Waltham Waltham Rykodisc
· Produced By: Andrew Schneider & Waltham

· Running Time: 41.31

· Release Date: July 19

· Released:

· Musical Style: Modern Melodic Pop Rock

· Links: Waltham Ryko
Songs: 97%
Sound: 90%
Waltham have been favorites of mine since they burst onto the scene with their indie release Permission To Build a couple of years back.
The rise to much deserved fame has been slow for these guys, but this release will surely see them gain that rightful national and international exposure.
The guys have signed to Ryko for an American and European release and one hopes the label will back them to the hilt. These tunes are just too good – they should be on radio playlists worldwide and the band's energetic and somewhat legendary live shows need to be taken to the masses!
Their new self titled album is basically a re-recording of the Permission To Build album, with some new tracks.
I remain an ardent supporter and fan of that album. Ryko obviously believed in it also - so strongly that they wanted to get those tunes out there – hence this re-recording.
There is good and bad about this release – firstly the songs are still utterly fabulous and this band has such a unique sound. They are as contemporary and as modern as they need to be in order to appeal to a wide demographic, including the all important teenage/youth market.
They are also as melodic and retro as you could get, with an uncanny knack for killer hooks, great melodies and feel good songs. And of course, it doesn't hurt that the singer sounds like Rick Springfield! This album is Working Class Dog for the new millennium – perfect power pop/rock.
The downside is that for fans of the debut, the sound recording here isn't too far removed from the original indie release and 8 of these 12 tracks are from Permission To Build – itself a re-recording of the band's first ever release The First Album. Move on already guys! We want more new tunes!
On this version there are a few altered arrangements and even more backing vocals in some places, plus a range of subtle changes that come from any re-recording and also from having played the tracks live so many times.
On the upside, fans do get 4 brand new tracks and local Boston area fans also get a new 5 track EP with the album, which is a very cool thing for the band to offer.
But for the majority – one hell of a cool album – with 4 brand new tracks as part of the mix. For a review of the original release – please read: Permission To Build.
The new tracks prove that the songs written for the debut were no fluke and these songs are every bit as instantly catchy and memorable and fit alongside the older tracks perfectly.
Joanne is another great anthem of unrequited love and is an uptempo power pop anthem with some tasteful harmony vocals.
Call Me Back is another example of why this album is Working Class Dog for a new generation – catchy rock music with great pop hooks.
You Gotta Let Me In is a little darker and moodier and at 3 minutes in length gets to the point straight away.
Be With Me is a new track, but sounds so familiar I could have sworn it was part of the last album! You can see why this fits into the mould of the older material and features a really strong chorus hook.
I just love this band's constant sonic bombardment thanks to a duel guitar attack.
Also included is the band's DVD Permission To Film, with a bunch of goofy backstage and on tour footage. Great for fans and an extra added value for this neat package.
The Bottom Line
For those new to the band, the only thing you guys need to know - is get this album!
Don't worry about songs, talk of an indie release, whatever…just rush to get this bloody great album of catchy, hook filled power pop/rock. A little bit of the 80s, wrapped up in modern rock format, but as melodic as it comes and dare I say it – a perfect example of mixing the old with the new and a great album to try and pull old-school fans into the present. I still prefer the original Permission To Build, release - but just by an edge.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
· The First Album
· Permission To Build
· Waltham

Line Up:
· Frank Pino: Vocals
· Tony Monaco: Guitars
· Mikey Rorick: Drums
· Peet Golan: Bass
· Craig Smalls: Guitar

Essential For Fans Of:
· SR-71 - Now You See Inside
· Harem Scarem - Weight Of The World
· Marvelous 3
· Rick Springfield - Working Class Dog & SDAA
If you enjoyed this release - also check out:
· Waltham - Permission To Build
Track Listing
· Cheryl (Come And Take A Ride)*
· So Lonely*
· Joanne*
· Call Me Back*
· You Gotta Let Me In
· Be With Me
· Don't Say It's Too Late*
· Back To You*
· Maria Simeone
· Nicole
· Hopeless*
· All I Want Is You*
--*Best Tracks

25/01/06: JT - N/A
Rating: 70
I`m very sorry about this but i think that some of the reviews are a bit of the mark. This albums OK but not much more. It does have Rick Springfield overtones to it & you can tell they were also influenced by The Outfield, Yes they are using very modern guitar sounds yes New Punk`ish but that`s no bad thing. The real problem is the songs, there are lots of good riffs & chord progressions the problem is there are no Killer hooks, you get a great build up & then .....nothing the only song on this entire album that i actually found myself singing was the opening track !! Cheryl the rest is a case of almost but not quite there... These guys really need a good producer to help them find those killer hooks...

04/10/05: Restless One -
Rating: 96
Permission to Build,the first edition was a favourite of mine. The new version has been re-recorded + 4 new songs,the best of the new being Joanne.These guys would have to be easily one of the better current rock bands around today! Cheryl is the standout song for me,with the other songs not far behind...very catchy hook filled pop/rock (Rick Springfield,Marvelous 3)Recommended to all....Support this band!!!

02/08/05: Phil Pomroy -
Rating: 95
I think the reviews for this album illustrate the dilemmas that the melodic rock scene face - how to move forward yet still retain those classic elements. Personally I think this album is great - Rick Springfield for the 21st century! Melodic rock/AOR is gonna disappear if we all pretend its still 1985! This album is the sound of melodic rock moving forward and should end up high in my `best of` list at the end of the year!

01/08/05: Jonny B -
Rating: 78
I don't really care for this release at all. Seems like the review is an overhyped score based on a personal bias for a homegrown band. But one worthy note is that some US stores also include a bonus 5 track EP which the purchse of the album, so I'm sure some fans will like that.

27/07/05: zacharyamelie -
Rating: 100
As it was with "Permission To Build", this release is amazing. Freddy is an idiot, we all know that, who cares what he thinks. I can't believe he is stupid enough to keep buying stuff he knows he will hate, moron!!! Actually, I care what he says, if he hates it, I buy it. This is the best(sorta)new band and I wish them all the luck. So catchy even my 3 year old sings the chorus to Cheryl. So come and take a listen to someone else. (fans of the band will get that little play on words) Dave

13/07/05: brent -
Rating: 0
I agree - Andrew's comments are so bad that I really don't think it's worth you visiting the site any more. Return to annoy the poor people at Heavy Harmonies perhaps LOL

12/07/05: Freddy De Keyzer -
Rating: 0
Before people are thinking this is a great record, this short comment !
Andrew has become a BIG MODERN ROCK FAN ! He can't judge objective anymore ! A pity, cause his site here is still the best in the universe !
But his taste has changed drastically !
I respect his opinion, but it would be stupid to believe his current reviews without judging by yourselves.
Like with Dave Reynolds and many others (Georg at AOR Heave to name one), the AOR/melodic hardrock/melodic rock world has lost another important person !
So I see it as my 'task' to set things straight !
Just to keep things in balance !
I know a lot of people hate me for that (I get a lot of hatemail), but that won't stop me !
If you like modern rock, this will be your thing.
If you, like me, hate that kind of stuff and if you are in CLASSIC traditional stuff : AVOID THIS !!!

12/07/05: Freddy De Keyzer -
Rating: 10
Why oh why does this site continue to promote the kind of music that killed great AOR? This is another example of punks wanting to be melodic and fails on every level. Sounds like Rick Springfield? Surely Andrew must be joking and with comments like that I wonder how much longer I should visit this site.

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