TNT My Religion MTM Music
· Produced By: Ronni Le Tekro and Tony Harnell. Mixed By: Tommy Hansen

· Running Time: 44.58

· Release Date: March 8

· Released: EU JP US

· Musical Style: Melodic Hard Rock

· Links: MTM TNT
Songs: 100%
Sound: 100%
It's a tough call. Its 2004 – does a band attempt to recreate its glory days by returning to the sound fans have called for, or do they continue to try and update their sound in an attempt to reach new fans and appeal to programmers of today's rock.
The best possible outcome is an album that is based around a band's classic sound, but yet manages to incorporate fresh new elements and updated production values to create a blend of the best both worlds. Take Danger Danger's last couple of albums as two of the best examples of this approach working in their favor.
Many bands that take this route fail due to poor songwriting. Regardless of style, you can't make a great record without memorable songs.
As is often the case, yesterday's best bands struggle to match their past form or move so far away from it that few are happy.
But not so TNT. After two quite experimental releases, My Religion sees the band make the toughest of calls – they have returned to their much loved classic sound, while not forsaking the advances they have made as songwriters and performers.
In short - they have nailed it.
My Religion is such a breath of fresh air; it will have others lining up to emulate its design and will be used as a yardstick for other releases for some time to come.
TNT have reached into their past and brought back the power, the style, the melodies and the harmonies from such classics as Tell No Tales and Intuition. They have mixed those elements with an updated and more contemporary production and a seriously rejuvenated kick-ass delivery.
The performances on this album are also something to behold. Tony Harnell has never sounded more powerful. What's really pleasing is the variety in Tony's vocals. He has a fabulous ability to deliver a gut wrenching growl one moment and an ear piercing scream the next. This album sees the return of the much loved high-pitch vocal and accompanying harmonies, especially come chorus time, but with new warmth and depth to the overall vocal. I seriously think Tony just gets better and better.
Ronni Le Tekro is also on fire. His guitar riffing is at times as heavy as it has ever been, really driving the songs of My Religion. Special mention of the soloing must be made. Within this album are some of the best guitar solos I have heard in many years and it's great to see an album with a contemporary feel, big choruses and guitar solos! Far too many artists have forgotten that this is an important aspect of any rock album.
And the rhythm section of Morty Black and Diesel Dahl have never sounded better.
The album features a collection of fabulous songs – they all have their unique individual identities, yet flow perfectly together and make up an extremely cohesive album.
The production quality is nothing short of a world beating, major label standard.
If only more albums sounded as good as this and had as much life and zest to them.
The album was produced by Ronni Le Tekro and Tony Harnell, but an important factor is the mix by famed producer Tommy Hansen. Tommy could not have done a better job of piecing the parts together and has balanced the vocals, guitars and the rhythm section perfectly.
The fact is that My Religion is a masterpiece. A perfect album. I just can't get enough of this. It's one of the very best I have had the pleasure of reviewing since I started this site and is easily one of the best melodic hard rock records in recent years. Whenever I have had to take a ride over the past 4 months, the only album that has come on every single journey has been this one.
And it's the whole package to…great artwork, great songs, great sound.
After several weeks of continuous playing, there are still new elements to the album to discover and as each week passes, a different track is named as favourite. There are several moods within the album, which keeps things really interesting and brings the listener back for more. It's musically interesting, quite complex and definitely challenging, yet remarkable accessible.
Track By Track:
I wouldn't call Invisible Noise a predictable album opener. It bursts out of a short intro with a trademark Harnell scream, before falling into a mid-tempo groove. Tony's vocals are powerful, yet subtle and the track features a simple but effective chorus melody. Add in some random guitar soloing and a mid-track break and you have a really interesting track.
She Needs Me is just killer - a real feel good anthem. This is one of my favourite TNT tracks ever. It features a dark and heavy guitar riff and a truly powerful lead vocal that simply explodes come chorus time, with a monster hook and that trademark high-pitch delivery. The beefed up rhythm section and dark and moody feel to the track accompany the song's theme perfectly. Surely this will be a main contender for Song Of The Year.
If She Needs Me is TNT 2004, Lonely Nights has the vibe of early TNT, with a style that wouldn't be out of place on Intuition. The chorus is another burst-through anthem, with more soaring vocals and a great Queen style guitar solo mid-track. A sing a long favourite and one of the more traditional style TNT tracks on the album.
My Religion is perfectly placed as the dark, hard-edged, aggressive rocker, with Ronni's guitar riffs right in your face. Tony's lead vocals have a menacing edge to them and take my word for it – don't stand anywhere near the speaker when he let's scream before the guitar solo. Ear bleeding stuff! One of the album's heaviest tracks and a fantastic example of a more aggressive and hard rocking TNT.
Fans will be familiar with Give Me A Sign – which was also featuring on last year's EP. This version has been remixed into character with the rest of the album, with a more prominent lead vocal and even more guitar further up in the mix. It was one of the two best tracks on the EP and fits in perfect context with the full album. Perfectly is the album's first ballad. This is classic Tony Harnell – powerful and soaring vocals take the track right over the top, especially during the sentimental chorus. The song starts acoustically and builds throughout, into a full band track by the end. There's a hint of Tony's Morning Wood project about this song.
After the ballad, You'll Be There gets things rocking again, with a strong mid-tempo pop rocker with a real groove and a happy go lucky feel to it. The chorus is very subtle, but gets better and more obvious with repeat listens and will be another favourite for melodic fans.
Flow is a brief acoustic segway into the moody hard rocker Live Today, another track from the EP. This was my pick as best track from the EP and again, it fits perfectly into the scheme of the album as a whole. I never get tired of hearing this, with Harnell in great voice and letting fly with a dark and aggressive lead vocal.
Changing tact is Everybody's Got A Secret - another track that is destined to be ranked a fan favourite. Like Satellite from the EP, this track features a very pop groove and has a distinct 80's feel to it. The uptempo, feel good pop/rocker with an instantly catchy chorus, will be one of the easiest tracks to appreciate and is a great balancing track to the darker and moodier elements within the album.
Everything U R features another classic TNT guitar riff, but the song itself is a little different and shows yet another personality within the album. It's not the most immediate track, but rather is another grower, with a simple, but effective chorus.
The last full track of the album is the haunting ballad Song For Diana. This is unlike any other TNT track I have heard. The Celtic styled ballad features a sparse, but complex arrangement and a female vocal from Tony's talented wife, to accompany his lead vocal, which really draws the listener in.
The Last Word is another short and simple instrumental piece which closes the album.
The Bottom Line
I think this is the best possible album TNT could have recorded. It pays respect to their past and to what the fans wanted from a new album, while not obviously sounding like they are repeating themselves.
All said and done, the album flows perfectly from the opening to the closing, with each track between another gem. It's one of the best albums TNT have ever recorded and quite possibly the best ever. I've had their classic Tell Not Tales for 17 years now, so My Religion has a lot to live up to, but so far it's doing a brilliant job.
I can't imagine any TNT fan not impressed with this release. It's just that good. In fact, I can't imagine any rock fan not impressed with it.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
· Knights Of The New Thunder
· Tell No Tales
· Intuition
· Realized Fantasies
· Firefly
· Transistor
· The Big Bang
· Taste
· My Religion

Line Up
· Tony Harnell: Vocals
· Ronni LeTekro: Guitar
· Diesel Dahl: Drums
· Morty Black: Bass

Essential for fans of:
· Westworld
· Danger Danger
Track Listing
· Invisible Noise*
· She Needs Me*
· Lonely Nights*
· My Religion*
· Give Me A Sign
· Perfectly*
· You'll Be There
· Flow (Inst.)
· Live Today
· Everybody's Got A Secret*
· Everything U R
· Song For Diana
· The Last Word (Inst.)
--*Best Tracks

21/05/07: ThraX -
Rating: 100
I love this album it has the classic TNT sound but with a modern type of feel , Tony Harnell's vocals are top notch as usual......This is actually my favorite album of theirs besides "Intuition" & Realized Fantasies"......Melodic Rock at it's best!

24/11/04: Mika -
Rating: 75
What´s up with people this is not the greatest record 2004 it´s just good not near to great or rating of 100 but still that´s my opinion this is not the TNT album either it´s not close to will not be in my top 10 or even top 20 of 2004

29/10/04: hans -
Rating: 100
A masterpiec TONY HARNELL the best

23/10/04: Paul -
Rating: 100
This is one cd worth the money paid for it, the songs are tight, well produced. an 80's band that does not try to sound like the new stuff sticks with what they know without sounding dated. A must for all melodic rock fans.

07/09/04: Fred Webber -
Rating: 0
TNT has nothing to do with Edguy and Kamelot. So why compare? It's totally different music.

28/08/04: Jonny B -
Rating: 80
It's an huge improvement from "Transistor," but it hardly deserves a perfect score. This is basically a dumbed-down version of Westworld. The "Cyberdreams" album is more deserving of the perfect score than the TNT comeback release.

16/07/04: Adam Herman -
Rating: 45
I really hate to do this, but I'm not sure what people are seeing in this album. The songs are just way to simple and many are just to dark for TNT. The more uptempo Everybody's Got a Secret and Satellite are certainly good, but also way to simple to keep me interested for more than a couple of listens.

Or maybe I've just gotten to much into Edguy and Kamelot recently and now I'm spoiled.:)

07/07/04: Roy -
Rating: 90
This CD is not worth a 100. Don't get me wrong, it's great and it is better than the last 3 released by TNT but it does not compare to Intuition or any of their 80's released music. There are some fantastic songs on here though:

She needs me
Lonely nights
Give me a sign
Live today

These are superior songs but the rest of the CD is just good not great. There isn't much direction with what TNT wants to do on this CD. But definitely their best material in years. I give it a 90. They still sound great after all these years.

24/06/04: Howard - HEAVANSEDGE@YAHOO.COM
Rating: 100
Being a TNT fan for at least 20 years and having bought at least 45 TNT and side project related cd's, I have to say this is one of the best. I've always hoped with every new album they would not rehash the same old sound and style. Why has this band not broken out and become huge! Tony,Ronni,Morty and Diesel thank you for a kick ass cd and please don't stop.

Rating: 85

04/06/04: koogles -
Rating: 93
A great record but it ain't no Intuition.

31/05/04: John -
Rating: 95
Hard rock at its best every track a belter well done guys

28/05/04: Chewsmoka -
Rating: 80
I went into this album knowing full well not to expect an "Intuition", the same album that made me a huge fan with songs like " Tonight I'm Falling" and "Take Me Down (Fallen Angel)". I have to say this came so damn close I could taste it.Like another reviewer said it gets old after too many listens. The ballads do fall flat on their face, but the rockers just shake the foundations. " She Needs Me" has to be going for best song of the year, and the uber - trippy changeup of "Everything U R" is classic.Hope they continue what they've started.

25/05/04: Alistair -
Rating: 50
After listening to it for an extra month or two I have got bored with it. Unlike in2ition, with still gets played.

08/05/04: Stephen Farrar -
Rating: 100
This album definitely deserves the 100% that Andrew gave it. Ronni Le Tekro is by far one of the best melodic guitarists around.

07/05/04: Mats -
Rating: 97
This is what melodic hardrock or rock plain and simple should sound like in the uear 2004. A lot of the old sounds but still with a 2004 twist.

06/05/04: Kevin B -
Rating: 95
This album is awesome! I have followed TNT since the early 80's after hearing Tony's stellar vocal harmonies on the radio. Lets face it, Tony Harnell has one the most incredible musical gifts ever- an incredible vocal range, and an amazing sense creativity that allows him to showcase it in a variety of musical styles. This album is worth every penny. You also can't go wrong checking out the TNT back catalog and the members' various side projects....

03/05/04: Death Cube K -
Rating: 95
TNT - My Religion

Im not ass kisser. Im being honest. If I like it, I say I like it.
If I dont like it, I say that as well.

Ive seen reviews on other bands albums written by fans that's just
plain stupid. Bands could just as well record a toilet flushing 50 times
and they would still say it was a masterpiece.

I see most people on the TNT are honest with what they think,
so all honours to them.

I can't belive it's been 5 years since I last heard a new TNT CD.
It feels like 2 years ago or something. Then we had the TNT Mailing
List and Yutaka taking care of us. Tony participated then as well.

Here's my My Religion view. I rate songs from 0 to 10 and the album
the same. 1-6 is just too shallow.

Invisible Noise 9/10

I tend to enjoy the openers, and Invisible Noise is just right
on the nail. A tad aggressive, a superb intro. It doesn't explode
like "Just Like God", but the rest of the song makes up for it.
My fave TNT song right now. And please have mercy, more of these type
of songs in the future and Ill definetely go deaf. It's amazing.

She Needs Me 8/10

Definetely love the intro. Definetely love the rest of the song, although
the chorus brings it down from a 9 to a 8. Dont know why, but it's a really
good song. Also a little minus for the lyrics, it's not my kind, but who cares.

Lonely Nights 9/10

The song is like a 8, but the lyrics is so amazing that Ill give it an
9. I love the depressive/aggressive lyrics or whatever I make them out
to be, and the chorus sticks to you at first listen, just like a
good hit song should. It's all in all one of the biggest songs on this
album. A potential single I'd say.

My Religion 9/10

This is such a good song. It's hard, rude and loud. I dislike the "hey" shouts,
but it doesnt really matter. It makes the song more "sing along". I cant wait
to hear this song live if I ever get the chance. The guitar riff is like
one of the sickest but yet so simple things Ronni's ever done. Fantastic. Please
make a video for this song!

Give me a Sign 8/10

One of those off the LP and Im glad they added this song, coz it's different,
not straight forward melodic rock, but got this little dark thingy attitude.
Tony's scratchy mixed voice is really cool. The power of this song live
is something everybody should hear.

Perfectly 6/10

I'm not a huge fan of ballads, and the only ones Ive truly liked is
Month of Sundays and Hey Love. The ballads off Transistor were different,
but not to my biggest liking. This one's more in the Child's Play alley,
and Im pretty much satisfied with it.

You'll be there 6/10

As with Everybodys got a secret, it's just a fraction too much pop for me, but
I hear the potential here for another single release. It's a good pop chorus.
But it's still one of the more anonymonus songs off the album.

Live Today 8/10

This song is beatiful. Instead of falling into the 80's cliche trap with a song
like this, they avoid it and produces this maniac song influenced by the
80's scene, but oh so well brought into 2004.

Everybodys got a secret 6/10

For me this is the weakest song off the album, and I still like it. For me it's
in that "Learn to Love" category, and since I'm not very into songs
that sounds this much pop, Ill rate it as the weak point, but still it's
by far a good song.

Everything U R 8/10

Should be a 7, but damnit, Ronni's solo on this song is crazy. Therefore an 8.
As with all of the songs on My Religion, the whole song is extremely catchy.
And the start brings me back to the days when I rated songs by what the guitar
sounded like at the start. ;)

Song 4 Dianna 6/10

This ones a bit hard. I like it more than Perfectly, coz it sounds special, but
it never takes off to where I want it. It's like there's more somewhere that
never got thru. I dont know. But all in all, it goes straight in at #3 concerning
TNT and my fave ballads.

Overall rating: 8/10

It's without DOUBT the BEST TNT album ever done. No hesitation, no need for
further analysis. There's absolutely no huge weak point. All songs are potential
hits. I'm not the average TNT fan with an undying love for the more popish TNT songs.
I love Transistor and Firefly more than Intuition and Realized Fantasies. I want
aggressive things like Just Like God, Invisible Noise or My Religion.

But the good thing about this CD is that they've touched by everything a TNT fan likes.
The ballads, the harder songs and the more pop sounding songs.
They can't really fail with this one. It's something for everybody without going
completely off track like they did with Firefly for example, just to do something
different. Something for ANY TNT fan, and that's the first time I think.

The problem is (if it's a problem) to pick the right single or potential video/single
song. They are all good. It all depends on the approach. Sometimes I miss the song
that stands out more than the others, but that's because there no weak point. Theres no
2-3 huge potential hit songs followed by fillers. Not here...they've done an excellent job
and the production is like 10 times better than the previous

02/05/04: Paal Kristiansen -
Rating: 97
Not even in my wildest fantasies could I imagine that TNT could come up with an album like this!! I have always ranked Knights of the New Thunder, Tell No Tales and Intuition as my favourite albums. My Religion is in my opinion even better!! They got the same "style" but at the same time, it got the sound of the 21st century.

This is one of very few albums I got where I can not find one weak song. Nor can I pick a favourite song, they are all just amazing !! They were even tough enough to make a non-typical TNT song that reminds me of some Irish music. A beauteful ballad called Song 4 Dianne with flute and a beuteful girls voice as background vocals.

RONNI LE TEKRO proves once again that he is in the elite league among guitar players. Not only does he his old "machine gun" technique, he also has this way to make his guitar to tell us what mood it's in. Ronni is one of extremly few guitar players that make me just listen to his guitar and forget all about anything else.

TONY HARNELL never stops surprising me! He just sings better and better on every album. While listening to the EP Taste I thought that "Wow, unfucking believable!!! Tony has never sang better than this. He can't top this!!" I was wrong.
On "My Religion" he performs one of the best vocals ever recorded in my humble and honest opinion.

MORTY BLACK makes a brilliant performance as usual. Bass players rarelly get the credits they deserve, they are just the "bum bum bum-bum-bum" sounds that makes the difference between a seed and a flower. Morty got it in his blood, he's simply an amazing bass player!

DIESEL DAHL back on drums. Yeah!!!!! There is no drummer in the universe who is able to do the groove as he does. He is THE drummer of TNT.

Every fan of melodic metal should have at least one copy of My Religion!!! I say Amen brothers and sisters!

The original members from the Knights album are back together!

29/04/04: Bill -
Rating: 99
My God!!! This CD Rocks Hard !!!!

28/04/04: Kelley -
Rating: 100
TNT has comeback with thier best album since Tell No Tales.
There is a little something for everyone here!
Tony Harnell has NEVER sounded better and Ronnie LeTekro's guitar wizardry never ceases to amaze me.
This band has survived the test of time and has more than proved themselves time and time again.
'My Religon' is the best Melodic Rock album to come out
in the last 15 years easy!
Every song has it's own distinct sound.
TNT has done it again in making thier classic sound
very updated. A well recorded album with very well
written songs.
This band is so talented with the best
heavy metal singer ever, Tony Harnell and the
best metal shredder on earth, Ronnie LeTekro.
This band should have made it HUGE in the 80's
and thier time is LONG OVERDUE...
'My Religon' is a MUST HAVE for any Hard Rock/Metal
fan out there.
A def. must have for any cd collection.

28/04/04: Lasse -
Rating: 100
TNT are back again! The peoples who dont like My religion must be mental ill.

My Religion are a true killer, and i loved it after just one hearing. My religion are probably the best cd who had been released this year.
Congratulations Tony, Morty, Ronni and Diesel for making a killer album.


28/04/04: Elisabeth :) -
Rating: 100
The album is simply great! The boys are better than ever! The title song, "My Religion" is my favorite, it really rocks. Not to mention "Perfectly", "She Needs Me", Invisible Noise" and "Song For Dianne" - all of them are really good! Even my mother (age 58) loves them :)))

27/04/04: BSixx -
Rating: 100
I think Andrew is right rating my Religion with a 100.It´s a wonderfull cd with awesome songs and great production!
It sometimes remembers me to WW,Intuition era or Transistor cd...
What I most like of the cd is Tony´s voice,I think he ecouldn´t sing better.
The cd is full of catchy songs ,overall the 3rd one which for me is the best one and the most commercial
TNT couldn´t have come back in the better way

27/04/04: ScotsmanInAmerica -
Rating: 100
Totally billiant. Completely gobsmacked this band are bringing out such quality material.

27/04/04: BSixx -
Rating: 100
i think Andrew is right rating this cd with a 100.Because it couldn´t be better,sometimes it remembers me to WW,Intuition and overall Transistor cd.
Tony´s voice couldn´t be better,the production is perfect so is the song writing.
My fav song is the third one,which I think it´s the most comercial and catchy one.
TNt couldn´t come back in a better way.

26/04/04: Paula -
Rating: 100
Great band, great comeback, great CD! Yes, they are trying to please 2 crowds here -- and they do it quite well!! As a lover of both classic metal and new AOR, I think this CD is a great fusion of both sounds. The musicianship is as good, if not better, than it's ever been, and you can tell that they just have so much fun playing these songs. My highlights are Invisible Noise, She Needs Me, Lonely Nights, and Perfectly. Oh, who am I kidding -- they're all great!! Do yourself a favor and add My Religion to your collection!

25/04/04: Bajas -
Rating: 100
TNT is masters in finding new sounds, and still be TNT. This album is on top of releases in the genre, for the last 5 years, and it's a perfect TNT Album. These songs works great live.
If you dont have this CD, BUY IT!!!!!

25/04/04: TLW -
Rating: 100
TNT has always been one of my top favorite bands since way back. This release comes pretty damn close to being the top one out of the collection for me. It's perfect melodic hard rock and Tony's voice has never been better! A definite must have - completely awesome! Thanks guys for all of your hard work! :)

25/04/04: Bryan -
Rating: 100
The new TNT 'My Religion' is addictive!! It hasn't left my CD player since its release. I normally play a new album and pick out a few favorites and listen to those only, but this album is completely full of HITS!! Its like a 'Best Of' release, but its ALL new material...If you haven't checked it out this is the CD of the Year all the way!!


25/04/04: Sami -
Rating: 100
This gotta be The Best Hard Rock album of 2004 !!!!

....enough said.

thanxx !!!!

24/04/04: John D. -
Rating: 93
I'm really impressed with this disc. TNT managed to incorporate modern touches and maturity into their songwriting without getting boring (is Bon Jovi listening?) or sounding like a sell-out. I only discovered TNT a few years ago and bought a lot of their older discs. One thing that stuck out for me was that for an '80's pop-metal band, they really were fearless in their songwriting. They melded a lot of influences and didn't just write verse-chorus-verse-chorus pop tunes. This album I think is a continuation of that. I really like the offbeat "Song 4 Dianne" because it was a departure. And I think this disc should come with warning for the song "Lonely Nights" - listen to that song once or twice and will NOT leave your mind. Great job by a band that can rock and still take cool left turns on the listener.

24/04/04: Tony T -
Rating: 100
Ok, so I picked up “My Religion” last week and had my first listening at 31,000 feet on a flight back home to Dallas. I had high expectations and the guys really delivered on this one, proving some things do get better with age!.
“My Religion” has great songs in the classic TNT style! Overall a great job on the production, so my thanks and congratulations go out to everyone who was involved. Very catchy riffs and heavy grooves, with powerful vocals and harmonies from Tony, (The amazing “Wall of vocals“!) I also enjoyed following the lyrics and the subject matter that was touched upon. It doesn’t take long for Ronni to start “smoking” either, and once again, I’m reminded why he’s my favorite guitarist! Morty and Diesel provide a strong and solid performance as well. The biggest surprise for me was “Satellite”. With it’s “pop” vibe and catchy chorus, it’s the ear worm that burrows through your brain long after the CD has finished. My only bitch so far is that “The last word” is only 38 seconds long. It’s a very soothing and beautiful piece, and leaves me wanting to hear more. (Maybe that was the intention!) I really enjoyed all the songs, (which is pretty rare for a full length CD these days!), but “Invisible Noise“, “Give me a sign“, “Lonely Nights”, “ You’ll be there“, and “Everything U R” really stand out to me and are my current faves!! Once again,…Thanks to TNT for the great job, and being there to rock my ass in 2004! Hope to catch you guys on the road!

24/04/04: Nina -
Rating: 100
I love 'My Religion'. The cd is a dynamite cd, full of powerful songs. The guys are the best in the buizz and Tonys voice is 1000% amazing. This cd is proof that the TNT guys are back to stay. Rocking better thann ever. And they're toally raw live. They got a unique style in their songs and they're amazing and wonderful musicians. TNT rules. This is a MUST HAVE cd. Pure magic.

24/04/04: TNTNut -
Rating: 100
This is top of the line music! There is not one song on the CD that I dislike, and that's quite unusual! Of course, there are some that I like more than others, but I like them all.

One thing that everyone needs to realize is that writing GOOD songs is a very hard thing to do. When it comes to song writing, the guys from TNT don't have much competition -- from lyrics to guitar parts to arrangement.

And of course, this is only my opinion... :)

24/04/04: Electric Dancer -
Rating: 95
What an album! TNT are back with the classic line-up and an album so good that`s for the most part perfect. Apart from a few moments towards the end, "Everything U R" in particular, every song here is already classics. "Invisible Noise" and "She Needs Me" opens the album in brilliant style. This is TNT sounding the way I learnt to love them, melodic, catchy, groovy and sophisticated. Although I like the more experimental TNT records of recent years, "Firefly" and "Transistor", this album makes a welcome return to the more classic TNT sound. I think the best thing about "My Religion" is that the album, after countless listenings, still grows. Who knows, in some months I might change my mind and rate it a 100. For now though, it`s damn close!

23/04/04: The Blue Eyed Violinist -
Rating: 100
TNT are slick, professional and have moved their music into the new millenium with so much ease. There has been a lot of discussion about why they aren't still playing their hallmark 80s style. Nothing much has really changed except the sound has slowly been maturing as they have grown from boys to men. I can see parallels with another 20 year plus band Bon Jovi. In both cases when you compare the first and latest recordings you can see the growth. This growth started with Intuition and Realized Fantasies and now they have found the groove they need to be in.
From well crafted winners such as Invisible Noise and My Religion to Everybodys Got a Secret...the perfect synth rock number this CD oozes class.
People are saying...TNT are back....The thing is...

23/04/04: Saga -
Rating: 98
I have all TNT records, and this record is among the 3 best of them. The best thing I have heard from one of the usual "eightiesband" for years. BUY IT!


23/04/04: Evie -
Rating: 100
I think My Religion is a great album! I think it’s one of the best TNT-albums ever. It doesn’t have on killing hit, but all the songs have a high level.
It starts with the best song on the album Invisible Noise. It’s just the right song to start with. Tony shows right away what a great voice he has.
The album ends perfectly too. Song for Diana is a wonderful song. And the instrumental The last word makes it just completely.

23/04/04: Evie -
Rating: 0
I think My Religion is a great album! I think it’s one of the best TNT-albums ever. It doesn’t have on killing hit, but all the songs have a high level.
It starts with the best song on the album Invisible Noise. It’s just the right song to start with. Tony shows right away what a great voice he has.
The album ends perfectly too. Song for Diana is a wonderful song. And the instrumental The last word makes it just completely.

23/04/04: Haley -
Rating: 100
Great album. I'm not good with reviews, so I'll just say it's a 100.

23/04/04: Bjorn Dahl -
Rating: 100
I buy 300-400 cd's every year. Albums like this make it worth the money. Just f***ing amazing. Thank you Tony, Rolf, Morten and Morten. I hope you will give us more in the future.

23/04/04: LeFreak -
Rating: 100
Ok, I'm sort of biased, & many people here know that about me; I'm a bit of the opinion that Mr. Tekrø has the Midas Touch & that every thing he does is golden (sorry DCK!). But that's just me, as TNT has been my favorite band since I was around 16 or 17 (1984) & Ronni is without a doubt the most creative guitar force I've ever heard, especially with his abilities to keep it simple, play for the song, & not forsake melody for the sake of speed. And, of course, the songwriting team of Tekrø/Harnell is right up there with songwriting teams so often highly revered, such as Page/Plant, Nielsen/Zander, Tyler/Perry, Lynch/Dokken, etc. When these two get together, the ideas are often beyond the realm of many more average bands.

I think that "My Religion" is finally the TNT release to dethrone classic releases "Tell No Tales" & "Intuition" as the band's best recording to date, although I really loved both "Firefly" & "Transistor" & I'm very much for growth & experimentation rather than a band simply repeating itself time & again with a simple formula. TNT has successfully done that, offering up a little of everything for everyone, new & old, with a sound that delves into the retro bag of 70's vibes, the classic 80's melodic Euro-rock vibe, & a nice contemporary & updated sound, the result of their recent experimentations within & outside of the TNT platform (i.e. solo projects, Westworld, etc.). They bring it all to the table this time, so that there's a surprising variety, yet without sacrificing continuity & coherence.

I definately prefer the track running order on the Euro release over that of the Japan release, but the US release is the best, both for tracklisting & for the fact that those EP tracks dispersed throughout the cd really augment the listening experience. I just think that "Invisible Noise" is such a bold & strong track to open the cd with, from the tension-building intro, replete with classic "scream" from Harnell, to Ronni's immediately getting down to business & showing us why he's the Norwegian guitar wizard par none. From there on it's just a roller coaster ride through the strongest melodic HR release thus far of the new decade (I avoided using "millennium" to ward off eye-rolling!)

Now, track-by-track...

Amazing opener for the new Euro edition of the release. I'm wondering if those are effects in the intro (I think some are), or if they're actually using a real didgeradoo. Whatever the case; very unique & cool. Then we get the no-nonsense sonics from Harnell before Ronni launches into a very insistent rhythm. The guitar solo in this song pulls no punches & is dynamic in every sense, getting right down to business & reminding us of why TNT is the very best at what they do...& they don't fail to deliver.

I've been playing the main riff using the classic Jimi Hendrix Aug9 chord:
______________________________several x...then__

My favorite track on the new release, which is very much in the mood/vibe of a track like "Tonight I'm Falling", although the two sound nothing alike. It's a classic example of a good, mid-tempo, melodic track like TNT is known for delivering. Tony's vocals are superlative & are geared toward this kind of song, & I think the harmonized melody at the beginning & end of the solo is one of the coolest Ronni's ever written.

Easily the most 80's style track on the new release. What you can you say bad about this song? This is a little dose of "classic" TNT, or as close as we'll get on this cd, although I think these guys have rewritten a new classic sound for themselves here. Great Brian May-like harmonies in Tekrø's solo.

Absolutely KILLER heavy track that goes for the jugular as TNT preach their gospel of the rock'n roll lives they choose to live. The main riff is a classic, the song is rife with Tekrø's leads, & the aural assault from Harnell that launches us into a short-but-sweet solo from Ronni is just amazing on every level. Ronni continues to impress as the song careens towards it's finish. This will be a crowd pleasing sing-along anthem from these guys live, no doubt.

Great ballad. Beautiful singing. Lyrical guitar solo. Great phrasing in outro solo behind vocals, including some nice tremelo picking. Judging from comments here, this is becoming a favorite ballad for many TNT friends & fans. Nuff said.

Early on Ronni teased us with brief acoustic interludes such as "Klassisk Romance" on KOTNT & "Smooth Syncopation" on "Tell No Tales", & "My Religion" sees a return to that old tradition with 2 beautiful pieces with a classical feel, this one more bossa nova & very "pretty". Think of the scented pine forests of Norway & the mountain flowers of the high plateaus. That's what Ronni conveys in this little piece.

Great song & I love the main riff. Tony's singing is superb here, as usual, & Ronni's guitar solo is unique & a special treat, as he used his Digitech Whammy II more like a wah pedal...& definately more original & creative than most younger bands are using their Whammy pedals. Very melodic & complementary to the song. G minor main riff, so go for G & E for the solo.

-3--3.---------------3--3.----[& so forth...]-

Another cool tune, in which Ronni treats us to verses with a guitar rhythm straight out of the "Intuition" era, before returning to a more contemporary main riff. For some reason, a number of the mid-tempo rockers on this cd remind me of classic Triumph...I don't why.

You've just gotta love the very 80's style title, right from Prince (a Ronni favorite...still?), Shotgun Messiah, N.I.T.R.O. (NO! I am NOT comparing TNT to those last two...just the letters replacing words technique brings those names to mind!!). The solo is ripping, & I love Ronni's use of doublestops on this cd (an admitted weakness I'm working on in my own playing...need some Chuck Berry!!). Despite the 80's title, the song is very contemporary, & I love the main riff--a favorite on this cd--& Tony's singing harmony almost against himself (little dissonance) in the chorus.

Sad but sweet, a beautiful ballad for a loved one lost, Tony & his wife deliver a heartfelt vocal performance with wistfully hopeful lyrics. Flute makes an appearance, as was the case on one song on Tekrø's "Extra Strong String" release, so it's nothing new for his experience, although it may be a first for a TNT song (Japanese bonus ballad on "Transistor" had some interesting instrumentation...have to go back & give it a listen!). This may be my favorite TNT ballad of all time, right up there with "Hey Love."

The second instrumental tidbit from Mr. Tekrø, clocking in at under 40 seconds. I would've loved to hear this one developed further, but TNT has never been the spotlight for Ronni's instrumental excursions, being much more of a band effort. This one just seems "unfinished" to me, like it's only the beginning of a good 3 or 4 minute instrumental. I really like the interplay between the acoustic & a nice, clean electric guitar. Maybe some keyboards...have to listen to this one again too, I guess.

WHEN I'M AWAY (Japan bonus):
I have to include this in my review, as I absolutely LOVE this very retro throwback to 70's, with it's Beatlesque vibe; maybe a little Cheap Trick & ELO in there too. It's in the vein of TNT's "Easy Street" & Vagabond's "Ding Dingaling" & "Baby I Love You" for it's overall approach & feel, as well as reminiscent in mood of Queen's "Killer Queen" & Be Bop Deluxe's "Music In Dreamland", although sounding nothing directly like any of them (it just follows suit). It opens with effects on Tony's voice & Ronni using some flanging on the guitar before breaking into one of the most used blues-rock riffs of all time (T-Rex's "Bang A Gong" comes to mind off-hand). Admittedly, I'm a sucker for these catchy commercial tunes, as I've always thought that TNT is one of the only bands that can successfully walk the line without being TOO cheesy...but they push it really close & I love it!!

I didn't cover the "Taste"/"Give Me A Sign" tracks on here because we've done it before, but I'll just share a quick tab of this, another VERY pop-metal TNT song that has "single" written all over it.

Main riff/melody

__________________[variation he used live in '03]

OK, one more riff that was on the ep. I was not as big a fan of this track as "Live Today," "Hey Love," & "Satellite." It was the track TNT used to open their shows in '03 in Norway, & I LOVE the riff Ronni plays at the end of the 1st chorus, which makes an appearance again at the end of the song. It's basically a Bm7 riff, nothing more. You can figure out the picking pattern (those make the tabbing process SO lengthy).



> downstroke
< upstroke
* pinch harmonic
. muted (under number)
/ repeat riff/lick
sl/ slide up
sl slide down
. deaden note (after number)
b/ bend up
h hammer-on note
p pull-off note
~ vibrato
___ nothing: just to keep things lined up properly!!

Anyway, a new classic TNT cd with some of the very best singing from Tony Harnell & some of the best phrasing, licks, riffs, & solos from the guitar wizard of Norway, Mr. Ronni LeTekrø. Hope I didn't bore anyone with this, but I just thought it would be a fun twist on the reviews here. There are so many more riffs, but I kept it brief as I could for ya. Enjoy!

21/04/04: glen mckee -
Rating: 50
I had such high expectations for this album, especially given the advance reviews I read. What a disappointment! It starts out well, with "Invisible Noise" being good and "She Needs Me" really kicking arse. After that, almost all downhill. They put one of the worst songs from the EP on here, "Give Me A Sign", and then throw in another (albiet stronger) song, "Live Today." In-between is not much to get excited about. The ballads, "Perfectly" and "Song for Diana" are up to the usual TNT standard, but the rest of the CD just makes me push my skip button. I really, really wanted to love this CD, but it just disappoints me. Lots of minor-key doodling and meandering, boring songs!

18/04/04: Rick -
Rating: 75
I don't understand why everybody is raving about this - ok its miles better tahn the past 3 TNT releases, but it seems to be trying to please too many people ie some of it is old style TNT and some of it is more modern. The more AOR type songs ARE very good, but the rest are very average. And there is no ballad to match "End of the line". Plus they should of started off with a fast up tempo rocker with a massive chorus not a mid tempo trcak. And "Give me a sign" is utter rubbish. On the plus side "Everybody's got a secret" is brilliant. I agree with Craig that Seventh Key is much better, a more consistent album. "My Religion" is too varied.

16/04/04: Alistair -
Rating: 85
Jon, rather than comment on my review email me or post on the board and we can have a mini flame war. The intuition album certainly sounded neo classical to me but if It did not to someone else fair enough. Everyone is entitled to their opinions but at least I like the album you gave 0 out of 100.

This album is a good listen and that is what you should concentrate on.

14/04/04: John McCalaster - n/a
Rating: 0
Yo Alistar. TNT have never been a "Neo Classical" band, not ever. They are above that shit in class and songwriting. And Doogie White is a totally different kind of vocalist than TH. You are trying to compare apples and oranges. Yngwie and TNT have about as much to do with each other as the Beatles and the Stones. Less maybe!

13/04/04: Dave Gray -
Rating: 95
I just got the US release (finally showed up in stores here) and I must say this album from start to finish just rocks! It has some of the most catchy songs I've heard in ages, and the album is chock full of them. Kudos guys! It's glad to hear someone still producing great hooks and killer solos this day and age. It hasn't left my cd player for the last week and a half since I purchased it. Rush out and get rocks!!

11/04/04: Bob -
Rating: 97
Andrew, whoever you are you done good! I am probably the only middle aged coot here who is more grounded in classical (opera and symphonic and plain vanilla AC) than in rock. But I am back in the fold! ( I need my treadmill fix!) This album is terrific. It rates up there--in my "uninformed opinion" with Seventh Key's '04 offering of My Religion. Keep up the good work.

08/04/04: Alistair -
Rating: 80
I have not bought a TNT album since the abomination that was Firefly. This album is loads better than that album. It is safe to say it is no way as good as in2ishone. It is growing on me but this just is not a 100 album. The guitar playing is patchy I used to think this lot might steal Yngwie's fire but Attack is a much better record and Dougie white is a better vocalist as well. The shame of this album is they are still trying to combine their grunge style the neo classical overtones of Malmsteen and it does not really work. I am gald I did not get there last ep as most of it is on this as free bonus tracks. My fave tracks are Satellite, Lonely Nights and Everybody's got a secret.

08/04/04: Marshall Faulk -
Rating: 99
This is the finest rock record Ive heard in many years. I am totally on board with you on this one Andrew!! The only reason I cant give it a 100 is due to the RIDICULOUS introductions on the last 2 songs. WTF were they thinking on those?? How are they relevant or needed??

As for those CHUMPS who think they speak for "us old fans of the band"...I have only this to say: You can eat the PEANUTS outta my $HIT!! Im 40...Ive followed this band since they broke here in the US in the 80s and own the entire TNT catalog. YOU DONT SPEAK FOR can barely speak for YOURSELF. Anyone who pans this record is simply VOID of any sort of CLUE or TASTE when it comes to rock music. You are apparently one of those hopeless morons who want EVERY record to sound EXACTLY like their favorite from circa 19-WHENEVER. Life must SUCK for you...CONSTANTLY trying to re-live and re-create every enjoyable moment from your teens or 20s. I suggest you move on to country music or boy OBVIOUSLY have NO CLUE when it comes to this genre. If this record doesnt rock you then youre either tone deaf or dead.

04/04/04: david arnold -
Rating: 95
I am a long time fan having all the boys albums from the knights of the new thunder on, and being an old fan I must admit that I love this new album. Like all TNT recordings the songs get better with every listen, there is not one dissapointment on the whole cd.The only reason I didnt give it 100% is because I bought the digi-pak and I thought the intros by Tony Harnell & Ronni were a bit tacky (sounded like they were recorded for radio promos).I was also happy to read in Tony's thankyou credits a thankyou going out to Andrew McNeice of this web site which relly shows the appreciation TNT and other bands have for those who work hard to keep this great music fresh in peoples minds.Once again brilliant album, thanks TNT for delivering the goods long time fans have come to expect!!!

02/04/04: Glenn Odin -
Rating: 100
Totally superb album. Not one dud track out of the 15 (I got the US version!) I am a big fan of Le Tekro and Harnell but this time theyve outdone themselves and produced their finest work to date...who would've thought all this in 2004? Along with Tesla's new one this is a completely relevant album from a classic band. ROCK ON!

31/03/04: Mark -
Rating: 85
A really great record from the fastest guitar player around and an absolutely peerless vocalist, (the rhythm section are pretty good too!!!). TNT have returned with a bang - a big bang. Some of the tracks on here bring back memories of Intuition which is one of my favorite ever albums. But they have moved on and managed to bring together some heavier darker elements. "She Needs Me" reminds me of a song that Nickelback would like to write, as it has a good heavy guitar riff and could get some airplay if the world was a fair place. "Song For Diana" and "Perfectly" are both superb uplifting and thoughtful ballads with Tony soaring over the arrangements like only he can. Ronni's guitar throughout this record is nothing short of astonishing - why do we never see him on the front of UK guitar magazines? Well we all know the answer, but I always like to ask. If there is anyone that can pick notes faster than Ronni, (in the Melodic Rock arena) then I have yet to hear him, his technique is superb. From first track to last this record is quality-driven, the guys have really done well here and they are one of the best bands in the world for this kind of hard edged melodic rock. When they are on form, they are untouchable and they could go toe to toe with any band on earth. What stops me giving a higher mark is that I am aware that this album is a "grower" and I need to listen more. But to get 85 marks from a meanie like me after a few listens is praise indeed!!! Well done TNT!

31/03/04: Big Mike -
Rating: 80
Very good album. Some of the last few new tracks are not super tunes though. The 4 tracks from taste are superb tracks but spoil the album if you already know them from "taste". Still its a good hard rock album. Could be a little heavier but the first 6 or seven songs are top tunes and well written.

29/03/04: Craig Bishop -
Rating: 72
Another overrated album. Some good songs but also some very average ones too! If you want to know what CLASSIC melodic rock sounds like, buy the new SEVENTH KEY album. This album cannot even compare!

28/03/04: Dan Friml -
Rating: 100
This album deserves 200%!!! It totally kicked my ass!!!

24/03/04: Alliedforces - N/A
Rating: 40
I have to agree with Tim & Ralph on this one. The album just dont cut it with us old fans of the band. Lonley Nights and a couple of the other songs are very good but to me the rest of the album goes nowhere fast. 100% is not even close, This album is very weak and a real dissssssapointment.

24/03/04: exnewyorker -
Rating: 95
Welcome back TNT!!! After a couple of a disappointing previous efforts, the boys are back in a BIG way! This time they followed the Westworld philosophy and injected modern touches into the sound we love so much. Tony Harnell is undoubtebly one of the best throats in AOR - period. Buy or die!!!

24/03/04: Ralph E. -
Rating: 60
Total disappointment, especially after reading the 100 pt review here. This is another example of a band trying to please two crowds, the old and the new. Classic TNT are songs like "Seven Seas", "Tell No Tales", "10,000 Lovers" etc. and this album delivers none of that. There are brief teasing moments where you think you might get that killer riff but it is always offset with some cheesy, pop-type vocal melody that ruins any edge the song had.
I agree with the previous review (Tim Robertson), new fans will lap it up, but old fans (like myself) should run away, far and fast!

10/03/04: Tim Robertson - Tim.J.Robertson@GSK.Com
Rating: 70
I loved 'Intuition'-era TNT, big guitars and choruses, loads of keys and backing-vocals. I didn't quite love the experimentation on 'Realized Fantasies' quite as much, and this is what 'My Religion' feels like. A mix of tracks, trying to please old and new fans alike, and leaving you with an album that (whatever your tastes) you will like some, and not like the rest. 'Invisible Noise' is so close in sound and style to 'Downhill Racer' off 'Realised Fantasies' that it surely can't be seen as something new and fresh? The songs from the EP were not too dissimilar to the last 2 very disappointing TNT albums, apart from the excellent 'Satellite'.
The ballads too are a disappointment, 'Perfectly' is the best of them, but it's no 'End of the Line' or 'Northern Lights', and I still can't tell which part of the song is the chorus...
New fans will lap it up, old fans should be careful. Apart from the magnificent 'Lonely Nights' and 'Everybody's Got A Secret' the songs and style is not quite the hark back to days of tons of keys and harmonies that I for one, had hoped for...

09/03/04: BOB MYRON -
Rating: 100

09/03/04: Jerry Garcia -
Rating: 100
Just wanted to say....WOW. The guys in TNT have done it again. This is by far the best TNT album yet. They seem to get better and better each round. Tony Harnell has never sounded better. His voice never quits amazing me. My Religion will be one of the best albums released in 2004.

09/03/04: Almir Fuschini -
Rating: 98
You know, is good to live in the 21st century and know that there are still bands out there like TNT that releases a CD like this. It's a spectacular peace of rock. The only downside being "Song for Diana". TNT is on my Favorite Bands List now, along with Ten, Seventh Key, Harem Scarem and Steelhouse Lane.
The first five songs are amazing and from there on, you're hooked. "My Religion" got my vote already for The Song of The Year (I know it's only March).
What a great vocalist Tony Harnell is.
Like Andrew said, the guys really have nailed it this time.

07/03/04: Dave Stone -
Rating: 85
Good stuff! I havn't cared much for anything TNT's done since the 80's but this cd rocks! The first 4 songs are the best on the disc but i like every track.

06/03/04: Daniel -
Rating: 100
This album's beyond words! Thanx guys!

04/03/04: Tom Follette -
Rating: 98
I didn't think Tony Harnell could sound better than the last WestWorld CD, but he is truly at his best here! The boys from TNT have managed to capture the magic of the past while sounding right at home in 2004. Anyone who questions the state of Melodic/Hard Rock needs only to purchase this disc!

04/03/04: freddy de keyzer -
Rating: 88
This is top melodic hardrock, boys and girls ! These guys are finally back with a bang and with a traditional hardrock sound. They prove that you don't need all these modern influences (they know they were wrong with some releases !), to make a blistering album.
Is it perfect ! Of course not ! I'll never give a record 100%, that is impossible ! My highest score till now is 95 (for Pride Of Lions) and this 88 means that this is a very good affair ! But this year only Shadowman, Seventh Key and above all the new Dakota are better.

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