Places Of Power Now Is The Hour Frontiers Records
Produced By: Bruce Turgon

Running Time: 58.17

Release Date: Out Now


Musical Style: Melodic Hard Rock

Links: Frontiers
Songs: 93%
Sound: 85%
Places of Power is the very natural pairing of guitarist/musician Bruce Turgon the long time right hand man to Foreigner's original lead singer Lou Gramm and for a time part of the Foreigner line-up himself.
He also joined Lou in the harder rocking Shadow King project and his debut solo album was a mirror image of the sound from that project.
The vocalist for this project is Philip Bardowell, a phenomenal singer with a distinct ability to sound like Lou Gramm.
Places Of Power is therefore a natural continuation of the sound that Turgon has developed over the years.
I said at the time that the Turgon solo release was the sequel to the Shadow King record which it was and now we have a 2nd sequel as such.
This is a hard hitting melodic rock/hard rock release with strong performances and some outstanding vocals on offer.
The moody edge that Shadow King carried is continued here, even down to the keyboard sound, which mirrors the style of that project.
The only disappointment is the drums are programmed and the sound at times is not as crisp and clear as could have been. It would have given the album an even better edge over its competitors.
As it is, Places of Power still has a lot to offer especially for those familiar with Turgon's and Bardwell's previous albums for Frontiers Records.
Highlights from the album include the layered vocal harmonies of In Your Wildest Dreams; the heavier and more dramatic Make Me Believe; the extreme Shadow King styled pop/rock of Desires Of Our Hearts and the more theatrical Secrets.
The biggest anthem of the album is The Passage, which simply soars and is perhaps the pick of the album.
The Lou Gramm inspired Hard To Love You also works well and the vocals in Light Of My World are fantastic.
Elsewhere the album could possibly have used a couple more big choruses such as The Passage and a tighter drum sound would have worked wonders.
The Bottom Line
I still favor the Bruce Turgon solo album, which proved he was a pretty decent singer in his own right. Philip Bardowell's wonderful and emotive vocals here lift the material beyond what might have been had it been another Turgon solo project.
Places Of Power is a powerful record and a good start to the 2009 Melodic Year.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
Now Is The Hour

Line Up:
Philip Bardowell: Vocals
Bruce Turgon: Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Programming
Scott McKinstry: Additional Guitars

Essential For Fans Of:
Bruce Turgon - Outside Looking In
Philip Bardowell - In The Cut
Shadow King
Track Listing
In Your Wildest Dream *
Make Me Believe *
Desire Of Our Hearts
One Day
I Live For You
Secrets *
The Passage *
Hard To Love You *
Light Of My World
Path Of The Last Resistance
Places Of Power

--*Best Tracks

30/04/09: Marie -
Rating: 100
This album is truly magnificent all the way around. Bruce's style shines and Philip's vocals are one of the best I have heard. I agree this album should be up for album of the year. I like it more and more each time I play it.

25/04/09: Longtime Boston Fan 30 -
Rating: 98
This a strong release and only comes in 2nd against Place Vendome. It is beautifully produced and it sounds great cranked up.
I can't wait to see if they release a 2nd album!

25/04/09: SoMuchMusicSoLittleTime -
Rating: 81
Compared to other 2009 albums that I have been listening to this one has been a bit of a disappointment. I have given it several spins and aside from a few songs that Andrew has quite accurately pointed out, the rest is fairly forgettable. "In Your Wildest Dream" and "The Passage" really stand out amongst the rest. I just don't think the choruses have been nailed on other tracks. The refrains are a bit typical in that the backing vocals part is sung and then echoed by Bardowell on nearly every song. Most of the songs follow this pattern and it renders a bit of "sameness" for me. But the bottom line is that the songs don't stick in my head like other albums I have been hearing. Not bad, but the bar has been raised recently and this falls below for me.

25/04/09: Bill -
Rating: 97
This is definitely up for cd of the year! Bruce is a fantastic songwriter, and he doesn't disappoint here. The songs are well-crafted from beginning to end, with the signature moodiness we have come to expect. Philip's vocals are perfect...lot's of emotion. Lou Gramm would be proud! This is not a cd you can grade easily after one listen - you get more out of it each time!

24/04/09: Brian Martin - brian.martin@nelstrop
Rating: 100
What an absolutely awesome album.Packed with great songs,great vocals and fabulous musicanship.They guys deserve major credit for producing such a great record.It's my record of the year so far,in fact it's my favorite record of the last's stunning !!!!!

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