Track Listing
Living The Life (2)
Good Times Slipping Away (1)
Wrong Or Right
See You In Heaven (3)
Get It On
Just Can't Get Over You
All Systems Go!
Our Time

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Soul Doctor (1)
Systems Go Wild! (2)

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Soul Doctor
Fair Warning - 4
Systems Go Wild!
NTS Records
Produced By: Soul Doctor
Running Time: 48.17 Genre: Hard Rock
Release Date: Out Now Released: JP EU
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Former Fair Warning vocalist Tommy Heart is back with his new band on album number two.
Their debut was a bluesy slice of European hard rock. Great production and some good songs, albeit in a bluesier direction than that of Fair Warning.
On Systems Go Wild, the guys seem to have dropped some of that blues rock sound for a more conventional straight ahead hard rock sound.
Gone are the AC/DC bar room riffs for a better sound and a good solid melodic hard rock production.
Once you pass the obligatory double kick drum rhythm of the opening track (seen previously on the Rock Star soundtrack), second song Good Time Slipping Away is an excellent example of where the band's new heart lies. It's a solid uptempo melodic rocker.
See You In Heaven is a good rock ballad with a memorable hook, with Heart's vocals again in good shape.
Get It On could be mistaken for something The Cult might record, while All Systems Go! is another big double kick drum rocker.
Just Can't Get Over You is another good crunch rocker, like Good Time's Slipping Away.
I really want to like this record more than I do, as Heart's vocals have particular appeal. The production is sharp and I like the new sound over that of the debut.
But the one thing letting the team down is hooks. The album's choruses are just not strong enough. They need some big hooks and some stronger melodies.
The album's riff's are enough to carry the verse, but when chorus time comes and goes without any major change in tempo, then it leaves the listener wishing for more.

The Bottom Line
Solid enough for sure, in fact, the style change and the album's sound is a step in the right direction for a long term future for the band.
But I don't think this album is going to break any new fan base for the band. Had the songs been exactly as they are now, but with stronger choruses, then this would have been a red hot proposition. As it is, it will only be for the dedicated Tommy Heart fans.
Simple but effective artwork - I like it. Running order and time both good.

Line Up
Tommy Heart: Vocals
Chris Lyne: Guitar
Zacky: Drums
J.D.: Bass

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