Newman Heaven Knows Escape Music
· Produced By: Steve Newman

· Running Time: 56.24

· Release Date: May 19

· Released:

· Musical Style: AOR

· Links: Escape Music
Songs: 95%
Sound: 90%
Englishman Steve Newman returns in quick time for album number 5. I have always enjoyed Newman's albums and without doubt each one has been that little bit better than the one before.
The last album Sign Of The Modern Times was his best to date and left him with a lot of work to do to match or surpass it.
Steve made a slight change of tact for this album. Everything except for the thumping drum beats are from Steve. A truly hands on effort this, with keyboards, guitars, bass and vocals all coming from the man himself.
I'm not sure who mixed this album; whether it was Steve or someone else, but whoever is responsible did a cracking job at ensuring all the instruments get equal room to breathe and be heard clearly.
The sound is classic melodic rock with that 80s influence snapping at its heals, but is in no way dated or routine. I'm pleased to say that Newman has eclipsed himself again and Heaven Knows is easily his best album to date.
The stars of this record – the songs themselves. These are the best set of songs to make a Newman record yet and are the most instant also.
Normally I require a little time to grow into Steve's records, but on this occasion I only needed a second spin to be sold on the contents.
Track By Track:
Heaven Knows is a cracking uptempo melodic rocker to get things underway, with a smooth chorus giving way to a lush chorus mixing keyboards with guitars and harmony vocals.
Higher is a little more subtle, yet features a harder edge guitar riff and the chorus comes in two parts and is classic Newman.
Aint Gonna Cry Forever is possibly the best Newman song ever! What a killer chorus! I just love it to death and think it is an example of the very best classic British AOR can offer.
Move On is a little heavier and has a certain groove. It changes the pace of the album to date but still features another great chorus.
The mid-tempo ballad The Way You Love Me is another great example of how simple and familiar melodic rock can still be so effective when done with passion and quality.
Following the mid-tempo ballad is this slower power ballad. Learning To Live again features a monster chorus and again is one of Steve's best ballads.
The Circle picks the tempo up again to how the album opened. And yet again - another strong chorus.
This Time has a big groove to it and some nice guitar parts. Not as strong a chorus here, but not close to being a filler either.
Wait takes a few listens to get to know and works well at this point of the album.
Never Meant To Fall In Love is a uptempo melodic rocker with a groovy verse and a straight AOR chorus.
Sport Of Kings is a heavier and darker track that shows another side of Newman. A good chorus gets better with each listen.
On Any Other Sunday is a tribute to the victims of the 2005 Tsunami. This acoustic ballad closes the album on a strong, yet sentimental note.
The Bottom Line
Well, this ain't brain surgery. Stylistically, there's noting here that won't have already been heard before somewhere and this is not an album that pushes ay musical boundaries.
What it is though, is a very fine example of classic style, 80s influenced British melodic rock and in my opinion, Steve Newman's best and most consistent effort yet!
Discography / Previously Reviewed
· Newman
· One Step Closer
· Dance In The Fire
· Sign Of The Modern Times
· Heaven Knows

Line Up:
· Steve Newman: Vocals, Bass, Guitars & Keyboards
· Rob McEwan: Drums

Essential For Fans Of:
· Newman
· Heartland
· British AOR
Track Listing
· Heaven Knows *
· Higher *
· Aint Gonna Cry Forever *
· Move On
· The Way You Love Me *
· Learning To Live *
· The Circle *
· This Time
· Wait
· Never Meant To Fall In Love
· Sport Of Kings
· On Any Other Sunday

--*Best Tracks

24/03/07: Distorted -
Rating: 100
the best album since the creation of the world ever!!!!!!

14/11/06: Axe-Machine -
Rating: 60
I have nearly all the albums by this guy, and although he does make one or two good songs per album, I don't understand what all the fuss is all! On a positive note, the production is good, and 'Heaven Knows' and 'Aint Gonna Cry Forever' are good songs, but there rest is just blah! 'Higher' is possibly one of the most generic AOR songs I have ever heard. This album reminds me of Khymera in the sense that you can't help but feel you've heard it all before, only done a million times better. And don't get me wrong, I love that familiar 80s style, but when it's done well (check out the new Sunstorm album for instance!).

I bought this album based on the review on this site thinking, 'he's finally got it right!', but alas, it just isn't of the standard I was hoping for. And finally, as for the comments saying it's better than Mood Swings, I think someone needs to clean the wax from their ears and listen again...this album is no mood swings! Disappointed.

09/09/06: gonçalo -
Rating: 96
Fantastic voice, but poor production! Please invest in this true vocalist, one of the best these days. Great voice, great sons especially
Heaven Knows
Aint Gonna Cry Forever

Hey Man, keep on rocking!!

02/07/06: Mike the Conqorour -
Rating: 96
One of my favorites for 2006 (and the last couple years). Best outing for Newman by far. Definitely on par with the Hartmann's great 2005 release and early Harem Scarem. Fantastic start/finish. I don't get the "cliches" remark at all. To me a very sincere and consistant sound all the way through. Don't over look this great gem!!

25/06/06: CEDRIC -
Rating: 79
Good album , ok !
But as good or better than MOOD SWING !!!!???????
It's a joke !!!!
MOOD SWING IT'S A TRUE CLASSIC one of the best AOR record ever !
PLEASE don't belive that !
But it's a good CD

15/06/06: |ngenius -
Rating: 80
Quite good album on the whole, but I think it falls down into classic "melodic hard rock" cliches, and it doesn't pursue but sticking to those cliches. Of course, this might be just me looking for something new, I've been running the vast field of melodic rock for quite long now and I can't swallow everything.

By the way, don't quite see the similarity between this album and Scarem's "Mood Swings", so comparisons are pointless...

29/05/06: Gary Knox -
Rating: 90
Best Album to date.

27/05/06: Kripto -
Rating: 99
i just purchased this album and i agree this is better
than HaremScarem late albums and equal or better to "Mood Swings"
although the comparison with Harem is a bit stretched cause
i actually think this album is better than even the mighty Journey and many other bands i used to think are awesome.

i dont know why but i keep listening to this album
with no intention to listen on anything else.
not a single aweful song.. i love em all.
this album puts into shame any other "big" band
with their average crap like Survivor, Jim Peterik and
even Ted Poley and Adriangale.

this is melodic rock / AOR at it's best.

27/05/06: Debz -
Rating: 95
What a fantastic album, "Heaven Knows" is the best rock song Ive heard in a long time. The production is fantastic, great vocals, and a really well written us a favour all you critics out there...don't give opinions on melodic rock albums if you don't even listen to that type of music, you don't know what you're talking about. Steve Newman has practically single-handedly produced an amazing album here and I recommend that any Newman fans out there buy it now, you won't be disappointed! Oh, and while "I'm off on one" as it were, Escape Music...put Newman on the road, let's see lots of live gigs from this amazing band... Thanx x x Steve Newman...we love ya

16/05/06: Carl1 - rochford@noonan
Rating: 50
This has some decent songs and some awful songs. I was expecting better after some of the comments I've seen. This reminds me of those recorded at home "wanna be American" type AOR albums that never could match their US counterparts. Things like RIO's "Borderline" and the Monroe album spring to mind. The drum sound on this is horrible and sounds programmed and spoils the overall quality. I can't understand how anyone can say this is better than any of Harem Scarem's work, or is the best album ever made. Certainly not essential in any way. One other thing the cover was already used on an Aztec Jade album so it it seems a bit naff to use the same artwork as another band. Surely they could have come up with something different.

13/05/06: ZigZag -
Rating: 99
NewMan does it again but with a vengeance and it
take you just one single listen to know this album's a killer.

favorite tracks:

1 - Ain't Gonna Cry Forever

2 - Move On

3 - The Circle

4 - Wait

but every song's a winner and this album proves NewMan
is the new king of the whole AOR scene and if you want
my pure opinion, this album kills anything HaremScarem
ever did up there if maybe better than Mood Swings even.

can't recommend this album enough guys! :)

12/05/06: Mohammed -
Rating: 100
Possibly the best album of all times. FOREVER & EVER EVER EVER..

few album reach the depth this album touch inside of you
with songs to die for.

i have no favorite because they're all fantastic
and yes, this is NEWMAN best album.
not only that...but this is the best album ever created
and i say that without any reservation. IT IS!

if you don't buy this album, i swear to god you will
be missing on a chance of a lifetime!!!


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