Ted Poley Collateral Damage Kivel Records
Produced By: John Kivel, Ted Poley, Vic Rivera, Alex Salz

Running Time: 41.19

Release Date: April 18


Musical Style: Melodic Rock

Links: Ted Poley
Songs: 95%
Sound: 88%
Ted Poley is back and for the first time ever, under his own moniker. Ted should be proud to attach his name to this release and I think most long time fans will agree that this is one of Ted's best ever releases and definitely his best outside of Danger Danger.
Collateral Damage sees Ted team up with acclaimed musician Vic Rivera, the main man behind the last (and best) Adriangale release Crunch.
Vic wrote the majority of the songs here with several co-write credits to Ted. Vic also supplies all rhythm guitars, drums and bass. This is as much his baby as it is Ted's and the duo clearly work together like they have been a team for years.
There are several guests who make additional contributions, but I'll get to those shortly.
Like many others out there, I have been a long tine Ted Poley fan. Since the debut D2 record in fact.
While not everyone appreciated the releases from Ted's last project Melodica, I think the vast majority will be united in their praise for this album.
Most noticeably and importantly Ted sounds the best he has in years, with strong harmonious lead vocals at all times throughout this release.
An extension of that compliment is the massive harmony vocals featured here. Each song features multiple layers of vocals supplied by Ted and the previously unaccredited Mike Ledesma. Based on Mike's input here watch for his name to appear again soon.
The style featured here is very melodic - pure AOR with an occasional melodic hard rock punch. It is certainly mellower than Poley fronted Danger Danger, but kicks a little more ass than Melodica or Bone Machine.
There are influences from the likes of D2 and Melodica here, plus a nod to the sound of the last Adriangale record thanks to Vic's involvement.
I have spoken of lots of positives here, but there is also a couple of points where I think improvements could have been made.
Firstly the song running order not as I would have done it. I think the better tracks are stacked in the back half of the album and the album's first two tracks are not at all suited for the position chosen for them. The album really kicks into gear around track 4 and maintains a better pace from that point right to the end.
I would have opened with Heads Up and then moved into Endgame and then Rise.
Secondly the production this is certainly the best thing Ted has put his name too outside Danger Danger, but even then there is some room for further improvement.
A great emphasis has been put on making this album very melodic and drenching it in harmonies. What would have been nice is a harder hitting drum sound and a little more urgency to a couple of tracks. It wouldn't have hurt the album to be a little heavier and a little tougher. Ted is up to it and we sure know that Vic is up to it.
Just a little extra muscle could have seen the great songs within taken right over the top. Just two small points for an otherwise extremely enjoyable release.
Track By Track:
The most traditional Ted Poley sounding track of the album kicks things off. I don't think Yeah, U Want It is the best track on offer here at all and think it was a little safe to select it as the opening track. That said, it is still a typically catchy Poley number and immediately puts any talk of vocal demons to rest. A guest spot by original D2 axe-slinger Andy Timmons caps things off.
Breathing Doll is another track better suited for midway through the album and doesn't have enough impact for its position here. The drum beat is a little dull and repetitive, but the chorus and some strong guitar leads help make it work. Harem Scarem's Pete Lesperance guests on guitar.
The mellower pure AOR of Curtain Call will have fans of Poley's softer side gushing. Some very melodic guitar riffing and a wonderfully passionate lead vocal and catchy chorus will have fans singing along with this from the first listen. Vic's lead solo is also something to appreciate.
Endgame has a definite Adriangale vibe to it, with a dirtier guitar riff and a tougher vocal. I like it! The chorus takes a while to appear and isn't one of the album's strongest, but the track acts best as an album tempo changer.
The short Xavier Paladian (Snake Eye) solo fits in well, but could and should have been longer.
Maybe is a personal favourite. Kicking off with a slower, darker and moodier start, the track fires up with some strong guitar work and a brooding but memorable chorus. It again features a strong vocal performance.
Firehouse guitarist Bill Leverty supplies a super fine solo which suits the song to a tee.
Good Enough is another fine example of how a slight change in mood can do wonders for an album. The moody keyboard intro and a lower Poley vocal is in contrast to a great uptempo guitar fuelled chorus. A fine song and perfectly positioned in the scheme of the songs around it.
Hero Falling is a fairly straight forward mid-tempo rocker with a fine chorus that touches on Def Leppard style delivery.
Let Go is a very fine ballad with a sentimental heart and lots of harmony vocals.
Now to close we get the two very best tracks of the album. Refer back to my point about the song running order! Still, it is always good to end any album on a high note and Heads Up (Look Out Below) and Rise do that without question.
Heads Up contains that little extra bit of fire that I talked about earlier and features a brilliant chorus, strong guitar work and layers of lush harmonies! Rise continues the step up in tempo started by Heads Up. More strong guitar work and more harmonies combine with maybe the second best chorus of the album (following Heads Up) to deliver a one-two punch to seal the album.
The Bottom Line
Collateral Damage is another string to Vic's bow and sees his impressive resume growing. It is also Ted's finest solo moment to date and the signal of even better things to come.
Some fine songs and a strong emphasis on harmony and melody make this a very attractive record for fans of Ted's and straight melodic rock/AOR.
I'm looking forward to the duo's next record already.
Discography / Previously Projects
Danger Danger
Bone Machine
Collateral Damage

Line Up:
Ted Poley: Vocals
Vic Rivera: Guitars, Bass, Drums
Alex Salz: Keyboards

Essential For Fans Of:
Ted Poley
Danger Danger
Adriangale - Crunch
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Adriangale - Crunch
Track Listing
Yeah, U Want It
Breathing Doll
Curtain Call *
Endgame *
Maybe *
Good Enough
Hero Falling
Let Go
Heads Up (Look Out Below) *
Rise *

--*Best Tracks

21/06/06: scott -
Rating: 90
geat cd from a great performer have loved every thing he has done maybe and curtain falls are great songs.

01/06/06: JASON MARKS -
Rating: 100
Well this for me is a real killer album from ted! Great songs a few guests and a fantastic production! i cant stop playing this.
This guy puts his heart and soul into everything for us fans! and Ted u rock dude! thanks for the signed cd and im so looking forward to working with you later on pal.
Melodic rock is still alive!
Jay (ex S.I.N singer)

27/05/06: Mark -
Rating: 94
Have to agree with the majority here-the best Ted's done since his D2 heyday. Always loved his voice, and it's well displayed on this one.
Like someone else said, order it from Ted's website and he'll autograph it for you. Ted seems like a good guy, one who has time for the fans and seems to care, unlike most of your big rock star types. I hope he sells a lot of CDs and we get more in the future. Melodic rock isn't dead yet...

13/05/06: Rick W -
Rating: 0
Craig B. you must be tone deaf.... Ted Poley has a great melodic rock voice. Is it Michael Sweet or Fred Curci or even Terry Illous (my top 3), No..... but it is a great melodic voice.....

04/05/06: Mark -
Rating: 0
You can dislike Ted as a singer, but to call Paul Laine the "True" voice of D2 is just misguided.
That's like me saying Paul Rodgers is somehow the "true" voice of Queen because they're playing some shows with him fillng in for Freddie. Hello, McFly! Anybody home?

02/05/06: Craig Bishop -
Rating: 0
Vic rivera is awesome. His guitar playing is one of the best going round at the moment. With that said... Why on earth would he choose to write music for one of the weakest (yes I said WEAKEST!) ever vocalists in rock? This is going to put some noses out of joint but Poley's voice has and always will be, average at best. The Harmonies are the only thing stopping me from cringing every time he sings! I have always that his vocal style was "nasal" and this album only goes to prove that point. This would have sounded so good with Jamie Rowe(ADRIANGALE), Paul Laine(the true D2 vocalist) or anybody else for that matter, singing these cracking tunes. Oh well... Guess you can't always have the best of both worlds after all.

28/04/06: Axe-Machine -
Rating: 92
With this album, Ted has managed to slay all of the demons that plagued him throughout his time with Bone Machine and Melodica. Those albums were, for the majority, albums which featured only a couple of good tracks, and even then were lost to a sea of amateur production. This time however, Ted has returned with both the production AND the songs. That being said, I can't help but feel that two of the best tracks, Rise and (Heads Up) Look Out Below are lost at the back of this album, when quite clearly their quality is such that they should be out fighting on the front line.
Collateral Damage however, is certainly Ted's best work since 1993s Cockroach. From the Andy Timmons penned 'Yeah You Want It', through the likes of 'Maybe', 'Rise', 'Heads Up' and 'Curtain Call', this is the album that Melodica should have been. This album is superb and will probably appear in many a top-ten list this year. Poley / Rivera is supposed to be even better, and if that's true then I for one am glad that Ted's one of a kind voice is being put to good use once again. Essential release.

27/04/06: Splash -
Rating: 97
Ted Poley sounds great and without a doubt recorded a complete album with Collateral Damage. I was excited as the opening track started and Ted's voice came across as he did on the Danger Danger albums. "Breathing Doll" has a great guitar riff and an excellent chorus. Perfect song for Ted's voice. He sounds like he's really singing something he likes and believes in...
"Curtain Call" is another very strong melodic song. Perfect fit again. Wow three songs and three good tracks this has to be the end of the albums stellar material. I mean it is Ted Poley of Danger Danger right? What! Another cool riff, strong vocal performance and a catchy as hell bridge/chorus. When "Maybe" started it had a good modern pop rock vibe to it and again just works. This could be a hit in 2006 on radio. "Hero Falling" is my favorite track on the album because I am a sucker for that guitar riff and those bubblegum background vocals. One thing to point out is that the musical quality here is top notch. Great riffs, great solo's (remember songs that had solo's). This is the kind of album you can play loud in the car windows down singing along loudly and smiling your ass off. "Let Go" is the one and only mistep on this otherwise perfect album for this genre. Ted delivered an album that fans of Danger Danger will absolutely love. I applaud him for bringing the fans wishes for his album to fruition and wonderfully so! Damn good album man!!!

27/04/06: BigMike -
Rating: 90
Very solid release from Ted and much better than "Big". It is similar to "lovemetal" in some ways but has less keyboards and is a bit heavier. Could still have been heavier in some places though. Maybe, Heads Up and End Game are killer tracks and the best he has ever done, certainly outside of D2. Well done Ted, the best CD I have bought in the last 6 months.

21/04/06: Steve Norander -
Rating: 98
Ted Poley - Collateral Damage.

Well after a week of solid listening I can honestly say that the much anticipated solo release from Ted Poley Delivers as promised! The CD opens with "Yeah you want it, featuring Former Danger Danger band mate on guitar. It is a brilliant rocker, which if I didn't know better, would have thought it was a leftover track from "Screw it!". Next up is "Breathing Doll", which features Harem Scarem Guitarist Pete Lesperance, is another up tempo number with great Hooks and strong guitar leads. Then it moves into "Curtain call" a slower number with Ted's vocals at his best, A wonderful catchy chorus and not be forgotten is Vic Rivera's tasteful guitar work! Next up is "End game"
An up tempo rocker with a dark side, on this one you can definitely fell the AdrainGale influence, another strong song! Following up End Game is "Maybe". This is a true Gem, it starts off slow and builds to a great chorus and features Bill Leverty of Firehouse laying down a perfect solo. "Good Enough" is the next track, this one is my favorite song on the CD! Ted's vocals on this song are just Brilliant don't know what it is, but the verse vocals are different than I have ever heard him sing before and I love it. Then it jumps into a nice catchy & heavy chorus. This move into "Hero Falling" A solid
mid-tempo rocker, again Ted doing what he does best! "Let go" is next, a top notch ballad with great harmonies and fine guitar work! Now we are at the pinnacle on the disc and it goes out with a bang! "Heads up(look out below)" is a strait ahead, balls to the wall rocker that has it all, killer guitars, amazing chorus and harmonies. This is the song that all fans of Ted Poley have been longing for! Just when you think it can't get any better the CD end with the song "Rise"Which kicks it up another notch! Even heavier guitars, more harmonies and a chorus second to none!

Bottom line: This CD is a must for any fans of Danger Danger or AdrainGale, and for that matter fans of Rock & roll! Ted is at his best on this CD!! I have to give huge props to Vic "The Man" Rivera on this one, Is there anything he can't do? Brilliant song writer, guitar player, and one hell of a drummer!!!!!!!!!!! Kivel Records has once again delivered
a Top notch product! Well why are you still reading this??? Head over to or and buy it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

21/04/06: TF-X -
Rating: 100
alright guys i'm officially sick!!!!!

MAYBE gotta be the best song of all times, i just
cannot stop listening to it, ripped it on mp3 and
left it in Winamp with the REPEAT ON, it finish and repeats
finish and repeats.
what a FANTASTIC song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woooooow

"Maybe i'm the only one, hanging from the stars in your eyes...

Maybe i'm the only one to hold you for the rest of your life

MAYBE i'm the only one in love....JUST MAYBE"

HOLY CRAP!! the best!!

20/04/06: Andy -
Rating: 96
This is one helluva CD! The vocals are outstanding, Vic provides a tight rhythm section and the guest soloists are incredible!
The songs stick with you long after the CD has ended, and I've woken up the past few nights with some of these tunes still playing in my head. That's the sign of a great song! Excellant job to Ted, one of my absolute favorite vocalists out there. I look forward to your next release.
I got my copy autographed by Ted at his web site, so check it out there and support this hardworking artist. Keep Rockin' Ted!

19/04/06: Steve Lorenz -
Rating: 95
WOW!! This is as close to a new D2 CD that we may ever get. This is the CD of the summer and I doubt there will be anything to top this one. Fantastic vocals, Ted really show you his range, as many of you know that was missing on his last cds. Ted you have out done yourself. Great production this CD has it all!! I love Breathing Doll, Yea You Want It, and Head Up will be stuck in my head for months!! One small gripe, I did want a couple more tunes to really kick that is why a 95 not 100!

15/04/06: Glass Eye Dude -
Rating: 90
Sorry for the mistake....CRUNCH VERSION 2 is the song HERO FALLING, not HEADS UP as i mentioned earlier. ;)

15/04/06: Glass Eye Dude -
Rating: 90
Ted Poley is back and better than ever and Melodica
is gone with its very bad sounding vocals and music.
this album is great many a times thought i was listening
to Adriangale - Crunch.

The song HEADS UP is actually the track CRUNCH with a reversed
guitar notes. i defy anyone to state otherwise, this song IS
actually Adriangale CRUNCH (2nd track in adriangale album)
with a little variation and lyrics. let's call it CRUNCH version 2. ;)


RISE is what AOR is all about and one of the best song ever!!!!!
same goes for the rest of the album, i cant get into Breathing Doll but will try some more.

this album is a MUST BUY!!!!!!!!

15/04/06: Rick -
Rating: 99
I never give perfect reviews, but this one is damn close. Poley and Rivera together have made an incredible cd that brings you right back to the late 80's. There are a lot of rockers on here that will keep fans of D2 happy. Heads Up, Yeah You Want It, Breathing Doll, and Endgame are classic. Let Go and Maybe slow it down enough nicely at points. This cd is right where Ted and Vic should be musically. A little feel of Adriangale, along with the old school feeling of D2. Great CD!

14/04/06: Legumo -
Rating: 90
Ted Poley re-invented. nuff said
this is a great album and gone are the stupidity
poley used to do with his voice, clean production
and great songs.

must buy.

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