Styx & The CYO One With Everything Frontiers Records / Universal
· Produced By: Styx & Charlie Brusco

· Running Time: 74.00

· Release Date: Out Now

· Released:

· Musical Style: Melodic Rock

· Links: Frontiers Styx
Songs: 70%
Sound: 90%
I didn't have any real expectations for this live record – yet another diversion from the band releasing new studio product (5 live albums and a couple of compilations in between a mere 2 studio albums) – and it is sadly only a portion of the whole live event. You'll hear and (obviously) see more on the DVD release.
I imagine most Styx die-hards will be happy, as it certainly is a quality release. Just a couple of issues however –
First problem is the repetition of the same old songs again. The Styx catalogue is so vast and yes, there is only 75 minutes available for a single disk release, and yes, you can hardly leave some of these tracks off – but overall I found the track list to be less than inspiring.
Secondly, while I was one of the few that found the band's last record – the covers release – to be enjoyable, I'm wasn't a fan of the 3 individual tracks chosen to represent that album here.
Those points made, the album is still enjoyable for what it is and Styx are a lean mean touring machine and as always are tight as hell on stage – even with the addition of a whole orchestra of extra members.
That orchestra is the very reason for this release. This live performance comes from a pairing of the band with the Children's Youth Orchestra, who add that symphonic touch to the band's music – which let's face it – is a very natural fit.
At times these extremely talented kids are the driving force behind the songs, but at other times they are being drowned out a little.
Highlights include what they do with Blue Collar Man…fabulous; as is the extended Fooling Yourself and newer track One With Everything – itself a great little melodic anthem with a technical hook. The extended instrumental break with the orchestra here is musical class.
The two news songs are Everything All The Time, which has a lot of energy and a decent hook. The studio cut ballad Just Be doesn't do anything for me though. Tommy's voice sounds as strong as ever, but the song doesn't have that 'play me again' hook to draw you in.
The closing 4 tracks – Crystal Ball, Too Much Time, Miss America and Renegade are a sure fire way to end with a bang, 4 classics back to back with the orchestral twist adding some freshness.
The Bottom Line
This is another ok live album, thankfully with an extra twist to give it purpose and give fans something new to absorb. I guess I am really hanging out for an all new studio album to hear what the great Ricky Phillips can bring to the band and also the fact that the band's last all original studio was so good, it seems a crime to have such a gap between that and a new record.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
· Arch Allies
· Brave New World
· Styxworld
· Cyclorama
· Big Bang Theory
· One With Everything

Line Up:
· Tommy Shaw: Guitars & Vocals
· James Young: Guitars & Vocals
· Todd Sucherman: Drums, Percussion & Backing Vocals
· Ricky Phillips: Bass & Backing Vocals
· Lawrence Gowan: Keyboards & Vocals
· Chuck Panozzo: Bass

Essential For Fans Of:
· Styx
· Live w/Orchestra Releases
Track Listing
· Blue Collar Man *
· One With Everything *
· It Don't Make Sense (You Can't Make Peace)
· Everything All The Time
· I Am The Walrus
· Just Be
· Fooling Yourself (The Angry Young Man) *
· Boat On The River
· I Don't Need No Doctor
· Crystal Ball
· Too Much Time On My Hands *
· Miss America
· Renegade

--*Best Tracks

29/01/07: Georgia Boy -
Rating: 15
What can you say about this album? "Brave New World" was better. It is almost the same thing as there last "live" album. If you been to a live Styx show in the last 5-6 years, then you do not need to buy this...(Styx hasn't changed there set list in a while). Whomever mixed this cd, did a terrible job. The main point for this was to include the kids guys...(You can Tell Dennis isn't in the band anymore because of the poor production of this) You can hardly here them on the cd, but you can hear them some on the dvd, which might be the only reason to buy the dvd (for the kids that is). If you listen to Dennis's cd with orchestra, you can here them. You have to ask why these guys broke "contract" with DDY and went out on there own with a sound-alike. After hearing this, they deserve to get sued...Tommy, Chuck, Jy, it is time to GROW UP like Glen and Dennis did. Styx will never be in the Hall of Fame with this material. You will be lucky to be on the Wall of Fame.

24/01/07: Danimal_73 -
Rating: 99
I do not know about the CD but it's the same recording as the DVD only with fewer songs. This has to be my Top DVD new release of 2006 (does not include archive release). The performance is amazing, and the orchestra is awesome, this DVD smokes, both visually and sonically. Pick it UP!

01/01/07: Robin McGhie -
Rating: 90
Forget the c.d andbuy the DVD. The pure fun eminating from the stage is awesome. What a fantastic way to bridge the generation gap. The kids in the orchestra are having the time of their lives and the band are on top form. Wish people would stop bleating on about DDY he is no longer in the band and does not want to tour. Oh and by the way Ive seen hi live DVD and that is really boring !!!!!

14/12/06: Alliedforces -
Rating: 0
Why another live album ? Im sorry but this once great band has hit rock bottom. This is not your fathers Styx anymore not they just Sticks. Nothing on this album is different then their last 1000 live cds they released.Lets face it buy the Dennis Deyoung live DvD its 10,000 time better....

07/12/06: Steven15 -
Rating: 61

01/12/06: TW -
Rating: 50
Disapointing release to say the least. I thought the sound was terrible, could not hear the CYO at all on some of the tracks. The two new songs were blah. I really think Dennis DeYoungs live sounds a lot better than this release. I wonder if these guys have anything left in the tank for a new album of good originals.

30/11/06: Jos -
Rating: 99
The DVD is the best I have seen this year (and I have seen a lot). Best song for me is the new one "Just be". Don't know what Andrew was doing when he was listening to this one.

28/11/06: Chicago Guy - chitownone@
Rating: 29
I caught the concert on HDNET and I'm sorry this is the same old stuff I heard over and over , Boring ......... I did enjoy hearing the 2 new songs ! But this band , the feel , They have lost their soul . Larry is the only that shows emotion in this line up ,I also like Criminal mind . I not saying that they need Dennis back , lots of bands go on with different members . I think there some talent in this group of guys , But truly have'nt seen it yet .......... Still waiting for that album to blow my socks off !

25/11/06: Vaelsung -
Rating: 85
The CD really pales in comparison to the DVD, especially in terms of the tracks performed. The DVD gets into some really tasty stuff not found on the CD, particularly the INCREDIBLE "Medley" which is a stream of 18 STYX songs performed like one song, compiled and arranged by STYX drummer Todd Suchermann. It is genius and must be heard to be believed and adds another 10 percentage points , making the DVD a %95.

24/11/06: RL - n/a
Rating: 90
I think AM's review rating is a tad low...

Just saw them live last week performing the majority of this material (sans orchestra, of course) and they were so tight and spot on. Really enjoyable night.

I picked up the live dvd version of this release at the show and found it to be excellent. It totally conveys the vocal harmonies and first rate musicanship the band possesses. (And hats off to Todd Sucherman - check out his playing in the medley and in classics like opener BLUE COLLAR MAN to see what a gem he is to the new and improved line-up... amazing player.)

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