07/12/06: Axe-Machine -
Rating: 80
For a compilation, this is quite a good one. Yes, there is filler, as there will always be on compilations, but the likes of Poley Rivera and Brother Firetribe make this one pretty enjoyable. My only real disappointment was the Pride of Lions track...there was a reason it wasn't released.

06/12/06: Alex -
Rating: 93
Fantastic CD. Some songs I could have done without, but overall very strong. Very new to melodicrock scene, but this site has definetly made a fan out of me. Who knew some bands like these were still around? The pre-order cd of this alblum I beleive topped the actual alblum however, with the amazing 7th heaven song "Cellaphane", among others. Overall a great CD, and regret not being a fan earlier, but look foward to the next release!

26/11/06: Ron Vining -
Rating: 98
This is my third MRDC purchase and it is hard to compare the packages as the artists obviously vary from each compilation and tend to determine its overall vibe. This year’s compilation, like the initial MRCD, came with a pre-order bonus CD (downloadable only this time) whereas MRCD2 was a two disc set. For those who did not pre-order, shame on you as in both cases those tracks rivaled those on the actual disc.

I was fortunate to have one of my artists featured on MRCD2, the band MASS with their Stryper produced track “Empty Soul”, as a preview from their forthcoming CD. That said, I look at these releases as both a huge fan of melodic rock and as someone sort of in the biz who understands what a great vehicle these packages are by introducing fellow fans to the great artists in our genre.

The artwork, packaging and mastering are again top notch on MRCD3. Though I love my iPod, I will always remain a strong proponent of having an actual jewel case in my hand to thumb through its sleeve while listening and Andrew has done it again by putting together an outstanding package at a great value.

Highlights of the 18 track compilation (plus 12 bonus tracks) - MRDC3’s opening track; “Midnight Queen” is a great melodic rocker with explosive keys and a really catchy chorus straight out of the late 80’s. The power-rock is ratcheted up with the second track by Novak thanks to Tommy Denander.

Perhaps the disc’s greatest track is next featured with Danny Vaughn and Mike Tharin’s “Released” – wow, what an awesome song. It is followed by the preview of Steve Augeri led Tall Stories’ “Tomorrow” and as one journey ends, this song proves that there is always another day.

What would a MRCD compilation be without Jeff / JK Northrup? Not only do they provide the next track, which is a mid-temp, dark ballade-like rocker, but he returned to handle all the mastering duties for V3.

The Journey-like song from China Blue (led by Shy / TNT vocalist Tony Mills) is up next and is a solid track which is sure to be a hit for any Infinity-era fan with modern touches of Hugo’s monster, self titled disc. It is followed by the Ted Polly led “Only Human” Demo which is perhaps the second best song on the album. The Jonny Gioeli led Crush 40 returns with the dark track “Never Turn Back” which should please a number of fans (I know I was)!

Edge Of Forever delivers a nice melodic rocker with a catchy chorus. The ballade “Kayla” features the great vocal duo of Toby Hitchcock and Jim Peterik to the delight of Pride of Lion’s fans and the Winger-like Redrum kick the album up a notch with the disc’s hardest rocker.

The album’s final act is closed with some strong releases like Radioactive’s “Somewhere, Someday” which is a pleasing AOR instant classic reminiscent of something Street Talk or Jim Jidhed would release and closer Urban Tale’s “Paris Farewell” which is a balled fitting of their spectacular Sign of the Times release.

All in all, I would say that this was a solid compilation from start to finish. There are about 4 tracks out of 18 that I could do without. This is not to say that they were not good songs, it’s just that they were not my favorites as I would have preferred Platitude’s “Tell The Truth” (perhaps the best song of all out of the 30 tracks), 7th Heaven’s “Cellophane”, Alleycat Scratch’s “Take a Bite (Outta Me)”, On The Rise’s “Fools Paradise”, Newman’s “Ain’t Gonna Cry Forever”, or Walk The Sky’s “Always Remember” all contained as part of the pre-order V3 Bonus Downloads.

The abundance of so many great artists and songs to choose from is a testament to how strong the melodic-rock genre is and the respect that Andrew and have garnered over the years for them to hand over musical gems to be featured on his compilation.

Album: 98%
Songs: 97%
Sound: 100%

Thanks for the music and keep up the great work.

I am looking forward to Volume 4!


24/11/06: Nun Yo Business -
Rating: 80
Having been a long time fan of and the lucky owner of the first two volumes (w/pre-order bonus discs) I waited forever for the announcment of V3, I plunked down my cash and waited for the arrival of the new disc. Upon first listen I felt like the disc had been made in the late 70's early 80's. Some of the somgs sounded like straight out of a time warp especially the first two tracks. After the jolt of those two tracks I was surprised and thought to myself wow why don't I own any Danny Vaughn "Released" is the hands down best track on the disc. After that the disc settled into a pretty good vibe the Tall Stories song is a good showcase of Steve Augeri's voice (Hopefully he will be returning to Journey ASAP) The J.K. Northrup song kind of surprised me as I was expecting something different as far as the vocals went not bad but It didn't sound like Terry Ilous at all. China Blue's Air To Breathe was a good track with a strong vocal and and a great hook I can see why TNT took Tony Mills as their next singer looking forward to the TNT disc. The rest of the disc took a couple of listens to get a feel for the tracks I tried to wrap myself around Poley/Rivera but the harmony sounded pretty dated. Stereo Fallout reminded me of some of todays music a little to poppy for my tastes not a bad thing mind you I just felt that it needed more pow to it. Crush 40 sounded like early Bon Jovi with a little bit of the latest BJ disc thrown in for good measure. The next song that stood out in my mind was the Redrum track probably the second strongest overall track on the disc. Radioactive & Talle/Moratti were pretty good tracks a little dated as far as the chorus but still good tracks, the last two tracks were probably my least favorite of the disc not bad songs but a more upbeat ending of the disc would of bumped my score upto 90-95. Is this disc worth your hard earned money in one word "YES" any one still out there playing this kind of music deserves to be heard by more that just the lucky 1000 people who get these Compilations from the site. In this day and age where the only reason most artists get contracts is because they can be marketed to the 8-18 crowd the ones who are willing to plop down $16.99 for the latest throw away band, the ones who go out and purchase the latest manufactured pop pap from the Idol winners, who wouldn't know a hook or chorus unless someone knocked them aside the head and told them. Thank god these bands on the MR-V3 (and the first two) disc are still out there I can't imagine a world where a guy named Simon tells me this is good buy it, and someone like Ozzy or Lemmy would of never been allowed to record because they wouldn't sell to the right age group or didn't look pretty enough. In short Thank You Andrew & every band on each of the MR discs who every night try to bring a little real music to the masses.

24/11/06: ian -
Rating: 90
First play through i wasn't that taken with the song's , some stood out other's didn't . Many play throughs later all the song's have rightly found a place on my most played mp3 track's list , another well put together cd from Andrew , his best yet . And i can't wait for the album's these song's come from .

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