TNT All The Way To The Sun MTM Music
· Produced By: Tony Harnell & Ronnie LeTekro

· Running Time: 45.03

· Release Date: October 28

· Released:

· Musical Style: Melodic Hard Rock

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Songs: 86%
Sound: 94%
I loved TNT's last album My Religion from the word go and it only got better. I still rate it as an absolute classic. But in some ways I have really struggled with All The Way To The Sun. It has taken a lot more time to really appreciate this album and while I still rate it as another great TNT release, for me it doesn't quite match the warmth or the brilliance of My Religion.
After much thought and contemplation I must put my reservations down to the songs themselves, as the style is not far removed from the last album.
All The Way To The Sun is a little more contemporary than My Religion, but it does carry the sound and production style of that record over – especially in the guitar sound, which is emphasized further.
The songs of this album are definitely harder to digest on initial playback. It's not until you really get to know the record that they fully reveal themselves and even then, I think a few choruses are a little weak. What I really loved about My Religion was being hammered over the head with classic chorus after classic chorus, with each track really driven by a big hook.
All The Way To The Sun features songs that are more complex without being overly intricate. The album is also a little more aggressive in nature, which some will definitely find appealing.
That said – this album still features some classic songs and I'm sure TNT fans will all walk away happy with the result. It was always going to be near impossible to follow up the classic My Religion and please everyone, so I think all in all, the guys have done a very credible job.
TNT has moved on without abandoning the style and culture of My Religion, but has managed to avoid repeating themselves or standing still.
The guitars and vocals are the most prominent element of the album's sound with the rhythm section featuring a little lower in the mix. It has to be said that Tony's vocal performance is among his best ever and caps a year that included the amazing Starbreaker release.
Track By Track:
All The Way To The Sun kicks off in a more aggressive fashion than My Religion with the rocker A Fix. Double kick drum fuels the track which features a commanding lead vocal, but a less domineering guitar riff. The chorus is very simple and for most of the song features only the lead vocal. A prominent feature of this album is simpler choruses.
Too Late features a stronger guitar riff and a smoother more restrained vocal. The chorus is fairly simple again, maintaining the even flow of the song. Ronnie let's fly with a nice solo mid-song.
Driving comes to life with a more intricate and melodic guitar riff, with Tony's vocals matching the mood. The chorus is upon you before you realize and is gone just as quickly. It is a catchy and intelligent little number with a definite pop vibe. I love the guitar riff and the chorus becomes easier to like each listen.
Me and I is a very cool track. Something a little different is on offer from TNT here. A moody vocal is backed by a heard edged guitar riff and the chorus is huge. All the while the tempo stays pretty relaxed. It features a nice guitar solo and a great lead vocal and takes some listening to, but is one of the album's gems.
Sometimes is the lead single and a clear pick at that. Another gem from the album, with another great chorus - this is one of TNT's most commercial and catchy songs in a long time and given the chance could fit into radio playlists. But what are the chances of that happening?
All The Way To The Sun is a heavier, darker and more aggressive song that follows the lighter more melodic tones of the last two tracks perfectly. This track has a monster guitar riff and a groove to match. Tony's vocals are right in your face and very aggressive. Great to hear more guitar solos in music and Ronnie again lays it on. The song's chorus is short, but memorable and matches the style of the album as a whole.
Next up a somewhat bizarre selection. A cover of the Louis Armstrong classic What A Wonderful World. While the song features what is an amazing vocal - smooth, soulful and controlled – it remains out of place amongst the more aggressive material here.
The Letter returns to the style and sound of the opening two tracks. Short sharp guitar riffs and a prominent vocal. The song misses a bigger chorus though. The simple change in flow to accommodate a brief chorus could have been more pronounced. I will say that Tony's vocal on this track is incredible.
Mastic Pines is a short instrumental piece which for me ends a mid-album run of tracks that could have been stronger.
The short, but effective Black Butterfly gets things back on track. This is an aggressive and hard hitting little rocker that features some cool guitar work but again could have been even better with a bigger chorus.
Save Your Love is a little more relaxed and more melodic, even with a forceful vocal. The chorus is definitely a more instant hook and the song balances the aggression of the past few tracks.
Closing the new album is Ready to Fly – a highlight for the album and once again, something a little different for the band. The song features a strong chorus, without being immediate and has a contemporary feel but remains true to the overall TNT sound.
The Bottom Line
TNT never repeat themselves and once again have progressed a little further with All The Way To The Sun. Long time fans are sure to be pleased, with the album featuring several new gems.
The album is a change from My Religion and I think the nature of it will see some fans claiming it to be an even better release than the last album, with other fans possibly disappointed in the end result.
It takes time to get to know and appreciate, so give it that time before casting judgment. I think it is another great TNT album, but in my opinion not quite the classic My Religion was.
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· Intuition
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· Firefly
· Transistor
· The Big Bang
· Taste
· My Religion
· All The Way To The Sun

Line Up:
· Tony Harnell: Vocals
· Ronnie LeTekro: Guitars
· Diesel Dahl: Drums
· Sid Ringsby: Bass

Essential For Fans Of:
· Tony Harnell
Track Listing
· A Fix
· Too Late
· Driving*
· Me And I*
· Sometimes*
· All The Way To The Sun
· What A Wonderful World
· The Letter
· Mastic Pines
· Black Butterfly
· Save Your Love*
· Ready To Fly*
--*Best Tracks

23/08/06: gregg -
Rating: 88
Very good CD. TNT: the one 80's band evolved into something
more and greater in the present. "Ready to Fly" is song of the year

25/07/06: Ralf -
Rating: 95
This is not as good as "My Religion" was, but much better than what other bands offered in 2005. Show me a 2005 released cd with: 1.better lead vocals, 2.better guitar work and 3.better production/mix than on this album. Not possible!

15/04/06: Steve Lorenz -
Rating: 60
As much as I tried I just can't get into this CD. My Religion is vastly superior to this. I agree with another post that the songs sound rushed and the lyrics just don't have anything that you can hold on to and make you want to sing along. They can do better but it looks like this will be the last TNT too bad that they have to leave on a poor cd like this one.

03/04/06: Robert M. Hammill -
Rating: 88
This CD is great. It's just not as good as "My Religion". And how could anyone expect something as good or better than "My Religion"? These guys deserve to be stars. A TNT record never disappoints!

18/02/06: Don Manzo -
Rating: 90
First, this is a good disc. Is it flawed...yes. What a wonderful world to my ears is horrendous and should have only been a bonus track. Ronnie's guitar solos in spots should have definetely been re-done. "A Fix" has some of the most out of key solo lines I have heard in a long time. What were you thinking? Not even close! But Tony Harnell's vocals on this whole disc are simply amazing. It does sound like they rushed this out...but TNT are still a breath of fresh air in todays musical landscape. Some songs are great, alot of them. Some sound like works in progress. Still, its definetely worth buying. Hopefully they can get the side projects out of the way for the next one and make another killer TNT disc like My Religion.

02/02/06: Stephen Farrar -
Rating: 88
TNT always puts out interesting, if not totally consistent, releases and this one isn't an exception. I've only gotten to listen to half of the album so far, but I like most of it. I did wonder why they put "What a Wonderful World" - it seems like a more of a curiousity piece than anything else. However, it didn't detract from my overall listening pleasure; sure, the production is more modern and it's doesn't boast the 'classic' sound of My Religion, but it's still a darn good album. 88 out of 100

01/02/06: Rocknrooster -
Rating: 97
Maybe about three tracks don't hit the mark but the disc is a pleasant evolution of TNT bringing in some of the side project influences into the mix. I like it a bit more than "My Religion" which was phenomenal but wouldn't have been as memorable if it didn't have the "Taste" tracks added in.

24/12/05: Jonas Svensson -
Rating: 80
This years biggest disappointment to me, but there is some great vocals as always when it comes to Mr Harnell. To me the songs are quite poor, like they where written in a rush.
These guys can do much better than this.

09/12/05: Don Watson -
Rating: 95
Simply Awesome! Like another reviewer stated listen 5-6 times cranked up and see if this doesn't explode on you! Does this release have second-to-none vocals? Does this release have non-stop un-real guitar licks? Isn't the production and sound top notch? Are the songs catchy and different? Isn't it great TNT trys to do something a little different each release? Isn't this all the qualities most of us scream for all the time? How some of these reviews could be negative toward such a great release shows this type of music will probably never make a huge comeback. SAD BUT TRUE. Thank-You TNT for giving a few of us some GREAT updated music to enjoy!

30/11/05: Axe Machine -
Rating: 80
Nowhere near as good as the awesome New Religion. Not a bad album, but certainly no tracks where you could say "that's gonna be the single". Certainly no poor tracks, but no really good ones either. Tony Harnell fans should invest their hard earned dollars in the Starbreaker instead. Disapponted.

26/11/05: Arney -
Rating: 95
I didn't know what to expect when reading reveiws for this album before finally receiving it in the mail, & I must say I love it!! But then again I also love TNT's Firefly & Transistor album's which many find stray's a bit to far from the classic TNT sound path. This album embraces elements of those 2 past releases yet also has many songs that could also fit nicely alongside many tracks taken from Tell No Tales or Realised Fantasies.It's an all round TNT album covering all their past influences which is great because of the depth & variety it has to offer.Best songs are the final 3, Black Butterfly, Save your love & Ready to fly, Black Butterfly at this point my most favorite out of these. I also enjoy the cover of What a wonderful world, which even my Little kids sing along with as they are familiar with the words as it's on the movie Madagascar. Overall superb album & well written songs the boys have done themselves proud once again!Thankyou.

20/11/05: Figge -
Rating: 87
This was a huge disappointment to me. I simply LOVED "My Religion" and I expected, or hoped rather, to hear something in the same vein as that masterpiece. Too bad! This album is nowhere near the sheer quality of it's predecessor.

At times some hope builds up....just to let you down come chorus time. I agree very much with reviewer Don (below) about what is supposed to be the chorus/hook being like bridges to....nothing, in many songs. Especially in "The Letter", which could've been a massive hit if it wasn't for the lack of a real hook/chorus. The lines "but all the words in this world..." are fabulous, then the "all I can do" repeated FOUR times, is at least three times too much and ruins the whole feel of the song. The cover of "Wonderful World" is totally out of place and wrongfully placed right in the middle of the tracklist. If it had to be included, they could've at least put it as the album closer.

There are of course some highlights. The best tracks in my opinion are "Too Late" (the closest to "Religion" we come on theis album), "Driving", "The Letter" (in spite of...) and "Ready To Fly". The sound on the album is very good and quite "light". As always Le Tekrö shows his brilliance, both as a rhythm and solo guitarist and Tony's vocals are as immaculate as ever.

Still, TNT is one of the best acts around these days and the album is among the 10 best this year, no doubt. But as a follow up to "My Religion" this one falls quite weak.

I'm waiting for the next masterpiece by these guys....I know there will be one. :-)


11/11/05: Splash -
Rating: 90
TNT have been around forever now and to release an album that is 100% rocking fun after so long is astonishing. The leadoff track is good could have soared a little more oldschool but still a good introduction to an album that stands up to anything they have released previously. "Driving" is a wonderful song. Might be my favorite TNT song since "10,000 Lovers In One". The only song on the album is title track that could have been left behind. It is a Led Zep inspired track which I could care less about anyone paying homage to that band so blatantly anymore. The balls it took to put "What A Wonderful World" on a metal album for metal fans to hear! I applaud them loudly for that and I enjoyed their rendition which will be going on my 2005 christmas mix cd. What else can I say about such a good album? There are big bands and then there are bands that should have been huge and its too bad that TNT fall into the latter category. Only Gotthard have been screwed over more! Support the good stuff ignore the crap!

09/11/05: Restless One -
Rating: 91
Ok not a masterpiece, but a good progression from My Religion. songs( Driving, Me and I, Sometimes ) are suberb tracks and A Fix has a killer guitar riff BUT the middle of the disc has a few boring standard type songs and a strange choice of cover song A Wonderful World? doesn't quite work. Picks up again for the last two tracks which are very good indeed. All The Way To The Sun has a brilliant original modern sound and a couple of songs 'Sometimes'and 'Driving' that could do well on radio playlists. Just wish the cd was all Killer! Andrew was spot on with his review.....

04/11/05: Dave Crompton -
Rating: 90
Come on guys/gals, less of the negativity !!! You knew it would be almost impossible to match the quality of My Religion -
however, this album is not far off that amazing standard .... you just have to give it TIME !!!!!
Don't judge this album until you have listened to it at least 6 times, then you'll find the quality hits you like a sledge hammer.
Yes, this is more diverse than My Religion, but isn't that what we really want ?
Well done to everyone involved in making this album - a lot of thought, effort and commitment has gone into the recording, so just give it a chance and STOP moaning !!!!!!
When's the next one released ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dave C

04/11/05: zok -
Rating: 60
I cant say that I am a big TNT fan, but I have some of the older records and My religon. And My relgion was a surprise but not a big classic but its very good. But with this new realease "way to the sun" they have put out a poor realease. Where are the good songs, and a meanless cover of "what a wonderful world" why??
I think that its have gone to fast since "My religon" time can do fine things..some band should think about that.

02/11/05: John -
Rating: 92
Folks. I am a HUGE TNT/HARNELL fan. I must say, the Cd Rocks and to be honest leaves a little on teh table from the My religion CD which I voted a smooth 100 on the rate chart.The guys have stayed focused and the band has gotten better at repeating themselves but yet remembering where they come from. Guitar work is 2nd to none. A must buy! Period!

01/11/05: Freddy De Keyzer -
Rating: 78
Won't call this a masterpiece at all, but it's not as bad as some write !
A bit more modern (thanks God it's not too modern !!!) and even some AOR touches here.
No, I'm not disappointed.
A decent CD.

01/11/05: Don -
Rating: 88
Andrew hit the nail right on the head with his review this time ! This is a very good TNT album - not quite great, and not quite the classic MY RELIGION was. I do give them credit for not repeating themselves and evolving with each album, but I always have strongly believed that when you evolve and move forward you should retain all the signature elements of your sound and add new and fresh elements. In short, YOU ADD BUT DO NOT SUBTRACT ! On this CD, to some degree, TNT have left behind some of their trademark catchy-as-hell hooks to the point where a few songs almost sound incomplete. As Andrew said, MY RELIGION's strength was that it continuously beat you over the head with catchy chorus after catchy chorus. This time, on a few numbers - particularly the title track and THE LETTER, the part of the song that functions as the chorus sounds more like a bridge and it builds us up for a chorus that never comes ! The title track has an awesome groove and riff, monster verse, an interesting section that we later find out IS the chorus, and then nothing ! THE LETTER's chorus should have been a bridge section with a monster hook following it.
On the other hand, songs like SOMETIMES, TOO LATE, DRIVING, SAVE YOUR LOVE, and READY TO FLY (great example of moving forward and not subtracting your awesome hooks, guys!) are among the catchiest things these guys have ever put on tape and I can't help but still reccomend this in spite of its few minor flaws. I guess I love everything these guys do (FIREFLY, although their weakest album, did have some great moments as did TRANSISTOR)
If these guys can keep progressing while still holding onto their unique hooks next time, the results will be monster.

01/11/05: Almir Fuschini -
Rating: 85
Totally with Andrew in this one.
Is not "My Religion" #2 but have great songs and Mr. Harnell's voice in the right field (personally, I didn't like the Starbreaker project).

Some fans may curse me for this but the opener is not great.
And What a Wonderfull World is completelly out of place.
I mean, ok, let's do a cover of a classic song, but this...
It has to be something personal from the guys of the band.
There's no other reason.

The overall feel of the album is good. Songs and production are OK and Mr. Harnell sounds better each album.

01/11/05: Draka -
Rating: 90
Top-quality as always.
It takes a few more times to get used to its more updated sound, but it remains a TNT classic.

01/11/05: pacopuma -
Rating: 60
The worst cd of the band in many years. The quality of the songs is poor. I am a great fan of TNT but I'm very disapoinment with this Cd.

01/11/05: SunlessStar -
Rating: 100
Masterpiece!! They have done one more time...
Pure original sound, wise songwriting and the best performance ever done by the best band in the world!

TNT rules

01/11/05: Lynchomaniac -
Rating: 65
I must admit I'm not too content with this relase by the Norwegian/American collaboration. Once again the band brings us a surprise (with this band it's never boring.... well maybe with the exception of Transistor)so you really can't say that they repeat themselves. Having said that, I would have hoped for an album along the lines of the simply magical My religion, but what we get is a few songs in that classic TNT vein; A fix (Tekrö being Lynchlike at times), The Letter and Save your love. Other highlites include; the heavy Black Butterfly and All the way to the sun and the more contemporary Me and I as well as the Melodic pearl Ready to fly. While being a daring choice I feel like Andrew that What a wonderful world is completely out of place, almost emberrasing I would have to say! The rest of the material is of a lower quality and certainly substandard to anything on My religion. Sometimes as a single I can understand from a commercial point of view, but it's among the weakest tracks here. I feel very strongly that this is an album that won't appeal that much to most of the hordes of fans of the classic TNT material, although fans of the more contemporary TNT-stuff like Firefly and Transistor will be at least somewhat pleased. All the way to the sun is a diverse and at times hard album to get into, I predict it will divide the fans into 2 camps. The band have made a record that I see as something of a compromise, somewhere inbetween the classic stuff and the more contemporary

31/10/05: Nuno -
Rating: 100
If you don't have it, go buy it now!!


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