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Produced by: Dario Mollo

Released: OUT / Website
Relatives: The Cage, Glenn Hughes
GENRE: Hard Rock

  1. Sensitive
  2. Disconnected
  3. Golden One
  4. Spun In Lost Wages
  5. Keep It To Yourself
  6. 24
  7. Just Another Monday
  8. The Gypsy
  9. Black Leather
  10. Voodoo Hill
  11. Match Song (Instrumental)

Voodoo Hill is the name for Italian guitarist Dario Mollo's new project.
After creating quite a fan base with his powerful Cage project featuring vocalist Tony Martin, Mollo decided to create this album with vocalist and co-writer Glenn Hughes.
It's a good thing that Mollo decided to call this project a new name, as devoted fans of The Cage could be disappointed in the sound and direction of this new band.
Gone are the fierce melodic metal riffs that dominated The Cage. Instead it's a more reflective blend of blues based rock and classic Deep Purple/70's style rock.
But the plus side is that for those that prefer this style of rock (like me), then you will not find many better releases of this genre this year. Not only that, but it is decisively better than Hughes' own disappointing solo outing. The Hughes/Mollo pairing have provided a solid album of classic melodic blues hard rock.
Hughes can sing this sort of material in his sleep but sounds alive enough on Voodoo Hill to please most of his fans.
For those fans of classic Glenn Hughes - the rocker - this is well worth investigating.
I love the opening number Sensitive, it's one of those smoldering rockers that Hughes does so well. The subtle and smooth vocal that eventually leads to the power screaming and the vocal manipulation that Hughes is so good at. It has to be said that Mollo has picked a perfect partner for the project and has adapted from his past heavier projects nicely.
Disconnected is tougher and a more aggressive track, while Golden One is a soft to hard to soft again 6 minute plus epic. You have heard it all before, but when it's done well I don't mind hearing it again...and again!
Spun In Lost Wages is reminiscent of Hughes teaming with Tony Iommi and 24 is another big guitar epic.
BOTTOM LINE: It's maybe not Mollo's best album and it's not Hughes' best album. The Cage was probably a little better produced, but this still does the job OK and this is a good enough start that will set themselves up hopefully for a return performance that should be even better.
There is a couple of filler tracks, but also a couple that rip and are welcome additions to the Hughes discography.
It's a worthy purchase for every Hughes fan and a welcomed slice of hard rock in the void that his solo work has left in the last 18 months.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Fans of The Cage and Glenn Hughes, fans of European blues hard rock albums.
DISCOGRAPHY:The Cage; Voodoo Hill

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