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Produced by: Roy Z

Released: OUT NOW / Website
Closest Relative: Impellitteri, Yngwie
GENRE: Hard Rock

  1. In The Beginning
  2. The Sun Will Rise Again
  3. One Way Out
  4. Judgment Day
  5. Streets Of Madness
  6. Eagle
  7. All I Need
  8. Media Machine
  9. In The Night
  10. Never Too Late
  11. Forever

Who needs Chris Impellitteri?!! Rob Rock literally roars into solo action, bringing with him the musical genius that is Roy Z.
Roy has a knack for pin pointing artist's strong points and being able to adapt to the needs at hand. On Rage Of Creation he backs on the great vocalists in hard rock perfectly.
Together they have written a collection of songs that easily match anything Rob has contributed to Impellitteri in recent years.
To single out any particular tracks is impossible. To be blunt, Rob knows what he is good at and knows what fans want of him and has delivered a full album of just that.
The drumming and guitars are as furious as an Impellitteri albums and the vocals reach new heights of screaming even I was surprised with!
The best thing about the album is that every track is a winner. There is only one real ballad on the album with one other mid paced anthem.
The remaining tracks are flat out, so those with faint hearts beware! The Japanese version adds one bonus track - a soft acoustic ballad titled Beautiful Lady. It's a great song.
BOTTOM LINE: A perfect album that addresses every want and need of the established Rob Rock fans out there. Fast songs, big vocals and in your face guitar riffing and solo's all over the record. A release that will greatly enhance the already great reputation of Roy Z. A man for all occasions. Together they have made a great album and I look forward to many more.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Every Rob Rock fan out there and fans of good quality classic melodic metal.
DISCOGRAPHY:Project Driver; Impellitteri; Solo - Rage Of Creation

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