Produced by: Yngwie J. Malmsteen
  1. Blitzkreig
  2. Leonardo
  3. Playing With Fire
  4. The Stand
  5. Wield My Sword
  6. Blue
  7. Legion Of The Damned
  8. Deamon Dance
  9. Hangar 18, Area 51
  10. Voodoo Nights
  11. Asylum (3 Parts)
  12. God Is God
Alchemy is the new album from an ever returning to form Yngwie J Egostein.
It is also the album that welcomes back singer Mark Boals. A great set of tonsils this man has.
This album I would have to rate as one for the pure bread fans. This is a sonic blast if I have ever heard one. It contains more thrashing guitars and widdly solo's than I have heard in a long while! The onslaught begins with track 1 and doesn't finish until the dying seconds of the last track.
For that reason I recommend that the feint hearted or casual Yngwie fan steer clear.
There is a couple of moments where the pace slows, but never to that of a ballad or even mid paced song. I really liked the Odyssey album he recorded with Joe Lynn Turner. Great album and one that showed a great deal more restraint than this album does!
I personally miss the one of two softer or mid paced songs and long for a little more passion in the songs.
But as far as passion in the playing, that's here without question. Yngwie's solo's are second to none.
BOTTOM LINE: For guitar freaks that love it loud, love it heavy and love it fast, come aboard! For this reason also, Mark Boals is a great choice. He keeps pace with the guitar wizz with surprising ease.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Yngwie and Bark Boals fans.
DISCOGRAPHY:Rising Force . Marching Out . Trilogy . Odyssey . Trial By Fire Live . Eclipse . Fire & Ice . Seventh Sign . Magnum Opus . Inspiration . Facing The Animal . Concerto Suite . Live . Alchemy

24/11/05: adam -
Rating: 100
ok cleary american people dont understand music . i mean lets be honest im sure most of us here can say we arE slAyer fans 20 yrs after show no merCy we all havE had nothing bad 2 say about them .they havnt changed a bit, so why do we knock malmsteen? i can answer this. because you all arE frustrateD that all the practice in the world will nEvEr equal gett over it .puLL the thumb ouT of your asses itll be less painfull!

04/06/04: yaya -
Rating: 0
very good

24/03/02: vegard d°lmo -
Rating: 95
oh my god i remember the joy i felt when i held this in my hands the first time.I had been waiting a long time for this record when i heard that it was gonna be with the Rising Force name and Mark Boals were back in the fold an all.Then i put it in the cdplayer and it was HEAVY very heavy.Bringing back memories of the two first albums,the MAESTRO as usual being the main focal point,but the songs are great,some strange lyrics here and there but not so bad.The band are tight and heavy,the production and the mix are great.Its simply just two albums the master has made thats better and thats FIRE AND ICE AND FACING THE ANIMAL.great stuff.

14/12/01: Mike -
Rating: 30
S.O.S.{same old shit}

08/01/01: neil -
Rating: 90
I don't get it, why so many people slag this album - I've bought everything Malmsteen's done and I think this album is pretty damn good. Malmsteen's Malmsteen - don't analyse it just have a listen, have a laugh, and enjoy it or don't. I don't see the point in going into all the lyrics, production, etc, there's only one reason for Malmsteen and that's his guitar playing - who cares about the rest? After saying all that, TWTEAW is shit!

18/10/00: Rurik -
Rating: 30
This album is the shittiest he's ever released, and I've got them all. The shittiest used to be Magnum Opus, but it's now a masterpiece compared to this shit !! Facing the animal was so good, one of his top 3 albums regarding the songs, the rythm, the voice, the lyrics, the solos.. I cant' believe Yngwie released that shit. And damn ! I usually buy second hand Cds, but this time I didn't !!
Nothing is interesting in this one, no songs, no nothing. "the stand" is even a crappy version of "facing the animal", and the instrumentals at the end have no meanings at all. Come on, Yngwie, tell us the truth... you forgot to compose anything and as your record label kept asking you for an album, you compiled some of your shittiest demos and sent them quickly ! Just be frank and we'll forgive you.

28/09/00: Tony -
Rating: 80
Yes, annoying lyrics in many songs, embarssingly juvenile subject matter and pretty ordinairy overall production..... But what outstanding playing! And the occasional bits of sheer brilliance that shine through like diamonds (Leonardo, Asylum Suite). Terribly inconsistant but still essential - nobody else can come close.

29/03/00: Peter Lammersma - lammersma"
Rating: 80
The big difference between Alchemy and Facing... is the singing. Thanks to Mark Boals this is the worst album since times. Please get Mats back he's great he can put some additionals to a cd Mark Boals had his change on Alchemy and blew it.

a die hard yngwie fan

01/02/00: Steve, Denmark -
Rating: 50
Yngwie remains my favourite artist and that ultimately is where the problem lies. He has set extremely high standards for himself and I find it difficult to accept material that is simply average. "Alchemy" is exactly that - average. Some good songs (Legion Of The Damned, Weild My Sword), some basically OK ones (Leorardo, Stand) and some bloody awful ones (Voodoo Nights, yuk!). Upon repeated listenings, "Alchemy" may rank a fraction higher than "Magnum Opus" but overall these two albums are IMO the low points of his career. His playing is as ever sensational but frankly it┤s time he stopped trying to do everything himself and got a songwriting partner (clearly Mark Boals does not fit the bill!) who could contribute to his ideas and truly bring out Yngwie┤s genius. That goes especially for the lyrics, since English is not Yngwie┤s first language and quite honestly titles like "Wield My Sword" are just laughable. After the excellence of the "Millenium Suite" and "Facing The Animal", "Alchemy" is a real disappointment. Still, I look forward to his next album. He has never turned out two turkeys in a row. Yet.

04/12/99: Todd -
Rating: 4
I don't know.Yngwie is a great guitarist.Infact he is a magnificent guitarist,but where are the songs?This album really in my opinion falls short compered to his previous efforts.I first got into Malmsteen back in 1988 when I first heard his Odyssey album.And even though I didn't really understand his very fast playing, the melody and hooks of the songs caught my attention.And that is what he should be concentrating on.O.k he can play fast but I want to here something that I can sing along to.Heaven Tonight always comes to mind.And isn't Odyssey his best selling album so far???

26/11/99: beau -
Rating: 2
JACE summed up everything any intelligent-music-listening person would say. i am amazed yngwie manages to keep a record deal with his current lack of "inspiration." how sad! beau

Rating: 4
But it IS the same as his other records (Trevor)! I first heard of Yngwie when I was 11. I played that Trilogy album a billion times. I love Malmsteen. I love his style, I love his writing, I love the imagery. BUT... I also love pizza. And I love Pepperoni pizza. Now if EVERYTIME I got pizza I ALWAYS got pepperoni time and time and time again I'd get sick of it. Even if every now and then I they accidentally stuck a chunk of sausage or an onion on their or something it's still the SAME kind of pizza over and over and over again. Same with Malmsteen, Everything on this album I;ve heard before... several times. Now I adore the albums "Trilogy", "Odyssey", and "Ecplipse". And even "Facing The Animal" is passable. But I'm really just bored with this new album. Now if I hadn't heard this style and writing and subject matter on the past dozen albums I'd be lapping this up. But I HAVE heard all of this before. I like it but it doesn't stand out anymore. When EVERY guitar solo is played with 256th notes and almost all the lyrics are about kingdoms and battle it gets old. Not a single song sticks out. Not a single song has a real hook. Again, I've listened to this album five times so this isn't a snap judgement.
Track by track:
1. "Blitzkreig"- Okay so we finally get Mark Boals benind the mike and we start the album with... an instrumental! Not bad.. just blur blur blur blur blur break blur blur blur break blur blur end.
2. "Leonardo"- I've heard this song five times now and other than that Gregorian Chant-ish intro I can't remember a single word or melody about it.
3. "Playing With Fire"- This is one of the better songs on here. Again I can't remember anything about it I just remember that it's good, can't remember why.
4. "The Stand"- As I said, I've heard this song 5 times now and just this morning was the fifth time and for the FIRST time I heard him say something about "Captain Tripps", which, if you're someone literate, was the name of the disease in the book The Stand by Stephen King. Based on that and the title I'm guessing this is about that book. But again, I can't understand any of the lyrics. I'll have to borrow it from my nutty brother and read the words. The song, however, is fair to partly cloudy. It's okay to repeat the title of a song over and over and over again. Alot of times that works just fine. But when the title is ONE WORD it gets old fast (kinda like the record).
5. "Wield My Sword"- Here it is!! The required knight fighting evil for his king song. Now don't get me wrong, I love science fiction. I've read tons of books about dragons, wizards, castles, and shit like that. But the lyrics to this one seem so labored to rhyme that it bothers me. Stuff like "I'll fight you folded blind" and "I will see you good and dead" Nobody talks like that. It doesn't flow. It's an obvious manipulation to find a rhyme and it bugs me. The music of this one is strong but the subject matter and melody falls flat.
6. "Blue"- Snore. As if we don't get enough of the 128th notes during the endless solo's in the other songs. This is, in my opinion, a blatant excuse to show us how fast he can still play. WE KNOW IT. And we like it, ya don't have to brow beat us with it. There's no detectible melody or theme to this "song", just blazing in older than dirt blues chords. I'm sure it felt great for him to play but it's not necessarily pleasant for us to sit thru.
7. "Legion of the Damned"- I'm sure if I heard this song I could remember it, but I just can't right now. It's pretty bad if a song heard 5 times still doesn't register in my head. (It's probably about wizards or something.
8. "Daemon Dance"- Was this an instrumental??? I can't remember.
9. "Hanger 18, Area 51"- Still about monsters just more recent ones. I applaud his effort to SLIGHTLY change the subject matter but the song is silly. The low demonic voice is hard to understand and rather goofy.
10, 11, 12.- "VooDoo Nights", "Asylum", and "God is God"- I guess this is that big mess of an instrumental at the end. I abhore how terribly this album ends. It's a cool riff but it's repeated over and over and over and over and over again and I guess someone thought that changing key every 4 measures was an excuse for redundancy.
Overall it just failed to make an impression. On almost every Malmsteen alubm there's at the LEAST a handful of songs that make me bang my head and jump around... not this one. Sorry to disappoint my brother. He's 17 and a HUGE Malmsteen fan (You can imagine the shit he takes from kids at school) We see eye to eye on alot of shit, but not this. His review is on here to, he loves this record but it makes me yawn. I will always be a Malmsteen fan but I wish he would concentrate more on melody than speed. WE ALL KNOW YOU CAN PLAY FAST BUT GIVE US SOMETHING TO SING!!!

20/11/99: Rob Hake -
Rating: 70
I was so disappointed to hear that Yngwie had brought back Mark Boals to the line-up. I had always thought that he was the worst vocalist that Yngwie had ever had. Making it even worse it that he had to replace the brilliant Mat Levens. But, being the dedicated Yngwie fan that I am, I rushed out and bought the album right away. Can you say bitter disappointment??!! Gone are all of the melodies and harmonies, only to be replaced by an unrelenting, wailing guitar(O.K., I don't mind that so much), and cheesy lyrical content.
To his credit, Mark Boals sounds better than he ever has. But he and the maestro combine to write some of the worst lyrics that I have heard in a long, long time.
Maybe Yngwie needs to bring back Jeff Scott Soto to assist him in writing the next album(fingers crossed).


16/11/99: Trevor -
Rating: 10
I got this album about a week ago and have yet to stop listening to it, it may seem the same as some of his other works (Jace), but I still love it, the only song im not quite used to yet is VooDoo Nights, something about it just ,makes it indifferent to the rest of the songs, but all in all, 2 thumbs up, 5 stars, 10 out of 10, 100%.

12/11/99: Carl Ramallo -
Rating: 50
This is the 1st Yngwie album I SENT back to my vendor. It was the worst piece of crap he ever put out,if you compare it with ALL his other albums. Alot of Screaming & with NO hooks or Melodies you can sign in ya' head ala.You don't remember,I'll never 4get. The 2 Instrumentals were cool, his playing is great but the song structure SUCKS. Go back to Odyssey,Trilogystyle of Yngwie.ia

01/11/99: fred -
Rating: 8
good cd the singer is really good but not as Mats leven and the sound is darker with no cheesy chorus and the solos are far speedic

29/10/99: "FREEK" -
Rating: 90
I can understand your slightly lower ranking of this album being that this is a melodic rock homepage. Admittedly Yngwie let it all hang out on this one. Some of the vocal melodies are less than what we have come to expect from the maestro, but the playing and music on this album is second to none! Yngwie made this one for his die-hard fanbase. He intentionally strayed away from the more commercial style that he has been pursuing since ODYSSEY.

If you are a fan of Yngwie's first three solo albums you will be highly impressed with this album because his level of playing on ALCHEMY is something that hasn't been seen since the early days of Rising Force. if you are a fan of his more main-stream commmercial releases such as ODYSSEY & ECLIPSE you may be in for an initial shock upon your first spin of ALCHEMY. Give it a chance, after a few spins Ithink you may be surprised!

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