Nickelback Dark Horse Roadrunner
RR 8028-2
· Produced By: Mutt Lange, Joey Moi & Nickelback

· Running Time: 43.38

· Release Date: Out Now

· Released: World

· Musical Style: Melodic Hard Rock

· Links: Nickelback
Songs: 85%
Sound: 96%
I nearly fell off my chair when I read master producer Mutt Lange had teamed up with Nickelback to help produce their new album.
Of all the bands in the world, Mutt chose to make a rare appearance on this release. Interesting… I know I'll get hate mail for this, but I have always rated Nickelback as one of the more boring modern rock outfits around. They are like the Hootie And The Blowfish of modern rock – as bland as they come.
But, if anyone can make Chad Kroeger's voice bearable, it would be Mutt.
And sure enough…Mutt's magic is alive and well and all over this record. Not only does Kroeger sound ok (sorry, you won't get anything more than that out of me there), but this album features the biggest, baddest and fattest sound the band have put to disc to date.
The rhythm section on this album is simply stupendous and literally blows out of the speakers.
And even better Mutt joins in the songwriting adding co-writer credits on 5 tracks. I never thought Nickelback would be comparable to Bryan Adams and Shania Twain, but that commercial FM radio influence Mutt dictates sees several tracks here sounding at home on either of those other two artists' own records.
I do think the lyrical content of the record is banal at times…the sexual innuendo is a little lame. But you just can't fault the monster sound and the fact that your feet are tapping along with the record from note 1.
Something In Your Mouth (gee, I wonder what?) is a monster rocker and the lead singer Gotta Be Somebody is classic Nickelback.
Burn It To The Ground has a beat Motley Crue and AC/DC would be proud of and the ballad I'd Come For You (Mutt co-write) is a modern rock radio hit in waiting. I expect that to be the next single.
Mutt's magic is again in play with the monster ballad Never Gonna be Alone (another single and hit) and the curious Def Leppard/Shania Twain hybrid boot-scoters Shakin' Heads and This Afternoon.
If Today Was Your Last Day is a strong mid-tempo acoustic modern melodic rocker with one of my favourite vocals on the album.
There are fillers though – Next Go Round being the worst culprit and the lyrics to S.E.X. are horrible.
The Bottom Line
An interesting record and one that surprised even me. Great sound that I wish all bands had. Mutt doesn't come cheap though but Nickelback's investment has paid off big time with what I think is their most commercial record to date. Die hard fans may not accept the style change as much, but casual fans will love.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
· Silver Side Up
· All The Right Reasons
· Dark Horse

Line Up:
· Chad Kroeger: Vocals
· Ryan Peake: Guitars
· Daniel Adair: Drums
· Mike Kroeger: Bass

Essential For Fans Of:
· Nickelback
· Bryan Adams goes Modern Rock
Track Listing
· Something In Your Mouth
· Burn It To The Ground *
· Gotta Be Somebody *
· I'd Come For You *
· Next Go Round
· Just To Get High
· Never Gonna Be Alone *
· Shakin' Hands
· S.E.X.
· If Today Was Your Last Day
· This Afternoon

--*Best Tracks

31/07/09: jon_quique -
Rating: 95
An amazing album. I like this canadian group very much. They are the new reference in the world of HARD HEAVY.
The best songs:
- Something In Your Mouth
- Burn It To The Ground (The best)
- Gotta Be Somebody (Very comercial)
- I'd Come For You
- Just To Get High
- Never Gonna Be Alone

25/04/09: Randy -
Rating: 93
i love these guys, not the album i was looking for but once i put it in and really gave it a chance, it won me over.

05/03/09: Steve -
Rating: 95
Absolutely fantastic sonics. I love the drum sound so much I hunted down the guy who made the samples and bought em for my own studio...

05/02/09: Dennis -
Rating: 92
I really do not want to like this band, but the songs find a way to stick in your head all the same. Yeah, the lyrics are adolescent, and the sound is nothing original, but they have a way of bringing it all together in a way that is fun and enjoyable. If you don't go into this album looking to be challenged, but rather to have a good time, this album delivers.

12/01/09: Nicodim - nicodim-r@mail,ru
Rating: 80
Another strong work from Mutt Lange. Really good album, BUT... There's a little difference between the great albums and simply strong ones. New Nickelback is really good all the ways. You could easily take any song and put it on radio. It will be a hit. But the main weakness of the album is lack of really BIG hits. All songs are of the same quality, but their release lacks absolute diamonds - songs, which force you to put CD on your player again and again just to hear that pearl one more time. Good rockers, good ballads and no great rockers & ballads.
For example, let's take another 2008 alternative/post grunge release from Shinedown - 'Sound Of Madness'. Equally strong album, but it has some songs which stay above of the rest - What A Shame, Second Chance, Devour, Call Me, If You Only Knew... All others are also good, but I generally listen to the album because of these ones. And if to speak about Nickelback - this time I just can't single out any song better than others. They're all that strong yet nothing outstanding. There's no new How You Remind Me or Photograph or Someday and I dunno if it's good or bad.
Yet generally I like the album very much, though expected much more from the guys and Mutt Lange

03/01/09: michael -
Rating: 9
Absolute gold! Awesome songs with the perfect rock production. Thank you Mutt Lange for helping Nickelback make one of the best rock records of 2008 - Crank it loud!

24/12/08: michael -
Rating: 9
Awesome production. Killer tunes. Perfect running time. I'm not a massive Nickelback fan but this album absolutely rocks. Mutt Lange and Nickelback are a perfect team. Give us more!

24/12/08: DirtyPennyIowa -
Rating: 75
Would have been a 90 if i haven't heard the same album 2 albums ago... same ole stuff... alot of cheese...

22/12/08: Marc Vanway -
Rating: 40
this cd is an abobination. Mutt managed to kill this band with a terrible sound, and the songs are not on the same level than their previous effort. If you liked nickleback, avoid this. If you are a fan of Mutt, then buy it. Not my thing at all.

22/12/08: lolo -
Rating: 97
amazing sound and songs ,simply one of the best album of 2008

22/12/08: sean -
Rating: 9
I loved this record .if you take load era Metallica throw in some Crue and leppard 80s sounds you have Dark horse.
I will agree about the cheesy lyrics ,but the tunes are just amazing .you cant help singing along . Yes there is the next go round that doesnt quite make the grade but the rest of the tracks are great. Even the song SEX is just really different the ability to go from a new wave sounding verse and then into the Pantera like breakdown and back I totally dig it . great record highly recommened

21/12/08: Scott -
Rating: 55
The lyrics are so adolescent and babyish throughout this entire disc. Chad sings about sex constantly you'd think he was 16 yrs old. This CD gets boring very quickly. Mutt lange makes them sound like a top 40 bubblegum band. Then again, Lange's best days are behind him. This is the dope that divorced Shania! Nickelback has cashed in as most bands do. Stay away from this lame disc. These guys sound like Def Leppard's little brothers.

21/12/08: OzzMosiz -
Rating: 96
Nickelback and producer Mutt seem to have pushed the envelope further with Dark Horse. The production is sleeker, the hooks are catchier and the vocals smoother, the lyrical content is a backwards step though, but personally I can over look this.

20/12/08: Bill -
Rating: 90
I've been a Nickelback fan since long before they broke big in the US. After many listens i don't think mutt really added anything to the band. I also don't think they needed Mutt. Their last CD has sold 9 million units. in today's Market with all of the free downloading...that number is amazing. I honestly think the only reason Mutt was brought in was for PR and a personal goal of Chads and the rest of the band. Mutt certainly didn't take anything away, but in my opinion he didn't add anything either.

Another strong release from Canadian Boys Nickelback

see them Live if you can.... AWESOME!!!!

20/12/08: Pam -
Rating: 92
I love this album, though it does feel like Mutt's involvement took the sound of the last album and wrapped it in a few layers of silk. He took the rough edges off which I don't like as much, but the songs are there. A little too blah and by the numbers sex lyrics (did Chad get dumped recently?), but still worth the money. "This Afternoon" would make a great country crossover if they didn't mind all the talk of tokin' up on the front porch.

20/12/08: Crazy Steve -
Rating: 95
I know a lot of people seem to hate Nickelback (for reasons that I do not understand), but the fact is they are amazing songwriters who really know how to write catchy songs. This coupled with Mutt Lange's production meant that it was always going to be great. My favourite songs are "Gotta Be Somebody", "If Today was You Last Day" and "Burn it to the Ground".

20/12/08: leo - treasurestocash@gmail;.com
Rating: 89
I think they got the wrong producer for their sound. Mutt is good, but Nickelback didn't really get anything from his production here.I like most of the songs, but I think with their track record they could of done better. Songwriting seems rushed on some of the songs, but otherwise a good effort.

20/12/08: Rick -
Rating: 95
I have loved Nickelback since the release of Curb. Doark Horse has a great sound, although it sometimes has a Def Leppard sound to it. That's Mutt doing his thing... As for the 95 rating, well it's comes down to how these songs will fill into their concert set list. I must admit Nickelback has gone soft since Daneil Adair join the band way too many ballads in concert the last two tours. Maybe with the newer tracks they can get back to rocking it out live. Love the new sound!

20/12/08: PW -
Rating: 95
Never thought I'd ever say this about a Nickelback ablum, but it's just brilliant from start to finish. Sound quality to die for. Catchy tunes with guitar solos. Well done guys (or should I say well done Mutt!). A Must Buy.

19/12/08: steve -
Rating: 90
Another smash! This guy can write....
Plenty of down n dirty rockers & fm radio ballads.
They'll be releasing singles from this for the next 2 years.
I don't see why they needed mutt lange... they've done quite well without him but he does add a little sonic thunder to there sound.

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