Track Listing
How I Got This Way (2)
Creepin' Up Slowly
Forest For The Trees (3)
Afraid To Fly
Saffron (1)
This Time
Happiness Without You

(*) Best Tracks

Discography & (Rank)
Imaginate (1)
Garage Mahal (2)

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Line Up
Jason Singh
Tim Watson
Tim Wild
Andy McIvor
Sean McLeod
Garage Mahal
Warner Australia
Produced By: Fred Maher & Taxiride
Running Time: 47.15 Genre: Nu-Breed
Release Date: Out Now Released: AU
WebLink: Taxiride LabelLink: Warner Australia

Aussie rockers Taxiride are a talented bunch of guys. They certainly know how to write a great song and although are almost classic rock in vibe, are one of the hot shot nu-breed bands around currently.
Their debut was half stripped back acoustic, half sweet pop rock.
It seems that the band have benefited from the touring and constant living together that followed the massive success of the debut.
Because this album is far more a cohesive band effort and flows effortlessly from the opening track to the closer. It's tighter; it's far heavier and will appeal more to fans of great melodic hard rock.
The four guys are all singers and the harmonies and vocal hooks on this album are some of the best in any form of melodic music in recent years.
They remind me of what Nelson might be like if they were 10 years younger and twice as heavy.
Importantly, the songs on Garage Mahal are even better than on their debut - catchier than ever and hook filled from the opening note.
The guys have a flair for including different vibes within their songs and within their album as a whole. The use of effects and a super high quality production helps them include classic rock, 70's funk, 80's pop and today's contemporary modern rock within their songs.
But strip it all back and it's plain and simple, these are classic freaking great rock songs.
The opening trio of Afterglow, How I Got This Way and Creeping Up Slowly are just some of the best commercial rock songs you will hear.
Forrest For The Trees is also a cool retro rocker with a Zeppelin-esque vibe.
It's surprising how heavy these guys have got between albums yet the layers of harmony vocals seem to soften the delivery. It's a cool effect.
First thing you have to do when you buy the album is throw on track 6. Saffron is one of the finest 'holy crap' songs you will ever hear. You know what I mean you get to the chorus and go 'Holy crap, how good is this??!!'
The soaring multi-layered chorus and feel good riff will make this track a contender for song of the year. Nu-breed or old breed, there won't be many that don't appreciate this.
Utterly essential if you are a fan of nu-breed melodic rock and well worthy of a purchase for anyone else. It might just be the catalyst to get classic rock fans into the new millennium.

The Bottom Line
Another hot shot nu-breed release. Tighter, better produced, rockier and catchier than their already great debut, Taxiride will attract attention with this release.
Just when you though nu-breed had a chance of running out of steam, 2002 comes along and these guys are as the head of the line as far as must have modern rock releases.
You'll need an appreciation for the nu-breed sound, but this is still classic rock at heart. If you liked the modern edge to Harem Scarem's Weight Of The World - try this out as your next step.
Another great example of the classic melodic rock sound being carried forward.
Ok artwork, good value running time and no complaints with the track order, although waiting until track 6 for Saffron is almost criminal!

Additional Ratings

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21/08/03: Michael -
Rating: 90
Love it, seen em live playing the tracks and its even better live. Fave song "enemy". Dig those guitar licks. Awesome cd

05/08/03: iMo -
Rating: 99
One of the best albums in my collection. What's even more amazing is that the b-sides for the 3 singles from this album were equally excellent ("Worlds Away, "Stone in the Ocean," "Runningaway," "Love the Sun," "Nevermind," "Alright," and "Happy."

18/04/03: Mick -
Rating: 95
Simply one of the best slices of pop rock I have heard in years. Killer songs, great vocal performances, and enough diversity in sound and feel to hold your interest from start to finish. Although I don't care for some of the production values on the album, the songs are so strong that it really doesn't matter. In a day and age where spending $15.00 on a CD usually leaves you feeling ripped off, this one more than makes up for it! BUY IT!

14/04/03: Jason -
Rating: 78
The best cd to come out of an Aussie band for a long time. The first six songs could be commercial hits with the given promotion. Production is great with a good sound. Only a couple of songs of a lower standard than the first six at the back end of the cd.

Definitely worth the purchase

23/02/03: Rich -
Rating: 95
It's amazing how these guys aren't huge yet.Garage Mahal is a spectacular release that boasts songs that would be permanent fixtures on radio worldwide."Afterglow","How I Got This Way","Skin","Saffron","This Time" & "Forest For The Trees" are some of the most memorable, hook-laden, melodic tunes I've heard in some time (and all off one album).It's only a matter of time till this band explodes , it'll be really hard to top such an fine release by any standards so enjoy this one to the fullest.Great stuff.

10/02/03: Justin Wigg -
Rating: 96
An incredibly stong album. Truly first-rate production pushes this album into the highest echelon, but strip all the polish away and you're still left with GREAT songs as evidenced by any acoustic versions you might hear. Great guitar sounds and those signature Taxiride harmonies make for some inspiring listening. Remeniscent of Night Ranger and Jellyfish. Favourites: All of 'em. I mean that - not a single weak song on the album...

19/12/02: richard dodd -
Rating: 96
F**king awesome.Brilliant songs,stunning vocal harmonies,fantastic musicianship and amazing production.It's got the lot.Throw in the best elements of traditional and nu-breed melodic rock,combine them with energy and style and you end up with one of the great albums of the year.

22/11/02: kristen loveridge -
Rating: 95
I loved the first album but this is a giant leap forward for these guys. I hear the band say that Jellyfish is a real favorite and you can tell that from the harmonies. I love This Time, How I got this way, Saffron, Forest for the trees...even their b-sides are better than a lot of other songs I hear out there!!! The album does taper off a little for me at the end but the strength of the first 8 tracks makes it an essential purchase.

20/11/02: Dale Delahunty -
Rating: 90
The debut was a good album, but this just blows it away. A much more consistent sounding album with harmonies that make my hairs stand on end.

12/10/02: Leyland Lobo -
Rating: 94
Great album from start to finish. The harmony vocals are simply incredible! It's funny the song I least like is their single "creepin' up slowly". It's not that it not a good song (it is good), but rather doesn't measure up to the rest of the CD. Favorite tracks 1) Saffron 3)Afraid to Fly 3)Stronger

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