Pink Cream 69 Thunderdome SPV
Produced By: Dennis Ward

Running Time: 52.20

Release Date: Out Now

Released: EU

Musical Style: European Hard Rock

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Songs: 92%
Sound: 96%
Fans of European melodic hard rock need look no further for a contender for album of 2004 than Pink Cream 69's newie Thunderdome.
The guys know what works for them and what works for their fans and Thunderdome is simply a combination of those two things.
This is loud, in your face and pumped up hard rock with attitude.
This amazingly is their 9th studio release. Their previous best - in my humble opinion - was the brilliant Sonic Dynamite, with their last album endangered not quite topping its predecessor.
But now the band has done just that and along with Sonic Dynamite, Thunderdome will rank as two of their best albums.
It will be down to fan preferences as to what the majority think, but personally speaking I have found Thunderdome to be their most enjoyable album to listen to and review.
Vocalist David Readman is in fine voice and as usual the production by bassist Dennis Ward is close to flawless.
The guitar work from Alfred Koffler and Uwe Reitenauer is as powerful and hard hitting as ever and Ward along with drummer Kosta Zafiriou provide the foundation to the band's uncompromising and increasingly copied sound.
Whether it's on the hard hitters like Thunderdome or the darker That Was Yesterday and Retro Lullaby, or the high octane rockers like Here I Am, the band deliver the goods.
Changing the pace a little is That Was Yesterday - a great rock ballad in the best tradition of the band and features a great chorus hook and a strong lead vocal.
Shelter is also a very commercial track that features a big hook and catchy singalong chorus.
And for the record, I personally hate the song My Sherona and would be happy to never hear it ever again as long as I breathe. But the band has PC69'd it and true to form, it rocks hard and is a lot of fun. Still, I'll continue to skip over it each time!
The Bottom Line
Pretty simple - great songs, great production and some very memorable hooks and song melodies. A great performance just makes these elements even better and will easily impress fans of the band. There's a good chance after all these years the guys might even gather some more new fans.
Recent Discography / Previously Reviewed
Sonic Dynamite
Endangered Species

Line Up
David Readman: Vocals
Alfred Koffler, Uwe Reitenauer: Guitar
Kosta Zafiriou: Drums
Dennis Ward: Bass

Essential for fans of:
Pink Cream 69
Cornerstone, Jaded Heart
Track Listing
The Last Stance
Gods Come Together
Carnaby Road
Here I Am*
That Was Yesterday*
Retro Lullaby*
My Sherona
As Deep As I Am
Another Wrong Makes Right
See Your Face
Carved In Stone
The Edge of Sorrow
--*Best Tracks

18/02/05: Kenneth M -
Rating: 99
Wow!!! This is a Huge release by the best band Europe has to offer (and they can compete with anyone worldwide as well!). Tracks such as Thunderdome, Carnaby Road (best track on the disc), Here I Am and Shelter are just continually playing over and over in my car cd player. As they are just out and out hard rockin', crank it up as you drive down the highway, pieces of rock n' roll heaven...they bring back to light their past classic songs such as "Electrified", "Face Of An Angel", "Stranger In Time" and "Followed By The Moon".
The whole concept of the song "Thunderdome" is really cool and I'm sure would have been much better suited to the film of the same name than anything Tina Turner spewed out. It has that whole "Sonic battle of the bands" thing going on... Feel the ear splitting extacsy! (served up with a dose of humour..."He can't write a timetable...he can't write a song...wake up and smell the coffee" from the colour analyst). I would have loved an extra original song in lue of the Knack cover tune "My Sharona" but for the record this is the "best" version of a rather weak song ever recorded...take that for what it's worth. Anyway, the balance of this disc is clearly a high water mark for strength of songs, production and feel...
The boys have alot to live up to on their next release (I can hardly wait) but I have every confidance that they will meet and exceed the classic "Euro-metal" on display here. PC69 ROCKS!!!

23/04/04: Hanuk Baac -
Rating: 95
This is a great hard rock record from start to finish. This will easily make many people's best of 2004 list, songs rock harder than the previous record Endangered!

17/04/04: Almir -
Rating: 95
Man, I had to write something about this album, because of this song Carnaby Road. It's catchy, heavy, melodic and I can't take it of from my car's cdplayer. What a great song. Try to listen very loud and fell the adrenaline running through your veins.
The entire cd is very good but that song is my "All Time Favorite of the Moment" if you know what I mean. Gods Come Together is another rocker that deserves to be listened very loud. This is what Hard Rock should be.

13/04/04: Helen "hellsbellz" Conley -
Rating: 99
What can you say?! Its not an album its a work of art! I've loved PC69 since forever, but the very green endangered album was a real disappointment - you have redeemed yourselves! Ten out of ten, pleeeeease tour in the UK (I'll give you my right arm and everything!) Yey! PS. Havent managed to get hold of the edge of sorrow bonus track so if anyone would like to donate :) :) and no you dont get my left arm sheesh! PSS. PC69 Rock!

06/04/04: Derek Meyer -
Rating: 100
This is 1st class Euro melodic metal. This is the blueprint for what it takes to make a classic melodic metal cd. Not many cd's come along that mix just the right hard rock tracks with a great ballad. PC69 is, in my opinion, one of the most under-appreciated rock groups out there. This cd is a must have and rates up there (or maybe a little higher) than the new Jaded Heart.

12/03/04: MusicMann -
Rating: 96
Yes! This is the CD I've been looking for since Electrified. Sonic Dynamite and Endangered were not of the same thread as Electrified in my mind. Thanks guys for making the extra effort that is very noticable in songwriting and musicianship.

07/03/04: ianjohnson -
Rating: 95
what a wonderful start to the year ASTRAL DOORS, JADED HEART, SHADOWMAN and now the amazing PINK CREAM 69. Thunderdome is as good a slice of melodic hard rock as your likely to hear, from the brooding title track to Carnaby road and Retro Lullaby you get hard rock played with passion and force , if the rest of the year keeps on like this were all going to need a lie down in a dark room to recover from all the great music thats going to comeout , if it's half as good as THUNDERDOME were in for a treat.

07/03/04: Brad Hutchinson -
Rating: 95
Another great release by a great band! If you liked their past few releases, you will love this as well.

05/03/04: Kevin Collins -
Rating: 95
This band is as close to flawless as any band out there. Their last 4 CD's (including this one)have been absolutely stellar! Great songs, great hooks, great vocals, they really have it all. I liked PC69 with Andi Deris, but I love them with David Readman at the mic. Dennis Ward's production makes the songs shine! I have only one suggestion for these guys - no more cover tunes!!! Their own material is far better. I would have rated this CD 100% if they would have left off the Knack tune.

04/03/04: Boston Fan -
Rating: 99
As close to perfect as anyone has come this year!
This is the best effort by any Hard Rock act this year!
The production is just as any albums released by Styx, Boston, Pink Floyd, etc.
This is how every group should release. They have put forth one hell of an effort and it by far shows.
TNT, Jaded Heart can't come close to touching this one.
Carnaby Road is one of the best songs I have heard in awhile that deserves the right to played as loud as your home stereo or car stereo can go.
This is the most underated release so far this year. Let's just hope it doesn't stay that way.
Go get this one and get ready for some very fine ass-kickin roc-n-roll!!!!!

04/03/04: Mike Wolfer -
Rating: 98
One of the best releases thus far this year! WOW! I have been a fan since first hearing "Electrified" and this cd is as good , if not better than that! Classic melodic hard rock in your face with awesome songs, production and musicianship! A must have for any fan of melodic hard rock!

04/03/04: freddy de keyzer -
Rating: 88
This one is at least as good as the new TNT, but strange enough all the attention goes to them and not to this band.
Also cracking melodic hardrock, done with class !, is what we get here ! Great stuff for sure.
If you like the new TNT and the new Pell this one is also for you !

03/03/04: Lowdz -
Rating: 98
Absolutely brilliant, and a complete surprise. I wasn't expecting something this good after hearing some of their past work. Everything Melodic Hard Rock should be.

03/03/04: Tom Baymler - TSBAYMLER@HOTMAIL.COM
Rating: 99
That's Rock !
I've always thought of PC69's "Electrified" as the best they ever done, but with "Thunderdome" they have beaten themselves. The song writing is a notch better, whereas the production quality has taken a big leap forward. Even if you don't like the songs you must admire the sound. Surely it cannot be much better than this ?

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