Warrant Born Again MTM Music
Produced By: Pat Regan

Running Time: 45.02

Release Date: March 31


Musical Style: Hard Rock

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Songs: 74%
Sound: 86%
This is a tough one for Warrant. It has been several years since their last album, so the material has to impress. The band has a new lead singer, so he must also impress.
The band has, during their lifespan, had a couple of very distinct styles, from the stadium rock of Cherry Pie to the more aggressive Dog Eat Dog and then the grunge flavored Ultraphobic.
Warrant's legion of fans all has their own favorites, so along with the other challenges, the guys are under pressure to deliver a record that will please the majority. I don't think they have pulled it off.
Born Again sees the band back in a more traditional melodic hard rock vein akin to the band's first two albums. But new singer Jamie St. James has an obvious influence over this album. While the sound of the band's first records may be rekindled, St. James brings the style and flair of his history with Black N Blue to the band and it is this aspect which is the main influence over the sound of the album. It is more Black N Blue than it is Warrant.
Personally, I don't see this as the problem and think the sound the guys have settled into does suit them and isn't out of character for how Warrant should or could sound like in 2006.
I actually think the album sounds great the production courtesy of Pat Regan lives up to his consistently high standards and the honest, somewhat simplified rock n roll sound gives the record a nice edge.
What I do have an issue with is the songwriting. A great album must have a great sound, strong performances and knock out songs.
I don't think Born Again features enough knockouts. In fact I'd rate only 2 or 3 songs as truly great Warrant tracks and the rest I rate as just ok. Not bad, but certainly not strong enough to knock all fans off their feet after such a gap between albums.
Of those tracks that impress, Hell, CA is probably the best of all, with a typically strong harmonic display on a song that fits the persona of the band and also features a good hook.
Other highlights include Dirty Jack, which is a strong hard edged rocker, but has more AC/DC in it than traditional Warrant.
Rollercoaster has a certain attitude and a strong hard rocking guitar sound; Down In Diamonds has a strong chorus and Velvet Noose is, like Hell CA; driven by strong harmonies.
Of all the songs, the closing number Good Times probably rocks harder than any and could be an example of what the album needed more of. Elsewhere the songs just don't fire my imagination and lack some decent hooks to drive repeat plays.
The Bottom Line
I have lived with this album for nearly 3 months now and my opinion has barely altered from that first week. Those that take to it with the most enthusiasm will probably be those that had no expectations going into it. Those Warrant fans that were looking for a modern day classic will likely be the most disappointed. An ok album, but not one that is going to impress everyone especially after such a long time coming.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinkin Rich
Cherry Pie
Dog Eat Dog
Belly To Belly
Greatest And Latest
Under The Influence
Born Again

Line Up:
Jaime St. James: Vocals
Joey Allen, Erik Turner: Guitars
Steven Sweet: Drums
Jerry Dixon: Bass

Essential For Fans Of:
Black N Blue
Track Listing
Devils Juice *
Dirty Jack
Bourbon County Line
Hell, CA. *
Love Strikes Like Lightning
Roller Coaster
Down In Diamonds *
Velvet Noose *
Good Times

--*Best Tracks

01/06/07: Dave -
Rating: 60
I've been a Warrant fan before they were signed. I remember seeing them open up for Hurricane and Stryper in 1986 in Orange County, California. No disrespect to Jamie, I think he is good singer but he does not fit into the Warrant I know. This one could have been better if they would have stuck to the sound that made Warrant who they are (were). For the first studio release in around 10 years, I have hoped for better.

19/04/07: Jeff -
Rating: 60
I hate to give this a bad rating because I support what the band is trying to do. While the music is good, the vocals just don't really work for me. I had never heard Black 'N Blue songs prior to hearing this album. I have also never heard Jamie St. James singing any classic Warrant songs yet either so my opinion isn't really based on the lead singer being different. Maybe a different vocalist would have done it for me, but Jamie St. James doesn't. There are a couple of good songs on there (I like "Hell, CA), but I don't play this CD very often. I wanted to like this album too. Don't worry, I didn't like "Under The Influence" much either.

10/11/06: CJ Plain -
Rating: 90
This is a different Warrant. I have long been a HUGE fan of Jamie and was overjoyed that they chose him as the new singer. The songs are harder, more edgy, and have a sort of slow groove to them that takes the listener a couple spins to really "get."

The more I listen, the more I hear. I can't wait for the second CD from this line-up to see where they go with this.

11/07/06: dp -
Rating: 10
0-fah! I hate to compare but I've been giving this album a fair shot. I bought Born Again and Jani Lanes Back to One at the same time. Gave them both a month to win me over. Well, they didn't.
Though Lanes album is better and sounds more like Warrant it still sounds as if it's missing something.
Born Again on the other hand is just missing. I'm not a big fan of Jamie's voice. Never thought he was a great singer to begin with even when I bought the first Black and Blue album (don't quite understand what Gene Simmons saw in them). The songs are week and they now sound like a bad Warrant cover band that put out an album.
Lane's album is good but the integrity of his music seems to have been lost through the years from all the band changes and booze. Or maybe it's from when I hit him in the ribs when they played a show on Long Island back in the mid 90's for being a washed up arrogant ass towards the crowd and really just butchering his own songs because it was as if he just gave up on singing and his career. He was wasted then and obviously still wasted now and it has cost him many relationships including his band Warrant and mostly FANS.
I give the original 4 credit for resolving any issues and getting back together and trying to do an album. Unfortunatly, their song writing sucks and with Jamie's voice it's just not worth the $10 I spent.
They should have gone out of the box and picked an unknown insted.
Also, the whole Jack Daniels thing has got to go. It's soooo played out, uncool and outdated. The guys should really grow up. We're all from the same generation and around 40. Apeal to todays people please. Half the band looks like they've settled into a real life and the other half looks like they're still living and acting like they're in the 80's.
Grow up! And learn to write a more progressive and updated sound to Warrant. If you were good songwriters you'd be able to do that without losing the bands integrity.
No way Jani's albim shoud be better. No way! But it is.
Hopefully the next effort will prove me wrong and Jamie lets completely loose.

03/05/06: Splash -
Rating: 60
I went in to this album very hyped and excited because I really like Jamie St. James. I was happy for the first couple of songs but then the production weaknesses began to shine through the material. That means that the songs were getting weaker and less interesting. I dont know if Warrant without Janie Lane could have done much more than this album. Janie is the mastermind and no one can argue that point. Born Again comes and goes from my car deck but no where near as often as I was expecting. The album cannot hold me from beginning to end but there are a few tracks which are decent material from this genre. The band does sound like they believe in the songs but Jamie St. James isnt Janie Lane.

26/04/06: John -
Rating: 85
Upon further listening, much better than I first thought. Not nearly as good as those raving and not nearly as bad as those hating on it.

25/04/06: Axe-Machine -
Rating: 90
Firstly, I agree with Andrew's comment that many people who go into this album with no expectations will get the most out of it. I was never a huge Warrant fan, and have never heard Black'n'Blue, and after seeing some of the comments was a little worried. I shouldn't have been. This is an excellent album, and despite a couple of throwaway tracks (Dirty Jack has an annoying chorus) this album surpasses all my expectations and features some excellent tracks among which Devils Juice, Bourbon County Line, Hell CA and Down In Diamonds stand out as some of the best work I have ever heard under the Warrant moniker. Some of the die-hard Jani fans won't like it just like some people didnt like the new Legs Diamond album without Rick Sanford, but those who go into it with an open mind should find an excellent album awaiting them. Roll on the next one! Recomended.

22/04/06: Craig Kuhlman -
Rating: 95
WOW!!! what a great record. jaime st. james makes jani lane look like the fat celebrity club has-been that he really is. what a great summer record. probably the best warrant has ever done by far. st.james raunchy vocals make the record. this is what good time rock and roll is all about!!!

22/04/06: Rick W -
Rating: 75
I have only listened to this album in it's entirety twice. Maybe it will grow on me, but I just think Mr. Saint James voice is a bit annoying. On the chorus's when they sing together, it sounds great, but when he is singing a verse, it just doesn't do it for me.

That being said, the production and guitars are excellent. I am pretty sure the boys actually played on this album (rumors are that most of the guitar tracks on cherry pie are not any of the members).

Anyways, I am going to keep an open mind and keep spinning it and see if it grows on me.... Hell, California is the best tune on the album. really catchy

And to all the people who think Dog Eat Dog is the last great Warrant album, you must not forget Ultraphobic... While they did jump a lil on the band wagon with that effort, the album lyrically and musically is by far their best album to date. Just didn't get the airplay cause of the shift in rock genre at the time.... Oh and Jani Lane is a very gifted song writer and in my mind is WARRANT....

21/04/06: Freddy De Keyzer -
Rating: 40
Third rate 'hardrock', and I'm friendly !
Please, retire guys, it's over !

12/04/06: mark -
Rating: 85
yea ,like i said jani lane is done!!!! dude wake up!put down the crack pipe and listen to the cd. this is the best thing warrant has ever done. jani lane's solo stuff sucks bad and he has not written a good song in about 15 years.dod eat dog is the best album they ever did and imo this is better! so turn off the creed and nickelback cd's and listen to some real rock!

11/04/06: Down boy -
Rating: 30
Now i know that Jani Lane is Warrant, this guys really disappoint me.
WHAT ARE YOU THINKING!!!!!!!!!! and enjoy his last album

09/04/06: Carl -
Rating: 97
Yep, Warrant is back with a vengence!! As others have said, its different, but not different as in "modern", Just a new lead singer..the excellent Jamie St. James. This disc lands perfectly for me in between Cherry Pie and Dog Eat DOg. If you just want a great summer rock record to blare from your car speakers with your top down, pick this one up!

09/04/06: Will Matson -
Rating: 85
Here are the facts. In 2001, Warrant released an album of cover songs. In 1999, they rerecorded their greatest hits. In 1997, they cut a live album. Truth is, Warrant has not done a full length studio album of all new material since 1996, with "Belly to Belly." Remember that album, where it sounded like Jani Lane had lost his mind with the melancholy lyrics? The first true Warrant-style album in over ten years and it has four out of five members from the classic lineup. What more do you want given this long layoff? St. James is already giving interviews saying new songs are being written by the band right now, before this even comes out, and he says the next album will be even better.

09/04/06: mark -
Rating: 85
yea, i totaly agree with lou on this one! jamie st. james blows janie lane out of the water vocal wise. thats why he's not in the band. if your a fan of b n b this is your ticket.ditto to lou's comments 100%

09/04/06: Drumzzz -
Rating: 50
The production technique is not bad and the playing is OK, but the songs really are not very good, and pretty forgettable. I do give them props for the effort.

08/04/06: Lou -
Rating: 90
I cannot believe this is Warrant ?! I'm more of a
listener to "genius" hard rock/metal; Priest ,Maiden,
Accept, UFO , Blue Oyster Cult , Dokken ...although
Warrant's "dog eat dog" cd fits this category. "Born
Again" is pure grade A quality melodic 80's style
rock n roll , Warrant or not ! I'm enjoying this
and more with every listen . This CD along with
both cd's from The Darkness brings me back to a
time Rock n Roll was all about good vibes abd fun.
F*ck this new angst ridden , talentless garbage
out there today passing itself off as "metal".
Bands like Chemical romance , Static x , system
of a down..ect has bamboozled an entire generation
of sheep into thinking these walking and talking
comdom commercials are rock stars . Anyway ,
Warrant has earned a totally new found respect
from this 31 year listener of Hard Rock and Heavy
Metal ! Get "Born Again" and crank it up!

08/04/06: John Elway -
Rating: 87
This is just a really solid hard rock disk. If you're expecting "Dirty Rotten, Filthy...whatever or "Cherry Pie" this isn't going to fit that mold. However, if you're a fan of the hugely underrated Black 'N Blue (or the highly overlooked Freight Train Jain), this will be right up your alley. No, there aren't a lot of syrupy hooks or ballads, but the songs are edgy and harder than you'd expect from a Warrant record. That's definitely a good thing.

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