Swirl 360 California Blur Atenzia Records
Produced By: Not Listed

Running Time: 52.11

Release Date: April

Released: EU

Musical Style: Modern Pop

Links: Atenzia
Songs: 86%
Sound: 92%
California Blur is some 7 years in the making, after the band was left high and dry after the release of their debut album on Mercury Records. The band is back better than ever thanks to a new deal with Atenzia Records in Sweden.
Swirl 360 is another fine example of modern melodic pop rock that some will immediately avoid or dismiss, but those whose taste extends to such formats will find this a very enjoyable release.
California Blur is packed with fine contemporary power pop in the vein of bands such as Jellyfish, Foo Fighters, The Cars and Cheap Trick. To bring comparisons closer to home for the AOR folk, I think the band's sound and especially the vocals of Denny Scott are comparable to the very fine Brett Walker albeit, dressed up in a far more contemporary feel.
The laid back and at times blissful pop could also compare to the style and sound of Danny Wilde and The Rembrandts it's that type of easy going melodic pop rock that drives this band.
Oblivion and California Blur are the two best tracks of the album both catchy as hell in a moody pop style that sees multiple hooks featured and some smooth vocals.
It could be said that it's all downhill after the first two tracks, being they are the standout tracks of the album. But I'm happy to say there still remains some fine music to enjoy throughout the album so long as your taste takes in this genre.
Chemical (My True Love) has another great chorus hook and a style that walks the tightrope between angst ridden pop and modern melodic rock. Nothing Left is another great pop song, mellow during the verse, but more lively come chorus time.
One & Only and Postcard provide the album with a late burst of inspiration.
The Bottom Line
The songs do get a little same-ish in places and the better tracks are stacked in the first half of the album. But regardless, the overall quality is very good and the album flows smoothly and seamlessly, providing a very enjoyable listen for when the mood strikes. And without a doubt, it's a more impressive collection of songs than their debut album.
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California Blur

Line Up
Denny Scott: Vocals, Guitar
Kenny Scott: Guitar, Programming, B-Vox
Luke Adams: Drums
Chad Salls: Bass

Essential for fans of:
Modern Melodic Rock/Pop
Track Listing
California Blur*
Chemical (My True Love)*
Perfect Day
See You Around
Nothing Left*
My Mistake
One & Only
Postcard...Wish You Were Here
Light Shine
--*Best Tracks

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