Thunder The Magnificent Seventh Frontiers Records
Produced By: Luke Morley

Running Time: 53.42

Release Date: February 21

Released: EU

Musical Style: Melodic Hard Rock

Links: Thunder Frontiers
Songs: 94%
Sound: 96%
Thunder are another band that have delivered a variety of styles on their albums over the years seemingly getting mellower as time went on until they eventually disbanded. Since their reformation, it's obvious the guys have clearly decided to listen to their fans more and through this and their last album, have delivered exactly what they were best loved for in the beginning.
Shooting At The Sun was a very strong comeback album that saw the band head back towards their hard edged, dirty rock n roll style, as was where they started with Back Street Symphony and Laughing On Judgment Day.
Now for The Magnificent Seventh, which is just that magnificent! The band further return to their roots with what is arguably their heaviest, or most rocking affair since those first two classic albums.
This new album also tops Shooting At The Sun due to an even stronger collection of songs and a super crisp production in which Luke Morley's guitar is given center stage.
You've heard the lead track and single I Love You More Than Rock 'n' Roll, which is destined to be a live favourite, but what else does the album offer?
Highlights include the stomping rocker The Gods Of Love, which includes a heavy fire guitar riff that reminds me of the first time I played their wonderful debut as does Amy's On The Run and One Foot In The Grave, which are more classic Thunder rockers, with guitars right in your face.
Fade Into The Sun is something a little different the tempo is up, yet the vibe a little more urgent and the guitar sound is something new. Good to see the boys mixing it up a little.
You Can't Keep A Good Man Down is nothing short of a barnstorming, bring the house down rocker, which works well in it's position in the running order. And what a guitar solo!
Always enamored with the mid-tempo rocker, Thunder continues to deliver there also with a couple of solid tracks in Monkey See, Monkey Do and The Pride.
I'm Dreaming Again is a soft, sentimental, acoustic driven ballad as is Together Or Apart both tracks breaking up the intensity of the rockers around them and adding texture to the album the latter getting a little bluesier and dirtier as time moves on.
To finish the album, you guessed it - One Fatal Kiss rocks again, but this time just a little less than some earlier tracks and in an original format.
The Bottom Line
This could be the most uptempo Thunder album on record but that aside, it ranks with the first two albums as the band's best three releases. Some I think, might even rate this above Laughing On Judgment Day. The band recognizes their strengths and has produced a record with those squarely in mind. Where it ranks will be up to fans, but without any doubt, this is classic Thunder in every sense and is the kind of album some other artists should check out as an example of how to do things right!
Discography / Previously Reviewed
Backstreet Symphony
Laughing On Judgement Day
Behind Closed Doors
Thrill Of It All
Giving The Game Away
Shooting At The Sun

Line Up
Danny Bowes: Vocals
Luke Morley: Guitar
Ben Mathews: Rhythm Guitar, Keyboards
Harry James: Drums
Chris Childs: Bass

Essential for fans of:
Thunder - Back Street Symphony
Quality British Melodic Hard Rock
Track Listing
I Love You More Than Rock 'n' Roll*
The Gods Of Love*
Monkey See, Monkey Do
I'm Dreaming Again
Amy's On The Run*
The Pride
Fade Into The Sun
Together Or Apart
You Can't Keep A Good Man Down*
One Foot In The Grave*
One Fatal Kiss*
--*Best Tracks

29/05/06: stevie p -
Rating: 98
This is a tremendous album !

I've always liked Thunder but there has never been a killer album for me - this is it !
A really strong album from start to finish. Standouts - "I LOVE YOU...". "Amy's on the run" and for me, the best song they have ever done "Fade into the sun". Great riffs, great vocals - a great album !

27/07/05: Laurent -
Rating: 90
Very good. The inspiration is back ! Compares easily with their early work. Danny Bowes is an amazing singer and the whole band performs brilliantly. No fillers. Excellent from A to Z !

12/07/05: Arney -
Rating: 90
I am really enjoying this release from THUNDER.The opening track is a killer & the rest of the album doesn't dissapoint at all.I am glad the boys have gone back to the formula that works for them the best with this CD & the previous(shooting at the sun).I read in an interveiw that they may be coming to Australia, lets hope (even though I see it as unlikely)!Bands & releases of this calibre are somewhat hard to find, thanks for a great album.

10/06/05: DeKozzen -
Rating: 85
Very good album. I can play it a few times after each other, but there it stops. Did not grab me like their first albums, but is better than the last albums. 1) BSS 2)LOJD 3)TMS and then the rest. Cheers.

27/04/05: Rockhead -
Rating: 95
A fantastic Cd that harks back to the classic Debut and Laughing. This is getting stacks of airplay. Stand out track is Amy on the run-a true Thunder classic. More of the same please!!

26/04/05: Mitch Stevenson -
Rating: 85
These guys have come a long way from the first timw I saw them play live (Perth City Lesser Hall, Scotland) before the release of Back Street Symphony. This CD does regress back to those days, but not in it's entirity.

They still show the desire to write a mean song - "I Love You More Than Rock n' Roll" - but also can deliver that something just a wee bit different - "Fade Into The Sun" - which is my persoanl favourite from the CD.

Certainly worthy of a listen, although I do disagree with the Bad Company/ACDC comparison mentioned earlier.

They certainly rocked with this material when I saw them play it live in Glasgow.

26/04/05: Travis -
Rating: 94
I like this one a great deal. Have to say No song catches me quite like 'Loser' from Staring at the Sun. Very worth while nevertheless. Amy's on the Run, Together or apart, The God's of love, all great tracks.

Imo 4th best album behind ST, Staring, Behind Closed doors.

19/04/05: Russ -
Rating: 90
Great album - very strong set of songs and one of the best live bands around. The whole Magnificent Seventh concept with the artwork and intro music live works really well. The only thing which means it doesn't quite match earlier glories is that Danny's voice is a bit underplayed in the mix. He's a truly great singer but somehow the way his voice is produced for this is just a little bit "dry". The songs come across far better live but this is still a very good album.

13/04/05: Rob -
Rating: 98
I have always been a massive fan of Thunder having seen them live for the first time at thier first appearance a Donnington. If you've never seen them live then I suggest you treat yourself as Danny Bowes voice is only truly done just on the live stage.
Anyway back to the album...I've scored it so highly not just because I think they are a great band but also becuase this album really does take me back to when i first brought BSS all those years ago...but ofcourse with a far more `modern' edge.
my favourite songs are Amys on the Run and Fade into the sun...both fantastic songs IMO.

21/03/05: Terry K. -
Rating: 95
Once again this great band creates a very powerful set of songs that are very true to their style and what fans love most about them. I love Luke's songwriting, and Danny's voice is top-notch here as usual! I won't rate this higher that 'Shooting At The Sun'(that was a bit more adventurous-this one is more 'safe' within their style) but it's fantastic none the less and highly recommended. If you haven't heard these guys yet-then this is a perfect place to dive in. (my personal fav's are 'Behind Closed Doors & 'Laughing On Judgement Day',but all their releases are great!)

19/03/05: Freddy De Keyzer -
Rating: 75
Good quality hardrock, but nothing more than that !
This act is a bit overrated, I'm afraid.
It's not bad at all, but sometimes too bluesy !
Still, certainly worth a listen !

19/03/05: Shade -
Rating: 94
Very much agreed here. It's still early, I have to live with the album more, I would have given "Shooting..." a 95 or even 96 so, the new is a absolute killer record, right now I like the last one a little better. But like somebody said already contender for Album of the year, yes !
Very disappointed only three shows in Germany and the next one is 400 km away from me... :-( and in the middle of the week...

19/03/05: mrh -
Rating: 95
Again agree with Andrew's rating. As good as Back Street Symphony. No fillers. For all those loves of ACDC, Bad Co. & Led Zepplin as they blend all these vibes together very nicely and make a very consistent and unique "Thunder" sound all their own

19/03/05: Jeff -
Rating: 91
The best thunder disc in the last 10 years!!!! I love this cd however the score would have been higher if the I Love You More Than Rock N'Roll B-Sides would have made the release!!! This is a definate contender for album of the year. I will see after I hear the new Harem Scarem cd!!!

Peace Out!

18/03/05: WardyS3 -
Rating: 85
Bloody fantastic album, this is the Thunder I was hoping for when they released Shooting at the sun. Big chorus, big guitars and that tongue firmly in cheek. As per normal I like the heavier tracks best but confess to having major weak spot for both Amy's on the Run and I'm Dreaming again (which reminds me a little of that horrible country rock crossover song "I wanna spend the rest of my life, with you by my side" ya know the one!) but don't let that disturb you like it did me, hate to kill a good song for you :) Personally the opening track with all it's big sound and heaps of fun just doesn't rock me but I don't skip over it, just thought odd to be opening track considering Thunder's opening tracks have normally been better than this (I'm thinking Loser, Moth to the Flame, that kinda thing).

Anyway, good to see the band have 'Finally' released something worthy of their first three albums. Bloody well done!

18/03/05: Lars Seeliger -
Rating: 95
Another great album of the Band, the whole thing reminds me on Backstreet Symphony & Laughing on judgement day. Great to see their back at their best side.

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