Tommy Funderburk Anything For You Frontiers Records
Produced By: Fabrizio V.Zee Grossi

Running Time: 43.40

Release Date: January 24

Released: EU

Musical Style: AOR

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Songs: 85%
Sound: 85%
Vocalist Tommy Funderburk may not have the most recognizable name, but to die-hard devotees of the AOR scene, he is somewhat of a vocalist God. His work in Westcoast favourites King Of Hearts is some of his best loved work that project also featured Kelly Keagy (Night Ranger) and Bruce Gaitsch (Richard Marx).
He also sang lead vocals on the Boston album Walk On. And I should add some of his studio credits with artists such as Motley Crue, Whitesnake, Richard Marx, Rick Springfield, Starship, REO Speedwagon, Coverdale/Page, among others.
Tommy has one of those angelic AOR voices that you could listen to for hours. His slightly higher range and blissfully melodic tone is perfection for this genre. It's only a shame he doesn't make more records as a frontman. His session work keeps him busy enough, but he also runs his own record label Sovereign Artists, which is making inroads in the USA.
In getting the great man onto a new record, Frontiers Records has again used the formula of the Fabrizio V.Zee Grossi recording team having them supply the music, production and organization, while Tommy is left with the ease of just supplying the vocals an din this case, the original songs too.
Anything For You is the result, which features some slightly rockier material than what Tommy has released himself in the past largely due to Fabrizio's influence over the material. It's a record that will please new and long time fans alike any record with Tommy on vocals is going to be a good one.
Without the Fabrizio team, this record wouldn't have been possible. Yet with him comes the album's only flaw the listener gets the same production (especially guitar) sound of previous releases featuring the Fabrizio tem - From The Inside, Vertigo, Over The Edge, Perfect World and especially James Christian's Meet The Man album.
I've been a big fan of most of these releases, but I am tiring of this guitar sound and the repetition of the same production style.
As with the James Christian release I don't think Tommy's voice and high-tech American AOR style quite matches that of Fabrizio's. Had both records been made in house by the singers themselves with their own bands, a more natural sound might have been forthcoming.
Thankfully though, Tommy has provided all but 2 of the songs on the album, so it's a very natural range of material for his voice.
It's also his most diverse release starting with the tougher, hard edged Learning How To Love, flowing into the perfect AOR of Remember Our Love to the sultry title track Anything For You.
Only You Can Give Me sounds like a tougher King Of Hearts style track, while the big ballad To Say You Love Me turns back to pure AOR.
The moody You Got The Love and The Garden have a certain swagger, while Skin starts slowly before a poppy chorus kicks in.
Second Chance and Say A Little Prayer are ok, but lack the punch of earlier tracks.
The Bottom Line
Most songs work, a couple don't and the overall sound is a little too familiar to past Fabrizio projects especially the James Christian release. But Tommy's world class AOR favourite voice still leads the pack of names one would wish to hear and this record provides a good outlet for his talents. Fulfilling and satisfying especially for fans of Tommy's previous work, but not a knockout AOR classic.
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Anything For You

Line Up
Tommy Funderburk: Vocals
JM Scattalin, Rob Vanni: Guitars
Biggs Brice: Drums
Fabrizio V.Zee Grossi: Bass, Keyboards, Samples
Arny Rothstein: Keyboards

Essential for fans of:
King Of Hearts
James Christian - Meet The Man
Track Listing
Learning How To Love*
Remember Our Love*
Anything For You
Only You Can Give Me*
To Say You Love Me*
You Got The Love
The Garden
Second Chance
Say A Little Prayer
--*Best Tracks

13/09/05: Axe Machine -
Rating: 20
I never thought much of the King Of Hearts CDs, but this is even worse! The first track is all that convinces, but after that the album drops faster than a boulder from 20,000 feet! Like the sound, but this album in terms of songs simply sucks. I think Andrews 85% was very generous...maybe he gets this album, but I certainly dont!

04/03/05: Daredevil -
Rating: 20
What a disappointment! Expected something great. But only the opening track delivers. All the other tracks are subpar. No comparison to the great Grossi efforts with Danny Vaughn or James Christian.

03/03/05: Laurent - jazzhard@hotmail
Rating: 88
It's about time that vocal God Funderburk release its first solo album. I wasn't expecting anything THAT good. I thought the music would sound a bit dated.... How wrong was I ! That's a wonderful album with a modern sound but fully anchored in the AOR style. So cool to hear so many songs co-written by the great Greg Mathieson. The music is played to perfection but by musicians who somewhat lack of personality (i.e. their influences are more than obvious). But they fit the music and all deliver excellent performences. Tommy's singing in brilliant and there should be no one left wondering why this guy has been a studio legend for over 25 years. Fans of Boston, Toto, Eddie Money or even Sammy Hagar should get this great album.

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