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BMG / RCA 67845-2
Produced by: Gil Norton

Released: OUT
Closest Relative: Marvelous 3, Tsar
GENRE: Modern Rock

  1. Politically Correct
  2. Right Now
  3. What A Mess
  4. Last Man On The Moon
  5. Empty Spaces
  6. Another Night Alone
  7. Alive
  8. Fame (What She's Wanting)
  9. Go Away
  10. Non-Toxic
  11. Paul McCartney

This album is sensational, there is no other way to describe it.
It is absolutely the best example of the new breed of great modern commercial melodic rock artists that are currently enjoying a resurge of interest in the USA.
This is the sort of release that could pull even the most die-hard classic rockers into the new era. That includes me! I am first and foremost a fan of the classic style melodic rock, but this is just too good to deny.
In fact, these guys have more hooks, melodies and anthems than even some of the better AOR acts. They remind me of a teenage Motley Crue in places, except with that Marvellous 3 modern rock angle.
What makes these guys even more special is their vocalist Mitch Allan. He is a genuine lead vocalist and one of some substance and class. When you think of the classic vocalists of the 80's then of the 90's, the later list is rather small.
Politically Correct & Right Now are big time hard rockers in the best vein of M3, while tracks like What A Mess & Last Man On The Moon showcase more melodic depth than any other new breed artist.
Last Man On The Moon is a monster anthem!
Then you have the ballad side of the band, amply displayed on Empty Spaces.
It's great to see these guys on the soundtrack to Dude, Where's My Car. Get the new music to the youth!
BOTTOM LINE: There's something for everyone with SR-71. Enough roughed up guitars and furious college beats to suit fans of modern rock and enough harmony vocals, overdubs and anthem ballads to suit the old school of melodic rock fan.
Regardless the bottom line should always be content over style and these guys have that without a doubt. Of 11 tracks, none are fillers and everyone of them suggests that this band have a lot to offer now and in the future.
ESSENTIAL FOR: All modern rock/new breed fans, and those that haven't quite found the right new breed band to dig. These guys could be it!

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