AOR Heaven / Point Music
Produced by: Not Listed

Released: OUT / Website
Relatives: Casanova, Sisters Of Mercy
GENRE: Hard Rock

  1. Silver
  2. Pretender
  3. Sister Love
  4. Marianna
  5. Christine
  6. She Was Mine
  7. Walk The Stage
  8. Sergei's Revenge
  9. Brother Kill Brother
  10. The Writer
  11. Far Behind
  12. No More Tears
  13. Silverous

What appears as on the surface is not necessarily so. This group project that features the combined talents of some major European rock names has recorded a very credible and solid debut that should give them the foundation to continue on as a going concern, not just a one off super group.
The band features vocalist Gary Barden (MSG), plus contributions from Michael Voss (Casanova, Mad Max), Bernie Torme, Don Airey & Andreas Broon.
This is classic European hard rock with a few differences. There are several modern production effects used in the songs and the delivery is thankfully different from your standard formula.
For fans of the European style of classic melodic hard rock, this has a lot to offer, but there is also more.
At times I couldn't help but think there was heavy gothic overtones throughout the record. At times it reminded me of the darker style and feel of the Sisters Of Mercy (their guitarist Andreas Broon contributes), yet of course, in a more straight forward European style.
Vocalist Gary Barden has a solid track record and a strong voice and handles the varied material and styles with ease.
When you associate names like these together, you expect quality. The production on Silver is equal to the task. It's evenly mixed, good rhythm section and crystal clear.
BOTTOM LINE: I am not sure who to compare the album to, but it certainly has a lot of Yngwie Malmsteen styled dramatic orchestral rock, but without the continual shred fest. The guitar riffs are more that - riffs, not solos. It makes for a better listen.
The harmony vocals are often dark and brooding, backing my assumption that this has a somewhat darker gothic feel.
That said, the music is still very firmly planted in classic European hard rock roots, with plenty on offer for fans of Rainbow, Dio, Black Sabbath and Yngwie.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Fans of European style hard rock, fans of music with a darker tone.

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