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Produced By: Poison

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Release Date: Out Now


Musical Style: Hard Rock

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Songs: 50%
Sound: 65%
After turning in a substantially under par effort last time around with the anticipated album Hollyweird, you would think Poison would be out to reclaim some lost ground with an album of kick ass melodic rock.
I had a lot of time for Poison; they have shown flashes of brilliance over the years with such gems as Open Up And Say...Ahh! and the quite awesome Native Tongue. But this album is not anything close to brilliant.
Instead the band has retained the same cheap and nasty production values used on Hollyweird and resorted to the trend of the moment all covers.
I generally don't like covers albums. A few work, but most don't. More often than not they are a stop gap measure between studio albums, but having kept fans waiting several years already for a new album, it seems we'll be waiting a little longer still.
Poison stick to the musical formula that suits them with a selection of glammed up and punked up tunes.
Predictable classic glam tracks by The Sweet (Little Willy), Alice Cooper (I Never Cry), David Bowie (Suffragette City), Kiss (Rock N Roll All Nite) are accompanied by a couple of more original and inspired choices such as Just What I Needed (The Cars) and I Need To Know (Tom Petty).
Sadly there are a few tracks which have already been covered by Poison previously (Squeeze Box, Rock N Roll All Nite, American Band & Your Mama Don't Dance).
Why those would be included again here is anyone's guess and for me delivers the proof needed of a rather uninspired effort by the band. Even the Def Leppard covers affair blows this away.
The Bottom Line
Some covers albums work some don't. This one for me doesn't and is another step backwards for a band that I used to really appreciate. Two crappy sounding albums in a row now - both filled with songs I don't care for and won't play again. Should there be a next album it had better be a truly ass kicking all original studio affair with a monster sound or it will be lights out for Poison.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
Look What The Cat Dragged In
Open Up And Say...Ahh!
Flesh & Blood
Native Tongue
Crack A Smile
Power To The People

Line Up:
Bret Michaels: Vocals
CC DeVille: Guitars
Bobby Dahl: Drums
Rikki Rockett: Bass

Essential For Fans Of:
Track Listing
Little Willy
Suffragette City
I Never Cry
I Need to Know
Can't You See
What I Like About You
Dead Flowers
Just What I Needed *
Rock and Roll All Nite
Squeeze Box
Your Mama Don't Dance
You Don't Mess Around With Jim
We're An American Band

--*Best Tracks

20/03/09: Harv -
Rating: 70
It's a fun covers CD. Nothing great, nothing terrible. Like all the previous cover albums that have been done lately, couldn't they break the mold and create something new?

02/11/07: Justin -
Rating: 80
I actually like this album. I think the production is much better than Hollyweird. Closer in sound to the new songs on PTTP.

It sounds exactly like what you'd expect...Poison doing some cover tunes.

Still, I will say that Bret has had some great songs on his very under-rated solo albums. Maybe he should consider working some of that style of songwriting into a great, new Poison album. Remember, Flesh & Blood (which many regard as their best, most well rounded album) had a lot of depth to it. Poison was not a one dimensional band. However, with this album and Hollyweird they are becoming so. Time for a great, new record boys!

29/08/07: Tom -
Rating: 80
Yes, another album full of covers, but hey... I liked Def Leppard's cover album Yeah!

It's fun, well played, well sung and you know you'll sing along when you have this on in the car! By no means a classic, and by no means "essential listening", but a highly enjoyable Poison'd take on their classic rock influences.

24/08/07: Splash777 -
Rating: 10
This is utter crap! The production is bland and the delivery of the material is pedestrian at best. Poison is over and done and if this is what they can do with excellent songs then I don't care if they ever record again. "Little Willy" is almost as bad as the new Sweet doing it live. I don't understand why the return of CC has completely changed the sound of the band. Their music just sounds hollow. Brett couldn't deliver a heartfelt lyric at this point in a Poison recording session if his life depended on it.

Some of the song choices have been covered to death and the inclusion of the kiss track from the Less Than Zero OST is weak. Rehashing Your Mama Don't Dance another weak ass choice. We know those songs already and we probably already own them as fans.

How dare they put such lame effort into the Alice Cooper classic I Never Cry! That's a total crime and hopefully Alice kicks each of them in nuts at some point. I've listened to this album and re-listened in hopes I was being to harsh but it seems to get worse each time.

CC Deville is so much of the trouble with this album. His guitar playing and tone is awful. He doesn't play like he used to he's got this psuedo punk wanna be Green Day thing happening and missing all the metal/classic rock riffing he used to have going on.

Choosing to cover Dead Flowers after Gilby feat. Axl Rose is stupidity at maximum ego. How could they think that their version would come even close to what I consider the definitive version of the Rolling Stones classic album track. One you get to the awful even dreadful rendition of Just What I Needed you'll be happy to listen to the live Ocasekless cars version from their last tour.

Rikki Rocket released a very similar styled album song wise as his solo project and that was great. I don't understand how he could have heard this mess and thought it was good. This is one of the biggest wastes of everyones time and money I've heard in a long time. Thanks for freaking nothing you four boneheads from Hollywood.

15/08/07: Erik Nolan -
Rating: 85
Very solid cover CD. A lot of fun all the way through. Has the classic POISON sound. Last studio CD was underrated, and I'm looking forward to the next studio CD. Best track is Little Willy.

01/08/07: DJBOB69 -
Rating: 86
I will give them this rating for a great effort. There are some good covers here but not what you would think for Poison. I guess they needed a reason to return tot he tour circut. But come on how about some new music like the Crack a Smile album that was widely admired by the fans. Brett your solo stuff is better than anything that you released in the last 10 years with Poison. What are you doing holding out on the rest of the guys.

31/07/07: Gary White -
Rating: 80
A fun little record with some surprisingly good covers of some classic songs. They could have left off the ones from other albums and stuck with Brett singing all the vocals. But in all they did a great job especially with Dead Flowers, Can't You See, Little Willy and Suffragette City.

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