Uriah Heep Wake The Sleeper Universal
Produced By: Mike Paxman

Running Time: 50.44

Release Date: Out Now


Musical Style: Classic Rock

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Songs: 90%
Sound: 95%
It really is a joy to listen to this album. I am a casual Heep fan more of an observer even. But I own a few of the band's albums from the 80s/90s and on Wake The Sleeper, only the drummer has changed from the line-up that recorded Raging Silence in 1989.
What I like about this album is that apart from the production techniques used to give it a sonic sound fitting with today's setting, it could have come from just about any era within Heep's long career. It really is classic Uriah Heep in every way and I'm loving it.
The frantic and over the top intro track certainly got my attention, but from the first line of Overload, with the thumping rhythm section and the trademark keyboard swirls of Phil Lanzon, you just know Heep is back.
Their first album in 10 years sees the guys strike with a classic collection of songs pumping hard rock anthems such as Overload, Ghost Of The Ocean and Tears Of The World (great chorus!); Groovy 70s inspired blues rockers like What Kind Of God and Angels Walk With You and there's even a few straight ahead melodic rockers for good measure such as Book Of Lies, Light Of A Thousand Dancers and Heaven's Rain.
Bernie's Shaw vocals are as warm as ever and Mick Box tears it up...whatmore could you ask for?
The Bottom Line
Wonderfully produced by Mike Paxman, this album is to my ears classic Uriah Heep in every way and the guys have delivered a winning combination of songs that covers all the ground the band has done in the past. Another great album for 2008 and one Heep fans will I think rate as the band's best in 20+ years.
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Line Up:
Bernie Shaw: Vocals
Mick Box: Guitars, Vocals
Russell Gilbrook: Drums, Vocals
Trevor Bolder: Bass, Vocals
Phil Lanzon: Keyboards, Vocals

Essential For Fans Of:
The Heep!
Track Listing
Wake The Sleeper
Overload *
Tears Of The World *
Light Of A Thousand Stars *
Heaven's Rain
Book Of Lies *
What Kind Of God
Ghost Of The Ocean *
Angels Walk With You
War Child

* --*Best Tracks

21/12/08: andrew hartley -
Rating: 95
my album of the year brill

01/12/08: Terry K. -
Rating: 100
This is quite simply one of THEE best Heep cds--and that's a mighty tall order,considering their halcyon days of the 70's. To still be an entity all these years later AND release a cd THIS good is just plain stellar! If you've ever liked Heep--you MUST have this cd!! A rather 'abrupt' review from Andrew (like he didn't really want to bother),altho very positive. So...get Wake The Sleeper'--you won't be disappointed. One for the ages! T

29/11/08: Chuck Park -
Rating: 87
Haven't picked up a Heep album in the last 2 decades and I'm still not sure what made me buy Wake The Sleeper, but at least I know I'm glad I did this time. This is a hammond keyboard galore with a lot of wah-wah guitars and they sound extremely pleasing, and needless to say songs are also very strong. "What Kind of God" is a modern day "July Morning".

28/11/08: Eric Horridge -
Rating: 99
This is a great album, it reminds one of The Magicians Birthday or Demons & Wizards...the only weak track (my view) is the opening one which is the title track (It would have rated 100% otherwise), everything else is excellent...favourites include Tears of the World, What kind of God.

27/11/08: PW -
Rating: 95
Hesitated buying this for a while not knowing what the new "Heep" sounded like, not having heard anything this side of Magician's Birthday and could not find any samples off "Wake The Sleeper"! What a mistake. Should have bought it ages ago. What a belter, more like Deep Purple than Deep Purple. It just gets better and better each listen. A "Must Buy" for 2008.

27/11/08: Barry McIntosh -
Rating: 95
I have been a huge Heep fan since 1974. Heep have been there throughout most of my adult life. Over the years there have been several times that I assumed they were dead...Boy am I glad I kept being wrong!

This new CD, their 1st new one in 10 years, follows Sea of Light(95) and Sonic Origami(98), both excellent records. The new one continues the formula from those 2 cd's, primarily the ever improving song writing partnership of founder Mick Box and Keyboard man Phil Lanzon, as well as a few Trevor Bolder tunes thrown in for good measure. BUT, the big differnce is the re-emergence of the Heavy Hammond Keyboard that so identifed Heep back in the early days when Ken Hensley (keys) and David Byron (Vox)lead Heep to stardom in the early 70's. Where has that Hammond sound been??? It's the Hammond along with the excellent songs that bring Heep back to the Top. In the last couple of decades Heep have been trying to recapture their heyday and usually include a ballad or a very "radio friendly" song on each new CD, hoping to get that elusive hit. Not so here. No soft stuff or pop oriented tunes - just straight ahead rockers!!!! And not a bum song in the batch. I won't try to single out any one song because the entire CD is that good. If you ever liked Heep in the past, do yourself a favor and buy this one. It is a great return to form and has been receiving tons of great reviews all over the world. Check out for a sample. Also, not to be overlooked is the great cover art. Developed by the renowned graphic artist Ioannis, who has done countless rock record covers for tons of great bands, it is a reminder of the great covers of the old days.. a nice completion to this outstanding package. Not To Be Missed.
Barry McIntosh, Atlanta GA USA

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