Toto Falling In Between Frontiers Records
FRCD 273
· Produced By: Toto

· Running Time: 50.03

· Release Date: February 10

· Released:

· Musical Style: Melodic Rock

· Links: Toto Frontiers
Songs: 100%
Sound: 100%
There have only been 6 perfect scores awarded in the 9 years of the site. This is the easiest perfect score I have awarded.
Toto is one of my all time favourite bands, yet I have handed out three average reviews in a row for Tambu, Mindfields and Through The Looking Glass. I am glad I can turn that around with this record. And I think fans will be unanimous in agreeing that this is the band's finest work in years.
Toto is a very diverse band. Their history of recordings and styles encompassed is diverse. Because of that diversity and a long rich career that spans 3 decades, it is always going to be hard to please everybody. And just how certain past albums have appealed will certainly impact on where fans rank Falling In Between.
But for me – it is one of the band's finest ever. Previous favourites for me have been Seventh One, Kingdom Of Desire and Isolation. But I also love individual parts of IV, Fahrenheit, Tambu and Mindfields.
Back to this album – Falling In Between is for me the perfect example of how to please everybody – or at least come close.
Falling In Between is also the perfect example of how to encompass everything from a very diverse past and still deliver something fresh and new. This is what it is all about folks. This is the exact reason I do this site - this is a stunning record. I have lived with it now for a few months and it remains the most played album of any throughout the week.
It still sounds fresh; it still offers something exciting each time I play it and man…it just sounds a million bucks.
I was listening back to Mindfields yesterday and it just sounded flat compared to this. Falling In Between is such a vibrant record. It jumps from the speakers and is bursting with life.
The addition of new boy Greg Phillinganes and the return of Steve Porcaro are two extra ingredients that help make the album so well rounded.
When Steve Lukather spoke of a more progressive record, I was a little worried. I said just deliver an album of killer 4 minute songs. The band has done both. The songs are killer and the more technical progressive elements add extra depth that gives the listener so much more to wrap their ears around.
I have read a few comments that the first two tracks are somewhat harder to get into. I could not disagree more, I think they see the band at their most adventurous and simply blow me away for their power and creativity.
There is so much music and so many layers within the songs, yet all of it sounds crystal clear and perfectly placed. There is not one note that has not been thought about. Sometimes such a perfect sound can feel deliberate or sterile, but this all just sounds so natural, it is like second nature for all involved.
I mean, how can a record with 5 lead vocalists and maybe 8 different song styles not sound disjointed? But it doesn't…never once does a song appear out of place.
This record flows effortlessly from one song to another due to three things – perfect performances, brilliant songwriting and a million dollar sound.
The percussion on this record is second to none as far as Toto's history and the songs are just as diverse, yet perfectly cohesive in the scheme of the album's flow.
I am seriously in awe of the way the different vocalists appear and work with each other through the record. As stated, there are 5 lead vocalists on this record and sometimes 3 or 4 in any given track! Yet it works due to the amazing song quality and the smooth production allowing each singer their own space.
This 50 minute record has something for every Toto fan old and new and then something.
Track By Track:
Falling In Between - With a grand Seventh One style instrumentation, the album begins its journey before Lukather blows the song apart with one of the heaviest riffs I have ever heard from him. The song is very progressive and together with the hard crunch of the guitar and some amazing swirling keyboards, the song reminds me of the best from Dream Theater.
The band has really gone out of its way to be different, yet in a way that is going to appeal to fans. Take this track - the heaviest of the album. When was the last time you heard an album title track that features two verses, two quick choruses and no further lead vocals past the 2 minute 20 mark! The last 2 minutes of the song is a mix of Luke's heavy riffing and layers of keyboard and orchestral/progressive instrumentation. Not only that, but Bobby Kimball sings the verse with such power, like I have never heard him and new boy Greg sings the chorus.
Dying On My Feet - The intro to this song gives absolutely nothing away - you have no idea where the song is going and if I wasn't sitting here listening to it myself, I'm not sure I could possibly believe the description! This is a stunning track that highlights the genius that is this album.
A laid back mid-tempo verse with a subtle and prominent piano riff doubles in pace for a bridge that features another heavy (and in your face) guitar rip before the song reverts back to it's original pace. This is a perfect contrast, but what I couldn't believe is the u-turn taken after the second chorus. From out of nowhere a massive orchestral break drives this song into the audio equivalent of cinematic widescreen. There are instruments and layers flying every which way and can only be described as glorious. Without warning the song reverts back to how it started, but now with a slow Lukather solo to accompany.
Come chorus time again another u-turn awaits. No, not to the first anthemic interlude, but rather an even more complex, progressive instrumental outro that lasts close to 2 minutes. Before you even realize, the song is bursting with heavy guitar riffs and then a massive horn section! On my count that's about 5 different vibes within a 6 minute song. Progressive elements again come into play, especially with the added percussion layers and Luke's riffing. I have never heard anything like it and suggest that fans of the oldest formation of Toto will really dig this track. I can see this as still being on my playlist in December and a contender for song of the year – albeit, one out of left field.
Bottom Of Your Soul - This is the longest song of the album at 7 minutes and the lead single. Easily the most commercial number, this will be the most familiar sound to fans of 80s Toto. This mid-tempo ballad reminds me of the moody vibe of I Will Remember from Tambu - certainly the mood and percussion is very reminiscent of this track.
The kicker is the chorus. A mellow Lukather sung verse gives way to one of the biggest choruses of the record, but with none other than the masterful Joseph Williams up front. It's a definite return to Seventh One as Williams and Lukather duet through the rest of the track. It closes out with another long instrumental passage featuring some speaker shattering rhythms and a real tribal/African vibe - with Luke and Joseph adding sporadic vocal melodies alongside a very melodic, band supplied, chanting harmony vocal.
King Of The World – This is going to be a fan favourite and is another very commercial track. This is the most 80s sounding track of the album, this again reminds me of the uptempo melodic rock moments from Seventh One and Isolation.
The warn husky tones of David Paich feature as lead during the verse and Lukather takes the bridge into the chorus, where Bobby Kimball takes over and supplies another short, but memorable powerhouse vocal. The very catchy and commercial chorus is everything anthem loving Toto fans will be hoping for!
For whatever reason, the track reminds me of the ultra high-tech feel and sound of Mr. Mister's Welcome To The Real World album - very 80s, but so high-tech that the sound appears timeless.
The instrumental break is again something that I have never heard before, yet it remains so recognizable to fans and true to the Toto legacy.
Hooked - Very different again...5 tracks in and 5 different individual styles, yet it gels together perfectly. That takes talent. This is a somewhat more stripped back track than some of the multi-layered orchestral parts of previous tracks. The song is a guitar driven slow-to-mid tempo groover, with a real swagger and some more progressive rock elements. But the chorus is once again bathed in multi-layered glory. Basically, this is very heavy come chorus time, but relatively organic and features a blazing guitar solo.
Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson joins in with some flute towards the hard rocking conclusion to the track, adding yet more texture to an already over flowing record.
Simple Life - Another change of pace...I asked Luke where the rest of the track was! He basically said he wanted people to want to play it again. That they will, as it is over way to soon! A Luke sung ballad, the song builds with subtle rhythms and a prominent piano part, then explodes into a single massive and passionate chorus and in a blink of an eye it is all over.
Taint Your World - Wow, time for another guitar driven rocker, but this time it's played out at double speed as an infectious little hard rocking boogie! When Bobby Kimball suggests "you don't want to fuck with me" during the chorus, I don't think anyone will argue with him! And who disagree with his statement at the end of the track?? (You'll have to wait for that!).
One thing springs instantly to mind the second this track fires up - Van Halen! Yep, this is Lukather at his Eddie Van Halen best and man, he sounds good. This is Toto's Hot For Teacher. The chorus is fast and furious, the vocals are layers deep and again the band takes a side trip for another curious instrumental break.
Let It Go - Yet another track that offers something new in a familiar environment. Greg Phillinganes sings lead on this track, drawing in all of his soul/R&B influences with Stevie Wonder. He fits into the band perfectly. What is most enjoyable about the track is the fact it continues the pace of the last track, but is more stripped back and runs mainly on a snappy rhythm section. The track takes several twists during its running time, but the heart of the song is a funk/jazz rhythm that reminds me of Tambu in places and very early Toto in other areas. Lush instrumentation and multiple use of a big melodic Lukather sung pre-chorus bridge keeps things hopping around!
Spiritual Man – Three or so months in and this song still gives me goosebumps. This is amazing track and without doubt is a new Toto classic. This soulful and spiritual ballad is stunning...subtle at times and completely over the top towards the end. Greg, Bobby and David Paich all sing on this, each one taking a verse (there is no definitive chorus as such). This is the ultimate build-up song. Starting slowly, the vocals are hauntingly passionate and really capture the emotions of the listener. The bridge between the verses is multi-layered and is short, yet more intense. With each passing minute, more layers of vocals and instruments are added to the song and when a simply stunning Bobby Kimball bursts through the speakers, every single hair on your body will be standing on end. The last minute of the song is so thick in vocals, sax and keyboards, you will need that 5.1 mix to work out where it is all coming from. Stunning!
No End In Sight - Another taste of something out of the ordinary. Steve Lukather sings the verse, while Bobby Kimball delivers the chorus. The transition is so smooth you'll have to go back to hear where one takes over from the other. The tempo starts slow, but builds and jumps around. The chorus and song itself takes a few listens to get into and getting a handle on the layered percussion takes another listen after that! Some of the instrumental passages remind me of Seventh One again.
I love the hard edged guitar riff of the chorus and the uptempo flow of the song.
The Bottom Line
There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Falling In Between features a little of everything Toto have ever been and will, without doubt, appeal to every single fan the band has ever reached out to. Time could see me referring to this as the band's best album ever.
The album is almost a case of less is more. In several places the tracks leave you wanting more, which makes playing the album over and over so easy. I have different favourites each week, with so much on offer in what is a relatively short amount of time all things considered.
Catchy drum fills, extra guitar riffs and one-off harmony vocals are spread throughout the album. You find yourself looking forward and listening out for these parts once you get to know their place.
It is another example of how much effort has gone into the songwriting and production of this album. Songwriting credits are shared by the whole band over several tracks – again highlighting what a group effort this record is.
I don't think I have ever heard a lead singer sing less on an album, yet Bobby Kimball is stunning here. Luakther has never sounded better and his guitar playing is inspired to say the least. Paich has never sounded better! And keyboards are everywhere, as is the rich textured percussion of Simon Phillips and Lenny Castro.
It truly is a blueprint of how to make the perfect album. Other bands would do well to pick this up and have a listen. Not to replicate it, but to see how the band draws on their all their past records and incorporates it into something new. I have been talking about bands getting it right in 2006. This is so right!
A fan pleasing release that will be hard to beat for Album Of The Year!
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· Isolation
· Fahrenheit
· Seventh One
· Kingdom Of Desire
· Tambu
· XX
· Mindfields
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· Falling In Between

Line Up:
· Bobby Kimball: Vocals
· Steve Lukather: Guitars & Vocals
· David Paich: Keyboards & Vocals
· Simon Phillips: Drums
· Greg Phillinganes: Keyboards & Vocals
· Mike Porcaro: Bass
· Steve Porcaro: Synth, Sound Design
· Lenny Castro: Percussion

Essential For Fans Of:
· Toto
· Steve Lukather, Joseph Williams
· Powerful melodic rock
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Track Listing
· Falling In Between *
· Dying On My Feet *
· Bottom Of Your Soul *
· King Of The World *
· Hooked
· Simple Life
· Taint Your World *
· Let It Go *
· Spiritual Man *
· No End In Sight *
--*Best Tracks

28/10/09: Glenn -
Rating: 90
I have all their stuff, and this, along with Tambu, are the 2 I could put on anytime. Its like finding something new everytime I hear it.
FIB is a great work. The ballad Bottom of Your Soul may be my least favorite track (7 of 10) but the spectacular Dying on My Feet (11 of 10) makes up for all. Somehow Simple Life and No End In Sight are my favs. Either way, great stuff form the most talented band on the planet.

02/08/07: Bruce -
Rating: 90
I think one of the problems with reviewing albums is we all come with are taste bias. The genre called Melodic Rock as used on this site is actually to broad. It covers lighter pop rock bands all the way to melodic heavy metal and melodic progressive rock. Some of our taste such as mine span all this territory while others are oriented towards the lighter pop/aor side, while still others the hard/metal side. So, I think in reviewing Toto if your taste are decidedly towards the harder rock and metal side of music reviewed on this site you are not going to score Toto very high and probably didn't like their eighties stuff. On the other hand if powerful melodic vocals and harmonies are your thing as well as music that groves not just rocks hard your going to like this band. So, for those who like Toto and their genre this is a very good album. Not perfect, so I don't give it 100. I personally would of liked more Bobby Kimball. Last I would say to you harder rock fans out there, and I like hard rock/metal as well, that you should listen more carefully to Steve Lukather lead work. In the Toto format vocals and keyboards are just as important as lead guitar, but when it's there it is freaking awesome.

22/11/06: Paul -
Rating: 75
Boy, no agreement at all by everyone on this cd. First, I'm a big Toto fan, and have been for almost 30 years. What makes Toto great is the fact that they're not afraid to push the envelope musically. You never know for sure what you're going to get, and you never know who it will appeal to. With that said, I can respect those who love it, as well as those who don't get it. But is this a perfect or "Classic" melodic rock cd??? Absolutely not, and here's why: it's not a melodic rock cd at all. It does have some melodic rock tracks, but at it's core, this is a jazz fusion album. Why has no one mentioned the true closing track, THE REEFERMAN? This track alone bears out this point. This is a good cd, but it is far from a perfect or classic MELODIC ROCK cd. Know that going in. If you don't like jazz, you won't like this cd. I enjoy all types of music, but I went into this cd expecting melodic rock, and did not enjoy it. When I went back and listened to it with a different frame of mind, I loved the jazzy feel to it. So if you're looking for a true melodic rock masterpiece(which is understandable considering you're on this site), this ain't it. And shame on you, Andrew, for representing this as such(20 lashes with a wet noodle!).

24/07/06: TG -
Rating: 100
By far my most favorite TOTO record to date. This even beats their other fine albums from the 70s and 80s- Isolation, IV, and the first album to name a few. I love every tune and I cannot take this CD out of my car's stereo. When I finally start to listen to something else, one of my teenage boys plunks in "Falling In Between" back in and we all eagerly anticipate those two floor-tom notes from Simon Phillips that begins the sonic-soaring-sweetness that is TOTO 2006!

20/06/06: Schwede -
Rating: 87
FiB is the album we knew Toto could make ! Now that I've had a few months to digest it, here's my highlights:
Falling In Between - kicks ass. Greg's vocals seem just a little out of place here. Great opener, crank it.
Dying On My Feet - would prefer more of a higher pitch vocal from Bobby. I find myself looking forward to hearing the Chicago horns at the end of the song, would have liked to hear more of them on this album.
Bottom Of Your Soul - my favorite. Joseph, Luke and Simon make this song happen. Great vocals, lyrics, and percussion, I want it to be 10 minutes long ! I agree with a previous reviewer's mention of the "Could this be love" comparison - truly Joseph's finest vocals with previous Toto. You can "feel" the emotion in these two songs.
King Of The World - great traditional Toto, Bobby truly shines on this one.
Hooked - all around classy, hooks, the Luke solo that I was waiting for.
Simple Life - longer, please ! I'm not crazy about the electronic drums sound, it has its place.
Taint Your World - now that's what I call a nice f*cking boogie, isn't it ?
Let It Go - great platform for Greg, sounds like older Toto instrumentals, with vocals.
Spiritual Man - Greg delivers this song with his awesome vocals, hands down, you can feel it. Damn, I wish I could sing like these guys.
No End In Sight - great thoughtful song, has that Toto feel, love the lyrics.
* The Reeferman - would to have liked to have a serious song, even a full length instrumental in this groove.

I'm a lifelong Toto fan. When I posted to Bobby's message board prior to FiB that we wanted a complete Toto band record, I felt it was asking too much, being a little too forward. I am glad that Toto listened to the fans. Now, being a bit selfish, WE WANT MORE ! Thanks guys, FiB is an excellent CD that will be a classic from a class act.

01/06/06: Brad -
Rating: 99
It amazes me how anyone who claims to be a Toto fan or even melodic rock fan could pan this album. This is absolutely one of the most masterful musical albums start to finish that I have ever heard. Each and every song is an absolute must-listen, and you need to play it with a clear mind and no distractions to really appreciate the intricacies of the music. Playing as background music will not allow for full appreciation of what is actually on display here.

The "progressive" opening title track and the following track "Dying On My Feet" are, unlike a few others have said, not hard to get into. Listen to the chord structures, timing, and abundance of instruments in parts of these songs. They are not at all predictable but absolutely stunning.

"Bottom Of Your Soul" and "King Of The World" may indeed be the most accessible "mainstream" tracks on the album, but they too have parts that are unpredictable, particularly in the bridges. "Hooked" is a funky, catchy song that has to be heard to be believed. "Simple Life" is stunningly beautiful but indeed too short. (One point from perfection in my overall CD grade just because there should be more to this amazing song!)

"Taint Your World" is indeed Van Halenesque--a surefire rocker that is surprising for Toto while incredibly enjoyable. "Let It Go" is a track that I don't know where to begin with how stunning it is...funky, soulful, and rocking all at once. "Spiritual Man" is also an absolute masterpiece--with the three different singers for the three different verses adding to its effectiveness. How could anyone not be touched by that soulful track? The haunting "No End In Sight" is a fitting way to end the album--melodic, complex, and rocking.

If I had time I would be more detailed on each of the tracks, as I love them all; but Andrew and others here sum them up very well.

To reiterate others comments, how this album hasn't seen the light of day in the United States is beyond me; but that shows just how lame the music scene is here. At least this amazing band is still getting its due overseas. Hopefully, the acclaim and noteriety this album is getting in certain circles will inspire Toto to create another masterpiece in the future. For sure, these guys as individual musicians and as a collective band are incredibly underrated by the public at large.

All I will say in closing is that this album is absolutely a must-have for any Toto or melodic rock fan. One of the most musically brilliant rock albums I have ever heard.

01/06/06: rocky -
Rating: 85
as with the SAGA cd, one have to listen to it several times before it hits you how many good songs there are on this cd....absolutely for fans of the band, but for the rest of you---try it and jugde for yourself.........

30/05/06: Joey -
Rating: 83
a decent disc with some good songs Bottom Of Your Soul, King Of The World, Hooked, Taint Your World.
Harem Scarem's "Higher" and "weight of the world" were worthy of the mighty 100%; but a 100% for toto's "falling in between" is overeaching somewhat; and it's a shame that this cd will win album of the year>

06/05/06: Splash777 -
Rating: 90
There are bands that come out of nowhere & blow me away. Toto did that with this album. Right from the killer stop start nu-breed metal guitar riff that kicks the album opener off. The band has updated their sound but stayed familar in doing so. This is not something easily done by most. "Hooked" sounds like a Toto song but the modern production on the guitars really updates the sound to keep it hip. There is an underlying aggression on the album probably due to the current military occupation of Iraq. I've noticed that bands/artists are fueled by this event & its fueled their creativity. I am not saying the album is political just inspired by the worlds current tenseness. Progressive rock bands don't always have the ability to do this on an entire album. Toto succeed completely here with their 2005 release. Simon Philips is an excellent drummer & his contributions here make a strong album even stronger. Bobby Kimball & Steve Lukather sound great to be honest. I didn't think Kimball could deliver the goods but he does & does a good job. Ofcourse the man of the album is Steve Lukather. He doesn't disappoint me at all with his riffs, fills or solo's. Suprising to me is that album didn't lose steam at any point. The closing song "No End In Sight" is a great closing song with some very nice instrumental passages. An album worthy of your money.

02/05/06: Joe -
Rating: 2
wow..what a totally bland CD ....average songs ...and why is Philliganes (sp??) on vocals ???? can we get anymore boring ..
Luke & the band sound great as usual ..but us all a favor and have Bobby & Luke do the vocals in the future (if there is a future..that is)

02/05/06: Skip -
Rating: 90
While I agree that there is no real possibility that any album could be 100, I don't know that I am listening to the same album as all you nay-sayers. I frankly think this is a great album with some incredible hooks, outstanding musicianship and a fine overall release. It won't hit the radio because they aren't 19 anymore, haven't won a contract on a recent TV show or aren't sleeping with someone from Sony, but what the f$%k? This is a great mix of Los Lobotomy's material and TOTO and sounds incredible in surround! Just my two cents.

21/04/06: Sava -
Rating: 48

21/04/06: Freddy De Keyzer -
Rating: 80
Those giving this a perfect rating (which is impossible, cause perfect doesn't excist !), should check their ears !
This is a good record, with some fine songs, but also with some FILLERS (Simple Life is ssoooooo simple that it is a shame to put this nonsense on a record !).
Good, but not outstanding and far from best record of the year so far !

14/04/06: IAN -
Rating: 99

10/04/06: yulog - mdulrich@
Rating: 80
i guess andrew was wrong again by thinking everyone thought this would be a 100% but several of his other 100% picks were questionable like i think a danger danger album that had stolen songs from foreigner and renamed. I love toto because whatever they play makes you want to turn that song back on again and again there harmonies and sound have always been the tops. i believe they should evolve and they attempt that here i believe they didnt use both lukather and williams enough on this cd TOTO is by far one of the only bands that have had multiple singers that put out chart topping hits only one else that comes to mind are the eagles I like that they tried several singers to a song again evolving but i didnt feel sucked in by the songs and the 1 lukather song which i loved stopped short which did not grab me but rather pissed me off so now he has what 1 and a half songs on the cd. Never i repeat never cut a steve lukather song in half!!! there is of course some great stuff on here but not a 10 out of 10 i love bobby kimball but felt on this cd some of his songs just didnt fit him as well as the ones in the past again they were trying for a change and change doesnt always go over well I know everyone has a favorite singer i just think luke has been there since the beginning and if anyone should have priority its him on percentage of songs sung. Its strange how music seems to follow a pattern last album everybody was doing remakes of old songs i didnt like that personally i think its a waste of an album but toto def leppard etc did this and neither were great cds(def leppards Oh yeah is horrible accept for 1 song) now lets see journey ,toto are having everybody sing on the cd--- interesting how these patterns occur its almost like whats hot this year(go with whats in fashion) i will continue to listen, hopefully this growing some are talking about will continue but for now this is where i stand

08/04/06: John Elway -
Rating: 60
Alright, I'll admit I was never a big Toto fan (I remember hating hearing "Africa" at the roller rink back in sixth grade.). However, I was curious when I saw this disc scored a perfect 100 on this site; I figured such a score would only be attached to an album that would have great appeal to all rock fans, not just Toto fans. Well, as a guy who likes rock of all sorts, I can say that this album is certainly nothing special. I really tried to get into this, but just can't. These guys can't decide if they're a hard rock band or a rock/pop band, and either way, everything is extremely polished and sterile. Maybe hardcore Toto fans might eat this up, but as someone who tried to listen to this with a somewhat unbiased ear, I'm confused that such a respectable site as this would rate such a limited appealing album with a perfect score.

08/04/06: Uwe -
Rating: 80
A good album, a very good one, but not a 100. the best since VII, i liked the first four and # seven a little bit more. 'Get hooked' and 'Taint your world' are the best rockers they ever performed. That's what i called a nice fuckin boogie, isn't it?

04/04/06: chi-town crazy mar\'tay -
Rating: 99
I never i mean NEVER give out a 100. I do feel along with andrew this is the best toto album overall that I've ever heard. Not on the 1st or 2nd listen (much like journeys new album, a grower)

the songs grow on you quickly but some take a few more spins...songs that are instant classics to me : let it go, bottom of your soul, no end in sight, simple life, the rest took some getting used to but i really dig king of the world too..fuck, all of them!!!

the only thing better than this album would be to have joe williams on more of it and a fergie sighting that would get a 100 outta me..but this is just stunning perfection!! production, vocals, music everything is what it should be i wouldn't change a thing..cept ADD more songs maybe I would've liked 12 or 13 songs esp. after 6 1/2 yrs between new tunes..but, never the less, pure brilliance! and can't wait ot see them live this year!!

go toto! " no end in sight"!!!

26/03/06: Tade -
Rating: 98
One of the best albums I have purchased in a long while. Taint Your World is one of the best Toto rockers period, completely rocks!!

26/03/06: Terry K. -
Rating: 100
I've said it on the noticeboard already-but how anyone that calls themself a fan of Toto can pan this cd is beyond me!! This is monumental rock/pop music,and to think these guys came up with something THIS good after being together all these years is really fantastic! Every cd has it's detractors,but believe me,folks-if you haven't heard this yet..just GET it now! This is a very 'deep' album. You need to listen to it many times-and you'll WANT to,if you have good musical taste! True,there are no 'instant' pop hits here,but isn't the best music a little less shallow than that? This one will hold up years from now. Enjoy! TK

20/03/06: Johnathan -
Rating: 100
This gets my vote for album of the year. It's been a while since there's been an excellent produced album from a rock band. I highly enjoyed Dying on my Feet, Bottom of Your Soul, and King of the World. Those songs are instant classics. The musicianship is the highest quality I have heard on a melodic rock album. Pick it up!

09/03/06: Ralf -
Rating: 60
This is a good Rockalbum. But nothing more. There is no song, that I want to hear again and again. Just good music, but no milestone.

05/03/06: Ali -
Rating: 60
It is okay was expecting a lot more from a 100 album. Then again i remember masterplan got 100 and it was a 75 and tnt got a 100 and was 75... so I guess what I am saying is my taste is different from the reviewer

03/03/06: stuart -
Rating: 60

I cannot think of any reason why anyone would give this cd a 100%.
Yes the playing as always is amazing.
The production and the sound is amazing.
However where are the songs.?
I guees being a huge fan of the Joseph Williams Era i long for those super melodic tunes sung with passion and drive.
I wanted to like this cd i really did but if Toto are going to
make another album which im sure they will' i suggest they get Joseph Back as lead singer and give him a big say in the songwriting because Joseph is not only the best singer they ever had' but also writes some great tunes.
That said i have nothing against Bobby Kimball' i just dont think his voice is anything like as good as Joseph.
I suggest people play Could This Be Love..Till The End..We Can Make It Tonight and Somewhere Tonight from Farenheight and find any single song on the new cd that can touch those songs.
In my opinion nothing comes close.

02/03/06: Tim -
Rating: 87
While this is a very good cd, it is not a "100". I have to disagree with a lot of the other reviewers that do not like the song "Falling in Between." I love the progressive sound. It's not the typical Toto, but it works. A couple of the other songs don't really do anything for me. The cd's last 3 songs are very strong though. The production is great. It's good to see the guys doing what they want to do and not what the record execs dictate. If a couple of the meandering songs had been straight ahead rockers, this cd would have been near perfect!

02/03/06: Dave Mayer -
Rating: 93
My wife got me this for valentines day (how nice!!!!) and I must say how surprised I was. It really really did make me want to keep on playing it. it has spent the last couple of weeks going from car to house to car, it really is a most wonderful album. Classy, tuneful, good songs with melody and a twist... not just a tired re-hash of what they've done before but at the same time still true enough to the Toto sound to keep original fans happy. I have become more and more pissed off and saddened by the AOR/Melodic Rock scene over the past couple of years and have found myself moving more towards the Matchbox 20, train and Stereophonics type releases, this has given me hope!!!!!!!!!!

02/03/06: Russ -
Rating: 40
Being a fan of Toto since Isolation (one of the best melodic rock albums ever), I was really looking forward to this, but what a disappointment. I agree that the sound and musicianship are excellent,but the songs are pretty bland. Th first track that hit me with a decent tune was Spiritual Man, but the lyrics are so naff as to defy belief. Did they make them up as they went along, then couldnt be arsed changing them?
Maybe my tastes are changing, but this doesn't warrant the hype.

02/03/06: Tom -
Rating: 99
Sorry guys, I'm always a bit lagging behind these days...

I only just heard all the soundclips, but I'm running out to buy this right away. I mean, HOLY F*CK!?! I always liked Toto, but I wouldn't call myself a fan. But THIS is friggin amazing!

This is one of those albums where everything just clicks, everything just works. Fabulous musicianship, great production, good songwriting. And yes, good hooks. Albeit in a more adventurous kinda way.

I know taste is personal, but c'mon... How anyone could flunk this record is beyond me.

Top notch!

01/03/06: Mats -
Rating: 70
Not my cup of tea at all , no direction on the songs. Not in my book at least , top notch production and playing , that´s why the 70 rating. Sorry can´t hear any trad. hooks a la Toto. But taste is like beer some like it light and some like it dark.

28/02/06: Laurent -
Rating: 30
30 for the sound.... No question about the musicianship, it is top notch. I really wanted to like this album because Toto has always been a very interesting band. And they're great live. And I am way into fusion, jazz, jazz rock, latin, etc. so having eclectic music doesn't scare me at all. On the contrary, it attracts me. This being said, this record sound pretentious and has no direction. I sort of can understand why people rave about it but it just doesn't move me at all. I am glad I listened to it before buying it because it won't make it into my collection. Lenny Castro's inspired, as always, parts somewhat save what is to be saved. It's definitively not crap. Again it's just that it doesn't move me. "Tambu" remains my favourite Toto album.

26/02/06: Figge -
Rating: 60
This is not the kind of music I usually listen to, but I do like some ToTo stuff.

But this album: I HATE it! Sorry ToTo fans....but I do.

I can't stand the jazz and progressive elements, at all. I just HATE the over pretentious, musically complex stuff they deliver here. The songs go nowhere in my opinion and the whole album feels disjointed (on the contrary to Andrew's opinion).

Ask yourselves, where are the Pamela, Hold The Line, Africa, Stranger In Town etc. on this disc???

I have to say though, the sound on "Falling In Between" are FANTASTIC! Really impressive studio job....what an impact.


25/02/06: Paul -
Rating: 100
First off, I was a big fan of Toto after their debut some 28 years ago, but lost track of them after a few of their next 2-3 releases which I didn't think were up to par with the debut.

But this album is BETTER than their debut by far, with not any filler whatsoever! Truly a superb effort by Toto, I am definately a fan again and might even go back and buy some of their other CD's that I missed out on.

Andrew had it right when he mentioned that other bands should listen to this and understand and get ideas on what a great album is!

Now the bad part.....I doubt ANY radio station in the US will even bother to play anything from this. Hope I'm wrong, but they didn't touch Journey's "Generations" last year.

24/02/06: Stefan Weegink -
Rating: 0
I thought 'Trough the looking glass' wos bad.. but this is gonna be the worst toto album... No substitutions, TTLG, SANTAMENTAL, Live in AMSTERDAM all are bad.. there is after livefields never a good album coming out of toto... even AOR - L.A Attraction Is BETTER :(... CRAP, CRAP.... THIS REALLY SUCKS

24/02/06: Dimitri -
Rating: 50
Dissapointed to say the least but one can't argue about taste!

20/02/06: Justin -
Rating: 87
I must agree this is TOTO at one of their best records to date! Don't be fooled by the 82 because atleast to me it takes time to grow on me. Unfortuately I don't have 5.1 sound so can't distinct all the stuff that is going around. Frankly its all too breathtaking and a tad bit frusrating :-)

My picks to 5 atleast.

1) Hooked! (I'll give 100 on this one). Its got hooks all over the place (pun not intended). Love the horns, man the horns! Short but orgasmic! "Enemies you can't see" "Be all that you can be" (sarcasm on that one!) then BANG, BANG BANG, BANG, BANG, BANG!(that’s the horns)

2) Spiritual Man (this one makes me cry) Just brilliant!

3) Bottom of your soul (Every part of this tune is excellent). I want it to go on and on! Let me tell you, it may have gone over your heads (then again maybe not!) but love the little "competition" between the guitar and piano then the merging (got that? No? Listen to it again its starts at 03.34 –03.43 guitar then piano 03.44-3.53, then switching one by one, then the total merge of both sounds). Totally awesome! Toto, thank you for getting Joseph back, at least for a little bit totally appreciated!

4) Let it go – Greg owns this one and the more I hear it the more he sounds just like he’s been with the band since inception! I kid you not.

5) Tainted – You tell ‘em Toto. Agreed. Don’t F*** with Toto.

Cheers! (and those not so fond of this release, hope you enjoy something else ‘cause you don’t know what you are missing)

20/02/06: Mika -
Rating: 25
What are Andrew and u others talking about rating 100 is this a joke? This new album just sucks big time, it dont matter for me at least if it´s well played and produced if the songs are so baaaad i can´t even listen to it,pure crap!this is the worst Toto album ever and it seems to be the most overrated album ever! Maybe as someone else said that i must be from another planet because i hate this one.......

18/02/06: Don Manzo -
Rating: 100
This is TOTO doing what they do best. No label A&R guy saying I don't hear a hit. Andrew is correct...perfectly played,sung,and produced. There is nothing here that is not perfect. How bad is the state of music now that this disc does not have a US is absurd. These guys have made other people billions of dollars! I applaud them for doing something as great as this...28 years in the "business". Every track is its own entity. I have been a fan from the beginning and I truly believe this is the BEST start to finish disc they have ever done. If you are a more "prog" fan there are the uneven time signatures to keep you listening, if you are a more straight rock fan, you will also be satisfied. Bottom of your Soul is just gorgeous,Dying on my Feet is amazing and nothing else lets up. All the different personnel involved in this would be a MESS in anyone else's hands. Not here. I cant wait till the tour comes to the states! We all need to support this band with this effort. Buy the disc and see the tour..these guys put everything into this for the fans..not the label. Enough said! Congratulations filler...all killer!!

15/02/06: restless one -
Rating: 0
FALLING IN BETWEEN is TOTO at their very BEST. SUBERB sound and the songs are the BEST they have done for YEARS.TOTO have moved forward,while retaining their CLASSIC sound which they should be APPLAUDED! I bought the JAPAN CD of FALLING IN BETWEEN and what a SUPERIOR sound on my SYSTEM.TOO many FANTASTIC tracks to mention,I just wish SIMPLE LIFE was longer...1 point taken off. ANDREW'S review is SPOT on! Just BUY the CD...Congratulations TOTO for releasing SUBERB music after 30YEARS. Rock On!!!!!!

13/02/06: Stefan Grimbs -
Rating: 100
Excellent. Interesting. Superb.

13/02/06: Andy Hawes -
Rating: 95
To everyone who knocks this album, here's the message: Hold The Line, Africa, etc are all TOTALLY wonderful songs, but they are getting on for 30 years old! What do we want? That artists just carry on making sub-standard copies of all their best stuff, or moving on and expressing their creativity in producing new, exciting, stimulating music? Me? Well, I'm up for the latter and that's what Toto have done here. You want bubble-gum pop-AOR? Great-listen to the 'new' Blue Tears or anything like that. That's not what Toto are about at all. Ok, not everybody will like this album, that's for sure, but no-one should accuse it of 'sucking' because, like it or loathe it, this is awesome stuff. The hooks aren't always obvious, there's SO much going on. To me, that's the album's strength. Massive production, massive chops, massive melody, massive vocals... Absolutely superb. Oh, and for the record, track two, 'Dying On My Feet' is one of the ones I found the most instant and not at all 'hard to get into'.
To sum up, utterly essential. Not an 'easy' listen, but we all have hundreds of those kinda CDs in our collections, don't we? Go on...Challenge your ears and your perceptions. This may well be the best CD I've heard in months...WAY better than Journey's latest (and I am the BIGGEST Journey fan.....)

13/02/06: Marco -
Rating: 90
Skip the first two very progressive tracks, take a intense listen to the following songs and you have a very short but very good TOTO album! I don't say that the first two songs are bad, but they are neither classic TOTO nor overly impressive.

12/02/06: D-link -
Rating: 75
this album is very good and my personal favorite is "No End In Sight"--this song is worth the price of the album alone.

about Spiritual Man i listened to it many times and it get worse with every listen i hate it more, i'm open minded and while the
song arrangement would make Stevie Wonder proud, the song doesn't fit to a band like ToTo and it's not AOR/ this remind me of JOURNEY, they experiment to the point of ruining it all. bah

a great album with a couple of fillers.

11/02/06: John -
Rating: 100
Well, I disagree with the one saying Spiritual Man is crap. I think it´s one of David Paichs finest works ever together with Africa and Hold the line. Yeah, it is Gospel at the end, so what? Be more open minded. It is great arranged, with every second the song offers more and more diversity and things to explore. The sax and the backing vocals of Monet are just amazing together with the fine voice of Greg Phillinganes.

It´s a masterpiece for me.

My other favs of this album are "Bottom of your soul", "King of the world" and "No End in Sight". Simple life is a bit short though.
Hey Luke, what about making a "maxi version" out of it and offering it on the TOTO Website or on for download.

The whole album is outstanding but of course, it´s a matter of taste and some people will never get TOTO as some others will never get Journey etc...

11/02/06: Ross S. -
Rating: 95
I think this is one of Toto's best albums, but it may be best enjoyed by those who are already fans. The diversity of song-styles, quality of production, and judicious use of special guests are all fantastic. This is indeed an improvement on "Mindfields." That said, I think the lyrics (although better) are still a bit trite in places. And Simon's drums don't sound as good as on "Tambu," one my all-time favorites from the band. Nonetheless, this will certainly be one of the best AOR/Rock releases of the year, and it's easily in Toto's top five albums made, so fans of this site will likely enjoy (with the exception of those who prefer extremely smooth Westcoast AOR to the excusion of fusion or heavier rock).

11/02/06: Darwish -
Rating: 50 are you talking about?!
SPIRITUAL MAN is one of the worst songs ever, it sucks so much
i thought i was listening to Gospel music for cryin out loud.

this album got 50% great songs and 50% crap songs.

maybe recommended, but don't base your hopes high just cause ANDREW said it's excellent, everyone's ears are different.

11/02/06: Valium -
Rating: 90
this is my first album of TOTO (of course i heard couple of songs like AFRICA, but never had a full album), so after seeing 100% score i grabbed it and while i'm more for Harem Scarem/Danger Danger/Paul Sabu/Stage Dolls kind of AOR music, this album is awesome, great for morning weakness :-]
you wake up and listen in car while going to work.

my personal faves are:





10/02/06: René Hansen -
Rating: 100
The wait is over.

First time i saw Toto was in 1982. At that time is was into saxon priest and such. A good friend told me to go along and give them a chance. Since that evening in 1982 I have been a total Toto Freak. My hero was allways and still is Luke. That man has brought so many great nights of music so thinking about it gets me deeply.
We all know the story Jeff died Simon came and even bobby came and then TOTO DIED in my book. That cover crap blew me away. I have not listen to a Toto record since the release of that shit. I have not attend a concert since the release of that shit and let me point up until then i have NEVER missed a danish show at all lukather solo included.
Thats all history and behind us. Now this comeback. Man I am surprised and happy that they still got so much music inside. Andrew right on 100 no more or less. Nobody beats this release this year thats a promise.
I cant decide if its hydra or seventh one fell there is over the intro to Falling in between but my good words cant describe that feel flow and quality of this cd. Cherish this one gyus and dolls Toto won´t beat this one ever. It´s bloddy close to being my favorite but Isolation is a nosehair in front and then FALLING IN BETWEEN.

Thx Toto for being back in my life. My Toto gold awards has just been hang up right over my keyboard again remembering the night you all minus Jeff signed me 2 awards in Copenhagen right before the XX release show.

Love you and welcome back

10/02/06: Almir Fuschini -
Rating: 90
I must confess that after several listenings this album grown on me. But...there are some things that I didn't like.
First, it sounds too World music/Jazz/Progressive for what I used to hear from Toto. I'm fan from the "IV" era and I had the entire collection from them (actually twice until the Seventh One, my "before cds" age). I love these guys and I have the most respect for them.
Some people heard Whitesnake's "Still In The Night" riff in one of the new songs. Jeez! Calm down, folks.
Second, the tradicional Steve's ballad cut in half? WTF?
My favorite songs on their albuns always included Steve's ballad.
To say that "is for people to want to hear more" is kind of joke to me and it kills the song. Kind of sudden death.
Third, why another vocalist? Another keyboard player is OK, but another vocalist? The three tradicional voices would be enough.

Other than that, is a fine album and a winner, but IMHO 100% from Andrew is a little too much.

09/02/06: Bobby -
Rating: 40
I must be on another planet,because i hate the cd.Ive had it for a while and i still cant get into it.I thought the first song had malmsteen on it.Terrible.The only songs i like on the new cd are the Luke numbers the rest i couldnt care for at all.Theres nothing catchy abt this toto cd and thats what i was hoping for.I really like the 7th one,tambu and toto 4,and maybe thats why i dont like this one.Anyway people are giving this cd 100% so...i must be missing something here.
Definitely not a masterpiece in my cd collection i hate it.I give it 40 for turning up.

09/02/06: Paul -
Rating: 100
Andrew - Every word you wrote was a nail right on the head. The Album is brilliant. I can't wait to buy an original CD and play it LOUD on my home stereo. My Mp3 must be sick of the 'repeat' button being pushed. Kimball is stunning and "Lukes the Man". Brilliant, brilliant album. Terrific production. The songs seem to bound out of the headphones. Dynamic, Classy and Stunning.

Congrats to Luke and the gang.

Regards Paul

09/02/06: wiljan Vriens -
Rating: 100
I'm just going to say i this ROCKS and Rocks and.... etc..
I'm not going to make this a long read, just a massive reaction of a album that rocks the socks of my feet!!

Thanx TOTO you rule!!!!


09/02/06: Swiss-Tony -
Rating: 100
What can I say?? I'm listening to this record since 2 weeks....
and I still dig new stuff. Awesome. I surely received more than 20 other new cd's in this time. But ya know what? Never listened to them, not even a second, cause I had to enjoy Falling in Between all the time!!
No Joke, this is one of toto's best efforts ever.

I don't want to write too much, Andrew did a perfect review that matches the record perfect.

But really, I'm a hardcore fan since 15 Years, and this record blows me straight away to heaven.Killer.
Whatever you liked of toto ,isolation, tambu, IV, 7th one etc. , you'll find it all in FIB. Everything sounds trusted, but they did not copy themselves, it sounds fresh, modern but still toto.
This is the perfect example how a perfect rock album must sound.

A really perfect production, but it still sounds warm and organic like for example Tambu. Journey with their latest Generations effort would die to have such a production ( Don't get me wrong, I love Journey too)

A killer songwriting, and very variedly. You'll never get bored listening to this songs. There is so much to discover.

Toto will definitely kick many asses with this album.They are back stronger than ever.

My faved Tracks:

Falling in Between

Dying on my feet

Bottom of your soul

Simple life

Let it go

09/02/06: Mark -
Rating: 100
Just superb - A classic.

08/02/06: Hannu -
Rating: 100
Wow, what a record! I have had a japanese release now over the week and this record is stunning. Toto has always been a very diverse band and that is one reason why I have liked their music since early 80's. I was little bit worried in last spring when Luke&Bobby was mentioning that new album will be harder sound album like KOD and Isolation but in my opinion this album even there is very prog type of elements is closer to 7th one and IV. And this is not too hard sound album what we have used to hear from Toto, these prog type of elements just make this album to shine and shows that how great Toto still is and has been. Example, Dying on my feet is just so killer song that it gives goosebumps everytime I listen it, so much music there. Nothing to argue with Andrew review, this album deserves 100 points but still too early to say is it better than IV or 7th and I hope guys still has motivation to deliver a new one sooner than 7 year time span but anyway this album will be fresh after 7 year time period. Even if you are not Toto fan, please give it spin and you will be surprised what they have done. Outstanding!!!

08/02/06: Mark Ridout -
Rating: 100

I knew that this record would blow people away from chatting with a couple of band members who were talking about it very early on it's infancy stages. I believe some of the main reasons for the success of this CD, which as I have previously stated on this site IMHO will be the Album of 2006 much to the Chargin of many other site users, is the fact that the band:

1)TOTO financed the project themselves and were therefore able to take their sweet ass time making it (10 months). They stated over and over and over that no CD would be released unless it was perfect and believe me it get's no better than this.

2)The Production, Sound and Writing are astonishing and in some cases outright brilliant (Spiritual Man). They have retained the Classic TOTO "Core qualities" yet re-invented and modernized themselves in so many facets.

3)The band wanted to make this a personal best effort and they have exceeded even the most high expectations. So many people had viciously written them off as has beens. I am so very proud to say they were all sadly mistaken.

4) Most bands with multiple Keyboard players and especially multiple vocalists don't work and often sound disjointed in ebb & flow, TOTO is one of the very few bands I know of that can pull it off without breaking a sweat.

5) The injection of Greg Phillganes was an outstanding choice and he provided a much required fresh injection and perspective

6) The right guests are also key, Lenny Castro on percussion is %$#$% brilliant and he is all over this CD, Steve Porcarro add's his usual wizard synths, Ian Anderson, Shenkar from Peter Gabriel and what an absoloute classy gesture bringing Joseph Williams into the fold for "Bottom of your Soul"

7) Not one filler on this Cd which is indeed a rarity these days!

Before my review please note: To anyone that just listens to some samples, do not judge this CD by 30 second samples, it must be purchased and listend to over and over to be believed. A song may sound one way and then explode into something new and very different the next minute and again and again!

Mark Ridouts Review!

1) Falling In Between: TOTO meets Dream Theatre. A highly progressive song in the Dream Theatre vain. It is so unlike any song I have heard in many years, especially the short but very powerful lyrics sung by the great Bobby Kimball, as only he can sing belt them out and Steve Lukather in what could be described as his best riffing ever blows me away. I also loved Steve's "unique" Laugh, which leads into the extended Outro. There is also a very slight hint of middle east music injected in here, that takes "balls" to pull off!

2)Dying On My Feet: This song is 4 songs combined into one and runs around six minutes. To me it is the best diversified song on the CD, with awesome vocals, chorus, riffs, keyboards and a kick ass Chicago Horn section at their very best (The horns have to be heard to be believed). Early to say but I would not doubt this being an extremely strong contender for for "Song of the year". (Best Lyric) Dying on my feet sure beats living on my Knees Classic LOL!

3)Bottom Of Your Soul: A warm welcome back to Joseph Williams. His voice is back and the booming chorus is the highlight of this song as are the deep lyrics involving genocide of children. the lyrics were well written and the song reminds me of I will Remember from Tambu but even more so a very modernized sequel to Africa. Lenny Castro shines on this song and Simon is laid back at the beinning letting Lenny drive it. The end with the African chants and Jopseph singing are a joy to listen to.

4) King Of The World: Isolation and 7th One on steroids. A complete TOTO classic in every sense and it should be the second release IMHO. David sounds great on Vox and again Lukes riffing is fantastic. This should be the second radio release!

5) Get Hooked: A classic sounding tune with ultra powerful backing vocals. I was hooked after the first listen.

6)Simple Life- Simply put a stunning Ballad by Steve Lukather with an exploding chorus. This song should have been longer and is way to short. People will have this on constant repeat! You have to hear it to believe it

7)Taint Your World: Very Van Halen sounding but uniquely TOTO. Bobby kicks fucking ass on this song and I love the lyrttics especially the "Dont Fuck with me Line. Classic and first time this has ever happened on a TOTO CD. BOBBY IS LIKE A FINE WINE, HE GETS ONLY BETTER WITH AGE, FOR THAT MATTER SO DOES THE BAND AND "DONT FUCK WITH THAT!" (LOL)

8)Let It Go: Very Funky and a great groove. Reminds me of some Tambu songs and Greg is great on Vox

9)Spiritual Man: IMHO this track is without a doubt the deepest song lyrically ever sung by TOTO, especially with three vocalists and the ending with a Choir is amazing (My other pick for song Of The Year. You have to hear this song to believe it.

10) No End In Sight: A solid track and the title is fitting because after this monster of an Album there should be many MORE to follow!

My faves, really all of them hahahah, but if i had to choose 4

1) Spiritual Man
2) Dying On My feet
3) Falling In Between
4) KOTW (Tied)

In conclusion TOTO have made a comeback of momumental proportions and they should be very proud of their accomplishments on this project. There are many bands and musicians that should take a long hard look at this CD to realize what perfection actually is comprised of and not rushing a project, thus making sure that the sound and production are great!

It has been seven years since Mindfields, after listening to Falling In Between, I really hope it wont be more than 2 years or so until their next "Masterpiece

Congrats To Andrews "Bang on" review! Only six perfect scores in nine years and TOTO is one of them. That says it all!

ADD YOUR OWN REVIEW! (Ratings out of 100)