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Silver Dream Machine
Head Or Heart (1)
Chains (3)
Never Again
Forever (2)
Lovin' You
Far Below Zero
Found Me Another One
She Came

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Silver (1)
Dream Machines (2)

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Point Music
Produced By: Michael Voss
Running Time: 48.01 Genre: Hard Rock
Release Date: Out Now Released: EU
LabelLink: Point

Silver's new album follows on where their debut left off. It again proves that within this community of melodic rock artists and fans that diversity still runs deep.
Of all the recent reviews, there are several different styles and Silver adds another.
Featuring Gary Barden, Michael Voss and Sisters of Mercy guitarist Andreas Broon, it's easy to see why this is classic Hard rock meets goth-rock.
There are definitely Sisters Of Mercy comparisons, but there are equal melodic rock touches, including big ballads, like on Forever.
This is a dark and moody piece of melodic rock, with touches of gothic drama and European classic rock.
Head Or Heart is a prime example. It features a dark and brooding verse, but a hook filled melodic rock chorus.
In contrast, Chains almost seems light weight, with keyboards and acoustic guitars changing the pace of the album. Then there's the vocals almost lounge singer in delivery! It's a contrast that works.
As good as this is, I think I still like the debut a little better.

The Bottom Line
This album is a little more diverse than the already diverse debut, but contains better songs, a tight production and above all, some musically interesting tracks.
The delivery is thankfully different from your standard formula.
For fans of the European style of classic melodic hard rock, this has a lot to offer, but there is also more.
Great artwork and solid running time.

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