Oni Logan Stranger In A Foreign Land LMC / Indie
· Produced By: Michael Voss

· Running Time: 46.13

· Release Date: Out Now

· Released:

· Musical Style: Pop Rock

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Songs: 72%
Sound: 88%
I'm quite the fan of Oni Logan. His work on the first Lynch Mob album was stupendous and I always thought his subsequent absence from the hard rock scene (apart from the very late released Violet's Demise opus) was nothing short of a crime.
In 2006 Logan finally returns, albeit in a form few fans will expect.
My first impression of this album was that it reminded me of Europe frontman Joey Tempest's first solo album and the path it took away from his usual fare.
Oni Logan takes that same musical path – that stripped back, earthy mid-western sound – and continues on walking, right into southern rock and country. On the way he passes Henry Lee Summer and Tom Petty and perhaps just by-passes John Cougar.
Where Oni concentrates on the mid-western theme he delivers some enjoyable pop/rock tracks that fans of that debut Joey Tempest album and easy going Henry Lee Summer will definitely appreciate.
Musically speaking the acoustic guitar plays the dominant role, but this remains a full band exercise.
When Will You Hear Me, The Long Road and the rockabilly Bring Back The Days are all very fine songs. Stranger In A Foreign Land continues the country tinged rock and one senses that Oni could perhaps be pulling off that all-too-hard transformation to stand alone solo artist.
The ballad Blue Jean is a duet with Bekka Bramlett and is pure country through and through and may be too far to the left of what fans want from Oni.
Monster In The Sea returns to the mid-western feel, and Walking Through A Winterland takes a slow, but haunting path.
I Remember Hollywood is a highlight of the last quarter of the album before another country ballad kills the closing moments. The album's impressive line-up includes Michael Voss and Don Airey and even a guest spot from Steve Lukather.
The Bottom Line
Not sure how many Lynch Mob fans are going to go for this. It's a long long way from the Wicked Sensation album and even further from Violet's Demise. But in its own right, it is a solid record that is musically honest to a certain vision. Oni has clearly chosen a musical path to follow and he does that with integrity. Whether his fans choose to follow is a different issue.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
· Lynch Mob
· Violets Demise
· Stranger In A Foreign Land

Line Up:
· Oni Logan: Vocals, Acoustic Guitars, Harp, Vocoder
· Michael Voss & Martin Hutch: Guitars
· Bertram Engel: Drums
· Eda Miles: Bass

Essential For Fans Of:
· Oni Logan
· Joey Tempest - A Place To Call Home
Track Listing
· When Will You Hear Me *
· The Long Road *
· Bring Back The Days *
· Stranger In A Foreign Land
· Blue Jean
· The Monster In The Sea
· Walking Through A Winterland
· Damaged
· My Part Of Town
· I Remember Hollywood *
· Foolish Minds

--*Best Tracks

17/05/06: Tim -
Rating: 0
John, I'm sure you meant this, but for clarification, its Robert Mason's band "Big Cock - Year Of The Cock" and, yes it does kick serious booty. Rowan is working on some solo stuff now I understand. Cheers, tim

16/05/06: Tim -
Rating: 87
OK, I'll start by saying I'm hugely biased here because Oni is probably one of my fave singers on the planet and has been huge influence of my singing and song writing, but apart from all that malarkey, this is a great album. In my opinion its not the "Violet's Demise" area of greatness, which to me is unworldy good, and up there with the best albums of all time (I think maybe even Oni would agree with me on this one), but its still a damn fine debut solo record. Maybe we were expecting a hard rocking album like Wicked Sensation? I really wasn't at all, this is kind of musically where I expected Oni to go after listening to Head-Set, of which two tracks are featured in different form here (although I have to say I kinda of prefer the Head-Set versions a little more because they are less produced and more organic). It’s a natural progression from LM, through Violet’s Demise, Syzygy and then Head-Set. Oni is just growing up and maturity abounds. Oni’s voice has also changed tonally through the years and I don’t really think I want to hear him singing about strippers no more! (Although another LM reunion would be very cool, album please Oni!) If I had to give the whole thing a style; its southern, west coast, mellow rock with a country flavour. I think all the songs on here are good and all have there own merits, I do like some more that others especially 1,2,3 and 6 (the instant songs) but I think all in all its a well balanced album which takes a musical journey over the “mountains” and down the “boulevard”. Enough.

14/05/06: John Elway -
Rating: 30
Jeez! What is this? I always liked this guy and thought "Wicked Sensation" was top-notch ("Violet's Demise" was pretty interesting as well), but this is just horrific. Extremely slow and dull. I understand stretching the boundaries, but this is just so far away from what he once was. If your looking for a great release from an ex-Lynch Mob singer, check out Rowan Robertson's band, "Bick Cock". They recently released an incredibly entertaining rock record, "Year of the Cock" (Yeah, I know the title sounds silly, but it's great if you like blues edged hard rock.).

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