Track Listing
Outlaw Man
Quicksilver Rider
Serenity (2)
Dead Man Walking (1)
Shadow Dancer
Someone's Gotta Have To Pay
Sea Of Faith
Fighting Man (3)
Perfect View
Crossing Over

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Recent Discography & (Rank)
Walk On Water (1)
Covenant (2)
Sharks (3)

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UFO - Covenant
Produced By: Mike Varney
Running Time: 49.39 Genre: Hard Rock
Release Date: Out Now Released: EU US
LabelLink: SPV

What people don't realize is that after adding a range of new reviews, I continue to listen to the new albums afterwards, to make sure the comments that will forever be attributed tome are how I feel.
That fact, coupled with the insistence of several readers that I give UFO a second chance has led me to this amendment.
I am happy to admit that I was too harsh on the classic rockers.
While I am not upgrading the album to classic status, I will concede that it is better than a 50 score. So with a small mention to the tracks that helped me reach this conclusion Sea Of Faith and Fighting Man I'll up the mark to a 70.
Still think the first two tracks are horrible, but the back end of the album has substantially more to offer.

UFO's re-union album Walk On Water is an essential part of a melodic rock fan's collection. It's brilliant and oozes attitude and style.
Then came their last album, Covenant. I got this one wrong. I got into it, wrote a favorable review, posted it and soon after regretted it.
It's one of the few examples I will admit to being wrong on, as I haven't listened to that album since reviewing it. It may have rocked, but I already knew it lacked all the charm of Walk On Water, but it was even worse than that.
But back to UFO in the last few years there have been the controversial tours twice they tried, twice they fell apart mid tour, with tantrums, fights and bitching.
This album is a little different than Covenant. Michael Schenker still looks like a bloody hillbilly, who can still play a mean lick, but to me there is just no atmosphere to this album.
I still believe this is a 'cash up front please' album, but is does have it's charms. Serenity is one of those moments, as is Dead Man Walking.
The opening two tracks do the album no favor's whatsoever, but there's more to like in the closing stages, like Sea Of Faith and Fighting Man.

The Bottom Line
Flat. Generally, the album sounds loose and raw. It will be personal choice whether this album rates higher or lower than Covenant.
Musically there are some blues rock moments and some 70's classic rock attitude, not to mention some of the feel of the last two albums.

Line Up
Phil Mogg: Vocals
Michael Schenker: Guitar
Ansley Dunbar: Drums
Pete Way: Bass

Additional Ratings

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28/01/07: Curt Peters -
Rating: 100
How can you not rate this 100. After all of the things that this band had been through, they continue to pump out great music. I can only wait for the Monkey Puzzle tour to hit the states. UFO rocks and Sharks is a testament to that.

15/08/05: MetalDen -
Rating: 80
I have put a note on each track, one star is 20 % so finally 80 % I agree with Jeff for the missing of Paul Raymond on the keyborads to have a perfect .... album ! But nevertheless a great album.
outlaw man *****
Quicksilver Rider ***
Serenity *****
Deadman Walking ****
Shadow Dancer ****
No Revolution Song *****
Sea Of Faith ****
Fighting Man *****
Perfect View ****
Crossing Over ***
Hawaii (instrument ****

30/06/03: Edwin Baeyens -
Rating: 69
I pretty much agree with the 70% rating, although I'll give it 69% to just put in the AVE & BELOW category. It's not a bad album at all, with some great songs and the excellent "Serenity". Unfortunately it also has a bit too many fillers, a very poor production, the lack of keyboards, boring drums and an overall feel of "I don't really care". This is NOT classic UFO - it isn't even as good as some of the non-Schenker 80's albums - but it's still UFO, albeit on automatic pilot.

15/01/03: Dan MacDonald -
Rating: 85
It's hard for me to be objective about UFO because they are far & above my favourite band,magical.I've been hooked since "Obsession",& I believe "Strangers" is the best live album ever recorded.Anyway on to "Sharks",it's obviously not their best album but compare it to other groups of the same era/style & then consider(it's definetly a solid effort).Schenker's guitar style & Moggy's vocal style are signature.Personally I think the only 2 missing ingredients are Ron Nevison & Paul Raymond(if he ever leaves Japan!).Although more keyboards are needed for that classic atmospheric UFO sound,otherwise I think it's a solid uncompromising effort from a great & underrated band.
ps.I wonder if the lads will ever use the" Aphex Aural Exciter"

21/12/02: Brian Burgess -
Rating: 87
Yes I initially rated this effort a 75 but after revisiting "Sharks" I have upgraded my rating to an 87. Schenker's riffs have hypnotized me(as only Mike's melodic metal playing can). Maybe this has something to do with me pulling out MSG's "Assault Attack" once again and appreciating what Mike can do with his Flying V. His licks are still crisp, meaningful, heartfelt and bring joy to the listener. How many guitarists can play with such feeling and honesty? Mogg's vocals sound better than I first thought. He can still belt it out and his style mixes well with Michael's playing. Pete Way's bass is mixed too far back and Aynsly Dunbar drums on auto pilot but that is due to the subpar production. Sure the song writing suffers a bit but there are some solid tunes on this cd. I should remember that any new Michael or UFO product is a plus in today's musical environment. Hopefully we will be seeing more MSG or UFO product in the future. Mike rules!!!

05/12/02: itchyscratchy -
Rating: 85
I feel UFO have created an enjoyable effort this time around and I can't understand why anyone wouldn't want to crank up tracks like "Dead Man Walking" (what a killer guitar theme in here from Schenker-beautifully melodic and it gets right in your head), "Serenity" and "Sea Of Faith" which oozes passion. Mogg's vocals and Schenker's gorgeous guitar work make this an instant winner. I love the lyrics (among the few good ones on the disc) and the off-beat drumming, however, I still can't believe this is Ansley Dunbar the same guy who kickes ass with Zappa, Bowie, Jeff Beck, Journey and Whitesnake. He sleepwalks throught he whole album! His drummin is pedestrian at best. And, the production sucks. Very weak and almost demo-sounding. Not enough to hamper the songs, but not wnough to add to them either. All in all, a solid record though its no "Walk On Water"

16/10/02: Gary -
Rating: 80
It may not be classic UFO, but it still rocks. What other guitar player has you humming his rythms like lyrics to a song? Schenker is brilliant inspite of his madness! Sereinity and shadowdancer are awesome.

15/10/02: freddy de keyzer -
Rating: 74
This is indeed not the best Ufo record, but I'm glad the 50% rating has gone, because this record isn't that bad. The minor points are the production and the voice of Mogg who speaks more than sing. But the songs are O.K. and this is still a fine, pure hardrock record, much better than those overhyped nu-breed acts and CD's !!! So, make your own decision, but never forget that mr. Schenker is one a hell of a guitarist !!!

14/10/02: JohnXL -
Rating: 75

14/10/02: Glenn Odin -
Rating: 80
This album is a good one but for UFo to produce another classic they will need to get keyboards back in the mix and get a name producer someone like Zito or Nevison someone who knows how to get that rich classy sound. Having said that i'm a UFO nutter and will enjoy this as much as any of their other albums. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that everyone should check out Phil and Jeff Kollmans new cd out on Track records (UK) under the band name Sign Of Four called "Dancing With St Peter" as its just as good if not better than this I think at this early stage I prefer it - check it out!

14/10/02: marco -
Rating: 85
it's just another great ufo album.this is not "commercial rock" ,this is rock for "expert" people. in fact the album needs more listening to be appreciated.yeah! U.F.O. are back......back to the blues!!!!

13/10/02: Ignacio -
Rating: 70
65/70 is ok. Sadly it will not become a classic... that is what every ufo fan is looking after. I still can not understand why Michael gave us only an introduction of Hawaii... could anyone tell me where is the rest of the song ... There are no classic songs here ( i liked very much 'Unraveled' and so on from Covenant, great rocker ) but i will welcome every UFO, Mogg/Way or Michael Schenker album. Hope they will make some more :-) . They're still one of the best line-ups ever!!

12/10/02: Neil Higson -
Rating: 83
Music is all about opinions and Andrew is kind enough to give space to let us have ours after he has posted his own. That said, I think he got this one wrong. Far too scathing. OK its not UFO's best (Not many could be to be fair) but it is still a strong album and just to hear messrs Mogg, Way and Schenker together after all their years of b*****t is worth a much higher rating as even with the 1 or 2 fillers that there are on this CD it is still quality. Some of Andrew's reviews have gone off the deep end over the last year or so for what turned out to be good but not awesome releases. Take Giant 'III', Harem Scarem 'Weight Of The World' or D2 'Cockroach' for example, all good and very welcome releases and worthy of high ratings but also NOT perfect. Too short, collection of leftovers etc. don't get 90%+ in my book (I still bought them all though!!) and as much as he over-rated these releases I think Andrew has been far too harsh on 'Sharks'. Some artists on some labels seem to do no wrong and others seem to get overly unfair criticism? Reviews are much like UFO's last two albums -inconsistant. UFO's new CD is not going to win too many new fans, true, but still a very worthwhile and enjoyable release even though Schenker does look like Billy Gibbons grandfather!!

11/10/02: Tom Joyce -
Rating: 90
Take another listen; this is a very good record. I think alot of people would like it more if the first track were buried later in the CD (it's not bad; it's just a little goofy and you have to be a UFO junkie to get it). Sharks picks up steam on the second track, and by #3 (Serenity) it's a steamroller.

10/10/02: Del -
Rating: 75
Yeah....50% is far too low. Granted this is not a classic UFO album but it does have it's moments. Phil Mogg comes out the winner on this disc. His vocals and lyrics are of a usual high standard.

A couple of fillers true.....but another good solid UFO album.
I think if you gave it a chance you'd rate it 20 pts higher.


10/10/02: Magnus -
Rating: 87
The Atom-Smashing Hardrockers from Pluto has returned... and they are here to do a number on you Baby! UFO has risen again from the depths to scorch the earth with their custom blend of hard rock foot stompin' raaawwk and rollllll... heavily bearded than ever before!

It's fair to say that it is a stable and solid raaawwk album - with Mogg on top, doin' the numbers!! Dunbar and Way provides a solid rhythm section and as for Schenker... Well - You could say a solid and firm guitar work, with some cool riffs. But - in my opinion - he gets tangled, to tricky when he's suppose to come to the blistering solos.... There are plenty of 'chances' to break out in some new 'proposed-memorable-moments'. 7 "Sea Of Faith" is a good example of that, which is a very good [probably the best] song with great, strong typical Mogg verse/chorus style with Mr Axe on his back providing a nice 'Schenkery-guitar' sound... But but - You'll find small parts here and there...

Some quick reflections: 1 "Outlaw Man" another UFO classic - I'm a rocker I'm rocker.... I'm a one big bone! Solid and hard axe work - Mogg all over the place :o) The guitar work after the solo is better than theeeee solo! 2 "Quicksilver Rider" stable verse/refrain that raises up the hole track, nice solo.... 3 "Serenity" - every UFO album neeeeds a big bombastic epic powerful and melancholy song like no one else can do better than UFO!! This is Schenker/Mogg in their best moments together... however the solo could have reached a higher level - BUT that AXE behind Mogg's voice during the refrain is... 'So smile now while you're looking for serenity...' makes me wanna cry... hahah!! 4 "Deadman Walking" has the basic guitar riff from 'You Really Got Me' - a very nice and airy song... 5 "Shadow Dancer" starts up like 'Darker Days'... carry on in a solid and stable rock beat, good riff and a ferocious solo, when the ending solo reach the 'highest' [read: best] point it's starting to fa..... ou... so very typical nowadays for UFO? 6 "Someone's Gonna Have To Pay" - well it is written by Mogg/Way..'cool and cool' with a nicey & bluesy laid back style, a small attempt to a new 'Rock Bottom' perhaps...? This one will for sure be played on a live show!! 8 "Fighting Man" nobody else could sing; '..just a fighting man..' like Phil Mogg... Solid axe work, good solo. 9 "Perfect View" the start reminds of some other Schenker stuff...? The solo is the closest attempt of getting near 'Reasons Love'... 10 "Crossing Over" has a big and 'beautiful' chorus, Schenkery solo a la Instrumental stuff he's done earlier - the ending solo could have been the absolute perfect match/ending for this rockin' record!!...

Well so far.. it's to early to pick-out the 'favs' but SERENITY will for sure be one, Deadman Walking, Sea Of Faith are also in the range to get there... BUT it does sound U. F. O. !!!
With all their 'Schenker/Mogg/Way-trademarks'...

"Moonshots, rockets nineteen sixties cool
Sonny Boy Williamson, Pope John Paul
The Congo to Vietnam
The Beatles to The Stones
Is nobody left who's gonna shake those bones...."

There's only one MAN who can sing such phrase so relaxed, cool and heavy - without shit in his pants....

"Partied with Nero and Rome burned and fell"
I'm out - Lights Out from Stockholm.....

10/10/02: Don Watson -
Rating: 90
This cd is a lot better than a 50 rating. This cd rocks with talented artists playing the notes. Don't see that much these days. With bands like Dokken and the Def boys all whimping out trying to find a hit, its refreshing to see a band stick to there roots!! Rock on UFO!!!

10/10/02: Pablo Riofrio -
Rating: 91
Well. This record is simply different UFO. Blues rock (more rock)with class and one epic wonderful track (Serenity). Really good disc (not 50%) better than COVENANT.

10/10/02: Red Rodgers -
Rating: 95
UFO are back at their best. Some people will never understand that the band will not make another "Lights out" album. An evolution is necessary for every band, an UFO are going in a more blues direction, without losing their roots. The songwriting is excellent ("Shadow Dancer" for example)

10/10/02: Jeff -
Rating: 70
I do agree that there are some definite filler in this album. On the other had there are several tunes that shine. It is obvious to me that they are missing some key elements that could have made this album a real triumph. Ron Nevinson (producer) Paul Raymond (Keyboards) and Andy Parker (Drums). The tone and the song arrangements seem to be what Phil Moog has been striving for. Less riffing through out the song and lead guitar breaks placed in the middle and end of the tunes but he fails to produce a solid performance throughout the album. My review is no doubt a mixed bag but I do believe that this last effort is better that covenant, but a far cry from "Lights out" and" Obsession"

10/10/02: RD -
Rating: 99
You are not fair, Andrew. For once I don't agree with you. After listening to the new UFO album "Sharks" several times I think it's brilliant.

10/10/02: Jay -
Rating: 95
50%?? Come on Andrew!! The first two songs on this cd stink (for me) after that it is great till the end except the 20 second Hawaii thing. This is exactly what it should be ...20 years of UFO on one cd. All the "styles" or sounds are here. Of course it is not Lights out or strangers in the night...the guys are 20 years older!! If you followed the pattern of this band you would suck it up and realize Schenker has some "issues" or personality problems when it comes to finishing a "long" tour to say the least or when dealing with other people. The band knows when it gets in the studio they can lay some very special things down. You can't let the fact that they don't or can't complete a tour influence your take on their music. If that was the case throw Boston and Def Leppard in the same boat...I'll be dead by the time I see another CD from them. The Boston CD rates higher than this?? I wouldn't shell out my good money for the one or two quality songs on Boston's cd. Skip the first 2 UFO songs and play serenity, shadow dancer, Someone's gonna have to pay (classic), Dead Man Walking (classic) You want melodic rock? Listen to Sea of Faith (classic), Crossing Over, Fighting Man. If these don't rock you or strike you as pure melodic rock...somethings' wrong! This is just what it should be "a sprinkling of 20 years and all that music on one cd" Andrew, you need to take another listen for sure. You have to take the music for what it is and leave aside Schenker possibly being a nut case and all the "wasted" tour time. The band still makes some of the best melodic rock out there.

09/10/02: Brian Burgess -
Rating: 75
I can't figure my once favorite band out. There last studio cd Covenent was a huge disappointment. Sharks doesn't make much progress. Sure the song writing is better than Covenent and Michael can still play some of his trademark riffs but their are no classic UFO tracks here. A somewhat solid effort I guess but after playing this cd 5 or 6 times I haven't touched it since.

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