REO Speedwagon Find Your Own Way Home Indie
· Produced By: Joe Vannelli & Kevin Cronin

· Running Time: 43.59

· Release Date: April 3 / April 24

· Released:

· Musical Style: Melodic Rock

· Links: Speedwagon
Songs: 86%
Sound: 94%
How often do we go over the argument that a band should rock harder or return to their more classic sound to please fans?
Over the years I have praised other albums for doing just that. I have also praised other albums featuring a more contemporary sound or ones that embrace a more mature laid back style.
It could get confusing I guess, but do you know what is at the heart of all those records that worked? The same thing that was missing from the albums that didn't work - great songs.
For any album to succeed, you need great songs and a great sound.
REO Speedwagon has nailed those two important factors with their new release Find Your Own Way Home.
Of course, individual tastes then come into play, but you are never going to please everyone all of the time. This could be said of any artist or band with a long history – there are always going to be varied opinions on new material. There will be some that accept just about anything, as long as the quality is there and there will be others that are sticklers for an artist's classic sound. Perhaps to the disappointment of some, this is not an outwardly rocking release. But it has a lot of style.
The album kicks off in the finest possible fashion with one of the more direct rockers I have heard from the band, but the album as a whole is a very smooth and polished ride starting in melodic rock territory and evolving through into a more mature adult contemporary landscape.
But always there is quality and the album is immaculately produced. In fact, I'd go as far as to say that the first four tracks on this album are as good as the opening 4 tracks on any REO album from their vast history.
Track By Track:
Smilin' In The End is a wonderful uptempo rocker, with a great riff and perfect 'you won't beat me' lyric.
The mid-tempo feel good Find Your Own Way Home is the very definition of the band's classic sound and for that matter, the sound of a generation of American melodic rock artists – an earthy sound complete with organ, impassioned lead vocal and a tasty guitar driven hook.
It continues to get better with the classy and classic REO ballad I Needed To Fall. If this can't be a radio hit in this day and age, then no artist of this ilk can do it. What a great ballad.
Dangerous Combination is another great track that I love, but is one that highlights the other style in play within this album. The song is a great lightweight uptempo pop rocker with a great lyric and a wonderful chorus hook. But the underlying style sees the band dip into southern rock, adding an earthy country tinge to the song and the guitar parts. What it reminds me of is the Midwestern/AOR outfit King Of Hearts. Great song though…
After dipping their feet into a southern rock sound with the last track, Lost On The Road Of Love sees the band dive head first into the swagger of Nashville. An organic organ sound, that twang in the guitar and a slow 38 Special swagger to the song will see some skip this track and others appreciate it for what it is. Personally it is my least favourite track of the album.
Another Lifetime sees the band return to a more classic and expected REO sound. A pleasant and strong verse evolves into a slightly more urgent verse. This is almost a ballad, but an uptempo one at that.
Run Away Baby is a hard one to peg. I didn't get into it at all at first, but the more I listen, the more I think it is a great example of classic early REO, with a new twist. This is another lightweight and breezy pop/rocker with a strong country tinge once again. The chorus is so openly happy, it might seem cheesy to some, but for whatever reason, I think it works and works well in the scheme of this album.
Everything You Feel is a somewhat darker and moodier number, but after the last track, just about any song would seem as such. The chorus and verse have little in common, but the song works well in its slot.
Born To Love You opens with a piano lead that reminds me a little of The Hooters and the way they tinkle with their intros, but is also accompanied by some slide guitar, before drifting into a bluesy mid-tempo bar room rock song sung by Bruce Hall. I'm not sold on this tune either I'm afraid.
Let My Love Find You is a largely acoustic driven pop ballad that could easily have been lifted from any of the last few John Waite albums. You know the style – smooth, great vocal and hook, and a little country influence in there for good measure.
The song is driven in principle by the lead vocals of Kevin and some rich harmony vocals.
The Bottom Line
I'm sure there are a number of fans that will hear the album's first 3 tracks and wish the whole album was of a similar nature. Sure me too…but that is first impressions speaking out. The more you live with this record, the more you find it flows effortlessly between songs and how all tracks featured play their part in shaping the record. It may be laid back in places and it may have that country edge too, but these are some very fine songs and the production is simply cracking! All in all, a very enjoyable, well-written record, with perhaps one or two fillers - all depending on personal taste.
Recent Discography
· Building The Bridge
· The Ballads
· Find Your Own Way Home

Line Up:
· Kevin Cronin: Vocals, Guitar
· Dave Amato: Guitars
· Bryan Hitt: Drums
· Bruce Hall: Bass
· Neal Doughty: Keyboards

Essential For Fans Of:
· REO Speedwagon
· King Of Hearts
Track Listing
· Smilin' in The End *
· Find Your Own Way Home *
· I Needed To Fall *
· Dangerous Combination *
· Lost On The Road Of Love
· Another Lifetime *
· Run Away Baby
· Everything You Feel
· Born To Love You
· Let My Love Find You

--*Best Tracks

31/07/07: Gary White -
Rating: 70
A decent pop record from a band that forgot how to rock many years ago. The only saving grace in this record was that I didn't have to high of expectations when I purchased it. I'll just keep playing my Nine Lives and Tuna Fish cd's and wish that Richrath was in charge of the band again.

30/05/07: Stefan Grimbs -
Rating: 99
Get my cope thanks to chris from seattle.

The best record from REO in my opinion since hi-infidelty.
songs, sound everything is good. you can feel the brotherhood in the band in every single verse. thank you REO.

25/05/07: Danny -
Rating: 90
I think this is by far one of their strongest releases in years. I definately am impressed, and the packaging at Walmart made it even MORE appealing, because I was somewhat hesitant, not sure what to expect after a couple of duds from the past.

Definately as GOOD as any of their early stuff, if not better. Yet another great piece of work, and cannot wait to see this stuff performed live.

16/05/07: JasonR -
Rating: 85
Great to see them back and a good, solid set of tunes. No big production ballad though and the Bruce Hall track I am not overly keen on, sounds like Bob Seger on an off day :)
'Dangerous Combination' and the title track are the stand outs for me.

15/05/07: Jon -
Rating: 80
This is a good album, nice and smooth with a good mix of mellow and mid tempo. This is light years better than their last new album (Building a Bridge was it?). This isn't a classic, and nothing on here comes close to their best songs, but it's good for a summertime drive with the top down and a pretty girl in the passenger seat and her hair blowing in the wind. To the songs:

Smilin’ in the End is a very good, mid tempo rock song that delves into some up-tempo drums during the chorus. This is easily the heaviest song on the album and I like it.

Find Your Own Way Home is a decent pop song. Not overly catchy but not bad. I liked the sentiment of it.

I Needed To Fall is a decent ballad, but certainly not great.

Dangerous Combination is a mid tempo country rock song. I like it but again, it doesn’t blow me away.

Lost On The Road Of Love is a pretty good song with a strutting rhythm. It goes on a little too long, although there is some good organ stuff without it being an all out solo. As the song fades away, there is some cool guitar riffage that you won’t hear if you’re not paying attention. That riffage, if done throughout the whole song with that intensity (except at full volume, not as the volume is fading out) would have made this a totally killer song.

Another Lifetime is an ok pop song. Nothing amazing, but not bad either. It’s laid back and a little catchier than Find Your Own Way Home and I Needed to Fall.

Run Away Baby reminds me of their early days. This is a good mid tempo rock song. As Andrew said, they sound like a bar band (but one with really good production). I like this song quite a bit but it didn’t blow me away.

Everything You Feel is pretty cool. Another mid tempo rock song, not too heavy, but not pop. Interestingly I really like the intro and ending and if the whole song was this cool, it would have been my favorite on the album.

Born To Love You is pretty good. Someone else in the band takes a turn at lead vocals but Kevin Cronin makes an appearance during the bridge.

Let My Love Find You is a decent song. Like Find Your Own Way Home and I Needed to Fall, it’s more poppy that ballady.

In all, pretty good, but not great.

14/05/07: Mike -
Rating: 100
absolutely fantastic cd. A total winner. The sound and style of old school REO mixed with a fresh new sound. Never understood why people always criticize a band for not sounding the same record after record. Music is an art that is constantly evolving within the artist. I know all the REO songs from the very beginning to this latest CD. I couldn't be happier with it. Minus a couple of fillers I think each song is great. The cd has a nice theme to it, and one that many people can relate to. Especially those of us who grew up with this music. It truly speaks to the listener. I have always been a fan of the Richrath era. However, this officially closes the door on that chapter for me. The guitar work on this thing is perfect. Welcome back REO Speedwagon!!! You all should be very proud of this CD..Good job and I'll see you live this summer....again!

12/05/07: Theo -
Rating: 75
The cd starts very well, but half way through I start to lose interest.
A good sounding cd, good vocals and instrumentation, but sadly the compostions aren't as strongs as they used to be.

04/05/07: scott r -
Rating: 99
Great to have new music out by REO. I am very impressed with Find Your Own Way Home. As big fan of early REO (REO/Two, Nine Lives, You Get What you Play For etc..) I think REO has finally nailed blending their earlier style music with their more polished Hey-day (80's albums) radio sound to create a somewhat reinvented sound. The 3-box set is a great deal and the way to go. The unplugged XM radio DVD is very impressive. I think that Find Your Own Way Home has some great songs with impressive lyrics and vocals. Hope it gets the radio play it deserves!

04/05/07: Ton -
Rating: 80
Nice album. Not all songs are superb (Born to love you -we all think we're great vocalists- no singing any longer please, Bruce/Run away baby),but some of the tracks are great: titletrack, dangerous combination & another lifetime. Nice album and a welcome comeback

03/05/07: Splash777 -
Rating: 85
Welcome back!

REO Speedwagon have returned with a new album that is solid from beginning to end. The rocking opener "Smilin' In The End" is surprising song and Kevin's voice has a little grit. Ofcourse the bands always been at their best in the midtempo power ballad area and this album will not disappoint fans old and new.

"I Needed To Fall" is a pure melodic rock classic. It has all the trappings of what a great REO song is from the sweet verses to the massive vocal harmonies in the chorus. A new classic from a classy band. The boys show how their song writing has influenced the pop country world on "Dangerous Combination". A very classic sounding REO song with a good chorus a decent all around performance from the band. This album isn't in league of Hi-Infidelity but lets be honest there aren't many albums any artist that can go toe to toe with that masterpiece.

The vocal harmonies are in abundence their are just enough guitars to keep classic rock fans happy and plenty of good songs that should garner some serious success for one of my personal favs. Kevin Cronin has put together a good album and a neccessary release for any fan of this band.

Other good tracks are "Another Lifetime", "Born To Love You" & "Run Away Baby"

02/05/07: Frank -
Rating: 75
Songs are nice (not great). A bit slower than I'd hoped... I was looking for more of an 80's crunchy feel, but I guess it's not 1983 anymore.

The only thing that REALLY disturbs me about not only this CD, but most new CD's is that they are so maximized and compressed the music is lost in the mix. Why do engineers feel the need to boost the EQ levels across the board to the point the spectrum analyzers don't even move?

28/04/07: Jeanne -
Rating: 100
I have been waiting and waiting for more REO and I am not disappointed. Find Your Own Way Home is a brilliant album -totally classic awesome REO. I love every song on this album and already know each word/each note. Great album in all ways by my favorite band. It's good to have you guys back and even more exciting - I hear more REO cooking in the background of this album and feel the band has gotten a lot of stuff out of their system with this wonderful disc - and I CAN NOT WAIT FOR THE NEXT AWESOME ALBUM! There really is a God(s).

28/04/07: Musicman -
Rating: 100
I would have to agree that "Find Your Own Way Home" may be one of the best songs on the disc. As a real REO fan, I have never felt that Hi-Infidelity was their best album, although it was their most successful. I think this album is their best by far. This album reminds me of the first Boston album. All songs were great. What is amazing from reading everyone's reviews is that there is no general concensus on which songs are the best. Everyone has differing opinions, and those I talk to about this album, can't pick just one favorite. These songs really can grab you, depending on which mood you tend to be in. Wonderfully crafted songs. I do agree with a comment above that Kevin's voice sounded incredible on the DVD. It was more beefy. I think they really need to take a look at how that was EQ'd, and how they can capture that on future cds. But for me, his voice was completely full of passion through out the album. As for the person above that said there was no "heart", and that it was like they were "reading for a teleprompter", it's pretty obvious that you simply have an axe to grind, and are not a fan. Give it up! And John, I seriously doubt you are a "fan". A fan would never make a comment such as "...good god, stop guys." You too, obviously have an axe to grind, and are a very angry and disturbed person. As much as I love the first four songs, and agree with those above that love them too, I have to also agree with Terry C that "as the set goes on, it gets better." Some of the songs on the 2nd half didn't grab me at first. But after several plays, they sure grab me now. I especially love "Everthing You Feel" and "Another Lifetime". There is something for everyone on this cd. And in my opinion, it is their best ever. And oh, by the way, these guys did it with their own money, did it their own way, and gave us 3 great discs for a price that is truly a gift to their fans.

26/04/07: RESTLESS ONE - 86
Rating: 86
For me the first 3 songs are the best, with the superb( Find your own way Home)the standout track. Should have been the fist single? The production is brilliant,the best i've heard in a long time . Cheers....Welcome back REO.

23/04/07: Frank -
Rating: 75
I like the first 4 tracks a lot, but after that the quality drops. Still, this CD is worth buying for the fantastic ballad "I Needed To Fall". Until now, this is my favourite song of 2007.

22/04/07: Strunz -
Rating: 75
acceptable album with good songs and great vocals, not the best from REO but still good.

75% score.

22/04/07: STEVE15 -
Rating: 85
I picked this up at walmart for $9.99 figured what the heck..
All n all i like it!
Reo was always kinda soft to me compared to jrny , styx , boston aside from the early early days.
But this cd is pretty good! good songs..
my favorite is lost on the road to love .. has a little southern twang to it which makes it radio ready..
Plenty of other good songs on it too..
the last reo cd that i like was wheels are turnin back in 198?

21/04/07: Toni -
Rating: 92
This is the first Reo Speedwagon CD i listen and maybe that's the reason i love it so much. I think it's a wonderful album, full of great tracks, a perfect mixing of AOR and Classic Rock with a Country touch. My favourits songs are "Smilin' At The End", "Dangerous Combination" and "Born To Love You".

20/04/07: Michael -
Rating: 90
I've been a REO fan since "78",with hits like "Roll with the Changes", "Time for me to Fly" and so on,i could take all day in writing my review on this cd but i wont,i'll get to the point,this cd is good,simple put!!! I agree with some of the above posts that the first four tracks are great to start off any cd,i also like 3 other songs on this disc as well,i'm glad i purchase the cd package deal from Walmart,i dont care for the new HI FI LIVE CD,but the XM unplugged dvd is pretty darn good and besides i love acoustic music.Welcome to the new wave music of "REO", Fans. I know its not the typical "Rock N Roll" style of music,but come on,these guys are in there middle to late 50's and pushing 60,and its not bad to sound this good at that age. In my mind and my opinion REO SPEEDWAGON can still rock you all nite long at a show with a great mixture of powwer ballads and power rock music,i am fortunate to have seen them in concert over 30 times in a 25 yr time spand.

19/04/07: Mike the Conqueror -
Rating: 85
Better than I expected! Probably best their one since Wheels Are Turning. The first 4 songs are good, then it drops off after that. However, that is about what you got from any past REO album (4 good songs). The CD could have used a few more big rockers. Kevins voice is also alot thinner than it was in the early 80's but he's gettin up there to I'll cut some slack. The Hi Infedelity Live CD is kinda neat but I especially like the DVD of the acoustic set...It has some of the best sound I have heard for any acoustic set and Kevins voice actually sounds alittle more beefy on it. Very cool package with the 3 discs together & you can't beat the price. It's a steal!

Rating: 90
This is the disc that should have come out after WHEELS ARE TURNIN'! REO definitely are back on track after those last two very disappointing studio CDS, a Ballads collection and a not so great LIVE disc. This disc is jammed with great tunes, arena sized rockers and ballads. Oddly enough the songs that the band are pushing aren't my favorites at all. My picks for the best tracks on the disc are:
FIND YOUR OWN WAY HOME ( by far the best tune on the disc and the best tune they've released since LIVE IT UP)
EVERYTHING YOU FEEL (perfect tune)
RUN AWAY BABY (great rock n roll number)
LOST ON THE ROAD OF LOVE (another great rocker, love the extended ending)
I NEEDED TO FALL (weak start but then it becomes a fantastic power ballad)
ANOTHER LIFETIME (all these songs sneak up on you and get you with their amazing choruses, especially this one)
Those are my favorites. The lead off track is good,I just think these are alot better!!!
Final thought: BUY THIS DISC. If you love classic rock you will not be disappointed!!

19/04/07: Dj -
Rating: 93
great cd with tracks smilin in the end, find your own way home, needed to fall, dangerous combination, another lifetime and everything you feel being classic reo this album is close to being a perfect if some of the weaker tracks didnt have that counrty tang that they have
needed to fall is among the great power ballads

19/04/07: NunYoBusiness -
Rating: 30
WOW this one is almost as bad as Night Rangers new one, the main thing wrong with this disc is Kevin Cronin, he sounds like he's doing a Vegas cover version of REO. I have listened to this disc several times and can't get over how far the song writing has fallen from the days of "Nine Lives", "Lost In A Dream", & "You Can Tune A Piano", the one thing missing from all these songs is heart it's as if they were recorded while the band were reading from a teleprompter. The chemistry isn't there, I think it's time to get some new blood into the band instead of draining it. I started listening to REO in 1974 & will continue to buy their CD's but I just wish they would go back & listen to their back catalog starting with the self titled one from '71 up to '76's R.E.O. & then they can see how great they once were. I don't want them to live in the past I just want them to learn from their past.

19/04/07: al natale -
Rating: 85
I was very happy for kevin and the boys,this is a truly great band and it is a pleasure to have them back. I must agree with andrew,the first 4 tracks on this cd are probably just as good or stronger than any other 4 tracks opening an REO album.the second half of the cd is not nearly as strong,but what do you want,it is impossible to live up to the first half.I still greatly miss gary richrath,but dave amato is excellent.Kevins voice is not what it once was but when given time he can definitely come up with the goods,I hope the album goes all means go and get this record

19/04/07: Jeff -
Rating: 100
Andrew has summed up my thoughts about this album, but I've given it an even higher rating because this could be the best album released in 2007. Definitely worth the wait! I don't feel that there are any fillers are on this album.

REO has managed to create a slightly new/updated sound while still sounding like REO. Few bands seem to pull this off. REO does it nicely with this album.

19/04/07: John -
Rating: 10
Dont know what to say - unlistenable, boring, corny lyrics - just totally awful - Dont know what the reviewer before was listening to??? The walmart package is okay since you get the live version of their best cd - but the unplugged...oh dear god what drug must you need to listen to the whining nasaly just completely awful set - sounds like Idol castaways... REO needs to just stop making new music and play the stuff we like if this is what took so many years to make - if it werent for the live In fidelity set this is just terrible terrible terrible...Kevin stop...I wont buy anything new again from REO until I hear it - EXTREMELY disappointing - and Im a fan...good god stop guys...

18/04/07: Terry C -
Rating: 87
To me the disc is pretty good but really didn't grab me that much on first listen. Weirdly enough the first part of the record in my opinion is the weakest as the set goes on it gets better and better. The next to last track is not sung by Kevin and really isnt very good in my opinion and the constant references to the word "run" get a little tiring after awhile. To me there wasn't any true stand out tracks but a good overall consisent record that will please most REO fans.

18/04/07: koogles -
Rating: 90
I would have never thought among the new Night Ranger, Magnum and REO Speedwagon, I'd be most excited about this CD! This is an honest, not-trying-to-be-something-they're-not 80s style melodic release, with a few updates. The old REO engine is running fine, thanks to catchy tracks like "Smilin in the End", "Find Your Own Way Home" and "Dangerous Combination". First single "I Needed to Fall" reminds me of "Keep on Loving You" in the chorus and has all the markings of classic REO. In addition, the production on this CD sounds incredible. It all adds up to their best work since "Life as We Know It". Welcome back, Kevin and REO!

18/04/07: chad ledoux -
Rating: 98
man its good to finally have another reo cd. it has been entirely too long. i guess you can say the wait was kinda worth it, because this might just be their best cd since wheels are turnin. kevin sounds fantastic, actually the whole band does. i just hope nothing is wrong in reo land, since neal is only on one track. standout tracks include, smilin in the end, i needed to fall, dangerous combination, find your own way home, and everything you feel. i just hope it wont be another 11 years before we get another one. the 3 disc set sold at wal mart is pretty cool as well. the live hi infidelity cd is pretty good, but its the unplugged dvd that is the revelation. they sound so good. they need to do a full length dvd unplugged with the whole band, and actual drums. and while you're at it, include it as well on cd. keep on rollin or pushin

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