Street Legal Bite The Bullet Frontiers Records
· Produced By: Bjorn Boge

· Running Time: 49.55

· Release Date: Out Now

· Released:

· Musical Style: Melodic Hard Rock

· Links: Frontiers
Songs: 89%
Sound: 91%
Not too many bands will go 9 years between their first and second albums and live to tell the story. Let alone their waiting fans!
But too many years later the guys are finally back. Let's be honest here – the only chance they guys had was to deliver a cracking good record and one that outshines the debut. And I think they've done just that.
Bite The Bullet isn't as heavy as the debut Thunderdome, rather it is a little more refined and mature even, but it still packs a punch and is a very fine melodic hard rock record in every way.
While we sit back and contemplate the possibilities of a new Thin Lizzy album, I highly recommend you spend that time with Street Legal.
Bite The Bullet mixes the classic British hard rock influences of Thin Lizzy and Whitesnake (both the Lynott and Coverdale comparisons are uncanny), with that typical Scandi twist to round things off.
The band include a few covers into proceedings – the storming Stage Dolls rocker Loadin' Up, which is given heavy treatment; the ever popular Michael Sembello pop rocker Maniac which is again rocked up and the very curious decision to include a version of the tongue in cheek Bad News 'masterpiece' Warriors Of Genghis Kahn.
All good fun and the band don't take themselves too seriously here. But the real strength in the album is the original compositions.
The Whitesnake styled rocker (written by Tommy LaVerdi) Somebody Up There Likes Me is cool, but the Thin Lizzy mid-tempo blues rocker Unconditional Love is pure gold.
Shadow In My Heart could be a classic Coverdale sung MTV ballad and Bite The Bullet could have come straight off the band's debut. Starship Trooper and Trapped are both Lizzy styled uptempo melodic rockers. The Battle Of Kringen is an interesting instrumental, with the epic heavy ballad/rocker Silent Tear closing the classy album off.
The Bottom Line
Let's hope the guys are back for good this time and can re-start momentum on their career, as they really are a classy outfit and any lengthy delay in the future would all but kill them off. But if they get back to work on album number 3 straight away, the future for Street Legal will be very bright indeed.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
· Thunderdome
· Bite The Bullet

Line Up:
· Bjorn Boge: Vocals, Bass
· Rolf Bjorseth, Tore Ostby: Guitars
· Oystein Boge: Drums
· Dag Selboskar: Keyboards

Essential For Fans Of:
· Street Legal - Thunderdome
· Thin Lizzy
· Whitesnake
Track Listing
· Loading Up *
· Somebody Up There Likes Me *
· Unconditional Love *
· Warriors of Gengis Khan
· Shadow In My Heart *
· Bite The Bullet *
· Starship Trooper
· Trapped
· The Battle of Kringen
· Maniac
· Silent Tear *

--*Best Tracks

25/01/10: Nodas -
Rating: 100
Best hard rock record I 've heard since Whitesnake's 1987

31/12/09: Paul -
Rating: 64
I'm in the minority camp on this one, sorry. This is, at best, an "Average" album. SILENT TEAR is really the one standout track, with UNCONDITIONAL LOVE & SHADOW IN MY HEART the only other cuts that I consider above average. And there is NO excuse whatsoever for anyone to ever again record MANIAC... it was bad when it came out as a pop hit and it's just as bad now.

26/07/09: Mika Hyvärinen -
Rating: 9
I really believe if Phil Lynott would be alive today, this would be the style of modern Thin Lizzy. Ballad Shadow in my heart is best ballad in 15 years, and the whoel album is just amazing. More this and soon pls guys.

02/05/09: Bart $immons -
Rating: 95
Being a metal and hardrock fan for over 30 years not many albums can surprise me anymore. "Bite The Bullet" from Street Legal does the trick ! From opener "Loading Up" till album closing
track "Silent Tear" this record contains only highlights. Think a perfect mix between Whitesnake and Thin Lizzy.
Yes and it does contain a cover of the popsong "Maniac" but this version is far better than the one Firewind did on their last album. Street Legal takes it by the balls and makes it a monumental rock song !
This is a record that makes you wanna push the repeat button over and over again.
So if you buy one Classic Rock album this year make sure it is this one !

29/04/09: Rune Hagen -
Rating: 100
The best album I have listen to in many years

27/04/09: Cemil -
Rating: 85
A lot poppier than Thunderdome but still satisfactory.

25/04/09: Blais-sabbath -
Rating: 95
One of my favorites cds of 2009! Amazing!

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