Yngwie Malmsteen
Unleash The Fury
Universal Japan
Produced By: Yngwie Malmsteen

Running Time: 73.25

Release Date: Out Now

Released: JP

Musical Style: Melodic Metal

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Songs: 82%
Sound: 74%
Here is the freshly edited Yngwie Malmsteen review. I removed the original late Friday as in the rush to get work finished for the week; I made a couple of errors within the review.
That has also given me the advantage of giving the album a fresh hearing over the weekend. In hindsight, perhaps I was a little harsh on the album, but my overall feeling on the album hasn't changed too much from what I originally thought.
I'm sure Yngwie fans will disagree with some points, but that's why the Interactive forum is provided.
Over the last few years guitar great Yngwie Malmsteen has fallen into a pretty comfortable pattern of recording, releasing a new album at regular intervals. Looking back just a little bit, War To End All Wars was a bloody awful album. Things looked a whole lot better for the last album Attack!, which features the very fine vocals of Doogie White. His input, alongside a much improved collection of songs and sharp production made up for the disappointment of the previous album.
Doogie returns again here and in theory is a perfect fit for Yngwie. I believe the two make good music together, but I do feel that Doogie's vocals are too low in the mix and could have been given greater emphasis.
The great Mike Fraser has been brought in to mix the album, but strangely I think the overall sound of Attack! was better. This is a solid production - no doubt made even better by Mike's involvement - but I must confess to being unimpressed with the overall tone of Yngwie's guitar on this record. It's quite obviously his choice of sound, but I just don't dig the tone.
Style wise, there are no surprises here and nothing that hasn't already been delivered previously. That's fine as there are some fine songs on offer and plenty of guitar wizardry to enjoy. Highlights for me include the straight ahead rocker Revolution, the dark and dramatic crunch of The Bogeyman, and the old-school sound of Beauty And The Beast.
Instrumentally speaking there are 4 on offer, none finer than the Baroque acoustics of Fuguetta, but the others impress also for their finesse. For whatever reason, I think the instrumental tracks sound a little sonically better.
There's plenty here for Yngwie die-hards to wrap their ears around with a whole lotta music to enjoy. I think the album might have been a little tighter with a shorter playing time and could have benefited even more with a slightly different guitar tone.
I'd also like to see Yngwie concentrate on writing some truly memorable choruses. Unleash The Fury features fabulous solos (as expected), a solid rhythm section and powerful lead vocals (even if they are down in the mix too much). But what it lacks are some really memorable chorus hooks.
The packaging is rather pleasing though the Japanese spare no expense as usual and add an expanded booklet and an enhanced portion featuring Yngwie playing 3 tracks in the studio.
The Bottom Line
Yngwie fans will likely lap up every second, but general hard rock rock fans might find the running time a little long. The guitar tone used and overall sound of the album is going to be up to individual tastes, but I wasn't too impressed. Well produced, but I enjoyed the sonics of Attack more than this. Doogie White fans might find his talents a little under utilized, but Yngwie fans should go away happy and no doubt their reviews will reflect this view.
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Line Up
Doogie White: Vocals
Yngwie Malmsteen: Guitars
Patrick Johansson: Drums
Joakim Svalberg: Keyboards

Essential for fans of:
Track Listing
Locked & Loaded
Cracking The Whip
Winds Of War (Invasion)
Crown Of Thorns
The Bogeyman*
Beauty And A Beast*
Fuguetta (Inst.)*
Cherokee Warrior
Guardian Angel (Inst.)
Let The Good Times Roll
Revelation (Drinking With The Devil)
Magic And Mayhem (Inst.)*
The Hunt
Russian Roulette
Unleash The Fury
Paraphrase (Inst.)

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