Track Listing
· Yeah
· Demon
· Don't Give Up (1)
· Lies Feed On Lies
· I Should Have Known Better (3)
· Over You
· Fire Within
· Not That Innocent
· Make It Mine
· Souls On Fire
· 7 am (2)
· Until I Change Your Heart

(*) Best Tracks

· Ceremony Of Innocence (2)
· Yeah (1)

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MTM Music
· Produced By: Tommy Denander
· Running Time: 55.03 · Release Date: April 28
· Released: EU · Genre: Melodic Rock
· WebLink: Tommy Denander · LabelLink: MTM

Tommy Denander's debut Radioactive release took years to put together after recordings were initially started with the guys from Toto and various other LA session musicians. It was one of Tommy's best albums and due to the nature of the project was deemed to be a one off. But Tommy was convinced to put another Radioactive album together and in much the same way as the debut, he has gathered some top musicians and well regarded vocalists and recorded the album Yeah.
And funnily enough, despite the debut being partly recorded on a major label budget and the time that was put into it, this is a better album in every sense.
In fact, I consider it Tommy's best release to date, re-setting the benchmark for all future projects. It will be tough to beat this album, let me tell you.
I've given Tommy both praise and criticism in the past, mainly over his consistently familiar guitar sound. What pleases me most about Yeah is the varied guitar tones and sonic depth of the music. Through the album's 12 songs we are treated to some strong riffs, a continuously changing feel and best of all, some blistering solos.
That's the other key to this album's strength. This is a far rockier album than Tommy's recent work with Jim Jidhed and even the debut Radioactive album. Tommy sounds far more comfortable giving himself some room to stretch, allowing the guitar to dominate the songs and providing the listener with some of the best guitar work I have heard in a long time.
I really love the fact that every track features a strong and powerful solo - something modern rock acts sad miss.
Although there are keyboard flurries and plenty of vocal harmonies throughout, this really is a guitarist's record and it sounds all the better for it.
Also featured on the album are Marcel Jacob and Tony Franklin on bass, Pat Thern on drums, Bruce Gaitsch on acoustic guitar, Chris Demming on Hammond organ and a range of lead vocalists detailed below.
Track By Track:
Yeah opens the album, but isn't in my view one of the strong tracks included. Mikael Erlandsson is featured vocalist, sounding tougher than on his own recent pop orientated solo album. This track is one of the closest to Tommy's familiar sound and style, although it's pretty evident that the style of the album is going to be heavier from the very outset.
Demon features Fergie Frederiksen on lead. This track perfectly molded for the former Toto vocalist. Tommy certainly sounds far more at home when in Lukather mode, over a more AOR Journey/Schon style he has been asked to perform. The track is uptempo and moves quickly, featuring a short but catchy chorus and the first really blistering guitar solo.
Don't Give Up offers a change of pace. From the higher pitched AOR vocalists, Geir Ronning steps in with his bluesier/raspier lead vocals, which changes the pace of the album nicely. This is a moody mid-tempo rocker that impresses me even more, as not only has Tommy stepped up to the plate, so has Geir. His vocals on this album are some of the best I have heard from him also. The darker mood of the song continues in the catchy chorus.
Lies Feed On Lies features Steve Overland, who carries the same air about him that Geir Ronning does. This is another moody rocker, this time a little more intense and certainly features more guitar work and another great solo.
I Should Have Known Better continues the darker, heavier vibe, with Mikael providing his best vocal of the album and one of the best choruses. Instantly memorable, catchy and together with the heavy guitar riff brings about one of the album's best tracks. Some excellent production and programming mid to late song adds to the atmosphere.
Over You features Geir back on vocals. This one's another darker and brooding rock track - this time in ballad form. The track's chorus is a clear winner, as are the vocals and both slow and regular guitar solos included.
Fire Within features Mikael Erlandsson on vocals and is an uptempo rocker closer to Tommy's usual guitar sound/production techniques. The song features another strong chorus and a short sharp bridge, plus one of the album's most shredding solos.
Not That Innocent features Urban Tale's Kimmo Blom on vocals. This mid-tempo track is fairly restrained compared to the tempo and vibe of the rest of the album. Not the catchiest track of the album, but one that suits it's position in the running order and adds to the texture of the overall album.
Make It Mine features Mikael again and this track steps up the tempo big time, with a fast paced verse and another big chorus/vocal harmony section. One of the album's catchier choruses. The sound here isn't as thick as some other tracks, with equal space given to keyboard/organ and guitar.
Souls On Fire is a slow to mid-tempo moody rocker featuring Geir and his bluesy rasp again. Another good song, but not as catchy straight up as some other tracks.
7 am however is....featuring Fergie putting in his best rock vocal, this song rocks from start to finish, complete with big time guitar solo and big chorus. A winner for sure.
Until I Change Your Heart is another winner...meaning the album closes out with two of the best tracks in the line up. The songs follows on from 7am, with tempo and melodic style similar, yet with a slightly more pop feel. The melodic hooks within the song grow with each listen and will make the track one of the more popular picks.
Matti Alfonzetti takes a short break from his recent modern rock tastes to deliver a classic melodic AOR vocal.

The Bottom Line
Get it. That is the bottom line! If you have purchased any Denander featured album in the past, this tops them all. Yeah delivers 12 classic melodic rock style tracks, with plenty of hooks, melodies, layered vocals and best of all, some truly styling guitar playing with a memorable solo in just about every track.
There have been some great AOR albums this year, also some great metal and hard rock albums. But this is a great pure melodic rock album.

Line Up
· Geir Ronning, fergie Frederiksen, Mikael Erlandsson, Steve Overland, Matti Alfonzetti: Vocals
· Tommy Denander: Guitar, Keyboards
· Pat Thern: Drums
· Marcel Jacob, Tony Franklin: Bass

Additional Ratings

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31/07/04: Ian -
Rating: 95
To say that i am a fan of Tommy is an understatement.Top quality production enhances the music as well as the inspired choice of vocalists.This is high class AOR that Tommy has delivered yet again.

19/06/03: Andy Hawes -
Rating: 98
Album of the year! No doubt about it. I was a bit worried that Tommy Denander may be spreading his songwriting too thin, but no. This album is class all the way. The slightly harder sound totally suits the songs and Tommy is on blistering form with the guitar. Way better than Prisoner or Rainmaker, I like it better than the first Radioactive CD-less 'Westcoast' I suppose. Hmmm. At this rate, I may have to replace Dann Huff as my favourite guitarist of all time, cos Tommy just keeps getting better!!

27/04/03: Rich H. -
Rating: 95
I agree with you Andrew, this is a fine piece of work and the best to my knowledge from Tommy Denander. This blows the debut radiactive album out of the water as fine as it was.Although "Ceremony Of Innocence" boasted an all star line up, maybe to many chefs spoilt the broth.Tommy soars back with a stingy new release that you won't tire of in a hurry. It's more guitar dominated yet very melodic.Fergie Fredriksen does his best vocal performance in years, truly awesomne.You can do no wrong by having Steve Overland , Geir Ronnig,Joe Vana , Kimmo Blom and Marcel Jacobs on you ra album as well.Well done Tommy,great stuff.

19/04/03: René -
Rating: 100

The allmighty Tommy does it two in a row. First Jim Jidhead and now this one.

Tommy sounds like Lukather SHOULD sound. Luke has totally lost his sound as well as the rest of TOTO is in fact LOST. This is said with all respect for my favorite band of all times. I still love them and miss them.

Tommy has done it here great sound monster songs and singers. I am so glad to know that when TOTO is gone well in my term they are gone we have TOMMY TOTO AORKING DENANDER.

I am proud to live in the land just beside you. Scandinavia rocks and sets the AOR straight A G A I N.

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