Seventh Key Live In Atlanta Frontiers Records
· Produced By: Mike Slamer

· Running Time: 79.48

· Release Date: November 7

· Released:

· Musical Style: Melodic Rock

· Links: Frontiers
Songs: 95%
Sound: 90%
For me the involvement of the fabulous Mike Slamer is the biggest draw card for this release and also my biggest worry.
Slamer is a perfectionist, so it was a concern that the high-tech style of the studio albums would be translated into a live performance that required after-the-fact overdubs to satisfy sound requirements. That in turn delivers a release lacking the energy and rawer vibe a live performance would normally feature. I can't tell if overdubs have been added to this - perhaps not - but the performances here are flawless. I look forward to viewing the event on the accompanying DVD when it arrives.
I think the guys are fine musicians and have the knowledge of how to set up their equipment in a way that would ensure an error free performance. It sounds like nothing here has been left to chance and the recording itself sounds a million bucks.
But in some ways, that dangerous edge is not present as I cannot hear a single duff note or fluffed intro. Sometimes that is nice to hear in a live recording. It proves legends are human.
Billy Greer is in fine voice here and the extra harmonies from Terry Brock are a perfect fit for the band.
The audience gathered is minimal, so the intensity of a regular live show is not there – this is a special showcase for the band and it works in the way that it highlights some great melodic rock songs, but not in the usual live show format.
Standout tracks include the acoustic ballad Forsaken, where the band is joined by Robby Steinhardt on violins and vocals and Johnny Greer on mandolin and vocals. The lush harmonies are fabulous and the raw emotion of the track shines through.
The Sun Will Rise sounds note for note perfect and one can't help but love that pounding rhythm. The 6 minute plus You Cross The Line is also quite tasty, with some extra guitar licks and an extended solo included.
And the moody It Should Have Been You is a stand out track in any configuration.
The album adds three bonus studio cuts, two of which were previously Japanese bonus tracks for the bands first two albums (Love Train and The Storm Rages On).
Remember You Well is previously unreleased and to be honest should have remained that way. The song itself is fine, but the sound quality is well below the other two bonus tracks and the live concert.
The Bottom Line
All in all, a fine collection….no, a fabulous collection of melodic rock songs performed flawlessly by some amazing musicians. A must have for fans of the band – if just to hear Billy Greer's vocals stripped back a little and some additional guitar flurries from the great Slamer. But at the back of my mind, I can't help but think a similar effect could have been achieved by gathering the studio versions together. The concept behind the release is to be commended – credit to Frontiers for that. I'd like to hear more of out favourites recorded live.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
· The Raging Fire
· Live In Atlanta

Line Up:
· Billy Greer: Vocals, Bass
· Mike Slamer: Guitar, Keyboards & Bass
· Pat McDonald: Drums
· Terry Brock: Guitar, Backing Vocals
· David Manion: Keyboards

Essential For Fans Of:
· Seventh Key
· Mike Slamer
· Billy Greer
Track Listing
· The Sun Will Rise *
· An Ocean Away
· It Should Have Been You *
· Sin City
· Always from the Heart *
· Forsaken *
· You Cross The Line
· The Kid Could Play
· Only the Brave
· When Love is Dying
· Winds of War
· Cold Hearted Woman
· The Storm Rages On (bonus studio track)
· Remember You Well (bonus studio track)
· Love Train (bonus studio track)

-- *Best Tracks

18/03/06: Doug Dowdle -
Rating: 100
Great dvd! Vocals are superb and the band is incredible, great melodic rock at it's best, never knew the talent of Terry Brock prior to seeing the DVD, am a fan now. Great fan of Mike Slamer going back to Street and his solo work in Steelhouse Lane and that incredible guitar work on Steve Walsh's Glossolalia, if you don't own this you must check it out. I have both of the Seventh Key CD's, this project by Billy and company are gems for rock fans. Here's looking forward to more Seventh Key and solo projects from Mike and Terry.

08/03/06: masmusic -
Rating: 98
Awesome release, every song is filler here

03/02/06: Mike the Conqurour -
Rating: 95
Great live album and dvd. Must have for fans. Song are true to the recorded originals. Recorded in an small club setting giving you that feeling that you are seeing the show. Wish more bands would do these live dvd/cd's. My one complaint would be that they needed to package them together rather then sell them seperately.

30/11/05: freddy de keyzer -
Rating: 86
Although I'm no fan of live music, I really can appreciate this album !
Why ? Cause this is a damn great act, with TOP CLASS musicians ! That's why !
They released two brilliant CD's, with the finest melodic rock one can imagine ! Most of these songs are played here.
The sound is very good, think the DVD will be worth picked up.
And even better : we can expect new solo albums from both Mike Slamer (which is said to be sensational !!!) and Terry Brock !
Great to look out for in 2006 !
Seventh Key is one of the very best current acts and they prove it here !

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