Stan Bush Shine Frontiers Records
· Produced By: Curt Cuomo & Rob Jacobs

· Running Time: 41.00

· Release Date: June 23

· Released: EU

· Musical Style: AOR/Melodic Rock

· Links: Stan Bush Frontiers
Songs: 95%
Sound: 95%
For his brand new solo album Stan has plugged that electric guitar back in and returned to the very polished melodic rock sound that most fans favor. This is a simple, stripped back rock n roll record with a strong melodic rock/AOR feel that fans of the classic Barrage album will be pleased to hear.
This is a back to basics album. Ten tracks - all within the 3 to 5 minute range and all getting to the point in quick time – memorable choruses and vocal hooks quick to jump in.
The style mixes the AOR of Every Beat Of My Heart with the more mature pop of Language Of The Heart and the guitar driven feel of Heaven.
Stan is in top form vocally and the best thing about the album is the clear and crisp production which allows all elements room to breathe.
Best of all, every track has a great chorus and additional memorable moments such as extra vocal hooks or great guitar riffs.
And the performances are just perfect for the songs. Is it any wonder why? Some of my very favourite musicians are involved, including guitarist Tim Pierce and drummer Kenny Aronoff. The line-up is rounded out with Matt Bisonette on drums and Curt Cuomo on keyboards.
Track By Track:
Shine is a first rate guitar driven pop rocker with a feel good message.
Falling is a slightly heavier and darker rocker, with that classic moody Stan Bush feel.
I Will Be There is a bare bones mid-tempo pop rocker with a mellow verse and a more edgy guitar driven chorus.
I Turn To You features another great riff and strong vocal. The extended chorus is subtle, but befitting the song.
What You Mean Tonight is the first ballad proper of the album. Typical Stan Bush, which is a good thing indeed.
Say It Ain't Love returns us again to the simple, but classic melodic rock style of Every Beat Of My Heart. The chorus picks up the pace a little and will please long time fans.
Have You Ever Believed continues the stripped back uptempo pop rock vibe.
Do It All Over is an album favourite. This is an anthemic uptempo pop/rocker in classic Stan Bush style.
The Chance You Take is another Every Beat Of My Heart style AOR anthem and adds to the class of the closing moment of the album.
When I Dream closes the album perfectly. Another classic, classy Stan Bush, slow but moody rocker with a great chorus hook.
The Bottom Line
The songs of Shine are all top quality and the performances and production (both with help from the classy Curt Cuomo) are among some of Stan's best work.
Another album that cleverly doesn't over do itself and features just enough tracks to make it long enough without any fillers. Easily his best album since Every Beat Of My Heart. Perfect melodic rock/pure AOR.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
· Stan Bush
· Stan Bush & Barrage
· Every Beat Of My Heart
· Dial 818 888 8638
· The Child Within
· Call To Action
· Heaven
· Language Of The Heart
· Shine

Line Up
· Stan Bush: Vocals
· Tim Pierce: Guitar
· Kenny Aronoff: Drums
· Matt Bissonette: Bass
· Curt Cuomo: Keyboards

Essential for fans of:
· Stan Bush
· Tim Pierce
· Rick Springfield
Track Listing
· Shine*
· Falling*
· I Will Be There
· I Turn To You
· What You Mean Tonight
· Say It Ain't Love*
· Have You Ever Believed
· Do It All Over*
· The Chance You Take*
· When I Dream
--*Best Tracks

17/08/05: Don Manzo -
Rating: 80
I agree with Jace's review that by mid way thru the disc...everything sounds the same!!! The first 2 tracks are great. Fallin should be a huge hit...but come have Tim Pierce on guitar! WHERE IS HE? The clean strat is all over the album( why is every picture in the disc with a les paul). Tim is a MONSTER...but he is left to play the same 1-6-2-5 progressions that cloud this album. Love Stans voice on it, but the material really gets stale by track 8, No variations of theme or lyric.
I was excited to see the band with Stan on this as I was awaiting a wonderful AOR disc. Sadly, it is evident that he needs other co-writes as Cuomo seems to have read the pop/rock songbook 101 and followed it note for note..leaving a great start, but untimetely redundant disc devoid of melodic or musical differences.

01/04/05: Jace -
Rating: 70
Oh how much I truly hate to disagree with people. None of my comments are meant to disparage anyone else's opinions. But I made a deal with myself years ago, that I would put my two cents in and write a review of any CD I bought solely based on the response and exposure given by this website and everyone who goes here. After buying and loving, just LOVING the TMG record I read all the other reviews on here to see if it was at all possible that anyone did not like that record, they were all positive reviews. So I looked for other interactive reviews where they were all very positive, this was one of them. And I would like to mention that I always listen to records 5 times before I form my opinion of them, so none of this is a snap judgment, I gave it it's chance.
So I had high hopes for this. I'm a fan of Stan's voice, I just wish it could have stretched a little more here. The production does have a nice atmosphere, it lends itself to me anticipating big huge killer choruses. But I'm afraid with few exception, it fails. I do think as a whole the album could have infused a few different instruments along to line to try to break up the similar vibe. By the 7th track it's obvious that every song had been recorded with the same instruments and the same SOUND of each instruments. The prime example of this is how it goes from "Say It Ain't Love" right into "Have You Ever Believed." I truly truly thought I was still listening to the same song. I'm not being a smart ass, I really did. If you put it back in and listen you could understand my mistake. They have the same rhythm, the same broken guitar chord (not to mention the same guitar sound for those broken chords), the same rimshot drums, and they are in the SAME KEY. Now I have no problem with that on it's own, truly. But why put them back to back on the CD? It does very little for me other than to demonstrate the lack of diversity on display here. Ok... enough negative stuff. There is an awful lot of good stuff here. After all, my rating is a 70, but a 70 is still good. It's not a bad record. Just listening to it I feel I've heard all this before, I have fully absorbed Honeymoon Suite, Danger Danger, Survivor, and so on. And if you've heard what bands like that have to offer, then you've heard everything Shine has to offer. Again, I truly enjoy his voice and the tone of the album is good, but not very interesting songs. The words are bland. Not exactly bad, just things I've heard before. Maybe I'm just getting too old and desensitized to these things to be as easily moved as I used to be. Again, it's not a BAD album, I think everyone involved did a good job. I think overall it just suffered from unimaginative production and moderately sub-par songwriting. Although I will concede that "Falling" is a pretty killer track. But with the exception of that one and "When I Dream" I will probably never listen to any of these songs again. Again, I gave this record 5 times through so it had ample time to make an impression on me ... it just didn't. So, if you are a big fan of light, harmony filled AOR you may like this, just don't expect anything to blow you away. We've all heard this before.
Again, sorry. It's just what I think, doesn't mean you will agree.
Take care everybody.

11/08/04: Ian -
Rating: 90
When AOR hits a great height its because of albums like this.Sung,played and produced to a high standard,the only downer being the short running time,as mentioned by other reviewers.However,this cd is in the running for AOR album of the year in my humble opinion. ESSENTIAL....

06/08/04: John Ferguson -
Rating: 95
Stan Bush’s 2001 release “Language of the Heart” was a rather laid back affair compared to the intense melodic rock of the Stan Bush & Barrage predecessor “Heaven,” and the classic 1987 debut release from that legendary combo. With his new album on Frontiers, “Shine,” Stan serves up a melodic rock cracker and definitely a release that will delight fans new and old of this great artist. The line-up on “Shine” features guitarist Tim Pierce, bass player Matt Bissonette, Curt Cuomo on keyboards and drummer Kenny Aronoff, with former Boston and Airplay singer Tommy Funderburk helping out on background vocals, ensuring the performances are of the absolute highest quality.
The smooth, seductive tones of the title track burst from the speakers and sets the scene for what is to follow as it simply blows away most of the music out there masquerading as classic AOR – this is the real deal. “Falling” is better again and has an air of familiarity to it’s beautifully crafted arrangement and the chorus is pure bliss.
“I Will Be There” keeps the ball rolling from its easy going verse to the majestic chorus and perfect guitar solo. Next up is the slightly rockier “I Turn To You,” which is, like all the songs, blessed with a killer chorus. The only real ballad, “What You Mean Tonight,” is huge and filled with genuine emotion and is very reminiscent of Stan’s “Love Don’t Lie” which was a hit for House of Lords. When the intro of “Say It Ain’t Love” begins, you almost expect to hear Danny Vaughan’s voice kick in as this guitar driven number is pure Tyketto (think “Wings”). “Have You Ever Believed” is a foot tapping anthem that embodies everything great about Stan Bush, as does the heavenly melodic “Do It All Over,” as the great choruses just keep coming. By this time most albums, even the good ones, begin to fade in quality, but this is not true of “Shine” as penultimate track “The Chance You Take” is a killer and rousing number that could have come straight from the Barrage debut. Tenth and last track “When I Dream” is a big power ballad which ensures the album does not go out with a whimper – ten tracks, ten killers.
Cool and assured from start to finish, “Shine” wraps itself around you like a warm blanket as you let yourself drift away on its classic tones of AOR splendor. A truly essential release.

06/08/04: guillermo -
Rating: 85
Mejor album en conjunto que los dos anteriores pero le falta la caNCION ROMPEDORA QUE HAGA DEL ALBUM ALGO GRANDE.

19/07/04: Jonas Pettersson -
Rating: 98
The best AOR that you can get your hands on these days. Melodic and a treat for guys like me (35+) Stan Bush rules the world 2004. More to come I hope ?!

15/07/04: The Sims -
Rating: 99
I had this album from P2P full and of excellent quality 1 day after andrew's review LOL....and since then till now (as i type this), im still hearing it START TO FINISH , i don't get tired of it...ADRIANGALE - CRUNCH was as such (shocking....Incredible....Great....Nice....Tiresome), NO SUCH THING WITH STAN BUSH NEW ALBUM!!!

his best album so far....must get.


"CLOSE YOUR EYES AND TELL ME WHAT YOU SEE....."...the passage just before the solo in HAVE YOU EVER BELIEVED gives me the shivers, i repeat it over and over...GRAMMY/OSCAR winner!!!

i bought the CD of course after 1 full listening in Mp3 that i got, remember to support and buy the CD's of bands that you love.


06/07/04: Andy Hawes -
Rating: 90
Yeah, this is the stuff.. Best album he's done in ages! WAY better than the last couple, with a more cohesive set of songs and much better production. This is helped by a great backing band. You can't go wrong with Kenny Aaronoff on drums..rock solid and always plays exactly what is required. Pairing him with Matt Bisonette on bass was an inspired move, as they really gel together. Add to that the PHENOMENAL talents of Tim Pierce, who to me is third in line behind Steve Lukather and Dann Huff as the best EVER AOR guitarists, and you have a sure-fire winner.
What I like about this CD is that the songs have been given a very warm and uncluttered guitar-based production that allow Stan's trademark vocals and Pierce's relaxed solos space to really shine. There isn't too much reverb drowning everything out, which actually makes it sound both modern and classic at the same time. Ok, in the middle of the album, a couple of songs start out sounding very similar, but that's one small criticism.
Basically, if you like classic AOR, buy this album, 'cos it really is Stan's best work in years, and is one of 2004's better releases in the genre.

06/07/04: ian -
Rating: 95
Stan Bush is back, this album is a glorious slice of melodic hard rock , check out opening cut Shine or the wonderful Falling the sublime Have You Ever Believed , the list just goes on . It's been a long time but this is what brought most of us to this dance , great songs , wonderful harmonies , superb musicianship [ i have to single Tim Pierce out his guitar work is amazing throughout] . Ten tracks might be short by todays standards but when they're as good as this who cares?.Contender for top ten of the year it's that good .

06/07/04: Steve Price -
Rating: 95
Probably the finest slab of pure AOR to have been released in years. Quality vox and not a bad tune amongst it.

05/07/04: Freddy De Keyzer -
Rating: 93
WOW !!! Without a shadow of a doubt the BEST ALBUM OF THE YEAR SO FAR !!! Brilliant AOR/melodic rock : just the way it should be ! PZEFECT ! The voice is great, the songs are fantastic, the production is O.K. and the musicians are TOP !
Only one complaint : 41 minutes is far too short in these days of CD's !
But for the rest : you won't find any better this year.
You see my rating : I give seldom 90 or more (only for Mecca and Pride Of Lions) ! This is as good as these two brilliant records.
BUY OR DIE !!!!!

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