YOUR REVIEWS! CD 2 - The Beast Inside

11/11/04: Todd Carper -
Rating: 90
Andrew delivers value once again!!! Folks, nowhere in the world will you find a better cache of melodic rock (2 CD's packed!!) for so little. For under $20, you get some fantastic melodic rockers from some of today's biggest names from around the world. What I love about this package besides how much Andrew gives us for so little cost, is the dearth of new bands I have not heard of before to explore and enjoy. Those who put the production quality of this material down miss the point, some of these songs are demos and works in progress. I consider myself a pretty discerning audiophile, I can tell very decent sound from schlock, and the sound quality on hand for Volume 2 is actually an improvement on the first volume, and I thought that was top notch. JK Northrup is an incredible talent, his CD with Paul Shortino from earlier this year on MTM was outstanding, and the track on hand here with another of my favorite vocalists Johnny Edwards is excellent! The First CD kicks off with an upbeat track by former Push vocalist Martie Peters who is obviously back on track with Beast Inside. Martie delivered 4 excellent and unsung CD's with Push that all true melodic rockers should own; and the Beast really gets this disk rolling with a bang! To my ears, there are no downers on the first disc, I loved the new Riverdogs track, Talon's new song shows growth and promise for their next offering as well. Chris Heaven's Yngwie cover tune is very well done, and the list goes on. Mike Tramp's Born to Run was what prompted me to buy last year's offering, and the tune this year is great too...keep rocking MT!!! The Return of Mass promises to be exciting as their track proves, and my find for last year Attraction 65 is back with another sterling track. People who love great rock music should really give Gregg Fulkeron's band a go, Attraction 65 will not disappoint! I even went back to Amazon to snag Blue Tears, Mr. Fulkerson is a phenomenal talent! Johnny Lima's first cd featured some fantastic upbeat melodic rock, I paid a bundle to snag the japanese import. His remake of the track from that CD shows me that I will be buying his next cd as well when it comes out!!! One of my finds for this year's CD has to be Shugaazer. I have everything I can get my hands on that Paul Laine sings on. He is an amazing talent. Escape put out a sampler a few year's back with a track So Many Miles to go which is absolutely one of the best power ballads you will ever hear. The track on offer here convinced me to go back and buy the Shugaazer disc for sure. I loved the work Paul did with Danger danger, but his solo work and this new work are his best! The 2nd Disc featured only 3 artists I had ever heard of, and all 3 deliver outstanding trax. Bonrud's new disc is one of my favorite new CD's and the track featured here is from that disc. Grab it folks, they rock!! Gary Moon is another artist I had heard of, and hope to see more work by, his track here is very good as well. The last group on this disc I had heard of was Masquerade, and boy is their track an eye opener. I have all 3 of their prior cd's and this is better than anything on those cd's which all were great. If you like the high pitched TNT voice of Tony Harnell, you will love this song and group. Also worthy of mention is another GOD of the melodic genre Jeff Scott Soto who again seems to come up golden with his new project Soul Sirkus. I like his latest solo works a bit better, but the song here made it easy for me to decide to order the new Soul Sirkus for sure! Andrew, thank you for yet another very memorable and enjoyable CD. This online magazine is a gem for us melodic fans and the 2 CD's have been fantastic. All I can do is say....MORE.....Please??

07/11/04: Adam -
Rating: 90
I must say I got relly supprised about the album, most of the songs are really great but the swedish group Naughty Boys really rocks ! I really love the song - I Will !! Thanks Andrew for that one !!
Else I like Martie Peters and soul Cirkus best, but all of the songs rocks !!
Then I must say that MelodicRock IS the no 1 site !!
(and that not just for kissing as)

21/10/04: Anders Johansson -
Rating: 50
It's very pathetic to see all of these "oh i wanna kiss Andrew's ass" reviews...i think he is doing a fantastic job on the site so 100 points on that for sure....but this CD is OK with a few really good tracks.
And what's wrong with the sound?, since all tracks sound really awful it must be the mastering which is strange to me because i like Northrup's work usually.
I absolutely hope many will buy this CD to help Andrew but let's keep the reviews within normal range

12/10/04: david arnold -
Rating: 80
Once again another great compilation album that offers both hard to find tracks from familiar artists & also gives us a taste of what some lesser known names have to offer.I must commend Andrew in putting this album together, the artwork & cover notes are nothing short of fantastic, I also appreciate the inclusion of web address's for the bands featured.I enjoyed the first disc especially, with the standout tracks from Talon,Pleasure Dome,Soul Sirkus,Riverdogs,JK Northrup,Cornerstone and an incredible song from a band I've never had a chance to hear before, Mass-Empty soul. All the other tracks on disc one are also very good with the exception being Shugaazer which I must admit I found boring.
Disc 2 had a few standouts with the likes of Double Cross,Heaven Scent,Next Big Thing, Teargas & Bodragaz with all the other tracks still very enjoyable. I found Gary Moons song hard to get into, must admit I have'nt heard any of his stuff since Feeding off the Mojo with Nightranger( which i loved).
All in all, a very good mix of songs and artists across both discs and well worth the money spent.It has introduced me to bands I probably otherwise would never have had a chance to listen to.

08/10/04: John Ferguson -
Rating: 50
I am surprised by the high ratings from everyone. The Soul Sirkus and Riverdogs tracks are superb and I am glad I bought the CD if just to have those tracks. The rest, I am afraid, does absolutely nothing for me and come across as a collection of outtakes and second rate bonus tracks. Andrew is doing a wonderful job and he has to be congratulated for the effort in putting this together, but is this really going to find air time amongst AOR fans currently listening to the likes of 'From The Inside,' 'JSS - Lost in The Translation' or Grand Illusion??

08/10/04: Bobby -
Rating: 100
I already received my copy about two weeks ago, I have to say Wow absolutely the best!! My favourites are Pleasure Dome,Talon,
Crush 40, Martie Peters, Naughty Boys, Teer, Teargas, and Mr.Johnny Lima!!! I have sent your web address to so many of my friends. Keep up the good work Andrew!!!!


03/10/04: melodiac -
Rating: 100
Wow it's incredible!!! It would be the best choice for the novice about this genre and veteran as well. Actually, there are some compilations made by label. However they necesarilly have some bias. Now, we got have absolutely balanced compilation for AOR/Melodic Hard Rock. [THE BEAST INSIDE] contains the trend of nowadays AOR scene perfectly. This series would be a classic for the listeners in the far-off future.

Thanks Andrew!

30/09/04: Jeff Augustyn -
Rating: 100
A great cd for AOR fans..I especially like the 2nd cd better with the "no name" bands. They have a fire in the songs you dont hear nowadays. Overall every track is good, and I really look forward to the SoulSirkus cd. Keep up the great work on the site and with the cds. I have sent your web address to many of my friends here in the USA. Keep on Rockin'

29/09/04: IAN -
Rating: 95
I will have to agree with everything that's been said by the other reviewers / but one thing seems to have been missed , namely the best impression of a rock singer ever . I always thought that Hugo did the best one of Steve Perry but Jeremey Hunsicker of Elemental is the KING the guy is Perry , if Journey ever need a new singer they need look no further. Back to the review 39 tracks all of a wonderful standard , never falling below good or interesting and with a few that i'm gonna have to check out the bank balance is going to take a bit of a hit. Put together with a lot of hard work and love Andrew has come up trumps again bring on number 3 i for one can't wait.

29/09/04: Bill McCormick -
Rating: 100
The songs I like far outweigh the ones I don't. Even the lesser songs on here are good. And I have heard songs that make me want to purchase some of these artist CD's. And isn't that what it's all about.

28/09/04: John -
Rating: 90
I bought MR Vol. II along with Vol. I and just received them a few days ago. The reason for purchasing them was twofold: 1) to support Andrew and this site, and 2) to hear some artists that I'd probably not otherwise hear (other than some short clips over my small computer speakers.) So far, I've heard Vol. I and about a 1/3 of the first disc of Vol. II. I've really enjoyed it! There's a lot of diversity, not only in the artists and material, but also the production. And I think that's important for people to remember. Some of these tunes are simply demos and as such, one can't expect it to sound like a recording with a several million dollar budget. Honestly, even the demos generally are quite listenable. But I think it's important to listen for the MUSIC and the performance and not get bogged down in less important details.

Overall, I'm very pleased with both of the sets. Great job, Andrew! And I'll definitely look forward to Vol. III. (Will that be a 3-disc set? :^) )

27/09/04: frytz -
Rating: 100
100 for the work Andrew put into this and 100 for the riverdogs and soulsirkus tunes!! 95 for Pleasure Dome, Martie Peters, JK Northrup, Gipsy Rose, Mike Tramp and finally 90 for all the others. I'm not into all the singers, but there's always a great thing (chorus, guitars, sound, etc) that qualifies this comp as outstanding!! Thanks Andrew.
The 2nd CD is a 95 throughout I'd say!!

27/09/04: Norti -
Rating: 85
I guess a compilation can't ever rate 100, but if you've ever heard the compilations that the labels put out (which aren't bad), bugger, this one is head, shoulders, neck and torso above them. I prefer some tracks to others, but don't dislike any of them, and as my ears aren't quite as analytical as some the production sounds fine on all. The one disappointment, and everyone is allowed one disappointment in life, is that some of these bands don't have material that is easily accessible to the public, so we can't explore it further.

Ok, to MRCD1 had 1 disk, MRCD2 had two, how are you going to top this for MRCD3 then Andrew?!?!?!! Top job. If only other people cared so much.

27/09/04: Alfred -
Rating: 95
Hi ,

I connect to the statement of Marco Spaeth and only say then still a splendid doubles CD ... and tell To "thanks" with that .

keep on rockinī

26/09/04: T. Devoughan Day -
Rating: 0
boy am i embarressed, after bugging Andrew with an email wondering when i would recieve my pre-order of arrived the next day. sorry Andrew, i'll try and show a little more patience when MR3 comes out next year. its not like you didn't update me every week on the site about its progress. gsheez!

my rating at the moment is incomplete because i have only had a chance to listen to the first ten songs of D1. the disk productions is very smooth & clean. very professional stuff, MR1 was good in its own right, but MR2 sounds even clearer. my first impression of stand out tracks are, and this is not to degrade any of the other tracks because they are all B+ matierial, however my personal opinion of the A list tracks are track 2, 3 & 10. Riverdogs, Soul Sirkus & Mass respectively. i'm already a Riverdogs fan from way back to their orignal album but this song sounds as if they never went away. SS definately met expectations and from a band i have never heard of Mass caught my attention. i gotta find a copy of more material from them...this is quality stuff.

when i finish listening to MR2, i'll repost my review of the entire two volumes...just wanted to post my first impressions. thanks again Andrew! job well done!

25/09/04: Marc o Spaeth -
Rating: 75
- Martie Peters "The Beast Inside": One of the better tracks the former PUSH singer ever did. Very much in the classic WHITE LION style. Only weak point: the production!
- Riverdogs "World Gone Mad": A good and typical RIVERDOGS song. The chorus could be a bit catchier, but I still believe in the new album!
- Soul SirkUS "New Position": Sharp and great Melodic Rock. Can't wait to hear the full album. Hope the final production will be a bit tighter.
- Talon "Euphoria": Loved the band's debut. This is a conflicting new track. Good verses, but the boring chorus is Melodic Rock fast food leaving a bad taste.
- Pleasure Dome "One And Only": A solid Melodic Rock track. Ted Poley on vocals does a good job, but I miss something really special about this song.
- Chris Heaven "Crystal Ball": Tight Yngwie Malmsteen cover, but Chris Heaven's vocals leave much to be desired on this one!
- JK Northrup "Hangin' By A Thread": What a kicking chorus with Johnny Edwards on vocals! But the verses... hmmm....
- Gispy Rose "Promise To Stay": Good Scandinavian Melodic Rock in the classic Treat style. But the sound quality is only second class.
- Cornerstone "Some Have Dreams": Tasteful acoustic version. A good song remains a good song!
- Mass "Empty Soul": Loud and heavy, but not overly catchy. Hoped for something better.
- Urban Tale "Today I'll Change My Life": Lovely ballad with passionate vocals!
- Mike Tramp "Sometimes": Classic Mike Tramp solo material. Friends of his latest releases will not be disappointed!
- Tommy Denander "Into Trouble": I love all of Tommy's latest works, but "Into Trouble" is very average, as well as the new singer heard on this track.
- Johnny Lima "Little Runaway": Don't know why he re-recorded this song. The mix and production is still as bad as on the original recording. However, the song as itself is good.
- Crush 40 "What I'm Made Of": Johnny Gioeli rocks. Can't wait to hear the band's new full album.
- Teer "Live The Lie": Never really liked this band. Everything about them is average and this song is no exception...
- Final Frontier "Borrowed Time": Strong and classic Melodic Rock!
- Attraction 65 "One Step Over The Line": Very similar to classic Bruce Springsteen track. However, I like it!
- Shugaazer "13th Love Song": The band's debut is okay and this song is also a good one, but I prefer Paul Laine in Danger Danger!
- Danny Danzi "Happy To Be Alive": Instrumental track. I am not very into instrumental music. So forgive, but...

25/09/04: Jonas Sweden -
Rating: 100
I have 39 reasons to go megahappy this weekend. After recieving MRCD2 my record collection is complete. Fantastic work and amazing mix of known and (in sweden)unknown artists. Aussie top 3 along with Pat Cash and Ian Moss !!!

25/09/04: Alex -
Rating: 95
I already received my copy yesterday here in Germany, and I am very happy about it. This is a fabulous compilation even better than volume 1. My favourites are Pleasure Dome (what a killer, Ted Poley rules!!!), Gipsy Rose (thanks Andrew for this lost gem), Martie Peters, Urban Tale, Chris Heaven, Teer, Attraction 65...The whole CD is outstanding. Andrew, thanks for your continuous support of melodic rock and all fans out there, is my no.1 site on the Internet.

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