Valentine Soul Salvation Indie
· Produced By: Valentine

· Running Time: 44.27

· Release Date: Out Now

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· Musical Style: AOR

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Songs: 96%
Sound: 85%
Two Hugo fronted albums in the same year? Must be a good year! AOR fans rejoice as 2008 continues to deliver great music from all facets of the scene.
AOR has been somewhat overshadowed in recent years, but hits back in 2008 and Valentine add to the crop of must have CDs.
Valentine 2008 follows the musical path of Hugo the solo artist. This is to my ears more or less a new Hugo solo album stylistically. The original valentine album was a little tougher and a little heavier.
This 11 track album is filled with glorious AOR anthems and mid-tempo ballads which the band has written over the years – both new and old tunes.
The two Hugo releases this year (Ramos/Hugo & Valentine) make interesting comparisons.
The Ramos Hugo album could have used some more defined chorus hooks (which this album has plenty of) and this album could benefit from a better and tighter production (which Ramos Hugo had).
Of the two albums I'll listen to this one more I think, just due to the nature of the songs and how catchy they are.
Ramos/Hugo was a grower…this one is an instant good fun record and more in keeping with Hugo the solo artist as we have come to love him.
Not all of these songs are new, but the whole album was recorded in 2008. Yes, it could have used a bigger and better production; especially with the drum sound (isn't that always the way?).
But I love these songs. The hands-in-the-air classic 80s sounds of Dream On The Way, Soul Salvation (great vocals!), Wait and the stand out anthem Every Time You Go Away are all wonderful.
On a moodier note, Pickin' Up The Pieces delivers a tougher sound as does One More Chance with it's lush chorus and great harmonies.
I'll Be The One is more acoustic based and has an almost country tinge to it. I think it offers a nice change of pace and showcases a different side of Hugo's vocals.
Love Is All We're After is a kind of moody wistful pop rock ballad and an interesting way to close the album. Ballads are of course included and Love Song is one of the better for the year, I really like this one and it features another big Steve Perry like performance.
Pages is a slower moodier track and features another class vocal.
The Bottom Line
Great songs rule the day. I can forgive the less polished sound in light of some tasteful, commercial and old-school sounding AOR. Hugo sounds great and it is brilliant to see the guys in Valentine back and working this underrated band back into the scene. One for fans of the straight forward traditional Journey-esque AOR.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
· Valentine
· Soul Salvation

Line Up:
· Hugo: Vocals
· Adam Holland: Guitars
· Mike Morales: Drums
· Gerard Zappa: Bass
· Craig Pullman: Keyboards

Essential For Fans Of:
· Hugo
· Valentine
· Journey
Track Listing
· Dream On The Way *
· Pickin' Up The Pieces
· Soul Salvation *
· Interlude
· Love Song *
· One More Chance *
· Pages
· Every Time You Go Away *
· I'll Be The One
· Wait *
· Love Is All We're After

--*Best Tracks

30/04/09: Mike C -
Rating: 95
Being a fan of Valentines debut cd i didnt know what to expect from this cd considering its been quite sometime the band has been active.Once the first song "dream on the way" i knew i was in for a good surprise.Listening to this song brought a smile to my face and i knew valentine was back."Pickin up the pieces" is a great uptempo n very catchy song which builds up to a catchy chorus."Soul Salvation" starts of with a memorable riff follow by the rest of the band.It starts moderately and you just cant wait to hear what the chorus sounds like and when it builts to it you just cnat help but sing along with it."Interlude"is a quick piano piece which continues into "love song" and listening to this song wishes i was with my girlfriend next to me either listening or singing this song to her.Has this journey feeling sort of like the first time i heard "faithfully" from journey."One more Chance" is an upbeat tempo driven song."Everytime you go away" starts off with hugos vocals sort of reminds me of when steve perry starts off "oh sherrie".The song is a moderate song which really wasnt as catchy as i had hope for."p[ages" is a good ballad", "Love is all we're after" which is a power type ballad with layers of vocals on the chorus."Overall a good cd to buy

05/02/09: Paul Borden -
Rating: 90
Much better than the Ramos Hugo CD. The production here still lacks, but the songs and Hugo's vocals are outstanding. One of the top 10 cds of 2008.

01/02/09: William (B-man) -
Rating: 91
FIRST OFF; Hugo is Steve Perry's twin; check out wow! I almost could have been fooled that Steve Perry was filling in for Hugo; as Valentine's fill in singer; check it out

This album is hard for me to review, but I actually liked it better than the new Journey "Revalation" as well as listed by another online reviwer.

My favorite song was "Wait", since I have a 80's album that was more like this song; this track stuck out to me more.

This is the first time that I totally agree with Andrew Mcneice *; or favorites. You know how he tells what songs he feels are best. I am in 100% agreeance with his picks.

A brief review would be to advize Steve Perry fans to check out this album. below are the best songs reviewed by the real B-man

(1) Dream on the Way; cool intro that is able to make a transition into a mid-tempo song that has keyboards compared to Steve Perry's "Young Hearts Forever" which was his 2nd track off "For the Love of Strange Medicine". It has a really cool feel to the song. The chorus would satisfy and "Rik Emmett" fans. I went back and listened to Rik Emmett's first solo album after listening to this record. So good job Valentine; got me in a trance of the days I liked best.

(2) soul salvation; coolest part of this song is the sound is very different to the rest of the record. A little Bad Company feel to it; but just a little, I think it is a good track for this record.

(3) Love Song; sounded like the first year Steve Perry was with Journey. Very nice song; too bad this won't get the right attention it deserves on the radio. But Hugo great job on this track.

(4)One More Chance; My 2nd favorite on the album. A very modern Neal Schon feel to this song. This track is definately a highlight, and a nice tune to listen too when stuck on I-5.

(5) Every time you go away; this song is hard for me to review. I felt it was too much like that long intro to Steve Perry's "You better Wait" Only people who bought the actual album would know what I mean because the radio edit of that song cut most of that part out. Other than that intro that creeped me out; I liked the song,

(6) Wait; Has the keyboard sound of classic Valentine; even the guitars reminded me of just Valentine, which is a good thing. This track would have been put as number 1 if I had been in charge of track order, but this album actually is pretty consistant.

tracks that were just ok were "pick up the pieces" which just didn't quite do it for me, but again reminded me of Steve Perry's solo album song-------captured by the moment; track 9 of his first solo record which was one of my favorites;--------------then some of the other songs seem to have a different vocal style; so I am thinking this is a strong 6-7 song record that may even top Journey if they had made the right deal with Walmart; lol!

I was going to rate it a 81---------but they put "Wait" on it. 10 points there.

Hey Hugo, do you know Keannu reaves? Did you steal Steve Perry's Dna? Are you an Alien? Just wondering; get back to me on that; X-files and Valentine for breakfast this year.

20/12/08: Bob in Nashville -
Rating: 97
Far and away my favorite CD this year. Hugo's vocals soar. Title cut HAS to be a contender for song of the year. Great song, message, builds to a great finish. CD sounds BIG when you listen to it from start to finish. "I'll be the one" is a great ballad. I think the production here is way better than Hugo/Ramos as Hugo Valenti's vocals are buried in the H/R disc at times. If Journey was still "cool" at all, they would write and produce music as good as this. Well done melodic rock cd from this group of musicians.

20/12/08: Panagiotis -
Rating: 100
Hey I love this band and i was looking forward for this release.Glad that this is an awesome album!!!

19/12/08: Steve -
Rating: 90
This is the best cd i've bought this year!
Sounds way better than the Journey revelations cd..
Cool 80's inspired melodic metal & Hugo sounds great!!

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