Scorpions Humanity Hour 1 Sony BMG
· Produced By: Desmond Child

· Running Time:

· Release Date: Out Now

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· Musical Style: Melodic Hard Rock

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Songs: 93%
Sound: 95%
I have made this same point in past reviews – who knows just why sometimes an artist just seems to nail it? When you hit on the right combination of songs, style, attitude and production it just comes together I guess, and true to those worlds I think the Scorpions have nailed it on this record.
Produced by the great Desmond Child and with songwriting input from Eric Bazilian (The Hooters), Russ Irwin, Billy Corgan and Marti Frederiksen (Aerosmith, Ozzy Osbourne, Brother Cain), the Scorps have delivered an album that I think will impress all but the most ardent pessimists.
The band really cocked things up with their experimental Eye II Eye release, then pulled it back with the return to form Unbreakable.
But then there was again talk of modernizing the band's sound for this album and I feared the worst.
Those fears have proved to be unfounded, as the guys have mixed the best attributes of a modern direction with great songs and the band's old-school knack of a good melody.
In the same way as Bon Jovi transformed their 80s stadium sound to a contemporary vibe of Have A Nice Day, the Scorpions have updated the guitar sound and the production effects perfectly – some tracks push the new sound harder and others pull it back to an almost classic 80s commercial style. The mix of approach keeps things sounding fresh and above all else, the guys simply have some great songs to fall back on here.
The album opens with the thundering rocker Hour I which explores the darker, more modern vibe featured within the album. What a groove this track has – the energy of the performance really busts open this album for me. The song, and indeed the album as a whole, has a massive sound thanks to prouder Desmond Child, who clearly still has the ability to bring the best out in a band.
That massive sound carries over into the more traditional sounding melodic rock anthem The Game Of Life – songs of this quality haven't been heard on a Scorpions album since Savage Amusement.
We Were Born To Fly reverts back to the more modern feel and features a darker moodier mid-paced delivery and another great chorus.
The tempo remains the same for The Future Never Dies, which again sees the band in a more classic commercial vein with this appealing rock ballad.
The flip flopping between contemporary and classic styling continues with the rocker You're Lovin' Me To Death. Normally switching back and forth through an album drives me buts, but the difference here is that al the songs have the same consistency and strong production, so the subtle changes in guitar tone and approach aren't as immediately noticeable.
321 is a hard rocking modern sounding track that could almost pass for modern day Ozzy Osbourne and potentially could scare some off is it wasn't for the catchy chorus.
Love Will Keep Us Alive is an abrupt left turn after the sonic barrage of 321. This is a great multi-layered, acoustic driven ballad.
We Will Rise Again reminds me of what Bon Jovi did with their last album – update their classic style to sound more contemporary and that's what the Scorps have done with this ballad come rocker.
Your Last Song follows suit – this is 2007 Scorps in action and another fine song and chorus hook.
Love Is War is an acoustic driven rock song mixing new and classic influences. A big sound once again and very polished performance.
The Cross is a fast tempo modern rocker with another instantly likable melodic chorus.
Humanity closes out the album in spectacular symphonic style, with an anthemic ballad turned anthem rocker with orchestral backing and a definite Meatloaf vibe to it. Great stuff indeed…
The Bottom Line
What a surprise. I had no great expectations, but have been thoroughly impressed by all facets of this record. The extra time and effort put into it has paid off and this will be a record the fans love and the band can feel very proud of.
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Line Up:
· Klaus Meine: Vocals
· Rudolf Schenker, Matthias Jabs: Guitar
· James Kottak: Drums
· Pawel Maciwoda: Bass

Essential For Fans Of:
· Scorpions
· Bon Jovi - Have A Nice Day
Track Listing
· Hour I
· Game of Life *
· We Were Born to Fly
· Future Never Dies *
· You're Lovin' Me to Death *
· 321
· Love Will Keep Us Alive *
· We Will Rise Again *
· Your Last Song
· Love Is War
· Cross
· Humanity *

--*Best Tracks

23/02/10: Brad -
Rating: 96
I gave up on these guys many years ago--after the classic "Crazy World" from 1990--but they really won me back with this one. Perfect blend of classic and modern elements. From modern hard rockers like "321" to ballads like "Love Will Keep Us Alive", clearly these guys came back into their element while sounding VERY relevant with this release. If you ever liked this band in their prime and like some modern sounds, give this one a listen. For me, it was a very pleasant surprise.

20/12/08: Crazy Steve -
Rating: 95
I like one of the previous reviewers had stopped buying Scorpions albums as they seemed to have lost their touch that made albums such as "Savage Amusement" so great. After reading a number of positive reviews of "Humanity" I decided I would take a punt, and let me say I am glad I did. This is classic Scorpions with a modern twist thanks to the mighty Desmond Child. I rate this album very highly, and love songs like "Game of Life", "Hour 1" and "Love Will Keep Us Alive". Do yourself a favour and buy this album.

04/09/07: Jared -
Rating: 90
An overall great CD! I had stopped listening to the Scorpions because I didn't like the direction in which they were heading but this CD is just Great. I hope that they will continue to put out great music, like this, for a long time.

01/09/07: Al Williams -
Rating: 85
Alright I’ll get my one moan out of the way with opener Hour 1 & putting it simply, whilst I understand The Scorpions are first & foremost a hard rocking band, this opener made me immediately think Metallica who I’m sorry, but I don’t like …, a tad TOO dark & heavy!
Hour 1 is probably the darkest, heaviest most off putting track ever for me by The Scorpions & had me concerned for the rest of the album, you could say in the same way as I felt about Desmond Child last rock opus Meatloaf’s Bat Out Of Hell 3’s opener, The Monster Is Loose. Way off their usual track for both bands, IMHO!
Not to worry though as next track, The Game Of Life is right up there with Rock You Like A Hurricane & No One Like You & to be honest, gives half a nod towards Bon Jovi’s, It’s My Life, but I love it! Great stuff!
We Were Born To Fly, almost has a Def Leppard / Bon Jovi power ballard type feel to it, but all credit to the band it’s a very well written track, great chorus & song structure.
Next track, The Future Never Dies really hints at late Queen in places which they kind of revisit later in the album, but it’s again a very well put together & very layered song with orchestral sections & a solo that Richie Sambora (Bon Jovi) would be proud of …- It sounds a little like something he’d do!
I think they’ve perhaps been listening to some successful 80’s acts music, as next track Loving Me To Death basic backing guitar riff is reminiscent of Billy Squier, although it’s also familiar – in places - of their Rhythm Of Love track from their Savage Amusement album, very catchy stuff & hard to say it doesn’t grab you!
3-2-1 is up next & starts with a heavy metallic sound through each verse, but when the chorus kicks in it’s right up with the Bon Jovi type chorus, very strong indeed!
Love Will Keep Us Alive is a phenomenal ballad that deserves to be a huge hit & if it’s not, why not?
It is really haunting, even if the basic backing track sounds a little like …., no I won’t say it! You listen & figure it out yourself!
The next song, We Will Rise Again – Is this for themselves?! – sounds very modern musically ala Evanescence ’ish …., but the song stands out again as a very strong track.
Your Last Song is a fairly safe pop / rock track & you know I’m thinking at this point about how well & how good Klaus Meine’s voice still stands up today, with the challenges of life on the road & the various rock areas The Scorpions are encapsulating on this release.
Love Is War almost revisits We Will Rise Again, although maybe a little more laid back, which The Scorpions can carry off excellently! By the way, the guitar solo work throughout the album by Matthias Jabs is so mature, so smooth, slick & yet still rockin’ his socks off!
Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins guests on vocals on The Cross, which is another edgy track, but with very strong hooklines, check this out, its an excellent atmospheric feel in places track!
Last track, Humanity almost reminds me of Queen again – Didn’t I say they came back to that! – in the verses …, but through the choruses it’s strong Scorpions stuff again. The track ends with a cheesy old time band out track ….
I really do feel this is a very strong release & return to form for The Scorpions & I really didn’t know what to expect in a release from them today & yes, even with the hints of influences throughout, it’s NOT a covers release which seems to be the trend of many bands from the time when The Scorpions were at their most successful.
OK, I wasn’t taken by the opening track, but when you look at all the different rock styles out there today why not includes hints / elements in your songwriting to reach out to the masses?!
Humanity Hour 1, strange title but strong album deserves to bring some success back The Scorpions way & again, Love Will Keep Us Alive deserves to be a huge hit single.

29/08/07: LemonyHell -
Rating: 75
I like the album, one of the best from scorpions but unfortunately a couple of small problems with the album is this....

listening to HOUR I is excellent and i wished the album followed
this kind of music, arrangements and delivery, but then about half-way the album becomes predictable with the same old chords and same old guitar solos that seem put together too fast.

otherwise the album is quality and i highly recommend it not just to old fans but also to new ones.

it's good to have Scorpions do such an album.


24/08/07: Splash777 -
Rating: 100
A new Scorpions album who cares but lets listen to it and see if it has one or two decent songs this time.... Was my thought at seeing it.

HOLY CRAP! This is a rebirth of a band that had pretty much lost my attention. The band has never written a more immediate album as Humanity Hour 1.

From the first track to the closing track their isn't a bad note! Klaus still has his familar vocal sound but the band has moved into a more modern sound. The guitars are big and at times crushing while the melodies are classic Scorpions.

There are easily five or six five star songs on this album. The Scorps are usually lucky to have two or three good songs on an entire album. Mathias and Rudolph are show stealers nearly every time the song changes. Their guitar playing is aggresive and bombastic with solos that make you want to sit down and learn em. The album is so much better than I could have wished for them. The Cross is a meanacing track not because of the tempo but because of the delivery and the meaning and the lyrical topic. Just think that's not even close to the best material. 321 is catchy and modern yet completely Scorpions in style. My personal favorite track is Love Will Keep Us Alive. It has a lucious chorus and the solo is perfect. James Kottak is versatile and changes his style easily from powerful basher to skilled stick man on the drop of a dime. I could rave about this album for the rest of the day but I will refrain and say don't miss out on maybe the best album of 2007 and easily the bands best album ever.

23/08/07: Ian -
Rating: 90
What a comeback from a band i had long decided had lost it . Catchy melodic rock , with a modern production which work's so well with these new song's . A contender for a place in many a top ten list at the end of the year . Wonderful

19/08/07: Franco -
Rating: 75
A very good album with 2 or 3 songs i didnt like, one of their best albums of recent years though and the song HOUR I is worth the album price alone, wish they created more songs like this id give the album 100%.

to be honest this album is a must buy anyways. ;)

17/08/07: Terry K. -
Rating: 100
All the raves that you're reading are true!! This is one of Scorpions best EVER!! That may be a tall order,you say? Well,it's true--if you haven't picked this one up yet,then what are you waiting for?! If you're reading this--then just go & order a copy. Humanity Hour 1 is STELLAR!!

16/08/07: Zok -
Rating: 93
The best Scorpions album since "Crazy World". I think that they have the right touch on this album. Now they have really good songs. The bad? Maybe it still can be a little soft sometimes. Its melodic and thats what you want I guess. Give this a chance.

14/08/07: Marco Alexandre -
Rating: 85
For years i hate the meaning of scorpions in this hard rock scene that i love since i exist for the music . But since Unbreackble i start to look different to this group. But this new CD rock´s... And what can i say... its like Porto Wine... Olderness seem´s to be the answer for this guys.

04/08/07: Marty Williams -
Rating: 100
I don't always agree with Andrew's reviews but then again they are Andrew's opinion. This Scorpions Album is without a doubt the best release since Savage Amusement. All KILLER NO FILLER!!!! I am going to see the boys live in Calgary Alberta on the 10th of September, can't wait!!!

04/08/07: DJBOB69 -
Rating: 99
WOW,This goes to prove what great song writers and a good producer can do for any band. This is a great album. I love every song on the record. One could say the best album of the rock year. This could be the year of the Scorpions they can still pull a number on single in Europe but not in America they would rather have EMO music top the charts or the local hip hop sound to fill the mindless voids. 321 is one of the hardest songs from any rock band in the last 5 years. Waiting on a tour and to the Scorps all I have to say is Danke dien music ist nur da best.

02/08/07: Del -
Rating: 93
Very close to being back to there very best - simple as that.

02/08/07: Del -
Rating: 93
Very close to being back to there very best - simple as that.

31/07/07: Mark Kennedy -
Rating: 100
I didn't know what to expect after hearing that the Scorpions were going to update their sound on this album.On first listen I wasn't too sure either but then after a few more spins I was totally blown away.I find it hard to choose a favourite track,but real standouts for me are 'Love Will Keep Us Alive','Game Of Life',Love Is War','Humanity','We Were Born To Fly' and 'We Will Rise Again'.Humanity Hour 1 is a prime example of modern meets classic rock.I didn't think they would be able to equal the excellent 'Unbreakable' but I think this is as good if not probably better than it.My only gripe would be that there are no lyrics on the inlay!,what's that all about?.As said by the person above this is like 30 years of a great band rolled into one.This is not only one of my favourite Scorpions albums but one of my favourite albums period.Now all you need to do is go and buy it.


31/07/07: Gary White -
Rating: 75
While all the songs are good in their own way, I only found 3 that I feel live up to the Scorpions name. Way too many slow, almost dark songs and very little rockin' songs like the Scorpions are famous for. I burned a copy of it and then sold it on Ebay. Still love the Scorps, just can't support this one

30/07/07: Jay Lloyd -
Rating: 95
Outstanding and continued improvement over last release (Unbreakable). Humanity track 12 is a Scorp classic. Before anyone starts crying saying this is not the Scorp's of the 80's, I don't it can or should be. I'm a die hard UFO fan and their last release is similar. It's a bit of 70's,80's Scorpions, a bit of the 90's and a bit today. In other words, about 30 years of a great band all rolled into one. Yes, some songs could be harder, some could have a bit ripping guitar solo. If the CD sounded like the 80's I don't think you would hear more than one song and I think sales/tour support would suffer. It has broad appeal, overall I love it! US release is next month (I ordered the import). Mathias Jabs website says 90 more tour dates in 2008 and a full US tour. See you then! (US fans take note: Pollstar has UFO 2008 dates up) 2008: Van Halen, UFO, Scorpions all on tour!!!!

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