger can make me feel the
same way I did when I saw Mitch Malloy's new album "Shine" awaiting for me - like a little child on
Christmas morning. The packaging was torn in an instant and the disc thrown into the CD player like
an Olympic athlete competing in the Discus final.

Settling down with a large cup of coffee I pressed play........

Wham !!!! Like Mike Tyson in a bad mood, the aptly named "You Lift Me" pokes you right in the face as the rythmn section explodes and gets this album moving in style. A fantastic guitar riff kicks in and Mitch yells
"Yeah". "He's F**king back" I found myself screaming and hit the rewind button to hear those
magnificent 15 seconds again.

Apart from the intro the first thing that hits you is the overall sound which is as a raw as hell. Now I
must admit that I am a fan of the big 80's production job, like Mitch's debut album. However being
close to Mr Malloy throughout the recording of this record I know that this is the exact sound that he
has been aiming for all along, and as the producer of the record he has to be comended for an excellent
job. The guitar sounds are a cross between Zeppelin / Cheap Trick, you know that Les Paul through
the vintage Marshall amp sound ? Yeah, ya do !!!

The song itself is simply breathtaking !!! The verse is melodic and pumping and the chorus is just a wet
dream. This is the chorus the you find yourself singing for days in the shower, in the car, on the john, at
work. If you don't annoy your friends or colleagues then you will annoy the shit out of yourself, and the
only way to cure it is listen to the song again. Genuinly this song Lifted me. Amazing !!!!!!!

This is the song I remember most out of the new tunes from Mitch's appearance at Phoenix Rising in
Manchester last year. It kicks off with an almost "Kasmir" styled riff before the rhythm sections comes
in and gets the song grooving along. Another great chorus that gets you singing along.

The laid back blues ridden "Draw the Line" brings us the albums first ballad offering. With a touch of
hammond in the background and layers of chorus on a clean electric they compliment Mitch's vocals,
which are way up in the mix, bringing out the emotion out of these wonderful lyrics. Another killer Malloy

Those of you who are familiar with Mitch's superb New Country CD "Demo" will already be familiar with the
wonderful opening track "Love Made a Liar Out of Me". Hear Mitch has rocked up the tune. A great song with
a fantastic chorus.

The infectious drum beats kick off "Save Me" for a couple of bars before the heavy riff, which reminds me of
Aerosmith or Crown Of Thorns. At the first listen I didn't like this song. After several listens I think it is actually
one of the best songs that Mitch has written. Breaking out of the normal Malloy songwriting mould he experiments with a little bit of the unknown and comes up with an Ace. Not only does the guitar riff have hints of
Jean Beaviour's Crown Of Thorns but also Mitch's vocal delivery on the verse is very similar in style. The chorus
on this song is superb. A cracking riff behind multilayered Vocals highlighting one of the albums standouts.

Another track with appears on the aforementioned New Country CD "Demo". It will suprise many people who know this CD that the two versions are like Chalk and Cheese. and bear no resemblence to each other at all. It's
almost like meeting two people with the same name but they are not related in any way. It actually sounds as if
Mitch has kept the original lyrics and re-written the music in a similar bluesy style to "Draw the line". I love the
version on "Demo" and found it very difficult to listen to this song because I was so familiar with the Country
song. However like "Save Me" I persevered and the song has planted itself firmly in my head. Both versions are
different and both are excellent. To be honest I think the new versions just edges it for me. It's very emotional and captures all the feeling in the vocals.

This song kicks in an almost similar vein to that of Welsh Pop Rocksters Stereophonics, then WHAM !!!! The best chorus on the album by a mile hits you like a steel toe capped boot between the legs. I thought that Mitch
couldn't have bettered the chorus on "You Lift Me", but like Thomas, I should never had doubted the big man.
A great song and one which I can't stop singing. This one actually got me off the couch and into Air Guitar mode. So what, I bet even Eddie Van Halen plays a bit of Air Guitar now and again.

The lyrics are wonderful and sound if Mitch has had advice from all different people on which path his musical
career should be taking and he's said "Thanks but no thanks, I'll do it my way". He's taking "Another Road" and
I am for one glad that he did.

Another laid back bluesy ballad. This song could have been lifted from either of Mitch's early releases. It has
very emotive lyrics, which is no surprise as Malloy is a big sentimental and romantic Dude, and carries the
listener away to another land. It slowly builds up and up and from a blusely guitar solo in the middle ends
in beautiful harmony delivered choruses from the Mitchster. A wonderfully crafted song.

The classy AOR rhythm of "Love's own Hand" kicks off. New bassist Victor Broden lays down the groove with a faultless performance in the similar vein as Queen's "It's a Kinda of Magic". This song is for me one of the albums highlights. The lyrics just made me think of my Wife and will probably open a similar door to anyone who has someone special in their lives. It is a superb job by the lyricist when this happens. The chorus is another killer
and very different to anything we have heard on the album so far. Another great guitar solo and one of the best vocal performances on the album from Mitch - Listen to those high notes on the fade - Sheeeshh !!!!! F**king

The last track kicks off as if it could have been lifted from Journey's "Raised on Radio" album the Keys being dominate in the intro. An upbeat number which has a kind of party mood about it. This sounds like it would be
a killer number live. Another top notch chorus from Mitch rounding off the album in sytle. Finsihing in a beautiful piano piece which just makes you wanna press play and relive the whole experience again.

Having lived with this album for 2/3 weeks before writing this review it still proves almost impossible to pick out the best track. For me there are fillers on this album, all great songs. The standout tracks for me are "Save Me", "You Lift Me", "Love's own Hand" but I think "Another Road" just edges it for me.

This is a wonderfully written album and for me this the genuine follow up to the debut. That's not to say that "Celings and Walls" was a bad record, by no means was it, however I just feel that this is the album that artist wanted to make and should've made - therefore he should be proud. I am also really proud and priviliged to have a thanks on this CD. This album rivals the debut right down to the wire and in many ways it is better. You'll find yourself reaching for this CD time and time again, as it's one that really does "Shine". A must for any AOR fan !!!

18/11/00: Carrie D. Cox -
Rating: 0
I've been listening to Mitch's music about ten years now and he always amazes me. I appreciate both his earlier albums but this one stands alone as a strong creative work. "Shine" rocks as much as the first album, but the tone is much more mature. The songs flow smoothly from one track to the next and the listening experience leaves you looking into yourself. Mitch shines and you can feel the glow in his music. Wonderful vocals and powerful playing. A must have for all Melodic Rock fans. Thanks for another CD, Mitch. We needed it!

07/11/00: Greg -
Rating: 10
With a voice like that anything he sings is bound to be great. Mitch has scored huge with this release and I can only hope for more in the near future.

02/11/00: Dag H -
Rating: 90
Nice surprise the new Mitch malloy album,way better than his weak ceillings and walls.Very much like Nelsons life album (wich i rate a little higher )First song you lift me is exellent power pop full of energy wich shines through the whole cd.The only boring song for me is the ballad Nothing new(no drums)
He saves the best song for last When i try , a killer song that he should release as a single.
A good comeback ,maybe he should have put in a couple of more songs ,but if you liked his debut get it pronto.

01/11/00: Kimberley Heath -
Rating: 10
This album is superb, a definate future classic!
Just last week I purchased 12 c.d's and then this one, all the others being recent releases from Now&Then artists etc and mostly being great as expected but then I put this one on, and it beats the hell out of em all ! I cant take it off!
The album is Mitch at his best all over yet is refreshing and offers surprises along the way.
There's a good mixture of rockers, feel-goods and of course the wonderful ballads like Draw the line, Places only love can go and my favourite at the moment Nothing New which is truly beautiful with Mitch's voice on top form, that man has to have one of the best voices around.
If you like any of the other releases on this site then go and buy this album now , guaranteed to jump to no1 in your cd collection.

27/10/00: Tina Oneyear -
Rating: 10
This CD has brought me a lot of comfort and joy in the very few days that I've had it. Words that remind me of things that I take for granted, wonderful melodies that stay with me all the day long. It must be the best purchace that I've made all year, and I thought I had gotten some good things. I am so very glad that Mitch released this album. It's great for work out music too! :)

26/10/00: Graeme Donnelly -
Rating: 93
Well it`s here at last,for a long time i didn`t think we would ever see a new Mitch Malloy ROCK album, but was it worth the wait......You bet it was!!!! It`s time to give his amazing debut album a well earned rest cause you`re going to want to play " Shine" over and over again.This is the new Mitch Malloy with a newer mature sound but still with all the hooklines and big chorusesthat made you get into him back in 92`. The opener " You lift me" is melodic rock at it`s finest this song does to you exactly what the title says, next up is the more grittier "It`s about love" but still with all the melody you`ve come to expect.Track number 3 "Draw the line" is one of the finest ballads i`ve heard in many a long day, slow accoustic start which builds into a melody soaked finale,pure class, Next up is "Save me" which is as heavy as anything Mitch will ever probably dobut with a chorus made in AOR heaven."Love made a liar out of me" and "Places only love can go" previouslyappeared on Mitch`s country/AOR album "Demo" but they have both been revamped to fit into the sound of this album perfectly."Another Road" is an upbeat fast moving song of pure quality,keeps the record running at a cracking pace,while "Nothing new" slows the tempo right down there is definately no dip in quality, heartfelt lyrics in moody atmospheric classic.Next up is "Love`s own hand" one of my favs off the album,pure mid-paced of those ones you can`t help singing along too.Last but definately by no means least is "When i try" what a way to finish, high energy,feel good song that finds you reaching for the repeat button.
All in all this is a must have addition to any serious melodic rock fans collection.We should all be glad Mitch decided against Van Halens offer,though no doubt they would have sounded amazing, i for one would much prefer Mitch releasing class like SHINE than with him fronting Van Halen.BUY IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

23/10/00: Andy Hawes -
Rating: 9
My copy of "Shine" arrived as part of a large CD order last week. Now, when I order a lot of CD's at once, I usually play them all in about equal rotation, but not this time!
Shine has been on the CD player alarmingly regularly lately, even beating JIm Peterik's marvellous new album into second place.
Great songs, (opening number, "You Lift Me" is worth the purchase price alone!) cool production and great upbeat vibe.
Basically, if you like melodic rock (and if you don't, you won't even be reading this!) just do the world a favour and buy this CD immediately!

19/10/00: Tom -
Rating: 11
This is easily the pop rock record of the year. The songs are so good. It's not too often that you hear songs this good in this style. The record sounds fresh without trying to sound trendy. Mitch made a great record with GREAT SONGS, so he didn't have to use todays production gimmicks. It sounds like a band, and not a bunch of computers. Thank God! Rock on Mitch Malloy!!!!!

17/10/00: Sammy -
Rating: 10
This CD is awesome! All the songs are positive and have a great vocal performance! Mitch you guys did a great job. Everyone needs to get this CD I have it and I'm soooo glad I got it!!

16/10/00: Cassie -
Rating: 10
WOW! This album rocks! I love every single song, and can't wait for more. Mitch is a wonderful guy, and I wish him the best of luck. I'll keep pushing your music around here....we'll get you to come back and play again!!!

15/10/00: Matthias Strasse -
Rating: 10
This is the album we've all been waiting for! The music and vocals are absolutely killer!! Welcome back, Mitch. The world needs you.


13/10/00: taxford -
Rating: 10
I think VH was great with Dave but instead of going backwards they need to look to the future and just listening to the sample MP3s on your site you could have been their future. You have a melodic voice and a cool look which would have complimented the band nicely

09/10/00: Tricia -
Rating: 8
I really like the song, "Draw the line". It's such an inspiring song. Another song would be "Another Road" because I can relate to it. All of his songs are so cool! Awesome work!!! :)

07/10/00: Eldon Slate -
Rating: 0
Hey, I linked up from the V.H. page and you would of been a great addition to V.H. but you sound cool on your own terms.
Good luck , radio needs talent like you.
If you get a chance, my band is on, Eldon Max is our name, I'd be interested to hear what you think of some of our songs, "Cardboard Heart" fast song
"its snot, because of you..." slow song

Eldon Slate

07/10/00: Frank Klaudusz -
Rating: 8
It,s a great sounding album but it is not as good as the first album.I think Mitch would of sounded great with Van Halen.You know it is not to late to give Eddie a call and get the gig every lead singer dreams of getting. That,s to bad Mitch you would have been great!

06/10/00: bad karaoke -
Rating: 10
Wow! A stellar vocal performance from a rock journeyman. Here's hoping for much success and long-overdue industry kudos. Good luck, Mitch!


04/10/00: John (from St. Paul, MN) -
Rating: 0
I listened to You Lift Me and When I try. Both have a real good time, positive sound. We need more of that amidst all the dark sounds flyin' around. That stuff has it's place, it's just too prevalent right now. Need something to balance it out.
I bumped over from the VHND site re: your interview. I don't blame you for the turn down after the MTV "Welcome Back Kotter" deal-You would've obviously done really well for Van Halen, but Dave's brief return would indeed be a hard act to follow. Good to hear Gary and you weren't on bad terms. Kudos for telling Ed to get Dave back - sorry he went off on ya for it... hope your own album does really well. Signed, a fellow musician (Guit., Keys/Vocs).