MTM MUSIC: 199667
Produced by: Bruce Gowdy
  1. Heart Run Free
  2. Rise Up
  3. Why Should I Care
  4. Forever
  5. Man Inside
  6. Do You Ever Think Of Me
  7. Still Believe
  8. To The Cross
  9. Fool Again
  10. Live In The Night
  11. Waiting For The Sun
There seems to be quite a debate going over this release and a little pressure not rate it to highly.
Well I don't care at all about that and taken on face value, this album is an absolute ripper. I cannot see why most AOR fans will not like if not love this release.
Of course there are a few conditions for undying love, so you had better read on.
Technically this is the third Unruly Child release, however all three have had quite different sounds and approaches, as does this one. The second album was a collection of unreleased demo's and was released by Long Island Records as a swan song to Mark Free, naming it Marcie Free's Tormented. Whether it is correct to call this band Unruly Child is a debate I don't care for. It was Mark Free and Bruce Gowdy's band and given the absence of Mark Free, I can't see why Bruce shouldn't name it as he pleases.
In this incarnation of the band Bruce is again joined by Jay Schellen and guest player Ricky Phillips (who did play on the second release, but not the original album).
Guy Allison is notably absent due to other commitments and joining Gowdy to co-write the new tunes and sing his ass off is Hurricane/Air Pavillion/Stuart Smith vocalist Kelly Hansen.
The new songs written by Hansen and Gowdy are the outstanding tracks of the album and it would have been nice to hear more new tracks (Another debate). The songs are all co-written by Gowdy with the exception of Do You Ever Think Of Me (The track recently recorded by Stuart Smith with Hansen, another debate!) and To The Cross which is Hansen's track.
Basically the same goes as with the name. Gowdy is free to use his songs, even if it is again. I will talk more as we go through the tracks.
But this is a sharp sounding and beautifully recorded and produced album. The songs were recorded and produced from scratch this year in LA by Bruce and the band.
The debut Unruly Child album was a great example of really a big production with high tech songs that still retained their toughness and urgency. It remains one of my favourites.
This album is similar in approach to the debut, with Gowdy now a seasoned producer. It shows.
But the songs are somewhat softer and the album over all is mellower than the first and certainly a long way from the very heavy Tormented album.
So with that in mind here are the songs:
Heart Run Free is a killer. I love this tune. A melodic rocker that immediately shows that Unruly Child aren't going to be as heavy as they used to be.
Kelly Hansen is singing like a God. Strong melodies and big backing harmonies, this song is well paced and it's chorus is huge.
Rise Up is a track that was featured on Bruce Gowdy's collaboration with Toto vocalist Bobby Kimball. I like this version better. This is really well sung, with Hansen going off towards the end. An urgent mid paced rocker.
Why Should I Care surprised me. It's a very cool song. It starts with a very restrained Hansen vocal and stays mid paced throughout. The chorus however rises a little and is a great piece of moody hard rock.
Forever is one of two tracks culled from the Unruly Child sessions that would become the Marcie Free Tormented release.
The Free version is a classic and this I think is just as good. This is the best I have heard Kelly sing. Great emotion in this heavy ballad.
Man Inside is another surprise. A Led Zep acoustic intro into another restrained 'vocal over guitar' verse. The song builds to a modern chorus that is rock, but laid back at the same time.
Do You Ever Think Of Me is the songs that was also sung by Kelly on the Stuart Smith album.
Great song and great version, but I still prefer the Smith version.
Still Believe is the second track from the Tormented album. Another great version and Kelly sings great. I always loved this song and now like this version better by a whisker.
To The Cross is a song that the band demoed many moons ago and is finally on a record. A good passionate hard rocker that builds from a quiet acoustic start.
Fool Again is another favourite on this album. Kind of psychedelic in it's intro and feel, but a solid AOR bridge that leads to the chorus. Nice vocal effects too, quite 90's.
Live In the Night is another long time U.C. song that has finally made an album. Just your typical party feel good rocker.
Waiting On The Sun is also a little trippy. Modern and pop overtones to a moody mid paced rock song. Very good song and cool way to end the record.
So I can't see any reason why most readers of this site won't love this album.
It is certainly lighter than you might expect and has some re-worked tunes on it, but the sound is great and the production to my ear is fantastic.
Check out the soundbytes and investigate for yourselves.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Kelly Hansen, Power AOR and previous Unruly Child fans

02/12/05: Don Coorough -
Rating: 0
Great album by a great player. I knew Bruce from about 1972 til about 1988. We drifted apart. I ran into him again in 1997/8. He's a great guy, an incredible guitarist, and a wonderful person to have as a friend. Peace! Don

07/01/01: Craig -
Rating: 84
Bit of a mixed bag this one but it does grow on you. If it had more songs like RISE UP and FOREVER it would have been a classic. Superb effort by KELLY HANSEN as usual! Excellent musicianship by these seasoned session Muso's!

02/11/00: George -
Rating: 100
The first album was harder, but this is much better! "Waiting For The Sun" shows Bruce Gowdy's great talent as a songwriter,
and Kelly Hansen's phenomenal voice is one of the best I've ever heard, even better than Mark Free's.
My favourite songs: Heart Run Free (great up tempo hard rocker just like Who Cries Now), Rise Up (a little bit slower, but it rips!),
Forever (Kelly rules!), Do You Ever Think Of Me (I think Stuart Smith's version is stronger because of Richie Sambora's excellent guitar solo),
and the title track.

Rating: 90
Although I bought this album quite a while ago the passage of time reinforces even more strongly the quality of this album. Perhaps it's true that it's not as hard hitting as the UC debut but the songs are uniformly excellent and Kelly Hansen sounds sensational. One of my favourite releases of last year along with TEN'S SPELLBOUND and KENNY KAOS'S THE DISTANCE album. Especially love Heart run Free and Do you ever think of me. Certain brooding, moody element to this release as well that I really appreciate.

Rating: 80
Seeing as how this is February 2, 2000 I doubt anyone will read this review, but I'm writing it anyway. Of all the albums that I have ordered based solely on Andrew's review this one was by far the LEAST disappointing. This is a very well produced and genuine record. Now if you've read any of my other reviews you may know that I make a habit of picking two random albums, taping them, and then listening to them in my car until I've heard both of them five time. In this case I had the "Waiting For The Sun" album and Unruly Child's debut self titled record. I was unfamiliar with both of them and thought it would be interesting to hear the contrast between the two. That being said... like the rest of you I think the debut album is a superior record but I truly feel the main reason for that is because the great Beau Hill was at the helm on the first record. No offense to Mr. Gowdy, but Beau Hill is simply impossible to top. He's one of the top producer's in AOR. (And where is he lately? Anybody know what he's up to?) If a band has been previously produced by someone like Beau Hill, Mutt Lange, Ted Templeton, Terry Thomas, Bob Rock, or Bruce Fairbairn (R.I.P.), and their next album in not produced by someone of that calibur, it's obviously going to be a little inferior. Give Bruce Gowdy alot of credit for making a great go of it. I think he simply lacked the experience and ear of Beau Hill (and most producers do). Or maybe he intentionally made the sound different. Either way, on it's own, "Waiting For The Sun" is a good album. (Although "Who Cries Now" will probably always be my favorite Unruly Child song. Sorry, but ya just can't beat those harmonies) Track by track:
"Heart Run Free"- A VERY good way to start the album. Peppy and positive. Great little guitar theme that maintains thru most of the track and a good showcase for the new singer. (Also, if you don't have "Slave To The Thrill" by Hurricane, you must get it NOW)
"Rise Up" reminds me a little bit of "The Nightmare Begins", one of (the few good) songs on Steelhouse Lane's "Slaves to the New World" record. "Rise Up" is a fair song. A little sluggish at times but tight production and full harmonies.
"Why Should I Care" is a little odd. It's got a decent chorus and a moody production but not much of a hook or a punch to it.
"Forever"- I guess I'm a bit of a weenie cuz I like slow songs. I must admit I never heard Mark Free's version so I can't draw a fair comparison there, but I simply can't see how this song could be done any better. Full of great guitars and Kelly's voice has just enough rasp to remind you that this is the soft side of a Bad Boy.
"The Man Inside" is somewhat unremarkable. I really don't rememeber much about it. I think this one kinda slid by me unnoticed... five times.
"Do You Ever Think Of Me"- is a great song for anyone who wonders where The One is at today. I admit the lyrical idea is very overdone but the lyrics themselves combines with Kelly's voice make it feel like you've never heard this kind of song before. I can't really put my finger on what it is... but of all the "where are you now" and "am I just a memory?" songs, this one does a great job of standing out... I don't know why.
"Still Believe"- Unfortunately, like "The Man Inside" this one failed to make much of an impression on me. Sorry.
"To The Cross" is almost bluesy. I was glad to see a song written solely by Kelly and this shows to me that he's not suffering from L.S.D. (Lead Singer's Disorder) where everything has to be THEIR WAY. Singers are such a pain sometimes.
"Fool Again" sounds a little dated. Not in production but in the style. I like it, I like it alot but it's almost kinda trippy.
"Live In The Night" is my favorite song. I HATE when bands try to pull off a boogie song and fail miserably. Conversely, I love it when they try it and pull it off. It's just a great party song. Carpe Diem in E Major.
"Waiting For The Sun" is a great closer. It combines alot of the things that made this album worth my $20. It's got that slightly trippy feel again combined with insightful lyrics and a great mix of keys, acoustic guitars, electric guiatrs, a full chorus, and even that "in the can" vocal effect that normally fails in songs.
Overall- This is a fine, fine album. I personally feel it's more like the style of a Hurricane record than Unruly Child, but what do I know? However, if you're only exposure to Unruly Child is their first album, you may be disappointed with this effort. On it's own it's an essential record, but... there's just no competing with Beau Hill. And by the way, to comment on the sad state of the appreciation good music gets these days, my little brother (who's 17 and LOVES this stuff, you KNOW he's gotta take alot of shit in school) found a used copy of the debut Unruly Child record at Blockbuster Music for $1.99. Great for us, sad for music. Thanks for listening. Jace. .............................................

24/06/99: Randy Yates -
Rating: 99
This cd is completely awesome from start to finish. It is great to see these guys did not abandon the wonderful sounds of the 80's music.I just ordered the first UC disc & I know there is no way that I want love it.Rock on UC your terrific. Let's all bring back the big sound of 80's AOR & Pop Metal.

23/03/99: Andy - Sweden -
Rating: 85
As a few before me have said, it didn´t quite live up to my expectations of
a follow up from their first album, and I really miss Mark Free on vocals.
But it is still a very good album.

24/02/99: Niklas Carlsson -
Rating: 85
The debut had stronger songs overall and was heavier too. I think this release may take some time to get used to, but right now I expected more.
'Heart run free' and 'Forever' stands out the most, but neither of them comes near the quality of songs like 'When love is gone' and
'Who ie

13/02/99: Mike -
Rating: 70
I thought this album would rock more. however kelly's voice is great (as expected) but hurricane rocked harder. to many milder
tunes here. no great rock anthems. maybe next time

10/02/99: Laurent -
Rating: 90
I've never been a huge Kelly Hansen fan although I really like his work on all of the Hurricane albums. I'm more into bluesier voice like Coverdale, Shortino or Thunder's Danny Bowes but I must say that Hansen really rocks on this album.

The songwriting is excellent and the musicianship outstanding. Jay Schellen is an amazing drummer, one of the best in the rock genre. "Still Believe" is my favourite track.

WFTS is even better than the debut album save for the production which in my opinion is not top notch. The sound of their first album was bigger and this is the only "minus" I can think of. Great albu!!

06/02/99: Greg -
Rating: 90
Spellbound by Ten is the only album I can think of that I bought in the last year that tops this album. With quality material like this, I hope it's not long until record companies in the U.S. wise up and put some of this stuff out here. Fantastic album, and Kelly hasn't lost any of his vocal ability over the years. I saw Hurricane on their first tour opening for Stryper, and I knew this singer was somebody to watc

01/02/99: Roel -
Rating: 91
As an old NWOBHM fan, UC convinced me to make the step to AOR.
What a great album! The old stuff, like thake me down nasty, was
rather good but this is even better. The compositions of the songs
are full of strenght. It reminds me a little bit of the best of Don
Dokken. But I don't want to compare, that is not what UC deserved!
Do they tour? Please inform me if you know. Thanks from Holland.

31/01/99: Thanis -
Rating: 85
So far one of the best releases for the year, great all round
Production could be alittle harder but brilliant singing by Hansen & Gowdy is a legend.Not as good as Marc Free but very close.Cant wait for future releases

29/01/99: Eric Kamp -
Rating: 90
Very good album. But I had several times the feeling, strange thats not Marc(ie) Free, oh yeah, Kelly Keeling. Will we ever again hear
something from Marcie Free ?? Does anybody have an idea ???

07/01/99: TW -
Rating: 90
I"m pretty new to the AOR scene, but I bought this album because
of Kelly Hansens Hurricane days. I loved his voice then and its
just as good, if not better, today. I dont know the Unruly Child
story, although I loved Mark Free in King Kobra. So, this is
the first I"ve heard of UC and I love it. Its been years since I could
buy a new record from someone I had never heard before and love it
from the first listen.

31/12/98: Dave Clark -
Rating: 9
I was hoping to hear some "On The Rise" and "Take Me Down Nasty"
type tunes, and more guitar, but this CD still rocks. The best
track is Man Inside. I"ve been a Bruce Gowdy fan since the
Stone Fury days, and hope Unruly Child can get it together
enough to tour.

17/12/98: Leif -
Rating: 95
I expected a mediocre album and what did I find? -The greatest AOR album of the year. Haven"t been this excited about an album for a long time. I just can"t stop listen to this one. Wonderful fluffy production with great 80"s keyboard sound.

16/12/98: Ive Michiels -
Rating: 8
I personaly think the debutalbum was better , and I also like the Mystic Healer is a little bit more .

10/12/98: Robert Stupay -
Rating: 93
Quite simply one of the finest AOR albums of the year.Kelly Hansen"s vocals are fantastic and the songs are brilliant.This album certainly lives up to the hype.

09/12/98: robin -
Rating: 95
the vocals on some of the songs here go to that extra length some of these mellowed rockers don"t go to today-the production is excellent-and the songs are classics-definitely one of 1998"s best-please, guys, we"ve waited 6 years-dont let us wait this long again!

09/12/98: Henrik Sjogren -
Rating: 95
Together with Stuart Smith & Harlan Cage the best album of
98. Kelly Hansen is simply the greatest AOR singer in the world