a l b u m r e v i e w s

Produced by: Peter Wolf
  1. Mysterious
  2. To Be No. 1
  3. Obsession
  4. 10 Light Years Away
  5. Mind Like A Tree
  6. Eye To Eye
  7. What U Give U Get Back
  8. Skywriter
  9. Yellow Butterfly
  10. Freshly Squeezed
  11. Priscilla
  12. Du Bist So Schutzig
  13. Aleyah
  14. A Moment In A Million Years
I have to wonder what the hell the Scorpions were thinking, while writing and recording this. It is all very well to update your sound and move with the times and even experiment a little, but when this is the result, I have to wonder.
Especially puzzling is the band's motivation in their style change. Given the current positive climate for good rock bands, especially those with a hit track record, it only would have taken a solid strong rock album to recapture some degree of success.
Instead they have decided to appeal to a new fresh audience.
Two problems. Just who would this audience be? And in changing, they have thrown away any hard core fan base they still had.
First listen you want to cry, but then think - yeah, this is interesting, maybe I will give it another go. Then after the second listen I couldn't stop laughing.
Basically this is a disaster.
But not all the songs are terrible. In fact there are some quite strong pop rock numbers on here. The ballads are also strong.
But the style is not. Dance beats and synth rhythms, overlaying a really thin synthetic drum beat and a really sad wispy vocal effort is not what your average Scorpions fan wants to hear.
The production - courtesy Peter Wolf is also top dollar (for a pop act anyway).
Actually, I think it is not really what any Scorps fan wants to hear.
That is why the guys will dump this sound for their traditional rock approach, if and when they make another album.
But let's concentrate on this album for now.
From the first track Mysterious you know things have changed. No hard edged guitar at all, just some back ground riffing and a lead that is heavily mixed down.
The track is dark, drum and rhythm driven and moody. But if the rest is like this, the album might be bearable, as the chorus still has a little kick.
But the next track and first single To Be No. 1 clearly demonstrates all is not well and the opening song was only a hint of what was to come. This track barely raises a pulse and the chorus is out of the how to be a cheesy European Arty Farty Club Act.
This is seriously laughable. What credibility did the guys think they might achieve from this? Horrible.
Obsession is the first of a few ballads. The whole album is fairly soft, but at least the ballads offer less opportunity for the guys to crank the shitty synthesizers and at least sound a shade of their former selves.
There is a touch of the Backstreet Boys type smultzy R&B rhythms, but other than that it is a fairly standard rock ballad.
10 Light Years Away is another soft track, more a mid paced synth pop track. Neither here nor there.
Mind Like A Tree is a little darker and heavier. Nice to see, but the track is still only average.
Eye To Eye heads back in to soft synth territory. Not a bad track, but not the Scorpions.
What U Give U Get Back is the second big ballad and about their only chance of any commercial air play from Eye II Eye. This is a big commercial ballad with good sentiment.
Skywriter is more soft synth pop. Yellow Butterfly is a little harder, but filled with beat changes and a more techno feel. Bland.
Freshly Squeezed is completely horrible. Hard dance/synth beats over experimental music and the odd rap-ish vocal thrown for good measure.
Priscilla is hilarious. An uptempo anthem-ish track with some rock parts and some synth parts. A terrible chorus.
Du Bist So Schutzig - er, yes, about half past 10.
Aleyah is an OK rock track.
A Moment In A Million Years finishes the album with the last of the sentimental ballads. Again there is less excuse for all the extra crap the guys have added to this record, but if anyone is still listening by this stage, I would be very surprised.
No wonder Michael Schenker said he could not tour with these guys. How the hell are they going to play their old hits in between this dire new material?
Expect to see the Scorpions playing the support gig to Backstreet Boys at a theater near you soon!
ESSENTIAL FOR: Total Scorpion die hards..

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