Scorpions Unbreakable Sanctuary Records USA / Phantom Europe
· Produced By: Scorpions

· Running Time: 56.47

· Release Date: June 22

· Released: US EU

· Musical Style: Hard Rock

· Links: Scorpions
Songs: 84%
Sound: 90%
The Scorpions have returned with an album that will largely impress those eagerly awaiting a return to the band's melodic rock best.
The guys had a lot of work to do to impress this time around, or risk becoming totally irrelevant. Their last couple of albums haven't benefited from experiment, and the last – Eye To Eye, was utterly horrendous. This is not a total classic, but it is a very solid collection of rocking tunes that retains an updated feel – especially with the guitar sound, but is based more upon their classic melodic sound and song structure.
It takes a few listens to get into, but it's most definitely a melodic hard rock album. And that in a nutshell, is why fans will be impressed.
The album features a varied range of tracks, which work together well. There's the darker, modern rock of the opening tune New Generation, the more classic uptempo hard rock of Love Em Or Leave Em, Borderline and Blood Too Hot, the moody mid-tempo melodic rocker Deep And Dark, and the classy big piano ballad Maybe I Maybe You. The album closes with an aggressive rocker Remember the Good Times which is something a little different again.
The strength of the songs is what fuels this album. Completely the opposite to the absolute lack of inspiration behind Eye To Eye.
The Bottom Line
The band have a deal with Sanctuary USA that includes some tour support, so on the strength of this album and a record label that is willing to go along for the ride, this could be the start of a new era of respect for the longest running German hard rock outfit.
What's on offer here is an updated classic Scorpions styled hard rock album.
Recent Discography / Previously Reviewed
· Pure Instinct
· Eye To Eye
· Moment Of Glory
· Acoustica
· Unbreakable

Line Up
· Klaus Meine: Vocals
· Rudolf Schenker, Matthias Jabs: Guitar
· James Kottak: Drums
· Pawel Maciwoda: Bass

Essential for fans of:
· The Scorpions
Track Listing
· New Generation
· Love 'em Or Leave 'em*
· Deep And Dark*
· Borderline
· Blood Too Hot*
· Maybe I Maybe You*
· Someday Is Now
· My City My Town
· Through My Eyes
· Can You Feel It
· This Time
· She Said
· Remember The Good Times
--*Best Tracks

20/09/05: Ali -
Rating: 90
Great very much of a return to form after Eye to Eye. Still not as good as love at first sting...

29/03/05: mark haward - dragon61
Rating: 99

26/03/05: Rob Gunkel -
Rating: 95
Scorpions Unbreakable definitely surprized me. After the last 2 or 3 lackluster albums, I thought this band forgot how to rock. Unbreakable turns back the clock and sounds like the Scorpions of old.

My favorite tracks are Deep and Dark, and Remember the Good Times, but this whole album is great. Worth picking up for sure!

02/02/05: CHRISTOPHER -
Rating: 100

13/10/04: german chick -
Rating: 98
the newest release only goes to show that old rockers never die.
I guess the Scorp still have it and haven't mellowed in the 35 years of playing. Keep on Rocking Scorps

14/09/04: richard.c -
Rating: 95
This is a must for all fans of 80s Scorps.It contains 3 classic scorps moments.Tracks 2,5 & 7.It's up there with Blackout don't worry about that.Thank God theyre back.

13/09/04: foxxee_red -
Rating: 0
Scorpions promised all the fans a great cd this is it. Klaus with his great rockin German voice that still kicks ass. This is a great cd if you don't have it go get it you'll be glad you did.They are also on north American tour right now so get your tickets when they go on sale and show them your still a fan.
See all of the boy's in Detroit../Canada?
huggs for the great job.

02/09/04: Mark Kennedy -
Rating: 97
Its so good I just had come back and say so.Several months after buying this album and It still hasn't come out of the cd player yet.From what I've read about the new Europe album it seems like they've gone and jumped on the bandwagon and I think I will listen to it first before buying it.Its a shame that you have to do that nowadays.I took the risk with 'Unbreakable' (call it instinct..pure instinct you might say!!) and it paid off because I'm a bit stuck in my ways and this album is fantastic.

28/08/04: WardyS3 -
Rating: 78
Never a true fan of the Scorpions passe, but this is a cool album. Very well written, and a breath of fresh air for yet again another good release from an old school band. Best songs for me are the first three. The album does get a little tacky in spots, lyrically there's no masterpieces, but what the hell, I kinda dig this so if you're a fan, you'll probably love it!

26/08/04: Wisey -
Rating: 95
What a great album "Unbreakable" is. This is definitely the best studio album they have released since 1990's "Crazy World", and ranks right up there alongside that album and "Blackout" as one of their best albums ever.

"Unbreakable" incorporates styles and sounds from all through their career but it all gels together in a way that makes it sound fresh and has that distinctly unique Scorpions sound that all us fans love.

Undoubtedly what makes this album far better than their recent studio releases (side projects aside) is the song writing. The band's nucleus Klaus Meine, Rudolph Schenker and Matthias Jabs share the bulk of the song writing, along with their drummer of recent years James Kottak (ex Kingdom Come). This is how it should be, unlike some legendary bands who've been around for a while that have recently relied (unsuccessfully) on outside songwriters. Who better to write a band's songs than the band themselves?
On "Unbreakable" there are 3 outside writers who contribute on 3 songs, but even then, these songs are co-written by the Scorpions. As a result the songs on this album are great, and "Unbreakable" is much more consistent than their recent albums. Although "Eye To Eye", "Pure Instinct" and "Face The Heat" have some excellent songs on them, there are no where near as many as there are on "Unbreakable".

My favorites are "New Generation", "Deep And Dark", "Blood Too Hot", "Someday Is Now", "My City My Town" and "If You Could See It Through My Eyes" but the others are also very good. The only criticism I have of the song writing is in relation to the lyrics of "She Said" which are just a bit too "nice and mushy" for my liking, but it still isn't a bad song.

Klaus Meine delivers an excellent vocal performance, and Schenker and Jabs get to rock out with their guitars in a way that they have not done for quite some time. The Scorpions on this album sound like a band re-invigorated.

In summary this just a fantastic rock album, and the best album I've bought this year. It has the riffs, the hooks, the melody & the choruses, the energy and the consistency seldom seen these days. That these rock veterans have been able to do it is a credit to them and adds another chapter to their Scorpions legend. Let's hope there are more such chapters to come (or a live concert DVD from the tour for this album!)

Rating: 80

24/07/04: Nacho -
Rating: 90
After the fiasco of Eye 2 Eye, I did not know what to expect ... I loved Pure Instinct, and finally heard this one. Solid. Filled with Mid Tempo Rockers, and in my opinion is what they best do. Songs as New Generation, Love ‘em or leave ‘em, Deep and Dark, Blood too Hot, Remember the good times, plus the ballads Maybe I maybe you and She said, prove that Scorps have not forgotten to write very good songs... But over all of these ones, Through my eyes which i think is Still loving you revisited 2004. Fantastic!!!!!! Shame of hearing that again japanase people are awarded with two bonus songs!!
Seen them in concert too, one only word: GREEEEAAATTTT!!!!!

19/07/04: John Elway -
Rating: 90
The biggest problem with the Scorpions records of the last 15 years was the lack of consitency. I always enjoyed parts of the discs, even the much panned "Eye to Eye", but always felt like they were underachieving. With that said, this is by far the most consistent and satisfying offering since "Savage Amusement." I particularly enjoy the second half of the disk as it's harder with some great riffs reminsent of the "Blackout" glory days. I think at this point in their career, this is as good as their going to get. When you consider the mediocre stuff peers like Def Leppard, Queensryche, and Dokken have been producing; that's pretty good.

17/07/04: Afonso Carlos Sousa -
Rating: 75
Hi Folks!!...this a rock album...we can not compare with Love at First Sting or Blackout or even with Crazy World..but it rocks in some moments..the excellent 'Someday is Now' and ' Blood too hot' are very catch songs with a lot of energy...a good album...that´s all.

13/07/04: Nicodim -
Rating: 90
After years of scoffin' on their own sound & style Scorps finally record another great album - a classic one. Taste of 80's surrounds you throughout the whole album. And what pleases me must of all - there's no place (almost) for that sickly-sweet commercy. Yes, it's not a heaviest Scorps' album ever, there is a lot of soft songs - but the whole structure of songwritin' & perfomin' R not commercial. That is a BIG PLUS for Scorps. The bottom line: after a couple of big steps back the band finally made an impressive step forward. Great album, great songs. Fans will be glad... :-)

13/07/04: Derek -
Rating: 95
Excellent album. I can't stop listening to it. Like someone said earlier, this is how I remember albums being. Awesome tracks, start to finish. Classic Scorps!! BUY IT!!!!

06/07/04: Deddy -
Rating: 90
Very good songs and a fantastic production !!!
The guys ROCKS !

22/06/04: Jim Evans -
Rating: 90
The cd is very good. Solid song writing and production. I think having James Kottak on drums has added some punch to the mix.

This is a must buy for any fan.

21/06/04: John Ferguson -
Rating: 89
Those of you who thought the best days of the Scorpions were behind them, following a couple of disappointing releases, can think again, as the new album “Unbreakable” from the legendary German outfit proves their strongest since the glory days of the eighties.
The dark menace of opening track “New Generation” may not convince everyone, but this can not be said of “Love ‘em or leave ‘em” which is a classic feel good anthem in the finest traditions of Scorpions favourites such as “Don’t Stop at the Top” or “Big City Nights.” Built on a dynamic riff from Rudi Schenker and rousing vocals from Klaus Meine, this track easily rolls the clock back twenty years. The Mathias Jabs penned “Deep and Dark” is an atmospheric and moody chunk of melodic rock heaven, complete with another fists in the air chorus. “”Borderline” is a pulsating monster of a track, driven along on the huge Bonham-esque drums of James Kottak.
The up-tempo rocker “Blood Too Hot” picks up the pace before the piano balld “Maybe I, Maybe You” sees the band tug at the heartstrings as only they can on a track which follows in the footsteps of their timeless ballads “Still Loving You” and “Holiday.”
“Someday is Now” features a more modern sounding guitar riff on what proves to be an easy going rocker. “My City, My Town” sees a return to the true Scorpions sound of the opening tracks – pumping riff and excellent semi-acoustic chorus. “Through My Eyes” is the album’s epic track, building from a laid back intro to become a typically structured Scorpions track which would have been right at home on “Love at first Sting.”
The chugging riff of “Can You Feel It” paints yet another familiar sonic tapestry, whereas the more dynamic thrust of “This Time” comes cross with a more contemporary feel while remaining a pure slice of Scorpions brand of melodic hard rock. “She Said” is an acoustic led ballad that Klaus Meine’s voice suits every bit as much as he does the powerful rockers, not dissimilar to their world wide smash “Wind of Change.” The bonus track “Remember the Good Times” is a good time rock and roll number, seeing the band pay homage to their youth.
If not “Love at first Sting Part II”, new album “Unbreakable” is as good an album as the Scorpions have delivered this side of 1990 and will delight long term fans and who knows, may even attract some new fans too. Recommended

19/06/04: Mark Kennedy -
Rating: 95
I can't believe how good this album is!!I must admit that at first it took a few spins(although I did like 'Through My Eyes' almost instantly)and then wow this is how I remember albums being like.With the first track I thought this sounded a bit too different at first,but no I was wrong.It's a great deep and meaningful song and this is just the start of things to come.'Love em or Leave em' is a classic up tempo melodic piece,'Deep and Dark' actually sends shivers down my spine..yes it's that good!,then there's the rocker of the album 'Blood Too Hot' brilliant.My favourite has to be 'Through My Eyes',this has to be one of their best power ballads,except it's a bit heavier than the usual Scorpions ballad.The remaining tracks on the album are all great too.I hope they continue to write material like this because it truly is great,with no down tuned guitars and some cool solos the power and the passion has been well established here and this could quite easily sit somewhere in their back catalogue.This should have been released after the underrated (and classic) 'Pure Instinct' instead of the terrible 'Eye 2 Eye',but there you go.For me to like a recent rock release then it must be good because I don't like any of this new style-down tuned -contemporary music.Teslas album was not bad,but it doesn't even come close to this and unlike Tesla the Scorpions have given the fans what they have been waiting for.Excellent!!!

18/06/04: Craig Kuhlman -
Rating: 97
WOW!! What an album!! What a comeback!! The Scorps are back!! Great record compared to that piece of doo doo "EYE II EYE". KISS wishes they could be this good!!! Klaus Meine kicks Britney Spears ass!!

18/06/04: Chewsmoka -
Rating: 0
If you people think this is magnificent, good,great, or whatever, time for a hearing check.Sure, they are back in form, but after what?, Eye II Eye? Please. Not one song on here has a catchy hook at all,and some comment about best Scorps album in 15 years????? Anyone remember Face The Heat? That was 1993, and by account 11 years ago. I was hoping for a great comback album but its like getting a beer from the bottom of the keg, flat nad bitter. Now before your all of you get your panties in a twist, this is only MY opinion.Bottom line,ther eare MUCH better releases to spend your hard earned money on, and last but not least, a message to the Scorps, please don't forget the hooks next time, if there is a next time.

18/06/04: Sam Orr -
Rating: 98
As i have been a fan from their Tokyo tapes album i think this album is back on form the best since Crazy world. Hope it sells well. The Scorps are back.

18/06/04: PPP AaA -
Rating: 95
Best album since Crazy World a really great comeback from a hell of a break(pure instict, eye to eye ....). They're finally back in form , this is a true scorps album with a little modern mixed sound but in the traditionnal sound of their music

Finally back !! (Best album in 15 years)

17/06/04: Hans Cosyns -
Rating: 90
Good album. As I'm a Scorpions fan (era Savage Amusement, Crazy World), I'm very pleased with the new cd. Like the new members Pawel M. and James K. They and the old members bring the sound back to the old stuff. Nice coöperation guys. Go further from here.

17/06/04: Jay -
Rating: 95
Best scorpions in 15 years. Solid from start to finish. Buy it! Best tracks: New Generation/deep and dark/love'm or leave'm/through my eyes/borderline/someday is now/can you feel it. I also rate on the ability of a CD to "make some noise" on the dreaded music scene here in the USA. This could do it ...get some airplay and sales which benefit all us rock fans. UFO finishes their tour and puts out another CD can also do it. Sadly, Def Leppard could not. No support for that last CD. Can't wait for Scorpions tour. Hope Andrew can provide some sales data on this CD. I would like to know what it is doing in Europe and how sales in US go later this month

17/06/04: Freddy De Keyzer -
Rating: 80
A fine return to form, but still not on the same high level they once produced. But, good anyway. Sounds like the old Scorpions again ! Good one, not great one !

17/06/04: Alex Belisle -
Rating: 95
This is the album Scorps fans have been waiting for since the 90's.

17/06/04: John English -
Rating: 93
The bottom line is that this album is worlds better than any material Scorps have put out since Crazy World. The style seen here encompasses everything from Crazy World back to some elements of the Taken by Force era sound...all of this combined with some new style to make a very mdoern yet still traditional Scorpions album.

I cant say enough about new bassist Pawel Maciwoda...his contributions to the sound of this album are immeasurable, and I get the feeling that some input from James Kottak on drums is finally being included too...this stuff sounds as though he's finally a full-fledged Scorpion.

In short, their best album in 15 years. Magnificent stuff.

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