Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising Force Perpetual Flame Rising Force Records
· Produced By: Yngwie Malmsteen

· Running Time: 69.17

· Release Date: Out Now

· Released: World

· Musical Style: Hard Rock / Melodic Metal

· Links: Yngwie
Songs: 85%
Sound: 65%
I seem to have a love hate relationship going on with Yngwie. He remains an iconic figure in the guitar playing world, his speed and ability still mesmerizing a legion of fans and I respect that unquestionably.
There are some albums I swear by (Rising Force, Marching Out, Odyssey, Attack) and some I am less enamored with (War To End All Wars, Unleash The Fury, Facing The Animal).
After the massive kick in the pants Yngwie was delivered by fans following the abysmal War To End All Wars he delivered big time on Attack. Unleash The Fury saw a less impressive set of tunes turned in (but you have to love the title and Yngwie's sense of humor); this time we have some good songs on Perpetual Flame, but a disappointing sound quality.
The production is not as bad as War To End All Wars, but it does deliver varying quality throughout. You think someone with such a massive focus on guitars, would nail the best tone possible for his records.
And new singer Tim Owens is a curious selection. Yngwie has always paired up with fine vocalists and this is still the case with "Ripper", but he shines as a true metal vocalist, and I have always found Yngwie to be a hard rock artist.
I don't think the vocals are a natural fit on this album. We all know Yngwie writes all the songs and the vocalist is just a hired gun, but in most cases they try and blend into the album as best they can. I don't hear that here.
And what is with the opening track? Tim's vocals sound as if they were recorded with him phoning them in from Gibraltar. It improves after that thankfully. Live To Fight is amongst Yngwie's most menacing tunes and you can't fault Yngwie the guitar player.
If I close myself off to the vocals and concentrate on the riffery, then finer soloing you will not find anywhere.
The Bottom Line
I go back to the album finding myself blown away by the sheer finesse of Yngwie's playing and the amount of notes he can cram into any one song. I just wish the vocals blended in a little better and still feel the sound quality throughout is inconsistent.
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Track Listing
· Death Dealer
· Damnation Game *
· Live To Fight (Another Day) *
· Red Devil
· Four Horsemen (Of The Apocalypse) *
· Priest Of The Unholy
· Be Careful What You Wish For
· Caprici Di Diablo *
· Lament
· Magic City
· Leventh Hour
· Heavy Heart

--*Best Tracks

21/10/09: Rian -
Rating: 91
This album smokes! Tim has finally found a band that he fits in! I am not a huge Yngwie fan, but this album is one of the best of 2008.

22/08/09: NEIL -
Rating: 30
Yngwie needs to open himself to co-writing and to finance a producer. He needs to be challenged in the areas of writing, arrangement and attain a good sounds. I don't know any fan that doesn't long for his cleaner tone of his Alcatrazz and first few albums. I loved all the albums up to Attack! but Unleash the Fury and Perpetual Burn have nothing memorable and are treading water. He seemed to have momentum up to Attack but it all seems sadly lost. Caught him live in the UK last year and he was nothing compared to the previous UK tour with Dougie White. I still love the guy but he needs a more melodic based album to reignite his career.

20/03/09: Dr Nick -
Rating: 60
I've been following Yngwie since 1986.
Over his first few albums, he pushed things with each release - re-defining lead guitar, adding vocals, going commercial with a songwriting "partner", introducing bluesy scales and wah...and then somewhere along the way things started to slide.
Possibly when he stopped writing with his vocalists - whatever the credits say, Goran Edman and Mike Vescera co-wrote a lot of material - and did everything himself.
Yngwie struggles to write a decent chorus. He tends to use short repeated phrases these days (witness most of Attack and UTF) or write something that's more like a bridge and never properly develops. He has a limited number of beats he tends to stick to. He uses specific chord progressions, vocal harmonies, and it just gets repetitive.
A significant number of songs on "....Flame" sound like something else he's done before. The last song I found truly original was "Bogeyman" on UTF, and that was an exception.
And the last album I liked as an ALBUM was, dare I say it, Facing the Animal. Alchemy is a mess - the best song on it is "Blue" (instrumental jam!), WTEAW was OK but the production...I just can't warm to the songs on Attack!!, they're OK but nothing special.
And now this. Different vocalist, more of a metal vocalist, mushy rhythm guitar, stunning leadwork, excellent drumming...heard it all before.
Yngwie needs:
-A songwriting partner
-An outside producer
-a proper cover designer
-A vocalist who has his own character.

Sadly I doubt this will ever happen. JLT was the closest.

30/01/09: John H -
Rating: 60
I told somebody a few weeks ago this album sucked..then went and listened to it again this week. Im revising my opinion...It's actually not too bad...but among the problems are the horror scary/phantom/cookie monster voice of Ripper starts to get on my nerves after awhile. The processed vocals sound like shit and the personality of a Doogie White or Mark Boals is missed. Some of the songs have drum breaks that remind me of other songs...and there's arpeggios that seem to repeat themselves on each album There's one drum break I can sing prophet of doom right over it. The instrumentals are good. This is one I'm going to rip for the gym for it's fast songs, but probably won't make too many car trips. It's definitely his weakest since War to End All Wars- which wasn't so bad after all...only the production on that album sucked. I don't see how Doogie could not have sung these songs...this doesn't live up to all the hype that Yngwie gave about the album.

08/01/09: Matt -
Rating: 40
Seriously, the only albums that I've enjoyed since Odyssey were the two Viscera-fronted releases and Alchemy. I'm probably the only person on the planet who thinks Magnum Opus had the best melody of all his albums. Alchemy had the huge 'Leonardo' and some other good songs (despite I loathe the tone of Mark Boal's voice). Ever since then, Yngwie has totally fallen off my radar. I have never been a Doogie White fan and only the curiosity of Ripper Owens led me to get this album. I'm sorry, this confirmed everything I have already believed for years. Yngwie is a bull-headed genius who can't get out of his own way for the good of the music. I could imagine that Bach and Vivaldi were often thought of the same way later in their careers. Face it, Yngwie fans, IT is never going to happen again. "IT" happened 20 years ago with Joe Lynn Turner and history won't repeat itself. Just saw him on That Metal Show here in the US and he was looking quite bloated. Yngwie needs to apologize to Jorn Lande and the two need to write a Viking epic. Add Magnus Karlsson as a producer to keep the songs in a melodic vein, and there you have it. Instant career resurrection. In fact, that could influence the title -- Viking Resurrection. And no damn cover with him standing there holding a flaming guitar....or any body closeups.

20/12/08: NunYoBusiness -
Rating: 5
Any CD that includes Tim "Ripper" Owens on it automaticaly goes into my neve spin again bin. I have been a fan of Yngwie since his days in Steeler. I followed him when he went to Alcatrazz, and right through to his solo career owning almost everything he has put out there. Yes some of it is no longer in my listening cycle, but a lot of it is. He was one of the 1st artists I added to my 1st Creative MP3 player in 1999, and I have sinced moved them to my Zen player. The last few CD's have been horrible retreads or rehashes of an artist trying to not be marginalized. He really needs to tone down the ego and get someone in the band who can write a song not just a solo, and no matter what people thought of his time with Joe Lynn Turner, Joe was the last person who was able to get Yngwie to playa solo that fit the song. Don't get me wrong he has mad a couple of good discs since then but lately they have just been an exercise in ego. Somone needs to get him a real band who can control the Animal that is Yngwie, it would be nice to spin a disc where he has a singer who doesn't sound like glass smashing in a recycle bin. If history is any indication we should have a new singer by the next CD and who knows maybe just maybe I can put those tunes on my MP3 player.

06/12/08: Charles Williams -
Rating: 50
Another retread release from Yngwie. I have to say maybe I am a bit biased, as I favor, like a reviewer above, the more melodic albums (Odyssey, Eclipse, Fire and Ice and Facing the Animal). I would say at one time, Malmsteen would have made the list for me if i had to pick 5 artists whose catalogs I could take with me on a deserted island. Now, Id not bother as the last ten years has been one misguided attempt after another.
I'd like Joe Lynn Turner back, or Goran Edman...and enuff with the dungeons and dragons type themes.

Time for Malmsteen to hook us up with another hard rock/melodic masterpeice. Sebastian Bach and Yngwie anyone??

03/12/08: Derek -
Rating: 89
Having seen Yngwie with Ripper, performing a few of the new songs live, actually made me appreciate this release much more. Ripper handled the new material and a good majority of the older stuff with ease. Having last seen Yngwie with Jorn as the vocalist, I had my doubts that Ripper could deliver on some of the "hard rock" style earlier material.

I personally feel that the production value can be overlooked due to the fact that this release finds Yngwie playing in a manner that reminds me of the early albums. The songs seem to have more feeling and less emphasis on the technical wizardry. I agree with an earlier review that the lyrics on this cd are more accessible and honestly ... rememberable. I find myself singing along to Red Devil or Live To Fight. I can't remember a single lyric past Odessy up to this release. I can definitely remember the riffage though.

I have listened to the new cd more times than the last 5 or 6 cd's combined. I find this cd grows better and better ... once you get past the obvious production quirks and once you get use to a "metal voice".

It also seems that Yngwie spent more time on rhythm lines versus full blown shredding. It would be interesting to have the next cd, still utilizing the talent of Ripper, produced by an outside Producer who could work to combine the talents of both individuals into a smoother vehicle.

01/12/08: Dj Mad Maxx -
Rating: 85
I've been a huge Yngwie fan since 1996. I don't think there is production problem on this album, but just a lack of inspiration. He's re-using old riffs and melodies. I prefer the non "doom-n-gloom" yngwie Albums like oddessy, eclipse, fire & ice, and facing the animal.

28/11/08: Dimitri -
Rating: 45
Dissapointing CD from A to Z [not unlike his recent works]. Gone are the days of epic albums like Odyssey, Trilogy or Eclipse....

28/11/08: john -
Rating: 90
I waited I knew the production would suck,So I got japanese shm version it sounds good..I also dloaded flac version of original, compared them huge sound diffrence. Vocals are lil bit more clear,
imho this cd has worst production then wteaw in 2000..

But not if u got japanese version,It brought out the sound lot better.By bout 35 perent diffrence to say better then nothing..
Tim vocals are lil to low,But I like that it diffrennt>This is yngwies best lyrics on cd since facing the animal or alchemy..

I'm diehard yngwie fan I loved war to end all wars,Cuz music was awesome.I did'nt hear anything wrong with production at all on that cd,This one u can hear somethings wrong. War to end all wars Mark Boals voice was lil low in mix to my ears,But yngwie bass playing is heard on that disc i love it lot..

Only con to this new cd,Is that yngwies sound is more of melody less then rhythmic sound he did on Unleash The Fury..I loved the riffs more on that cd,This one is all bout harmony killer lyrics
Good singer more heavier this time..

28/11/08: Jimmy Beach -
Rating: 65
After finding out Ripper had joined up with Mr Malmsteen I said to myself now that should work, I couldnt wait til the release date of this cd. After listening to it I doubt I listen to it again.
Yngwie we all know u can shred but it's time for a change, all of your music sounds just alike... I could put on 5 Yngwie songs and play 5 solos and most couldnt tell me which is which cause they all sound the same....sorry Malmsteen fans , but this cd sucks...

27/11/08: jim kolios -
Rating: 8
i am big yngwies fan since 1986,perpetual flame is a good album but this is not trilogy not even fire and ice!!ripper is good, i think in old songs he is doing good job. i prefer yngwies hard rock style . power metal is for young bands and fans and i am 36 years old. you dont remember i ll never forget from greece!!

27/11/08: Nesty Algarin -
Rating: 75
It hurt me to give this score to my favorite musician. I consider my self Yngwie biggest fan and to be honest I didn’t know who he was until 1994 when a friend of mine gave me a copy of Odyssey and for a college kid from Puerto Rico who play the guitar and always listen to melodic, hard rock and heavy metal this guy was a revelation. Soon after I started to collect every album, video and dvd available domestic and import. For me every album have moments of authentic brilliance (Eclipse, Magnum Opus, Alchemy, Unleash The Fury…) but some of them are masterpieces (Rising Force, Trilogy, Odyssey, The Seventh Sign, Facing The Animal, Attack!! and the jaw dropping Concerto Suite for Electric Guitar). I think Tim voice work well with this release but he is not the best to fit Yngwie sound but with this type of heavy songs he did a great job. The problem with this one is the sound. If you listen to The Seventh Sign, Facing The Animal or Attack!! probably lots of people think that those were over-produce albums but the sound of every instruments shines. Even on oldest albums like Marching Out, Trilogy and Inspiration where the production was a littler raw you can listen to a great sound. I think Yngwie is doing a good job with the production but he can be better, he is a total package as a musician and I know he can be better on production. Thankfully this doesn’t sound like War To End All Wars although that album has great songs on it. Long Live the Maestro….Yngwie J. Malmsteen

27/11/08: Matt Roberts -
Rating: 87
I think this is one of Yngwie best albums ever. The combination of some of his strongest song writing and Tim Owens really makes this album special. Kudos to Yngwie for continuing to rock. I would love to see him release a live album with Tim Owens. That would be great as well.

26/11/08: Dino -
Rating: 29
I absolutely love Yngwie, and I hate it when people talk only about speed and his technical ability. He is a very melodic and passionate guitarist, a true legend, one of a kind. But this album, like most of his recent work, is very, very bad. Yngwie does not commpose songs anymore, he doesn't think, it's all about mechanical showing off...

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