TNT The New Territory Bonnier Amigo
· Produced By: TNT

· Running Time: 46.48

· Release Date: Out Now / June 21 Japan

· Released:

· Musical Style: Rock

· Links: TNT
Songs: 50%
Sound: 75%
This is one of the toughest reviews I have had to write in a long long time. It is always hard to talk negatively about an artist you admire and have appreciated over the years, even harder that all the guys involved are good people too. However, I cannot be anything but honest as far as how I see it and straight up – I find this album to be very disappointing and not at all representative of what the name TNT brings to mind.
The most logical conclusion from some will be that it is due to the change in vocalist. I'm sure that plays a part, but in this case, I simply feel that the songs are just not good enough and concentrate too hard on trying to be cleaver or different rather than classic TNT style.
I am a big TNT fan, but have had issues with some of their previous releases - Firefly being the most obvious. I am also a fan of new vocalist Tony Mills – his work over the years has been reviewed in a largely positive way on this site, especially with Shy.
The loss of vocalist Tony Harnell was always going to be hard for this band to overcome, but thinking logically, Tony Mills was the probably the most obvious choice of replacement, his voice capable of handling the band's back catalogue in a live setting.
So I have no issue with Tony Mills fronting the band, but that said I am disappointed with some of his vocals on this album and the overall choice of direction by the entire band.
This is another step away from the classic TNT approach.
And this is the first time I can ever recall actually being annoyed by Tony's vocals. Even on the horribly produced Anderssen/Mills project, I liked his approach.
The New Territory is an apt title, not only for the switch in vocalists, but this album continues the move started on the last album All The Way To The Sun to be more experimental again.
The hard rock approach of the band's classic era is all but dismantled, even though their most successful album in many years was My Religion, an album that retuned the band to their most loved sound and style.
This is a groovier, more freestyle pop/rock record, with the band seemingly content on mixing it up and experimenting wherever possible. But for me, these experiments don't work and it is only when the band returns to their more straight ahead sound that I feel satisfied with the song.
There are clear influences from pop Gods The Beatles and Queen in play as well as Ronni's own Vagabond band, which this album has more in common with than traditional TNT.
At times I felt the band had more in common with The Darkness than TNT and for the first time since Firefly, I simply could not stand a couple of the songs at all.
In fact, as hard as it is to type this comment – the more I listen to this record the less I like it.
I find that on some songs I really enjoy Tony's vocal, but don't like the guitar sound, while on other tracks I am enjoying the music, but hating the vocal.
It is an unusual situation that I can find no previous parallel to, as far as reviews I have written, and between the individual issues I have which each given track, there are few that I can say I just enjoyed outright.
Track By Track:
A Constitution opens suitably enough. A nice build up featuring the classic LeTekro guitar sound signals promising times ahead. Tony Mills makes his TNT debut in a subdued way – a dark and brooding vocal line to start. The chorus sees him lift to his usual range and that you'd normally expect from TNT, given their history with Tony Harnell. But the chorus also features a lead guitar riff that I don't like at all. The higher pitch riff is actually quite annoying. If a guitar could whine…then this is how it would sound.
Substitute is a poppy uptempo rocker with an abrasive guitar riff in effect, dueling with the lead vocal during the verse. I like Tony's vocals here and the song is ok. It has attitude and although it isn't the best production I have heard from the band, it works out.
Are You Blind? reminds me of the last album a little. The guys are really treading a very poppy line here, especially with the chorus. Certainly not the old school hard rock of the past. Some of the vocal melodies during the verse don't sit well with me, but the chorus is the strongest of the album to date.
Golden Opportunity is a perplexing one. The riff is classic TNT, yet I don't like the leading vocal that leads off each verse. The chorus is better and I like the vocals here also. However, mid-song things get turned on their head with a pretty annoying bridge that borders on just plain silly. The na na na's get old quickly.
Something Special kicks off with a far meatier riff that suggests vintage TNT in play. It some ways this is true, although it is always going to be a different beat with Tony Mills up front. Not one of the stronger TNT songs ever, but one of the closest things to a familiar style on the record.
Now We're Talkin' is just plain bizarre. It kicks in with a gritty riff and groove that suggests something special before the song is killed off instantly with Tony doing the verse in a spoken word British cockney accent. It drives me nuts. Then there is the chorus. It bounds in with a progressive twist and Tony singing at last, but flies into some effects filled falsetto piece, which sounds more like The Darkness than TNT.
The guys are clearly having a laugh of sorts and trying to be different, but for me it doesn't work.
Wild Life is for me the pick of the album. At last we get a pure straight forward rocker, with a nice riff and an old school, gimmick free lead vocal and a good chorus also. It stands head and shoulders above the rest of the album's material.
Unfortunately this straightforwardness doesn't last long. The tricks are back in play on the very next song. The chorus in this case is utterly horrendous.
Fountain of Love features more Darkness inspired, effects filled falsetto vocals totally ruin what potentially could have been a decent mid-tempo ballad.
It only gets worse. Just as the cover of What A Wonderful World killed momentum on All The Way To The Sun, the horrible 50's crooning of June steps in to do the same here - except perhaps the fact that there was no momentum to kill in the first place.
This would sound more at home on a Bobby Darin record. June is a totally ill-conceived idea for a TNT record and has to be this year's biggest WTF moment.
Can't Go On Without returns to the poppy strains of the early part of the record. It is a fairly straight forward, happy go lucky pop rocker with an ok lead vocal from Tony, but again, I'm not sold on the chorus.
2 Seconds Away has it's experimental moments, but largely is a more traditional TNT pop rocker and should hold some appeal for long time fans.
Milestone River is a slow, somewhat psychedelic ballad to close the album. I actually like the feel of this one. The mood and the atmosphere may not appeal to all, but the song does manage to break some boundaries and touch on that Darkness style again, yet this one works.
Let's Party Mills is not a song at all, but rather another annoying spoken word piece that runs 90 seconds and sees Tony Mills run off the album credits in his cockney accent again. This to me is the guys getting fully tanked at the local pub and thinking it was a good idea at the time. Trust me guys – it isn't. One listen and who seriously will listen to it ever again?
The Bottom Line
The guys have decided to break out of the mold and try something different. They have done this in the past and upset long time fans, so I'm scratching my head wondering why they would do this again now – and especially now, given that they have a new singer on board and really needed to deliver a killer album to prove that they could survive without Tony Harnell.
I have not enjoyed writing any of this review at all, but I really have struggled with this album.
My Religion was my Album Of The Year for 2004, so I do not want to hear any comments about how I may not dig this band. I love them…but I do not like this record. I doubt I will be in the minority either.
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· Tell No Tales
· Intuition
· Realized Fantasies
· Firefly
· Transistor
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· My Religion
· All The Way To The Sun
· The New Territory

Line Up:
· Tony Mills: Vocals
· Ronnie LeTekro: Guitars
· Diesel Dahl: Drums
· Victor Borge: Bass

Essential For Fans Of:
· Vagabond
Track Listing
· A Constitution
· Substitute
· Are You Blind? *
· Golden Opportunity
· Something Special
· Now We're Talkin'
· Wild Life *
· Fountain of Love
· June
· Can't Go On Without
· 2 Seconds Away *
· Milestone River
· Let's Party Mills

--*Best Tracks

05/06/07: Jeff -
Rating: 90
Wow, I'm glad I bought this CD and gave it a chance. Just goes to show you have to judge things for yourself. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but honestly I can't understand the negative opinions by so many. I agree that it was a mistake for Now We're Talking, June, and Let's Party Mills to be included here, but the other 10 songs make for a great CD. Are You Blind, Golden Opportunity, Wild Life, and Can't Go On Without are stand outs.

02/06/07: Mesablue -
Rating: 82
Ok so it's not your traditional TNT album. At first I was pretty disapointed but the more I listen the more I like this CD. Ronnie is not as acrobatic as usual and that TNT production is missing. You know. That killer vocal echo that tails off and gives you chills. Mr. Mills I think is a decent replacement but no one will ever be Tony.
I think there is potential in this line up.
Like I said though at first listen I wanted to throw the CD out the window of my car. But the more I listen the more I like it. So give it some time people and lets see what they do in the future.

01/06/07: Wildheart -
Rating: 0

30/05/07: Funky Bassman Alex -
Rating: 80
Hmm... hard to do. ITS CERTAINLY BETTER THAN ANYTHING MOST EUROPEAN AND AMERICAN BANDS have put out this year. The vocal harmonies on the choruses are better than Sun's. Think about it:
New Territory is a lot more classic TNT than Firefly or Transistor. To tell you the truth, I personally like it better than those two. Give it some time.

29/05/07: Rock Melódico -
Rating: 8
Mills, don't worry about some comments! Great Album for open minds people!

28/05/07: Arney -
Rating: 80
This album ain't half as bad as many are making out!!Sure it's not the classic TNT we love & the song writing hasn't the brilliance & depth of MY RELIGION ,but it is a damn catchy release with alot going for it. If it was under any other monika rather than TNT I'm sure a few more would really enjoy the songs for what they are, not what they arn't or what could have been.The one stupid thing I dont like are the spoken credits at the conclusion, not a high to go out on !! I borrowed a copy of The New Territory off a friend to be on the safe side, I will now definately go out & buy my own !!

26/05/07: Csaba A. Body -
Rating: 10
Why do we need such Cds? Just waste of studio time...

25/05/07: Tim -
Rating: 85
This album is utterly superb! and just gets better he more you listen to it.
I must admit, i made the initial fatal mistake of listening to the soundbites on their website, through laptop speakers, and was dismayd by what i heard.
So, lesson one regarding this needs to be played loud!.
A Constitution is a great intro into the album, yes it's a little sombre, but that only strengthens what comes later on. The vocals are low in the mix, which i think adds to the dark feel of the song.
There's no mistaking this is a TNT album, Ronnie Le Tekro stamps his mark all over this disc..."Wild Life" is possibly up there as one of the best tunes TNT have ever recorded!. Other highlights for me are "Something Special" and "Now we're talking". Minus points For Golden Oportunity and 2 seconds away, which do irritate me slightly, but i get that on most albums i listen too (Song for Dianne on TNT's "My Religion" is truly awful for example!).

A great mix of what i'd expect from Ronnie Le Tekro, superb vocals from Tony Mills (how can you listen to Milestone River and not be blown away by the guys voice!?), with some good experimentation and humour thrown in.

If i had to ask one thing, it would be why Tones adopted a mockney cockney accent instead of that Brummy one i know he's got!

The next album WILL be a killer, i don't doubt it for a second.

24/05/07: Don -
Rating: 0
I am now 100% convinced that CDs like this are the reason so many people are downloading music...because you never know when some much-loved band is going to completely lose their mind without warning.

23/05/07: mark -
Rating: 9
love this cd!!!!!!!!!!!!! i don't know what all the hate is about. if tony harnell was on this you people would be saying this is the best thing since sliced bread! that shit he is doing called stargazer sucks bad! and andrew if you give reo's new cd a 91 and this a 63 you have to have your head examined because that cd sucks! love tony mills on this, if you think that fire fly or that peice of shit trasmmitor is better than this cd than you have no taste in music!!! sluss oooooooooooout

22/05/07: Simon Rintel -
Rating: 90
Guys - it's called 'The New Territory" & that's what this great band have delivered - exactly that - like it or not its TNT in 2007 - its got the always innovative & exciting work from Roni strong NEW vocals & good song writing - under another band name it would get a much higher rating from Andrew - yes Tony H was/is brillant - but he left TNT !!! - if your a true TNT fan - love the back work & now move forward with them - they are doing exactly that - its not Van Halen III for god sake - have a few more listens - it rocks very nicely indeed !!!!!!!!!

22/05/07: ACDCyril -
Rating: 100
This is a MASTERPIECE ! My fav along with "Tell no tales". They have changed their style, and so what ? In the review I can read : "This is a groovier", great ! finally some heat in a TNT record, I can also read : "more freestyle pop/rock record", damn great ! finally something new in this boring metal world... Thanks TNT for bringing us some fun, happiness, craziness. The gloom, cold and flabby périod is over. Thanks for the creativity ! it's rare these days.

22/05/07: Collingwood -
Rating: 65
Like many others I am a big TNT fan, but found little on this album that I liked. Then I listend to it again a week later and found a little bit more that I liked. This album is probably one you listen to a few times and think it's not what you wanted and then pull it out at a later date and think it wasn't as bad as I thought it was. I think give it 4 or 5 listens and if you still don't like it, put it away and try it again in 3 months.

22/05/07: Sami -
Rating: 92
To me INTUITION has been the #1 pop/rock album of all times.
I've been a TNT fan since that and I'm not stopping here !!!!

I've just love TNT because they always seem to go from style to style.
There's pop, there's rock... there's heavymetal and punk.
60's to 70's.
Classic 80's through 90's and much more.

Ronni is an ultimate guitar hero.
...and on this album....nothing's changed.
Killer riffs and hooks.
Not much solos though, but that's fine...
This album is sooooo freash.
So fun.
The band is having some hell of a time !!!!

I LOVE IT when TNT does a funny stuff like "NOW WE'RE TALKING".
Some of you don't get it and that's maybe because your a little narrow minded about this band.

It's not MY RELIGION again........ they wanna do what THEY want and I appreciate's also called the growth.

I love this album!!!!!!

Tony Mills is a great man and he can do anything with he's voice in TNT.
Just see some YouTube stuff... for excample INTUITION.
He does justice for Harnell's stuff and that's not an easiest thing to do !!!!

So... did I mention that I love this album ???

Peace & out.

21/05/07: erik -
Rating: 40
This has nothing to with Harnell or Mills singing.
This is miles away in quality and stile from what the band delivered on previous albums. Sounds very retro, Beatles, Queen, Police and ELO comes to mind. The production and mix is poor, the vocals are far back in the mix, while Ronni´s guitar is on top of it all. But he sounds very uninspired on this album. No outstanding guitar solos, no machine-gun playing. Nothing! All in all this is a huge disappointment and a big step down for a once outstanding and brilliant band.
Missed oppertunity.

21/05/07: SpinalTapDisorder -
Rating: 84
Ah, what a sensible bunch of people writing in here. One should almost believe that one person's opinion could possibly mean anything to the opinion of another. Listen to the album, and find out if you like it. If you do, fine, if you don't, fine. But neither says anything about whether the album is good or not. It just says if you like it or not. Very little in music is a question of quality. The factors you can measure are mostly ok on just about every album released today. The rest is taste, and taste alone. Then there are factors that have nothing to do with the music or the album as such, but that people tend to put a lot of weight on. Tony Harnell, for instance. He doesn't sing on this album, so how can he be a part of the equation? Oh, I understand the feelings, and music is about feelings, but every album is a piece of art, standing on it's own feet. What if you liked all the songs? What if somebody out there would like the songs, but won't hear of it because Harnell isn't in the band? All of this is important issues to the way you identify yourself with the band, and the way the band fits the picture of them you've chosen to prefer, but it can never say anything about the quality of any single album. Of course, I'm no better. I would never lend ear to a Magnum album with another singer than Bob Catley, but that doesn't mean the album itself couldn't be brilliant...

I think this is a fresh album. Much better and more interesting than any TNT album for the last 18 years or so. A bit too adventurous at times, but such is the risk of pushing envelopes, and daring like this has brought music forwards in leaps many times. Several classics widely regarded as brilliant today were slaughtered back when they were released. Stuff that were incomprehendable and strange has since become mainstream. Not that this album is a revolution. It's just a bit more inspired and playful than, say, the last TNT album before it.


A constitution - Good song, although the vocals would have been higher in the mix if I called the shots. And not the most obvious album opener. But I like it, and hum the melody at times.(Often a good sign).

Substitute - Very good and very cool. A fine way to carry on.

Are you blind - Simply great! I love the melody (and melodies are what I spend 95% of my attention on).

Golden opportunity - Another very good one. Actually, the chorus is fantastic, and that is the biggest reason why I would have loved to sneak into the studio just before the mastering session and removed the nanana's. Completely ridiculous. Funny at first, annoying later on.

Something special - A good song, plain and simple.

Now we're talking - I like listening to this. It's kinda cool. It's not very good, but even so!

Wild life - Arrghhhh! Great rocker!!!

Fountain of love - Absolutely fantastic. This is addicting, nothing less. It is a unique song, not much like anything I have in my collection, but the melody is super-strong and chanting in a wonderful way.

June - I love this one, too. It reminds me a bit about Royal Hunt's "Wicked Lounge" which I also adore. Just beautiful.

Can't go on without - I haven't mentioned this, but I think there's a lot of TNT feeling about this album. The major difference is that this time they have at the forefront what was previously playing a minor part. This song is very typical of that feeling. Good enough.

2 seconds away - Now, this song SUCKS!! (Well, I don't know if it does, but it sounds to me like it does. I almost can't push myself through it, so I won't do that anymore.)

Milestone river - Breathtaking. I'd say this is the most beautiful ballad they ever wrote. It's not even just a ballad, it's got that uniqueness about it and a hint of epic - something I seem to get off on a lot.

One can't deny that this album demands a very open mind, and preferrably some degree of detatchment. It is obviously something else than many people would expect. The irony is that the album has been much better received among people that aren't too much into TNT, normally. So, if we agree there are things attached to a name, maybe they should've released this under a different name.

So should a number of releases from Metallica, Queensrÿche, Saga, Marillion and a crapload of other bands. Would we prefer that? Must a band name say everything about the style you can expect? I'm not sure, although it would be practical at times.

19/05/07: Mauro Calil -
Rating: 100
Are you people crazy? I don´t see anything this original in years!! So what sounds like beatles/queen, what do you want, sound like nirvana? This is theirs roots coming out and puting into a brand new style. I loved It.

18/05/07: sheraz -
Rating: 2
Honestly Man !...this is utter crap.
TH was the soul of TNT, with his departure they went and picked a crappy singer with a stupid English accent. Total waste of money on this CD !!!!!

18/05/07: Robert S -
Rating: 20
Harsh comments from most (nearly all!) that have heard it, and all justified i'm afraid.
There's no point repeating what others have previosuly said so well, so i'm just going to write this disc off and wait for the next one.

Prayer by Siam is one of my favourite albums ever, as is My Religion by i refuse to believe that when this meeting of minds that is Mills and Le Tekro eventually clicks, then we will witness a truly great album.

Fingers crossed.

18/05/07: Frank -
Rating: 15
Another horrible album from a band that is soooo much better than what is on their album. This isn't TNT it´s part Beatles, Queen, Police mixed with some weird songs. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU GUYS THINKING?"

18/05/07: Chris Akin -
Rating: 10


OK I need to make a couple of disclaimers right off the top before I get into the review of the new TNT album. First let me say that I am generally a fan of the melodic rock community. I can be a little tough on some of their releases, but in general I really enjoy a well done melodic rock album as much as any other rock genre. Second I am a huge fan of TNT. Have been since 1987, and I almost always like a release by the band to some degree. Albums like Intuition, Tell No Tales and My Religion are some of my favorites. My Religion would rate as the best melodic rock album of all time in my mind. Hell, I even like All the Way To the Sun, and most critics hated it.

Now with those disclaimers out there I have to say that The New Territory is awful on historic levels. I haven't detested an album this much since Def Leppard released Adrenalize back in 1992. From the very first listen I knew something stunk in Denmark, or in this case Norway. You know there is something wrong when the melodic rock sites are bashing it, hell they love everything. Not this though. This is the kind of album that reviewers will spend paragraphs bashing and then slap a 6/10 on it and call it good. That is what I call the St. Anger effect. Well folks, not here.

I felt worried the minute I saw this release for a couple different reasons. First, I had heard nothing about it, no pre-release buzz on this sucker. Second, it seemed awfully fast after All the Way To the Sun and the subsequent departure of lead pipes Tony Harnell. I will address his replacement later. While Harnell was an obviously integral part of the TNT sound and their success, his presence would not have saved this mess.

The songs here are just plain weak. The band opts too often for an experimental sound that just falls flat. The signature TNT style is blatantly absent from the first notes. Even Ronnie Le Tekro loses his identity here, and I feel he is one of the most unique guitar talents of the past 25 years. Nothing on The New Territory could have made the last album, let alone sniffed the lofty stratosphere that was My Religion. Only "Something Special" and "Wild Life" come anywhere close to the classic TNT sound, but they may only stand out because everything else is so bad. The rest of this just comes off as bad NIGHT RANGER, or better yet any SHY album ever released. The worst being the hideous "Now We're Talkin'", a spoken word dung pile that might be the worst song written since "Pour Some Sugar On Me". I think it might have something to do with THE BEATLES, but who cares, it's nails on a chalkboard to these ears.

OK back to Harnell's departure. Tony of course has a bright shiny new band called STARBREAKER that he wants to focus on. Who can blame him, their debut was a solid effort that promises better things to come. A band with the stature of TNT could easily have drawn a boat load of young, talented and dynamic singers and made a fresh start. Instead they took the easy way out by bringing SHY lead singer Tony Mills into the fold. While on the surface that might have sounded like a logical move, it wasn't. Yes, Tony has a high pitched voice like Harnell, but the two are vastly different. Harnell was high pitched and sickly sweet for the most part, but with sincerity and power. Mills is just high pitched. SHY was never anything more than an also ran and Mills never had the dynamic voice to carry them over the top. I could probably name you a half dozen young singers that would have been far better fits. In the end though the material probably would have wasted their efforts as well.

PITRIFF RATING - 1/10 - We don't give zero ratings here at Pitriff, or this would have gotten one. I have already seen the band taking the offensive against harsh reviews of The New Territory, and that can't be a good sign. This album is indefensible as far as I can hear. Again, let me reiterate that I am a huge fan of TNT, but that doesn't mean blind loyalty. This album is a disaster of monumental proportions and and don't let anyone convince you otherwise. Avoid at all costs!

Shawn Gould / Pitriff

18/05/07: Big TNT fan. -
Rating: 50
It is a OK rockalbum but it aint TNT!
but seriously guys, what did you expect? TNT will never be TNT without Tony Harnell, thats for sure.


17/05/07: Danny -
Rating: 10
I think this is just utter garbage. If I put out a Cd this bad? I don't think I'd ever look myself in the mirror. The only reason I gave it a 10? Because at least they put some work into recording it.

Tony Mills? Sorry. He should have stayed in SHY. I have no idea what these guys were thinking. Lets hope they don't tour behind this. Who'd need to suffer this bad? I'd tear my ears off and feed them to my dog. And I only made it through TWO SONGS. I can't imagine how horrid the rest of this sounds.

If I did this? I agree with someone else. I'd kick my own ass.

17/05/07: Michael Roedl -
Rating: 20
This is not TNT ..... no good good songs....
Tony Mills is a great singer, but here he sounds not like
Tony Mills....this new CD is the worst TNT CD of all
"All the Way to the Sun" was bad....but "The NEW Terrotory" is the worst TNT CD....Sorry....this is the end of TNT !!!!

17/05/07: Wee Phil -
Rating: 25
One would think with the Talents of LeTekro and Mills we would have a classic cd. I was optimistic and excited. Unfortunately Tony Mills seems to have mistaken honest fan reaction for Schadenfreude.

It is a poorly recorded piece. If it was by a band trying to break, without any back catalog it would not get them in the door. I am so sorry to say this as truly TNT have brought much to our Genre(as did Shy). It is actually the most irritating product offering I have bought in a long time. 25 points for making the decision to continue without Tony H.

17/05/07: cradle -
Rating: 89
Whats all the fuss ??

All I will say is that I dont like A Constitution as the opener. The song is fine but I prefer a right good kick ass to start off an album. Wild Life would have been my choice...but thats just a personal thing.
Are You Blind,Golden opportunity and Something Special are fantastic songs.

Wild Life is just the most "feel good" song on the album and milestone River is my favourite. A haunting melody with a superb vocal performance.

Listen to others opinions. Thats what your entitled to do. But I always think its best to make your own mind up. This is a cracking album and if you give it a miss on other peoples advice them you have missed out on one hell of an album !!

17/05/07: Luiz -
Rating: 10
After giving this record so many tries and reading some reviews here I felt compelled to deplete my review grade to 10 !!!! see the explanation below:

BOTTOM LINE: If you go to a store and buy a bottle of coke, would you expect to drink ORANGE juice? or
If you have paid for a Mercedz Bens and they delivered a Hyundai(nothing against it)

Would you be happy? Would you think that this is OKAY....??
I doubt, so the main issue here is not related at all to its quality , color, aspect or form. (Though in my personal opinion the album lacks of almost everything , but this is my personal view)You paid for something and you ended up with something
COMPLETELY different!!.
So, stop with these stupid comments and excuses like:

“I think any fan that expects a band to sound the same forever is DELUSIONAL
If you don't like the sound and can't get on board with it fine, but don't blame the band for not living up to your narrow expectations.”

-Though Transitor has a very different TNT approach still is a GREAT album and IS pretty much different and it DOES NOT sound the same old TNT school but it sounds like TNT, period.
-Morning Wood is an AWESOME album and is totally different from TNT. Does it carry the name TNT? Nope. Was it sold like a TNT album? Nope.

“It's very progressive retro, with tons of humor, both subtle and obvious.”---------->Is this a JOKE or what?????????? If my intention was laughing I would rather rent “white chicks” or a comedy not buy a record.

“because so many will go in listening with a lot of preconceptions about what TNT should sound like”------>Of course DUDE. Should we expect listen to what?? Bob Marley??

“and plenty of 70's influences like the Beatles, City Boy, Pilot, the Police, the Sweet, ELO, Cheap Trick”-

-Could anyone please help me here……I might be missing something…WHY I would buy a TNT album expecting to hear some influences from those bands listed above if TNT has already developed its own sound and style???????? Why??? Because it is cool to say you listen to those bands considered as icons???? Sorry if that was the case and we are talking about developing, evolving to a NEW style and sound WHY (for Christ sake) would you use influences from bands from the 70´s . HELLOOOOO !!!!!! is this the NEW-PROGRESSIVE RETRO or whatever you may call ???guess people should revise their conceptions about the word “NEW”!!.There ain´t nothing new in this album, period.

I wouldn’t have any problems with this release at all with it was under ANOTHER name. It is INEXCUSABLE and UNFAIR for a well established band like TNT that has already created its UNIQUE “mark” decide to change it in the middle of the game…..
Without telling their fans.(regardless the substitution of a player/singer).

This is all about “FALSE PROPAGANDA” and as a diehard fan not only of TNT and SHY but as a true admirer of both Harnell and Mills talents I feel like someone has
Just stabbed me with a poisoned blade. That’s what I call: DELUSION-The New Territory!!!!

17/05/07: Harry Hess -
Rating: 100
" RUBBER " isn't so bad is it now. I haven't heard the record but I can't wait to see what all the fuss is about.


17/05/07: Gnupgnup -
Rating: 2
I've listened the promo over and over again and this album is by far the worst they ever made. All The Way To The Sun, also a big disappointment, was a lot better than this one. I guess it's time to let TNT go guys and start something new. I'm hoping that Tony comes up with something special so we can forget about this disaster!

16/05/07: Northern viking -
Rating: 99
Great album!!!takes a week or two to like it..but then you`ll gonna love it.WE SALUTE YOU TONY MILLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

16/05/07: Bryan -
Rating: 0
This appears to simply be an nothing more than a sad attempt at beating Tony Harnell to releasing a product with absolutely no thought at all but rather with simple blind abandonment and assumption that the TNT fanbase would accept anything shoved in front of them. This is nothing more than a dog shit stain on the legacy that is TNT and the new band did so without regard, for that I hope that the Japanese label yamk this release and any other labels in Europe or America read these reviews and keep this pile of vomit from further tarnishing the once mighty TNT into the open market. Tony Harnell could burp the phone book and make a better record than this one.

16/05/07: nukster -
Rating: 15
I was waiting with anticipation for this album. Loved TNT and Shy for a number of years, I remember seeing Shy for the first time at the Birmingham Odeon supporting Twisted Sister so finaaly getting to hear Tony Mills with a big commercial band, just like Jeff Scott Soto did when he landed the gig with Journey.

Got to say guys, I still wishing I hadnt put the cd in the tray and pressed play. I was waiting for TNT with Tony Mills blasting the airwaves. I was waiting for catchy hooks that both TNT of old and Shy produced in the past. Well im still waiting.

Maybe again, we still live in the past and expect the new colaboration to produce the same sort of stuff but unfortunately in alot of cases they dont. The album is diverse in some respects but maybe this is the road TNT might now be taking.

Question....... If this was an album/band that hit the scene way back when would it have been reviewed as groundbreaking, or fallen on deafd ears. It is always hard when replacing original band members especially when they are replacing a talented singer. Yes Tony Mills is a talented singer and I for one thought he would step into Tony Harnell's shoes with ease but, look at Masterplan, again decent album but will never recapture the strength of the first two albums.

Sorry guys, wanted to love this and no one waited with more anticipation than me. but nothing stands out... Ive tried to listen to it over and over and it does nothing for me.

16/05/07: Red -
Rating: 35
Not much to add that hasn't already been said. Very disappointing album.

16/05/07: Chris Scott -
Rating: 80
I really don't have a problem with the album. Some of the numbers are odd to me but are more likely an inside Norwegian or English sense of humor thing, i.e. "Let's Party Mills." I think any fan that expects a band to sound the same forever is delusional. I really appreciate the different sounds on this release and applaud the band for not going in a safe direction. With all of the vitriol being thrown at this release I wouldn't be surprised if the band goes even further with this sound on their next release just to piss off the wankers. If you don't like the sound and can't get on board with it fine, but don't blame the band for not living up to your narrow expectations.

16/05/07: Matt W -
Rating: 25
Let me just start off saying that I listen to everything from Patsy Cline, to Modest Mouse to Virgin Black to Slayer. I enjoy music spanning various genres so I tend to view myself as tolerant of many sounds and styles. I rather believe myself to be progressive and forward thinking. Unfortunately, though, nothing prepared me for the disappointmentI felt upon hearing this CD. I wanted so bad to like it - hell, enjoy it. Unfortunately, The New Territory is a complete mess. Comprised of an embarrassing assemblage of weak ideas and lacking focus it's hard to see why the band felt compelled to release this disaster. Save for a few places, this is rarely successful and the listener ultimately sinks into a miasma of frustration and exasperation.

Constitition starts fairly well and the rest of the CD spirals out of control. The band seems to be afraid to reel it in and whip it into some sort of shape. For me, the only remotely enjoyable song is Milestone River. So much of this material comes off as juvenile and worse yet, just plain annoying.

I have always followed TNT, Shy, Shy England, and all Tony Mills projects and own every CD by all of these bands/projects. This is where I stop with TNT. This CD goes to EBAY and I refuse to buy any future releases if the band decides to pursue this new direction. Best of luck guys.

16/05/07: Danny -
Rating: 15
I cannot believe this. I'm sorry. But I liked Tony Mills in SHY. But this? If you'd like to know my honest opinion? This is just plain utter JUNK. I was being generous about the 15 rating. Honestly? I was considering suicide after this. Harnell has to be laughing all the way across the country and three times back. This stuff is so horrid, it was painful to listen to, and I downloaded it for FREE. I always like previewing new goodies, and then always SUPPORT and purchase real Cds. Honestly? This was such utter garbage I didn't even KEEP the free Cd. If that doesn't tell you that they've wasted their time, I don't have a clue what.

UTTER CRAP. Hands down? The shittiest Cd I have heard in ten years.


16/05/07: Jerry -
Rating: 20
One decent TNT sounding track (Wild Life) - guys you spent WAY to much time at the pub, and not nearly enough writing and recording quality material. Shame on you all...guess Harnell bailed when he got wind of the direction this was going, can't say I blame him.....

16/05/07: speedy -
Rating: 100
i like the weirdness

16/05/07: Rockman -
Rating: 65
Ok, another musician's analysis. We all know that Ronni is one hell of a guitarist / songwriter but....Ronni, Ronni, Ronni. Why in the hell would you try to destroy normal, yet boring, layered chords with dreadfully sounding layers of guitar and then still try to utilize tried and true bass and vocal harmonizing parts and chords? How many bad reviews will all of these wonderful '80s musicians need to realize that creativity doesn't sell unless you want to be a techno artist? Keep the 3/4 or 4/4, 98 to 150 bpm hard rock with lush harmonies and layered chords or change the damn name and try to sell this stuff. I know, I know...the sound I speak of has been done over and over and isn't hard to write a killer song that everyone wants, however that is WHAT LISTENERS OF THIS GENRE WANT!!! I've got 10 I would GIVE you to re-record and put the TNT name on it. Sorry guys, keeping it simple keeps you in business.

16/05/07: Karl -
Rating: 1
This will go on the shelf with the never listened to Firefly. A real let down.

16/05/07: RockNBeer -
Rating: 0
Is it April 1st? Because this CD is a big joke! 0 rating would be too kind. Hey Mills pack your bags, and start a SIAM reunion. Dont let this band ruin your legacy!

16/05/07: Bill -
Rating: 54
Totally New Trash - TNT Some bands get to a point in their career when they feel that they can put out just about anything they want to, and it is painfully obvious TNT did just that. Unfortunately, the results are poor at best. I love TNT, even Transistor & Firefly grew on me with time, but never did I flip through a CD so quickly and not even have the desire to go back and listen to LeTekro's guitar parts. I'm not even excited to hear this again and I have waited for it so long. When a band is on top of their game they can have the luxury to have fun and depart a bit from the norm or what is expected with tracks like June etc. Ordinary Lover was great, but TNT was on top of their game at the time. There is no room for tracks like that on a subpar release. Tony Harnell made the move at the right time, I guess he played a bigger part in the band then just vocalist. I'm sure he is somewhere laughing at all this. The songs lack quality and at times the production is flat. Remember, I love TNT, unfortunately for all of us it looks as though TNT has finally exploded!!

16/05/07: Rob -
Rating: 10
This is the absolute worst release I've ever heard. Not a single redeeming quality. Song after song, it only gets worse. What a horribly disappointing disc!

16/05/07: Figge -
Rating: 50
Well, there's really not much to add. Andrew's review is very accurate and descriptive.

I wasn't expecting very much from this release to be honest, considering the loss of Harnell, but I didn't expect it to be this bad. Some songs are among the worst I've heard in a long time (June, Now We're Talking, Lets' Party Mills) and especially coming from an established band with great musicians/songwriters. Surely we should be able to expect more from these guys?

There are some songs with potential (Wild Life, Are You Blind?, Substitute) but is ruined by the below average production, the lack of a good chorus, the vocals sound off.....etc.

This is just a horrible mistake althrough. Hurts me to say, 'cause this is one of my all time favourite bands. This subpar release should've been released under a different name.

16/05/07: david mosley -
Rating: 10
Blaze Bailey
Ripper Owens
Tony Mills

OH were did they go wrong

16/05/07: Taberock -
Rating: 88
I think this record deserves a fair listen...At first I didnt think as well but this disc grows on you

16/05/07: Hakunamatata -
Rating: 25
After the best album (My religion) cames the worst one.
Sorry guys, but if you like to read good opinions in reviews when you do it well, you must accept the bad opinions when we dont like 75% of your work.
I think this was just a bad day for you guys. Keep the good work.


16/05/07: alleyrulez -
Rating: 50
Tony Mills kicked ass in SHY, so I was curious to see how he would perform in TNT.

just heard the new album...HORRIBLE.

NOTHING like TNT. a few riffs here and there, other than that, it sucks.

I guess Tony Harnell was more integral to the band than I thought, 'cause I can't imagine him being involved with a piece of shit like this.

just depressing.

16/05/07: Magnus -
Rating: 23
Sorry guys! What the f**k do you call this? TNT!? No way! I understand why Tony left... I urge you, start searching for new jobs, for you won't get any more as musicians...

16/05/07: Lasse -
Rating: 60
The problem with this album is not Mills and his vocal skills, he sings great on this album, like he always does. The problem is the lack of catcy tunes, plain and simple! The production and is alsoo great, but good production dont carry an album alone.
Bottom line: This is a step backwards for T.N.T, but im sure they will all surprise us with the next album!

16/05/07: Eric -
Rating: 50
Willing to meet Halfway on this Release, only because i totally Respect all Involved Here, I Love SHY/SHY ENGLAND, no Doubt Tony can Sing and Hold those High Notes, and Ronnie can Manipulate a Guitar like a Madman, but the Mix isn't Here on The New Territory, i see why they named it That because it is That, not what i expected at all, i do have Respect for the Guys for Trying Though, i Hope Playing Live they stick to at least 98% of the Classic TNT stuff all Fans Know and Love, it Honestly Does make me Sad Knowing they put all that Time in Putting this Record together, i say use it as a Learning Experience and Try and Get It Right Next Time for the Fans Sake, i'm not gonna Bash the Members of the Band at All as i Love Just about Everything about them, i just Think this Record was in the Wrong Direction/Out In Left Field kinda Thing, Good Guitar Riffs on Several cutts but Overall Nothing Memorable within the songs...When Harnell Said 10,000 Lovers In One i always thought he meant 10,000 fans in One, in one House adoring the Band, let's try not to deplete that Number down to 100...Love You Guys, i could'nt Get Into this Though...

16/05/07: Phantom Rider - ForgetIt@aol
Rating: 10
If I put out a CD this bad I would kick my own ass.

16/05/07: LeFreak -
Rating: 95
A Constitution—Strong intro that builds the listener's anticipation before breaking into the first verse with a somewhat modern rock vibe, especially in the context of an album that has a strong 60's and 70's feel. The solo is very thematic in its approach, and some folksy ideas that remind me of bagpipes are introduced in the second half, and again make an appearance at the end of the song. Mari Persen (check out her unreleased track with Ronni on MySpace!) provides violin on "The New Territory," while Sveinung Sundli and Stefan Brisland play some fiddle.

A Substitute—begins with an arpeggiated chord melody from the Andy Summers school of playing. Ronni plays some high-pitch harmonies on his Digitech Whammy II here and there, as well as various other lead melodies behind the vocals, but there is no distinct guitar solo on this tune. However, the riff in the break is really cool. Great groove.

Are You Blind—Cool opening melody. The main riff of the song is another example of Ronni recycling ideas from other songs, since variations of this have been used on "A Fix," as well as WWG's "Collision Course." I hear the City Boy influences coming out strongly here...and in many places on this disc. Here's the first real "guitar solo" on the album. It's a somewhat long outro with a healthy dose of wah-wah and some nice "outside" notes sprinkled throughout. A harmony vocal back up the solo part, which is interesting. I enjoy the harmony vocals on the verse as well. I see very little comparisons to Queen on this album compared to previous TNT. The harmonies are very influenced by so many other bands of the 70's this time around, and I think they work in most places throughout.

Golden Opportunity—starts off like it wants to be a sort of southern bluesy shuffle of sorts, until the rhythm section appears and the guitar plays against it, giving off a slightly more progressive sound than you first anticipated. Pretty cool effect. The chorus is cool, while the na-na-na's are very humorous and, if not taken as exactly that, they're going to rub a lot of people the wrong way. Again, it's very humorous 70's silliness, but I think the "joke" will be lost on the majority. Cool guitar solo. Some of the guitar harmonies give a nod to Brian May, but again, the Queen influence is more minimal here than usual. I'm hearing too many other 70's rock bands this time around.

Something Special—opens right up with a heavy, groovin' riff. This could be this album's "Caught Between the Tigers," though it's not as instantly classic. Yes; there is a verse riff that's strongly reminiscent of a riff in Motley Crue's "Dr. Feelgood." *gulp* The song seriously grooves, but they do throw some curve balls with the harmony vocals, which are so non-Queen this time around. Lots of female backing vox, as well as falsetto vox; they remind me of bands like City Boy, ELO, the Police, the Sweet, Pilot, Cheap Trick, etc. There is a distinct humour I keep hearing that tells me they had a ton of fun doing this, but I don't know if that will register with a lot of the listeners. The solo is really cool, with double-stops, a bagpipe sort of melody, more double-stops, etc. People will notice a very distinct lack of "machine-gun" playing on this disc, which I personally think is just fine, since Ronni let it all hang out on the recent Wild Willy's Gang "Camoflauge" disc. He went for the jugular on that disc, so he's making a different statement here...It has a lot to do with humor, because I hear tons of that.

Now We're Talking—Nowhere else is the humor more evident on "The New Territory" than on this track! I love this song. It's hilarious. It's a laugh, and if you can't laugh along with the band, then you're really missing out. The main riff is killer: classic Ronni. The lyrics—all song titles strung together—pays outright homage to the Beatles. The verses are spoken word in an exaggerated (is it?) Cockney accent, while in the background we get an almost spy thriller/James Bond vocal melody that works so well here. The chorus features both effected and falsetto vocals. I think it's very witty the way Ronni made a solo based around connecting Beatles melodies together. Really cool. I dig this tune...a lot!

Wild Life—The opening background guitar is very much classic TNT. Think of the verse rhythm in "Tonight I'm Falling." A nice, simple melody with harmonics is overlaid atop this. Ronni lets some of his Thin Lizzy influence out on this tune in places. There's some Vagabond vibe happening in the verse rhythm as well. This is a cool song, but not one of my favorites. Very nice vibe. I hear a dozen 70's bands rearing their heads on this disc, but I can't think of the names. They're all right there on the tip of my tongue.

Fountain Of Love—I love this tune. I think it has a really sweet sound, and it may be my favorite of TNT "soft" songs. It doesn't sound at all like a ballad, but it's definitely a mellower tune. I love the chorus. Wicked cool. The vibe just pulls me right in. Ronni's melody lines are happening: well-played, maestro! There's something magical about this tune for me, and I don't know why. I love the mood. Tony's vocals are serving this song quite nicely.

June—Think "Oh, Darling" by the Beatles with some ELO thrown in, and you're right on top of this totally 60's ballad. I think the opening chord is an augmented arpeggiation, which is the classic opening chord for this style song "back in the day." Beautiful melodic lines from Ronni. Tony Mills does a bang-up job on the vocals. This will remind people of TNT's cover of "What A Wonderful World" because of the classic old school vibe. Watch out, TNT might be playing this at your prom, kiddies! I think this really works, especially because no one is doing this right now. Very few, at least. This makes me think that new TNT reminds me a little of British band the Jellyfish, and their offshoot band Imperial Drag, who recorded two killer albums of classy material some time ago. Nice piano, courtesy of one Dag Stokke.

Can't Go On Without—What a great song! I love this tune. I hear the Police in the chorus, because of the way Tony Mills harmonizes (kind of like the way the Police used to harmonize). This is very much a feel-good tune. I love the guitar melodies, which drip sweetness. The harmony vocals at the end are very cool in my book. This is another album favorite.

2 Seconds Away—Whether intentional or not, this is a complete nod to early Police all the way. Mills even sounds like a young Sting here. The guitar solo is really odd, full of effects, including the beloved Whammy II. It's more textural than actual soloing. People will remember that approach on tunes like "No Guarantees." Ooh...a little piece of "machine-gun" appears in the closing, although it's mixed in so low that it doesn't really count. That's it for this disc. :^D

Milestone River—This ballad has Celtic written all over it. Sweet vocal melodies from Marianne Sveen, who's done a smashing job here and there throughout the tracks on "The New Territory." Mills' vocals are brilliant here, and Ronni's melodies are touching. This is a wonderful tune; very wistful and longing. There's guest guitar on this tune by a Jon Johannessen, which seems to be a first for a TNT recording, while a Tony Caputo supplies keyboards.

Let's Party Mills—The album credits, as read by Tony Mills over a very lo-fi scroll-piano like you'd hear in an old silent film. Well, it's better than watching them roll on the screen!

Overall, I can easily and clearly see why this album will garner a lot of heavy criticism from fans and media alike, because so many will go in listening with a lot of preconceptions about what TNT should sound like, and what they're going to find is a band that has had a very thorough facelift on just about every level conceivable. There are only very tiny elements of the TNT so many knew and loved present on the new disc. This is, for TNT, the new territory. It's very progressive retro, with tons of humour, both subtle and obvious. The melodies are strong, but in no way from the old school TNT. And when I say "old school," I'm talking right up until last year, when Tony Harnell left the band. There's more solo Tekrø and Vagabond showing up here, while pushing into plenty of new territory, and plenty of 70's influences like the Beatles, City Boy, Pilot, the Police, the Sweet, ELO, Cheap Trick, and even a little of the more obscure side of Queen.

One huge thing about this album is that the band is throwing a lot of curveballs at the listener; so many that many listeners might try to cover their face for fear of getting hit, or they may just turn and run the other way screaming. Meanwhile, this album screams "fun." I'm sure the band had a blast writing and recording this. This is NOT a traditional TNT album in any way, shape, or form. Do not be fooled, this is quite literally a new TNT: no joke there! The machine-gun playing is virtually absent from this recording, and Ronni doesn't lean quite so heavily on his clichés, which is actually quite refreshing. He's writing melodies and playing with textures more than shredding. For Tekrø fans who really need the fast side of Tekrø, I suggest Wild Willy's Gang's "Camoflauge," where he was so over-the-top, and perhaps able to get a lot of that out of his system.

The melodies are all there, but they are not vintage TNT. You really do have to take this as a new chapter and a new era of TNT, or you won't be able to make the transition, because it is that different. This new release is very aptly named, and not without good reason. A lot of people will continue to mourn the departure and input of Tony Harnell, but I think Tony Mills does a fantastic job. At times, he reminds me a little of Triumph's Rik Emmet, other times of a very early Police-era Sting, and still others he's just doing his own thing. The humour is heavily poured on here, so laugh while you listen and enjoy it for what it is. Don't take it so seriously: it's only music. Music is my life too, but sometimes we forget that it's an entertainment, and thus should be fun.

The New Territory: it is what it is. TNT never repeat themselves, and who doesn't love musicians who dare to take risks...and the road less travelled. It's safe to say that TNT does not play it safe, and they don't keep releasing the same album with a different cover.

I still can't wait to get the Japan copy for the bonus tracks because I always love a longer-playing disc.

16/05/07: KAI -
Rating: 0
This is a strange album, could be rated 0 or 100 by me. Maby ronnie is an alien, writing strange music too take over our minds and rule the world

16/05/07: cbw -
Rating: 60
RE-review... After playing the cd atleast 25 times more. I have to change my rating from 40 to 60...its better than I first felt...Its growning a bit but still poor for a TNT album....Im sad.

16/05/07: Jerry -
Rating: 0
CD is worse than zero! Pure crappola! What happened to the TNT that put out Intuition... I can't believe my ears!!!! You guys should offer refunds for every sucker who purchased this.... Including myself.

16/05/07: Jonny Sniper -
Rating: 5
Tony Mills + TNT = Masterpiece right? WRONG! My God this is such a let down. Boring songs, boring melodies, average production. Why even call this TNT?

Wow what an expensive beer coaster I just purchased. I agree with one reviewer above. Theres nothing wrong with wanting to try something new but to release it under the TNT name is pretty lame if you ask me.

TNT is dead.

16/05/07: CJ Plain -
Rating: 0
This is horrific. This ranks along side Skidrow's RPM as the biggest natural disaster since 9/11.

Everything about this CD is bad. The vocals are the worst I've ever heard, the guitars are out of whack with everything else, the bass is weak, and the drums sound like they're being played on a 5 gallon bucket.

It's sad to see one of the truly under rated and gifted bands of the 80's fall to this depth of crap. Please Fire Mills and bring back Harnell.

16/05/07: 80\'s hard rock -
Rating: 50
I can't believe what I'm hearing... This album is not at all negatively taken by most of the people, this doesn't deserve anything more... The only song that is good is Golden Opportunity, the rest isn't good at all if you ask me. But hey! this is only what I think, TNT took a bigger hit when Harnell left than I could ever think, maybe Tony Mills hasn't been able to give the band enough of his style yet, with SHY he was the man. This album shows that every band from the 80's will start making modern rock instead of classic good old AOR... This is what makes me mad, why can't bands keep their style? That's what made them famous???

16/05/07: Rob -
Rating: 50
I'm a big TNT fan from the first release, but this is incredibly BAD! How can they put out such rubbish, when this should be a time to shine? New singer, new found energy? Not even close! I think we all see that Tony Harnell had much more impact on not only the song writing, but the overall sound. If this is the best the new lineup can produce - they are done! I would save my money and just skip this one. Artists must understand that they have to put out quality product to get a payday, it's not just a given. Ask Queensryche...

16/05/07: upinsmoke -
Rating: 85
I don't quite understand why some think this album is awful. Sure, it's not Tony Harnell, which IS a shame, but I do think Mr. Mills has done justice to TNT. So what if it's not formulaic to the traditional TNT songwriting style, why would anyone expect it to be so? Much of TNT's past songwriting was done by Harnell, so doesn't it stand to reason that this would sound nothing like him?

I don't want to hear a nostalgia act, I want to hear something fresh, from a newer, updated perspective. That's why this album works on so many different levels, for me at least. I say, well done guys! You stepped up to the plate, and are breaking the original mold!

I love Harnell's work as well, so I'm just waiting for some new stuff from him (Starbreaker or Westworld?)

15/05/07: Ralph E. (Jackson/Charvel Online Admin ) -
Rating: 25
Why does this happen over and over again with all the once-talented bands from the 80's?

I live and breath 80's hard rock and am at a point where I don't understand why these bands continue to try and reinvent themselves. In TNT's case, the last album was really good (there was no "Seven Seas" on it, but still...). The switch to Tony Mills was a great one in theory (I have always enjoyed him in Shy and Siam).

So what happened?

I see this disaster as a product of the songwriting. Who sits down and says "Yeah, all our old/true/hardcore fans will love this song"... Yet this happens over and over with so many bands from back in the day.

Hey Tony and Ronnie (and any other 80's band that's reading this), if you want to go off and do some weird songwriting that doesn't relate to your core audience, that's cool. Just do it as a different project. It's unfair to both you and us (your fans) to label this as TNT and expect us to get excited about it. All it does is frustrate us as listeners, and obviously get you guys upset as musicians when you read the reviews and feedback.

Next time just pound out some old-school, kick ass TNT (Think "Knights Of The New Thunder", "Tell No Tales", and "Realized Fantasies) and we'll ALL be happy!

15/05/07: brucebarb -
Rating: 10
Not good at all. Both the songs and vocals sound out of wack. I want my money back!

15/05/07: TC -
Rating: 77
I like TNT and really enjoyed their last record, my religion, this new effort is a little to goofy for me but i applaud the effort to try something different. The record starts out ok with some classic tnt songs yet the production of those sounded a little weak and then as the record progresses it starts getting a little off track with straight ahead influences by the beatles, queen and some other english vamp bands, not what one would expect from a tnt record. Some of the experiments work and some don't, changing singers is always hard especially for an established band and while the vocals on this disc or ok they are nothing that special and that mixed with ok songs just doesn't rate much higher than about a 75 out of 100 for me, hopefully next time the tnt boys can get back to a more classic sound for the band.

15/05/07: Duracella -
Rating: 95
I simply love this album.
I send a big thanks to TNT for this great album.

15/05/07: John -
Rating: 0
I should be paid for listening to this crap - it can't get much worse...could it? I wont know since I will never waste my money on any new TNT again...damn this is bad...and just goes down the toilet...these guys are wondering why everyone is bashing this - have they been able to listen to it from start to finish? its impossible...awful guys plain awful...another band bites the dust!!!!

15/05/07: Dan -
Rating: 15
Guys, what the hell happened??? I'm a huge TNT fan but I'm afraid this release is a major disappointment to me. I've tried listening to it again & again and just cannot stand it. This is not a TNT release.

15/05/07: WEBBY -
Rating: 20
MY LORD! Will someone please tell me that this is not the direction TNT will be facing in teh future? AMAZING....ya have My religion ranked in my opinion as one of the all time greatest recordings on teh planet - then DEFUNCT TNT and no Tony Harnell! absolutely staggering to think the band will survive with trash like this. Mills, needs to go back to Shy where he can shine as a vocalist. TNT is not his game..This is LeTekro,Dahl,Black and Harnell's ball game. They all need to smooth it out and make another CLASSIC. i am absolutely astonished as to how bad this CD is. WEBBY

15/05/07: John Williamson aka SOLDIER -
Rating: 45
Man, I tried to keep a open mind when i got this album. But I quickly closed it about 4 songs in. Tony Harnell is one of my favorite singers and this album makes me realise just how important he was to this band. Two Seconds Away and Wild Life are the best songs on this album.

I rank this album just above the self titled album because of those 2 songs. I think they should have released this album under a different name then TNT. I hope they return from this New Territory quick and try to smooth things out with HARNELL.

15/05/07: Willem -
Rating: 40
This Album is UNworthy to even carry the name TNT...
I'm very dissapointed!!
I expected catchy guitar-riffs,great chorus-es that would stick to mind and typical amazing guitar-solo's by Ronni Le tekro,but none of that on this album!!
Very poor song-writing guys!!!A great album starts with good song-writing and i don't even find one fair song here...
I'm afraid i won't even put it in my cd player ever again...

15/05/07: Peter -
Rating: 20
A slap in the face for every longtime TNT fan. I´m allready sick and tired of it after one week. This is SOOOO far away from what the band was in thr Harnell era, it´s a shame. Tracks like June, Now we´re talkin´ or Lets party Mills(biggest crap put on a record ever) are just plain stupid. I gave the 20% rating for the great ballad Milestone River. The rest of the album is crap. Avoid at all costs!

15/05/07: Mark -
Rating: 50
I've been a long time fan and respect all the musicians that have played or still play in this band but this is a dissapointing effort. Production is flat (budget maybe?)songs are weak and the vocals sound boring................sorry guys.

15/05/07: scty -
Rating: 50
Mills is a great singer and the band are great musicians, but this album is very weak. I expected a lot of this new TNT album and I´m
very dissapointed. You can do a lot better I think!!!!


15/05/07: Jarkko Rinne -
Rating: 0
This gonna be worst cd of the year 2007. Big Joke as song Something Special. To be honest what TNT guys might thing when they recording this. Jesus!!!

15/05/07: Troy -
Rating: 50
Worst TNT or Tony Mills project ever. I'm not even going to waste my time posting anymore about this. Just simply a waste of $20 to me. I paid that for basically 2 songs that I thought were ok. Hopefully the next album will be better because this isn't even good enough to wipe my ass with.

15/05/07: Noddy -
Rating: 25
This is possibly the disappointment of the decade so far! No redeeming qualities whatsoever. Played it once and cannot see me ever playing it again. dreadful.

15/05/07: Halesowen -
Rating: 25
Andrew! You've Been So Generous Giving This Album 63%,
And To Think About Some Of The Albums That Have Been Shelved And Unreleased Over The Years - It's Amazing That This One Gets To See The Of Day!

15/05/07: skythecat -
Rating: 65
I can see that the band would want to create its own sound since the departure of the awesome Harnell but I suspect the music here is a little too far removed from any recognisable TNT sound which obviously may distance themselves from long term TNT fans, who expect classic melodic riffs. That said, all the best to the boys in the band - remember there is a heritage to uphold.

15/05/07: Claudio -
Rating: 75
Big turn!!! Nothing more for me.

15/05/07: Jonas -
Rating: 50
I´m sorry to say that one off my all time favorit bands have made this years most disapointing albums. Just bad songs nothing else and has nothing to do with the departure off Mr Harnell cause Tony Mills is a very competent singer.
I just hope the next album will be better because it hardley couldn´t get any worse. Cheers.

15/05/07: Dan Colwell -
Rating: 0
TNT is dead. Sad very Sad. This might be the worst cd of the year. Not even one good song!

15/05/07: pacopuma -
Rating: 20
This CD is a joke!!! I can't believe, the songs are terrorific!!! Please Harnell come back and rescue Letreko from the abyss!!!

15/05/07: jeff -
Rating: 40
WOW. what happened. not very good,when putting the TNT name on it. i hate when a new singer comes on board and the band feels the need to change things up.

15/05/07: Sven -
Rating: 40
Very very poor!!!
I am total shocked...
This is the end of one of my fav bands!!!
Weak songs poor sound!!!

15/05/07: rocknut -
Rating: 40
Not a good album. Either the music is okay and the vocals are terrible or it's the other way around. Some of the songs just shouldn't have seen the light of day. An ill advised album from an established band needing to introduce and new vocalist.

15/05/07: Frode -
Rating: 60
What a mess!!!!! Ive followed tha band since the released the Harley Davidson 7" and liked most of the stuff they`ve released....but Im very disappointed with this one...not the power, not the classic TNT-sound, not what Ive wanted to hear from one of Norways best bands ever.....I will see them live on the 8th juni....hope they do better live

15/05/07: Kotzen -
Rating: 40
Really dissapointed. Mills it's a good singer, but the songs are pretty poor.

15/05/07: Nick -
Rating: 20
Huge TNT and Shy fan Tony Mills should have stayed with Shy it's not all about wages being an artist!!! The whole album is a let down compared to Tony Mills usual standards TNT have lost the plot and SHY lost a great singer!! One for the Car Boot Sales!!!!!!!!!!

14/05/07: Luiz Fernando -
Rating: 40
Don´t remember when was the last time I got so disappointed with a Band.Even Europe and Stryper with all the changes they have made could achieve a better result than TNT with this album. I have been a HUGE TNT and SHY fan since they started, but this album is MILES AWAY from what TNT and SHY have done in the last years.

14/05/07: Bill McCormick -
Rating: 25
I have several albums from TNT on vinyl that I purchased new. I've been a fan for a LONG time. This album sucks. Not one song caught my ear. Maybe I expected too much. Or maybe Tony Harnell was a bigger part of the sound than anyone in the rest of the band wants to admit. All I know is I wasted 15 bucks on this piece of crap.

14/05/07: Shawn Pelata -
Rating: 82
I can understand people maybe not liking it, or just not appreciating Mills' vocal style, or even the song-to-song diversity...that's a taste thing and it's all good.

But, someone like Mr. LeTekro just doesn't forget how to write songs. And in regards to this album, he surely did not.

Diverse? Oh fact, to my ears, LeTekro let his Queen influence take a front seat here. There are moments of "Ah, now THAT'S TNT!" and there are moments of "Well, that's different..."....but not a single millisecond of this album is lacking in melody, vibe, or songwriting. In fact, I'd wager that if Harnell was singing some of these exact same songs (like "Something Special"), reviewers would be drooling all over themselves. LOL!

Tons of English influence as far as melodies (a shocker? LOL!) in as far as I hear bits of Queen & The Beatles in both the melody lines & the vocal layers. Something that TNT has always posessed in some fashion...

Gone, save for hints here and there, are LeTekro's staccato riffing/soloing. In that respect, it's lacking one tiny aspect of the TNT formula.

I also think I saw somewhere above a comment about Mills' vocals not being up to snuff? Gimme a break! The man is singing as well as I've ever heard him. There are a couple of light-hearted moments but I think it suits the album's more relaxed, as someone else said above...though I could have definitely done without the closing track.

All in all, I'd say that this album is sort of a blend of 'Realized Fantasies' & 'Transistor' taken into 2007. They definitely dug deep to try and make the album as diverse & textured as possible and, IMO, it paid off.

I don't know what people were expecting, but 'The New Territory' is a strong album in a long line of strong albums that, once again, takes a couple of left turns here & there.

Great job, guys!!

14/05/07: dirk -
Rating: 25
Damn this is BAD!!, where did they get the singer? was he on sale or does he pay money to sing on this album?

This is not what i expected from what TNT normally does!!


14/05/07: Flavio -
Rating: 30
Totally disppointed from this album that i expected really much. This is not hard rock, this is only rock; the bad is that no one of this song it's really memorable or really good...the good is...Nothin' !!!!!!

14/05/07: Kaj -
Rating: 90
At last, a really entertaining record from Le Tekro and Co.
I was disappointed with All the way to the sun and even if My Religion felt close to the classics - it can´t be compared to the first strong albums.
You gotta be open minded to listen to The New Territory and also a huge fan of Vagabond - truly one of their best cds!

14/05/07: SunlessStar -
Rating: 80
It´s not a classic TNT album. Althought TNT neved did the same record twice, my expectations were very different. The vocals of Tony Mills are OK, but not great. I really miss Tony Harnell a lot... I´m also a big fan of Shy and the Mills solo albums, and really I expected more from him. Mills is a great singer and songwriter, but Tony Harnell is the one and the only...
Said this, we have a funny, original, melodic and definitively, a very enjoyable album. I like it. Ronni is simply amazing, as usually. Always a pleasure listen his guitars and his talent. One of the best guitar player in the world.

14/05/07: cbw -
Rating: 40
Im a big TNT-fan...but this is the end I guess. Weak weak weak...poor. What happened?

14/05/07: Larry -
Rating: 50
I've expected a lot and the result is far way from what I expected. Can't say that the last album's were my favourites, but this one sucks!

14/05/07: Thunder -
Rating: 95
What???? 63 points!!!! I love this album. Ok, i know its not a classic TNT album.....Its so much more!!!!
I hate bands who repeat them selves all the time. (Bon Jovi,ACDC,Status Que, wm) This album is fresh!!!

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