Produced by: Yngwie J Malmsteen

Released: OUT / Website
Closest Relative: Himself
GENRE: Hard Rock

  1. Prophet Of Doom
  2. Crucify
  3. Bad Reputation
  4. Catch 22
  5. Masquerade
  6. Arpegios From Hell
  7. Miracle Of Life
  8. Wizard
  9. Prelude
  10. Wild One
  11. Tarot
  12. Instrumental Institution
  13. War To End All Wars
  14. Black Sheep Of The Family

The first thing that should be pointed out is that Yngwie J Egosteen produced this record himself.
The second thing that should be pointed out is that the production on this record is bloody awful.
With the ink barely dry from his brand new contract with Spitfire Records, Yngwie - with his band surprisingly intact after his last studio album - set about making a great new album to hit the US and indeed worldwide market with. Singer Mark Boals quit on the eve of the album's release and after hearing it, I am not surprised why.
Spitfire must be spitting fire (pun intended) after hearing what Yngwie submitted to them. My guess is if there is another record for Spitfire, it will have a well known producer at the helm. This is just plain bad. For starters, the mix is a nightmare, with Mark Boals' normally great vocals lost so far into the background they sound hollow. The rhythm section sounds muddy and bogged down in sonics and on a few tracks, the chorus' harmony vocals run rough shot all over the place. On Bad Reputation it actually becomes funny. Basically the album sounds like a bad demo at best.
The music is generally Yngwie being Yngwie. Nothing surprising and nothing out of the ordinary, your typical lyrics, your typical 1000 notes a second, plus a semi-ballad and two instrumentals.
The songs are more melodic than the last couple of heavier albums, plus there is a touch of the Queen-chorus syndrome, where lots of over dubbed backing vocals and over the top harmonies are added. But with the dreadful production, the effect is lost completely.
Yngwie himself described Miracle Of Life as an awesome ballad. Bollocks. The vocals are again lost in the mix and the chorus is a shoddy combination of out of place guitar fretting and over the top harmony vocals that don't match the sentiment of the song. In fact there is no sentiment. The guitar solo plays out like a speed metal solo - hardly the place for it in a so called passionate ballad.
What little melody there is on this record is all in the vocals, which are barely audible.
The title track is typical of the album. The sound is so muddy, it sounds like it was recorded in a Louisiana swamp bog.
Could it get any worse? Yes - the last track is simply pointless...
BOTTOM LINE: You may be a guitar virtuoso Yngwie, but you can cross Record Producer off your resume. You should also re-enroll in songwriting school - learn to hold yourself back a little.
With such a comprehensive back catalogue, this fails to come up to scratch and will be a major let down for all fans of the Swedish guitar God.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Only the bravest Yngwie die hards.
DISCOGRAPHY:Rising Force . Marching Out . Trilogy . Odyssey . Trial By Fire Live . Eclipse . Fire & Ice . Seventh Sign . Magnum Opus . Inspiration . Facing The Animal . Concerto Suite . Live . Alchemy . War To End All Wars

26/09/05: modulator - METAL & ROCK
Rating: 31
Really,really crapy production.Solid songs,but production ruin all of them.For Yngwie Malmsteen fans only!!! If you want top achivements of this guy,try "Fire & Ice" or "Odussey".Shame...

07/06/05: ben -
Rating: 80
you guys should listen to black eyed peas or puff daddy...sure you would rate them 100%, as far as you understand music. Yngwie is the ultimate guitar player. Let him play and continue listening to rap.

18/03/05: hell raiser -
Rating: 100
3 words... YNGWIE IS KING!!!!!!. you guys degrade him so much it feels like yr women (if there are any) are sleepin with every bastard in the neibourhood accept u!!!! if BACH was alive i would make him bow down to yngwie. this guy brings a whole new demention to rock. and about this albummm... it gets better every time u listen to it. i personnaly think that arpeggios from hell (if not best, no thats trilogy suite) is one of the best melodies in the face of this goddamn planet earth. these guys dont appretiate the best guitarist in the world but will sell there houses to get a ticket to a frikin coldplay concert!!! its pathetic

P.S: i hate to point out specifics but captin kaos or wutever, i think that ur one of the goddamn hypocrits dat posts appaling messages of awsome albums like these and u dont even know who Yngwie Johann Malmsteen is!!! u probably sold ur kidney to get a ticket to a westlife concert.

12/03/04: Tim -
Rating: 90
Some of you are NUTS! WTEAW ROCKS!!!!! I've been an Yngwie fan for years, WTEAW may sound a little muddy, but overall it kicks ass. WTEAW, Intrumental Institution, the Wizard, Black Sheep - are all great songs. People hate Yngwie and it shows above, but I could care less. ATTACK is awesome, I WILL BE AT THE VTA THATER for my 5th Yngwie show. Cant wait!!!!! Ok, the WTEAW musically is very catchy, the songs and singing are fantastic. Mark Boals is a great singer, too bad he's a cry baby. Yngwie doesn't pander to what critics say, he doesn't put out radio-play crap music. He puts out music from his heart. Miracle of Life is a great song witha prefect solo - gives me chills man! So GET LOST or make a better album yourself. Yngwie writes all his songs, YOU try to make 10 songs even.

26/02/04: Gabe Martinez -
Rating: 85
I truly have heard better Yngwie albums other than WTEAW,but I don't deny the man his musical talents. I personally think that the majority of you pre-school educated idiots have no talents of any kind other than running your mouths about something that you could never understand or comprehend. Did it ever occur to you that maybe Yngwie didn't produce the record to make everyone happy? Thats impossible obviously. I think that a lot of people forget that music comes from what one feels inside. Not from the idea that they want to impress the world as a whole. Alot of you are bashing his lyric writing abilities. On what grounds? How many records have you released. None. Again, his music and lyrics come from inside and that is what makes a great composition. Not to mention the mans ability to perfecly execute a whole flurry of arpeggios in perfect synchronization and all the other harmonic/melodic minor runs in a million different ways as well as diminished runs and a million other techniques that he incorporates. To deny the man anything is arrogance. True, his production might not be the greatest,but is yours. Didn't think so. Plain and simple: If you dont like it, dont listen to it. And if your complaining about how stupid he is, YOU bought the album.

11/10/02: Matt -
Rating: 100
Great album. The song writing is unbelievable. Some of the best rythym guitar Yngwie has ever done.

11/09/02: Tom -
Rating: 0
Yngwie will be Yngwie, but his classical album aside he hasn't shown much reason for me to buy his CDs for years.

He should either hire a good songwriter or stick to instrumentals. That's after all where his strengths lie. When I listen to "Far beyond the sun" today, that solo still makes my heart beat faster!


19/03/02: Pierre -
Rating: 25
Not much new stuff, same old,same old.
Yngwie said he was influenced by Hendrix, maybe he should compare Electric Ladyland and his own album. He would surely see the need to hire a producer and arranger and concentrate on new music.

25/02/02: russ edwards -
Rating: 20
i agree with most of the people. this is the worst yngwie album i have ever heard. i think that he is trapped in the 80's. the classical album he did was the shit though. he is still one of the greatest guitar players out there but i think that steve vai plays just as fast but with more feeling.

23/02/02: arcibaldo -
Rating: 0
ah...ah...ah...godi puttana...

24/01/02: Mike -
Rating: 20
Same old crap, with a bad sound.

12/12/01: elvedin begovic -
Rating: 0
I've been a great Yngwie's fan for nearly 15 years, and I love the guy!
But I'll have to agree with most of you say this album sucks. That's simply the way it is, and I don't think Yngwie is honest when he states that he doesn't give a fuck about other guitar players playing the same style. Allegedly, he is not listening to them at all. Yeah, right! That's exactly what he does, and albums like this one come as a consequence of him trying to "explain" to them that he is "the best". I don't even have to mention the fact that his lyrics sound as if they were written by an 8 year old kid. One more thing, I have a "Live in Brazil" DVD. This guy thinks that he is a director, too! Please!!
And to all of you who claim that Michael Romeo is a piece of shit if compared to Malmsteen, try and listen without prejudice. This guy's melody and emotion is unbelievable. It seems that the teacher (Malmsteen) has been beaten by the student (Romeo)

Rating: 0

10/11/01: Jon B. -
Rating: 0
Hey Andrew, I think your showing mercy with that 28% rating; I think the production should've been in the negative numbers! Definitely could've been rated lower than Lynch Mob's "Smoke This"

I never thought I would see the day when I said I hated an Yngwie release, but hear this: I HATE this Yngwie release! Probably would've been great had he not produced the album himself. Too bad, too. Mark Boals is the $hit, man; love them' vocals! but it's all wasted because of the lousy production. Speaking out of my own bias opinion, if Mr. Ego intends to man the production of any later releases from this point forth, it could possibly start the crashing and burning of Yngwie's fan base, and eventually, his career.

06/08/01: Cameron -
Rating: 80
Yeah the sound is crappy. I was dissapointed at first but I got over it. The music itself is not bad. Some pretty cool songs like Crucify, Preludium and Tarot. I hope he gets a second opinion on the sound of his next album before he releases it.

01/08/01: AP - APskyU4ia
Rating: 100 we all know, the incident with Jorn Lande was found to be Jorn's own doing, John Macaluso followed out of some strange allegiance to his freind, (is Lande or anyone who would pull such a stunt to get out of a contract or any other agreement, the kind of company one would want to keep, anyway? John could've had some stability, a greater piece of the Yngwie history, well, Yngwie found someone quite capable of replacing him, and from the most unlikely source--a swing band!) Anyway, Yngwie provides the artistry and creativity, it shouldn't be too much to ask that bandmates bring a certain level of professionalism....since when is citing your main influence as being pretentious? (Yngwie's incorporating Paganini's 5th Caprice into "Prophet of Doom") Has he done this so much before? Has Blackmore never cited Beethoven's 9th ("Difficult to Cure"--and other songs, which never really seemed like influences, but more like: "well, let's pick a famous piece and re-do the traditional arrangement for rock band") or any blues guy throwing a lick in made famous by one of his heroes? Yngwie has made it more or less possible for these teenage-garage band wannabes to play this style, so it may seem that Yngwie is being simplistic and pretentious, but classical is the pinnacle of musical development, so who do you expect him to quote in a song--Kurt Cobain?! A great deal of the credit goes to Yngwie on this, that even today so many kids would want to emulate that style, even just to say they can do it but wouldn't like to write in that style; these days enough people are doing it that it may be easier to learn too, again some credit to Yngwie, because people have provided the resources to learn his style....there are things on this album that I've never even heard Yngwie do, much less any other rock/metal musician do EVER, not even the great Iommi (and where was all the guitar-magazine-raving about him when he was solo in the 80's-90's?--stuff that I LOVE, right along with Sabbath w/RJD and Ian Gillan)

26/07/01: AP - APskyU4ia
Rating: 100
Funny that some (detractors of this album,especially)are saying this is the same old Yngwie album,same melodies, solos,songs,and yet others are at the same time saying that he should go back to the style and production of his earlier albums...well, which is it? The fact is that he has grown in his playing/writing. There ARE some fresh ideas, enough of them to keep things relatively fresh and interesting. There are some things which are rather familiar, but which AREN'T repeated album after album. I hear changes in song style with every new album as a whole, the riffing is different, some of the ideas are really quite accessible, and can hold real meaning to people. Hey, even AC/DC and the Stones can (and have) really bombed, and yet they always get a big push from the media/record industry--as in "pushing a big one" :) you know, and they put out more or less the same shit every album, same style and so on. Is this fair? Anyway, I find most of the songs very exciting, not caring about: "have I heard this run before?..." and so on and so on. Yngwie is the best at what he does, and it shows. Did Judas Priest ever write a passionate ballad, and where are their guitarists now?--not on the charts, so you see, his plan is that he can do what he wants musically, without having to rely on the stability of other bandmates. And yes Steve Morse is one of the most versatile players around, HE CAN PLAY, like was said--so many styles, I just wanted to point out that that his playing in DP on the first 2 albums was very blues-based and the riffage was very along the lines of what Blackmore might have done, if he had Morse's talent (loosely based on Blackmore's own thoughts in a GuitarWorld interview, about hearing Steve Morse for the first time, how he sulked, and realised how good a player can be.) My thoughts were not meant to slander Morse as much as they were meant to defend Yngwie. Good "come-back" though...cheers....."Crucify" just thrashes just about anything else I've ever heard though, in heavy metal. Those huge bombing chords are just awesome!! Mark Boals sounds a bit like he was recorded in mono on the first song, and that was intended to lend a certain quality or imagery to the song, and subconsciously it may carry over to the rest of the songs, but I don't think that's the actual case, I hear his voice quite well throughout the rest of the cd, and the production and sound quality was intended to be raw, to coincide with the album title, etc...whew!

26/06/01: Matute Devit -
Rating: 23
This is very sad. I can't believe that the guy who did such great AOR records like "Eclipse" or "Odyssey" is making this horrible thing. The songs are very,very bad. On the first song he does the Paganini 5th Caprice, like any garage-teenage-neoclassical-pretensious would have made. He's now a mature man. How does he feel with that armor? Well,at least he didn't call Michael Vescera (this mark would have been a 15%)

11/05/01: Godfather -
Rating: 100
Grow a set of grapefruits!!!!! I bet that all of you that are slagging Yngwie and WTEAW are in the closet worshipping each and every note!!!!!

04/05/01: PaulJ -
Rating: 50
This is to the guy named AP.
This is the usual Malmsteen record. Either you love it (because it's so similar to every other Yngwie record) or you hate it (because you got tired of the same old music).
Ego? Look at the ending of his US tour with Jorn Lande and John Macaluso. Do you need one more try for the ego thing? Wait for the European leg.
Steve Morse sounding like Blackmore lately? You still haven't seen DP on tour lately. Check 'em out and let's talk again. He's built his own sound in this band as he did with Dregs and Kansas and playing with Rik Emmett, Steve Howe, Al DiMeola-DeLucia-McLaughlin, with Frank Zappa, with Marcel Dadi, with Lynyrd Skynyrd.
Talk about versatility and being able to write different songs.

Please let's not talk anymore about Morse in a Malmsteen forum. As Malmsteen still thinks "Morse who? The country guitarist?". This sums it all.

02/04/01: gerd laasnick - gerd4@allnetweex.n
Rating: 10
Im a big YNGWIE fan , but this CD sucks .....It sounds like it was recorded in his BASEMENT like a DEMO !!! .....The songs are crap too .....I never liked MARK BOALS as his vocalist....I liked GORAN EDMOND , MATTS LEVIN , JOE LYNN TURNER .....Yngwie needs to stop PRODUCING his own cds , and get someone else to help him . I hope his next cd is much better , cause this one SUCKS .

03/03/01: Joe -
Rating: 0
I don't even know where to begin with this. Either one likes Yngwie or they don't.
I personally love his music and playing. But the production on this
album is THE worst production I've heard on ANY record, from
ANYONE ever. I can't believe the lable even accepted it. The drums
sound like coffee cans recorded in a shoe box with the bass
guitar bleeding through cranked to 11. Yngwie would do well to
get on his knees in front of the engineer who worked on Magnum
Opus and fairly BEG him to come back. We all know the odds of
this happening. This is just sad. Yes, that's it, it's a sad
day for one of the most brilliant guitarists alive. He must be insane.

09/02/01: AP -
Rating: 100
ahh, the ego thing again. Always the ego....It's not ego, folks, it's getting what you want musically. Has it ever occurred to anyone that the guys in Yngwie's band, especially his current line-up, ENJOY playing his music? Everyone but Mark Boals apparently. Randy IS still in the band, at last check he's slated for the next leg of the WAR tour; John is on his 2nd tour and probably 3rd album; and Mats? as Yngwie has joked: "he's been in the band longer than I have!" That speeks for itself. Randy's comment upon Yngwie calling him for the Alchemy tour:"my bags are packed!" They understand it's Yngwie's gig, too. And THEY don't seem to mind. Maybe they like not having the pressure of writing, or they have faith that what Yngwie comes up with will be strong enough. People insist on making the same baseless comments, even in light of arguments to the contrary backed up with solid info.....I'll stand on, and reiterate my opinion that you all should take the title of the cd into consideration, and NOT expect polished production. I think that's intentional, and yet projected quite successfully anyway. The title of the cd isn't: "I Love You Darling, With All My Heart and Soul, Let's make Love Right Here and Now." (blechh) Look at the goddamm song titles, are you expecting there to be some B.B.King blues bends on these songs?! Overall, this is not a "feel" album. Miracle of Life is very dramatic, though, and has a world of feeling at the beginning of the solo, if all you consider to have feel is slow playing..... Sorry to tell you all the truth, but Steve Morse sounds more like Blackmore, on his latest albums with Deep Purple, than Yngwie EVER did.

05/02/01: Thoams F.Fiore - Hittmann98@Aol.Com
Rating: 1
When will Mr Ego learn how to write a song, and for once and for all learn how to play a lead break with some feeling, and not just a blur of sound. He cant write a lyric if his life depended on it. This CD is most likely one of the worst of his career. The mix sucks, the recording is not much better. What do you expect when Yngwie Egosteen handles the producers chair? Yngwie's playing is like nails on a blackboard. He is one of the worst guitar players when it comes to doing a solo with feeling. Out of all of Yngwie's CD's, Facing The Animal was the closet he came to making a very solid record. That CD had some good hooks. Cozy made a solid impact on it. War To End All Wars, will be in the please give it away bin (99cents) in a very short time. His career is about as alive as Jimmy Hoffa.

Tommy (Hittmann) Fiore

01/02/01: The Good Doctor -
Rating: 100
Molto Arpeggiosa, Instrumental Institution, Preludium, Treasure from the East, and Requiem are the 5 instrumentals on Yngwie's new masterpiece WTEAW. Only one guitarist on planet Earth could articulate the solos perpetrated on this album- Yngwie Johann Malmsteen. Yngwie's soloing is pathologically technical- he's so technical he has no peer. Try executing one passage in Instrumental Institution- you can't and your favorite "guitarist" can't. Yngwie is a born genius and as such everything he touches is GOLD. WTEAW has the vibe of an Yngwie concert performance- furious, precise, loud, and brilliant!
The soloing evidenced on this album raises the virtuoso bar a few levels. I almost have to say that Yngwie plays too fast on this album except that on closer listening, we hear the same perfect articulation we hear from Yngwie on all of his recordings- the guy is insanely sick and I love it! Another comment: Requiem is the 2000 version of "Suffer Me" (sans vocals), where Yngwie expertly varies his speed and at the same time expressing his wide vibrato finishing off with a cascading diminished arpeggio. Congratulations Yngwie on another uber performance.

26/01/01: AP -
Rating: 100
Just what is "substance?" Where is the absence of it on songs/albums like MIRACLE OF LIFE, LEONARDO, ONLY THE STRONG, LIKE AN ANGEL,THE CONCERTO, CROSS THE LINE, I'D DIE WITHOUT YOU, FOREVER ONE, BAD BLOOD, I DON'T KNOW, BEDROOM EYES, SAVE OUR LOVE, SEE YOU IN HELL and many others? These songs are strong statements, and contain slow as well as fast playing. To Yngwie, it's not about speed alone or any of that ridiculous competitive BS, but about having a style(yes--HIS OWN), and blending fast with slow playing in order to convey the dramatic qualities of the music. A book or movie that moved at only a slow pace would be very boring. Music isn't any different. People can't accept that Yngwie doesn't follow the conventional way of doing things like having a band where everyone contributes equally, and listen to other guitar players, as so many before him had done. You can't accept that he's just DIFFERENT. How differently would any of you feel about the music if these songs WERE actually contributed on by everyone in the band? You'd probably say: "wow, that kicks some major ass, this stuff is GREAT!" But all you choose to see is: "Yngwie's got a huge ego, and doesn't let anyone else do anything..." I don't care if one person wrote it or the whole damn world helped write it---it's still great music. Is it because he doesn't open the door for full hero-worship of the other band members by musicians on other instruments? ("Yngwie can play like Billy Sheehan, but why not hire him to play?") Well who cares? Close your eyes, and what do you hear? You still hear great music! The production on PROPHET OF DOOM is very reminiscent of the production values on alot of "industrial"-influenced music these days, where the vocalist is made to sound like he's singing into a tin-cup. It's obvious it's not poor production, he produced his first album didn't he? and many other very good ones afterward. His own fans are pissed at his versatility, and ability to write/compose in so many different styles...really sad...No one can touch Ritchie when he plays utterly soulful pieces like VEILLECHT DAS NACHSTER ZEIT and WEISS HEIM, but even HE can't touch Yngwie in lyrical composition, overall technique, his incorporation of a wide variety of musical styles in hi songwriting/playing, desire, and consistency. War ROCKS! It KILLS!..

26/01/01: paul m -
Rating: 0
when is this guy going to understand that most, if all of us want to hear some songs with some substance not a lot of scales played as fast as lighting, and by the way their is only one ritchie blackmore and you will never come close, unless you look in that mirror of yours and realise that you must start writeing far better music than you have to date and to be your self not trying to be blackmore on speed

24/01/01: AP - APskyU4ia
Rating: 100
Even starting back in '69, all Deep Purple did was hint at their classical influence--it was never the basis of their sound and composing. The basis of their sound was blues. I haven't heard the cd yet, containing their concerto performed with the London Symphony in the late 60's/early 70's, but as I understand it is performed by the whole band; I don't know if they are original classical compositions or stuff from the masters. bottom line it was never the basis of their sound. Blackmore didn't compose that piece played by Rainbow/symphony in the 80's did he? (although he did put an interesting little twist on a masterpiece.) It also utilized other traditional rock instruments like bass and drums (and Yngwie takes note of this,too. What Yngwie did that was different, at least in his beginning, was that the classical influence was the BASIS of his sound. His arrangements and compositions were entirely in the classical vain (think Far Beyond the Sun and Icarus' Dream Ste.) And his technique was heavily violinistic, while Blackmore(who's new medieval stuff I love, by the way)was more or less, technically/stylistically rather limited to blues and rock. Rock artists, or others, for that matter, incorporating classical influence into their compositions, in whole or in part, wether composition-wise or in their playing style(but NOT being the basis of their sound) is nothing new, but what Yngwie did that was new, if only in the hard rock/heavy metal genre, is that he took a violinistic approach to guitar playing and totally classical approach to arranging/composing, so yes, he did create something new, or at least took full advantage of something that many artists previously had the oppurtunity to claim. Yes there was also YES, and ELP, and the Moody Blues who performed with orchestras or a classical influence in their music, but it wasn't entirely the basis of their sound and approach to their instrument playing. Normally rock musicians use an orchestra to back up their ROCK compositions, as Metallica(S&M--yechh)has done. Yngwie has done just the reverse: A heavy metal musician composing a CLASSICAL piece and performing it in the traditional classical form, with only a lead instrument, no other rock instruments. Legend, indeed...

15/01/01: Neil -
Rating: 65
I've been an Yngwie fan since the Trilogy days, which I still think is his greatest effort. Mark Boals is for me the best vocalist he had. So when I heard he would be appearing on WTEAW I was well pleased. The fact that it would be a new start for Yngwie in the U.S. under the Spitfire label meant I was expecting a killer release if a little commercial. So what did I think of it?
The sound on this album is generally muddy and the mix sounds upside down. Actually the production reminds me of what you might find on much heavier, hardcore metal releases. Now Yngwie has always been in charge of production on his albums so it's not a production problem here. There is a new engineer and I think that Yngwie was trying to get back to his Marching Out days with this album, but didn't quite pull it off. The drums are tinny but clear. Although Yngwie's found his old sound, the rhythm sounds muddy and lost under the bass guitar. The solos sound clear enough though.
The biggest problem I have with the album as regards sound is that the vocals are too far down. Not just that, but I think there's some great Queen like harmonising on some of the choruses but I can barely hear them - what a waste!
As regards lyrics, Yngwie's never been a great writer but I think the words on here fit the music just fine. If you can listen to Dio or Rainbow then there's not really that much difference in subject material.
Musically? This album is in the same style as Alchemy but a little more commercial in places (there were no real ballads on Alchemy), which is what I would expect for a new label. There are some great tracks on here (Crucify, The Wizard) and one or two surprises, but a couple of licks are reworking of older material ("See you in Hell" is very prominent for example).
Bottom line: Not his best release and definitely the worst sounding. Musically it's what you'd expect from Yngwie so I'm not dissapointed. I'd say buy it if you're a fan. If you're new and want something recent I'd say try Alchemy. If you like Mark Boals then get Ring of Fire.

10/01/01: Eric -
Rating: 1
Yngwie as usual shreds from the beginning til the end. He's awesome and he excels at shredding! Master of shredding I'd say...
Sometimes I also want to listen to a song where drums are not the usual double bass pounding drums from the beginning to the end, where the music is not the same usual classic riffs overused since 1981.
What I believe Yngwie lacks of are ideas. This is no other than the same record as Alchemy, and that wasn't my fav one too.
Same songs, as usual the band doesn't get to shine while the members are great players in their own reign, singer rarely hearable (while his vocals are usually great). The last song is so different from the rest of the record that I don't know if it's a "gift" to their fans or maybe a leftover from some sessions...
In the end: reviewing such a record shows where people love most Yngwie (he can shred through his trademark scales like no other), and hate him (the music hasn't changed a bit or a note or a scale since 1983). He can sure compose, but he didn't put any effort in this record to copy every Alchemy song and change them just a bit.
Symphony X's V is so different from this record, there are laid back songs with odd tempos, metrics, and the band shines there. Steve Morse too is very different from Yngwie, and everyone who compare the two clearly didn't ever hear any Steve Morse music.
So, before buying this record, if you miss those old scales raging and furying up and down the neck, go immediately for this, if you want the dress for the scales, as usual avoid it...

08/01/01: Luke -
Rating: 0
Record: this is the worst Yngwie record to date. Worst production by far, compositions are still at those egocentric "I'll do everything and faster" level Yngwie reached with his masterpiece Odyssey.
Don't try to compare Yngwie to Romeo (and don't touch Morse please!!! Morse can play every genre of music and actually played it with good results, and he's not a neoclassical player at all!!!). If he's a mature writer, then explain why every song has references to the same old medieval epics? Yngwie the new Mozart or Paganini? Then tell me what Yngwie invented in music!!! Neoclassical (fusing classic with metal) was something lots of band always tried to do since late 60! Deep Purple with their classic hammond solos and Ritchie Blackmore's playing were doing it. Blackmore played that Vth Symphony with Rainbow, and if you take lots of first Yngwie songs are very similar to Yngwie. Only difference was the superior technique of Yngwie.
Yngwie was, is and will always be one of the greatest performer on Earth, but as a composer he always pretended to be but isn't. He must accept the fact. And I hope he will finally recognize that his bands can be made of gifted players that must play as they can and not as Yngwie want.
Anyway, enjoy Yngwie's worst record... No one will change his opinions.

06/01/01: Jason -
Rating: 85
Very mediocre production value. Boal's vocals are nearly non-existent. However, the songs and Yngwie's playing are awesome. There is no one better.

05/01/01: ASP -
Rating: 100
Look at the title of the cd, did you really expect something polished (a complaint too often heard before about many of his earlier efforts)?! The sound is intended to be raw, imperfect, and unclean...such is war. Those who think Odyssey was his best-produced album should have their ears checked--the overall sound is way too "tin-y," (could've used more bass)while ANY of his 90's cd's (including ones he produced himself) have a much fuller guitar sound and production/engineering. The bombing chords on WAR are absolutely devastating. His critics talk about him being an egomaniac, where all that matters is the guitar, and yet on Alchemy, Mats gets to shine a bit in the Aslyum Suite; he made the bass more prevalent on WAR than on any of his other albums; and by John Macaluso's own accounts, Yngwie has given him generous room to play the drum parts in his own way on both. If Yngwie has one single "fault" to anyone but his most die-hard fans, it's that he's too versatile, and he doesn't write, on any particular album, the material they expect--wether it be hard,raw,song-oriented,pop,or metal. It's no secret that he borrows riffs from other songs of his, but it's not always the same riff or riffs from one album. He THANKS BRIAN MAY in the cd jacket, and has said he was influenced a bit by Queen/Brian May--do you think he's stealing, putting that Queen harmony in Prophet of Doom?! NO! He's just paying a tribute to his influences (he's even LESS of an egotist for doing this!) So...egotistical? No. One Dimensional? No. Poor producer and unknowledgeable of mixing and engineering? No, this is his life and livelihood, he's on top of all that, he has to be; he went after a certain sound on WAR. He pulls-off some cool effects like in the solo to Catch 22. NOBODY has such a singing vibrato as Yngwie, don't care if it's the most legendary blues player of all time, or whatever, can't touch Yngwie on that! The vocals being too far in the mix? Won't even honor that suggestion. It all goes back to the sound he's trying to attain(and what about ego--not letting anyone stand out more than anyone else in the mix,huh?) Some of the lyrics are "real life" while others are an attempt to be creative toward his liking for the occult. And then when he lays back with a piece like "Black Sheep," people still take him too seriously and condescendingly. His critics treat him as though even some of the greatest have never written a dud for a lyric/song/album (I like most of his lyrics.) Yngwie is quite simply the best mixture of many genres played in his singular style: take Journey, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, and Bach and put them together into the style of Neoclassical, and you've got Yngwie. His playing sounds great, and recognizable in any context, and he's proven this: in blues, hard rock, heavy metal, pop, and ballads and classical, and now raggae. What more diversity can you ask for?! You're all just jealous as all hell, no other way to put it. Thank you Spitfire, and thank you Yngwie! WTEAW's KICKS ASS!!!...Oh, yeah: and !!!!!!

05/01/01: Adabong - Noway
Rating: 95
Man did I stumble onto an Yngwie hatefest. Everyone is complaining about the production or the Lyrics or this or that. Personally I haven't heard anyone that can touch what Yngwie is doing. Not even come close!

Honestly I can't get enough of this CD. The more I listen, the more I hear and the more I get drawn into the thunderous beat of the drums and the sweet wailing of the guitar. The bass lines boom in rhythm with the song and gives the sound of the CD a unique quality most music lacks. The lyrics blend perfectly with the music, highs and lows and inbetweens, it all seems to fit the mood of the music perfectly. Maybe instead of trying to be so technical about this and that, just try to enjoy the music. Remember when you could just sit in a chair with the speakers blasting out some great piece of music and you just sat there and enjoyed it. Try that instead of playing a bad music critic.

And it seems to me that the only ones trashing Yngwie are the wannabes. Comments like, he's not progressing , or his lyrics stink, come from wannabe Yngwie's. You guys love him and can't admit it. You want to be him.
Admit it!

02/01/01: J.C.L. -
Rating: 98
Michael Romeo? Please! He sounds like a pitiful attempt on the part of Steve Vai to play Yngwie licks
while laying on his Floyd Rose or Kahler or whatever. Compared to Y.J.M.'s compositions, SymphonyX sounds like a bad Yngwie ripoff with some Queen choirs thrown in. Let's see M.Romeo or Steve Morse or any of your beloved contenders get the pure, AUTHENTIC classical sound that Yngwie gets with a strat on Preludium or the Concerto. On the 1st note of Preludium you can almost hear the bow striking the strings of the violin, such is Yngwie's emulation. He does the classical thing with a style, class & finesse that shredders can only dream about.

He plays with SO much more feeling than these guys - yet you all insist on talking about them - how Yngwie should write & play like them. If he did, THEN I would stop listening to him - thank God he sticks to his guns & continues to progress in leaps & bounds. Yes, that's right, I said PROGRESS! If you morons can't hear it, that's not Yngwie's fault. Do you want to talk about speed - note the descending run on InstruMENTAL Institution right after the last trade-off with Mats. Y.M. uses this run to get back into the main, bumblebee-like theme. It goes by quick, so you Yngwie-bashers yank the cotton out of your ears & pay close attention! This is not a series of notes, this is an eruption or a lightning bolt - a pure force of nature! Let's see MasterBatio or Bell-ass or Romeo or any of them pull off just ONE run like that - with that devastating vibrato at the end of the blinding speed - they sound mechanical & souless. That sound is what I call "the sting of Yng", & NONE of them have it.

This is only 1 small example of which there are thousands on WTEAW. You people are not listening, you're just looking for things to criticize - some have given reasonable criticisms about production, etc, while still giving the album a good review. But most have just slagged it without a fair hearing, like you're just waiting for some flaw to jump on. There is so much great shit on this album, but many of you have your minds made up & will not listen deeper.

As far as the "rehashing" thing, every great classical composer did it - EVERY ONE! They used their phrases again & again, always in a different context - exactly what Malmsteen does. He has created his own language, which encompasses the rock & classical vocabulary - a far greater range than other guitarists - & he uses that language to compose his songs & pieces & to improvise. How many of these other people can say they've created their own language? They're using Yngwie's & calling it their own! Pathetic, but even more pathetic are those who prefer these cheap imitations to the brilliant original.

Regarding the "dumb" lyrics, Yngwie is no poet. But these simplistic lyrics often have double & triple meanings, which escapes you shallow rock listeners. As Yngwie gets older, he may make a gradual transition to writing more classical music - I hear he's already completed 3 movements of his next concerto, & he's doing 2 or 3 perfomances of the 1st one in Japan in June of 2001. Yoel Levi, the conductor of the Atlanta Symphony, who conducted the Concerto Suite showed up to see Yngwie at the Atlanta show. Does anyone imagine that such a prestigious professional from the classical world would bother to go see any other rock guitarist? Of course not, because not of them are worthy. Yngwie is the Mozart, Paganini & Bach of today, & if he eventually quits rock & turns to perfoming his own hybrid classical music, good! The rock audiences are mostly unworthy of his music.
I hope

23/12/00: Lance -
Rating: 0
Incredible guitar playing as usual. Horrible song writing on this one. Needs to dump the harmonic minor crap and play hard rock. Gets boring real quick. This is by far his worst recording with terrible production. Dio may need a new guitar player.

19/12/00: vinnie -
Rating: 0
From a guitar player point of view, this record is good. The same usual Yngwie chords, arpeggios and scales.
From a compositional and musical point of view, this record suffers from the same problem as 5 years since: Yngwie shows his total lack of capabilities.
I'm a huge fan of Trilogy and Odyssey, but since the music is the same. Good and bad, I was expecting a lot more from this guitar wizard. I'm bored now, and I still prefer listening to Trilogy and Odyssey.
What about getting back to the old school of composition Yngwie? You're very good at playing though...
When I was 18 playing fast scales on guitar was my dream. Now I can play pretty fast scales (diminished, arpeggio'd, pentatonic, ecc.) and I have my right to say that this record *musically* sucks, as everyone else here said. I don't want to get back on the metronome (though I believe I need it), but Yngwie to improve. I'm still waitin'....

17/12/00: Matt -
Rating: 4
The album is pretty decent. The production does suck, and Yngwie still can't write lyrics, but the note choice is excellent. To all of the guitarists that wrote negative reviews, get off the band wagon already. Bashing Malmsteen is rapidly becoming the pastime for players with no confidence and barely rudimentary knowledge, having either good technique and no musicality, or no technique and no musicality. Go back to the metronome, where you belong, and start earning the right to express your opinion.

13/12/00: Marco R -
Rating: 0
Yngwie is not GOD at all.
I heard lots of better guitarist in the recent past, I mean about technique. Once upon a time Yngwie was the fastest scale-guitar player. Now he's one of the fastest scales-player, only problem is the music is pretty much the same as the past. This guy hasn't evolved a bit since Odyssey. Same songs, same solos, same scales. What about creativity? What about a full good-songs record with a real bandwork? Now he's playing bass too... I wonder if next time he will sing or play drums. Yngwie doesn't know what humilty is, maybe he better eats his ego up and look at how much Tony MacAlpine improved in 16 years.
Don't buy this record, get Symphony X's V if you like the usual neoclassical fast-scales but with good songs...

10/12/00: Ive Michiels -
Rating: 90
YNGWIE IS GOD in my opinion .
He is definetly the best guitarplayer of all times .
Maybe heīs not the best songwriter , but albums such as Trilogy , Odyssey , Fire & Ice and Facing the animal should be in your collection if you love melodic hardrock/metal .
All his other cdīs are good or very good and after a few listens I must say I also like War to end all wars .
I donīt now why , but in my opinion Yngwie just wanted to create the sound of his first three records .
Yngwie is definetly a good producer , but he just wanted it to sound like in his early days and hell the sound of the eighties will always be the sound of my life .
I cannot see why Yngwie fans donīt like this album , his soloing is still the best on this planet and Mark Boals is an awesome vocalist (just listen to his first solo album-pure magic) .
The songs on their own are also great , only the last track is a bit special .
Maybe people will now think that I am only a Yngwie Malmsteen fan , but my collection is 60% AOR and melodic rock and 40 % melodic and progressive metal (together over 1500 cdīs) .
My cd of the year is definetly Arrival from Journey , with Yngwie as a close second and Symphony X on a third place .
Maybe all the guys that donīt like the last Yngwie cd should sell all their cdīs , put themselves in front of their tv and listen to the crap on MTV .
All the artists (???) together that were on MTV the last 5 years donīt even come close to the talent Yngwie has got .
For me Yngwie will always be the greatest and for all you Jimmy Hendrix fans , I tryed to listen to a Jimmy Hendrix cd last night , but I fell a sleep after 2 minutes and if I turn on one of Yngwieīs songs it still gives my cold shivers .

08/12/00: Hendrik Wevers -
Rating: 40
First, I have to admit, that I do not own the album, and to my greatest disappointment I must say that I won't buy it, though I love Yngwie's style AND his song writing. It is not right if everybody says that Yngwie's songwriting is poor - of course it could be better, but watch the billboard charts, read THOSE lyrics and then tell me THAT is the better stuff. Yngwie has made some great songs - "7th Sign", for instance, or "Poison in your veins", or "Leonardo" to name but a few - with good if not very good lyrics, especially the last one. But his strength lies obviously in his guitar style. And THIS I can't find on the latest album. To cut it short: There is not enough Yngwie on it. To call upon the production problem: after the first two songs it gets better albeit not good enough - especially the drums sound very weak, and Boal's vocal part is sometimes lost, as well as the lead guitar!!! There can be no excuse; a producer has more responsibility than the songwriter - if the song is well written (and one can guess how songs like "Crucify" wuld sound like if well produced), a bad production still can destroy it, as it does with this work. The best song is the last Reggae track (please mind that I HATE Reggae, but this one is funny considering Yngwie's pronunciation, the lyrics and the sound), but this is not really, what one expects on an Yngwie album. Overall, this album is not what we fans expected. Yngwie, do us a favor and give a about those critics who complain about the amount of the guitar parts. More guitar, a better production and better lyrics - these would have shown us, what you meant.

06/12/00: Scott -
Rating: 0
The European market has a lot of better records than this. I rate this record a 0 because I was expecting strong songwriting. I found songs that are quite the same as the previous two records (actually the ballad is the same ballad of Alchemy), and the solos are beginning to bore me. I was a fan of Odyssey, but since then Yngwie didn't get rid of his bigger-than-a-monster ego. Mark Boals was singing on this record? I can barely hear him...
As someone else said here, Symphony X's V is much much better than this piece of crap. So is last Rhapsody's record. So was Vinnie Moore's The Maze. So was Greg Howe's Ascend. But here we're talkin' of people that can play and compose. Mr. Yngwie can only play...

06/12/00: todd -
Rating: 8
I'll admit on the first listen, I didn't care too much for this album. I expected a more diverse album like Alchemy. That one seemed more varied and more song driven. This is much more album vibe driven. I think a lot of the negative reviewers above didn't give this enough listening to.

Any album you love right away and can sing along to will get boring fast. There is so much going on here. Bon Jovi this isn't. This is harsh burning guitar driven metal. For the first time out it seems like Yngwie didn't try and write a song that would get air play, and for that reason he can play even more his way.

This album rocks!
The guitars crunch and the drums (maybe a bit light) are complex and fast. So much has been said about Mark Boals being buried in the mix. On Alchemy he was too annoying and prominent. On here he fits nicely. Nobody buys a Yngwie CD for the singing or song writing.

Accept the fantasy of swords, wizards and magic that make Yngwie so unique and different. He sticks to his vision and we love him for that. If only popular music would stop shoveling out talent-less alternative sololess crap. There are three instrumentals on here and that alone makes the disc worth purchasing. There you don't have to hear some guy screaming in your ear and can concentrate on burning licks and true Malmsteen! The only negative comment i have is that no song sticks out as the best. All are very good. The last one is bizarre and can be treated as the bonus it claims to be.

You want to enjoy this album?? Listen to each track 3 times in a row. The first time visualizing him playing it, the second while reading the lyrics and the third time moving on the expressway.

The Vikings are back with a vengeance. Thanks to Spitfire Records for releasing the later 90's releases like Double Live. For some great LIVE Yngwie shows check out my web page:

05/12/00: Noddy -
Rating: 55
God! This guy really thinks he is a guitar great. In my opinion, he could have been up there with Van Halen and Vai at the top of the tree of 2nd generation guitar heroes.....if he had built on the classic Odyssey of 1988 and not slid into widdly Euro-kak territory we get dished up a decade later. The only really strong album he has delivered since Odyssey is Inspiration and it isn't too hard to work out why that is! (Great songs, great vocals etc etc)
I was really looking forward to Alchemy as it saw the return of Mark Boals at the microphone- not as good as Turner or Soto, but a singer in the classic tradition of Rainbowesque rock. Alchemy was a mess and how it was Yngwie's best selling album ever, I will never know. The new CD has a disastrous mix and production but at least a couple of vaguely humable songs (Bad Reputation, Masquerade).
It is a sad reflection on the declining musical creativity and common sense of Malmsteen that Mark Boals' CD "into the Fire" is much better in every way.

05/12/00: Mark -
Rating: 0
Go buy Symphony X, not this record if you want to hear some music. If you like Yngwie solos, buy Odyssey. If you have it already, don't waste your money like I did. Great expectations, poor results, poor compositions, poor solos.

04/12/00: John - j
Rating: 0
This record is far behind Symphony X's last record...
Yngwie wants to demonstrate he's the best guitar player in the world. He's fast, certainly, but regards the ideas... Let it back!
Better players out with new record now? What about Symphony X's Michael Romeo, Tony MacAlpine, Vinnie Moore just to name few... They can compose. Yngwie not.

03/12/00: Mike - -
Rating: 5
An album of songs all written in 15 minutes. Poorly produced and weak performances- this album is an all time low!

The only surprise is Black Sheep of the family (on the US release), and thatīs the reason for 5 points. On the other hand itīs only there because people say he hasnīt changed in 15 years...

Yngwie today is just a fat wimp that spends his time drinking wine, instead of practise and write killer songs and hire a good producer.

02/12/00: mark -
Rating: 0
This record is exactly the same record Yngwie did with Alchemy.
No ideas, playing is surpassed (we all know how to play some sweep diminished scales, had enough with them Egosteen), and the rest of the band is underrated by the same man.
Hearin' this record is the same BOOOORING stuff since 1988.
Yngwie hang it on.

02/12/00: Airporn -
Rating: 66
For the most part this CD is simply awfully produced. The vocals are too low and the overall sound is way too bassy and muddy. As for the songs; Molto Arpeggiosa, Prelude and The Wizard(excellent) stand out. The rest of the tracks are mostly good or at least decent, but nothing really sticks onto my brain and some songs just doesn't catch my interest. I guess the songs are generally better than those on Alchemy, but that album had a better production. The only song I can honestly say I dislike on this CD however is the title track. But I do have certain objections.The major example perhaps being Catch 22 which in some sections are extremely similar to See you in Hell from Eclipse. The arpeggio section in Masquerade is, even if pretty cool , another variation of the Demon Driver arpeggio section I'm afraid.
Yngwie has always been raving about staying true to his art or roots or whatever. Admittedly, being consistent about what you do isn't necessarily a bad thing. However, incest was never a nice invention and the constant reuse of ideas from old songs or parts therof aren't either. Concerning the solos; there are as usual both some highlights (The Wizard,Masquerade, part of the Bad Reputation and Miracle of Life solos for example) and low points. What I really miss is the great melodies that were always part of his solos in his glorious past. Nowadays he occasionally shines but it's very often the standard "Yngwie-autopilot so -called "improvised" high speed solo" with the same old arpeggios, sequential 4-note descending and ascending patterns and so forth. These arpeggios/pattern could very easily be expanded upon to make way for more intersting-sound solos but that is seldomly done. He HAS the ability to play great still (I don't mean technically), but rarely does. Part of the problem, I think, is his much too frequent employment of the same old tired chord progressions to solo over. Also, he really needs to compose and structure his solos a bit more to make them memorable. I mean, I can sing almost every solo from the Alcatrazz album in my head but none from his later albums.
Mark Boals is nowhere near his great performance on Trilogy and his voice sounds weak at times (not only because his vocals were mixed low). He's not really bad though. The lyrics are bad as always and cringe-factor is announced for those of The Wizard, and Tarot. He seriously need someone else to pen the words. Better yet, make an all instrumental album as the instrumentals is the best on this album and has always been his real forte.
Advice:If you're an Yngwie fan; get this album. If you're new to him; buy his early records.

02/12/00: Svante -
Rating: 10
Yngwie has finally hit bottom! This entire disc sounds like it was recorded through a wall at a rehearsal studio. Bass & solos are upfront whilst drums(aka tin cans )& everything else drowns under a wave of pretentious mediocrity. The real shame here is the sacrilegious burial of another classic vocal performance from the Great Mark Boals! Stay away unless you worship everything this pretentious ego maniac touches.

02/12/00: SEAN -
Rating: 0
this cd is laughable...what a sounds like it was
produced on a cheap 8 track recorder...Yngwie actualy played
better on the "steeler" record from '83. he also played through a
"rockman" on that record...which sounds like shit, but it sounds
better than this crap...i'll use my cd as a drink coaster. you
suck yngwie...

02/12/00: Layna -
Rating: 100
Yngwie Egosteen? I'm sure that it's not a news to anybody
but how about concentrating on the quality of music
and Yngwie's contributions to the world of rock rather than
his personality issues. Personally I concentrate on what's new and delightful
he has to offer to catch my ears not his character flaws.
WTEAW is not this grotesque and monstrous album everyone's been atacking.
Think of every genious be it an artist or a musician who has ever written
or created:there're pieces that simply dazzle and there are pieces that stand out less.
Same thing relates to Yngwie's music. Any art requires close examination as well,
you have to get into it and try to grasp it's meaning, it's essence.
When I first purchsed this album I was a little surprised but after listening to it for about
million(!!!)times I simply loved it. Putting all of the comments
aside Yngwie deserves 100% for his originality and staying true
and faithful to his music. Being an artist he serves as my personal inspiration at all times.
Malmsteen is a Mozart of the 20th century. I look forward seeing him in NYC in concert with DIO on December 9th.

01/12/00: Todd -
Rating: 40
After the release of Alchemy I thought that's it..i'm not going to get another Malmsteen album until he gets his act together and brings out something work listening to.So I go back on my word and get WTEAW.The album isn't that bad.I have certainly heard and will hear worse in the future.But like most people I agree with the following.1)Yngwie needs to put his ego aside and get a REAL BAND together.One that each plays his own instrument, and that means the vocalist writes the lyrics.After all he's got to sing them right? 2)Get an outside producer.The production on this album is quite bad as was Alchemy.In my opinion he needs to go back to the Odyssey days.By far his best album and best produced.He had a world class vocalist in Joe Lynn Turner who wrote nearly if all the lyrics (and it showed).And his leads were written around the songs, where as his last efforts have been the songs written around his 200kph leads.There are a few highlights on this album though.Crucify, Masquerade and Miracle Of Life.This is the difference between Yngwie and someone like Axel Rudi Pell.Axel actually writes SONGS and has a big thick production to go with it.And he does let the vocalist have some of the limelight by having his voice well up in the mix.

01/12/00: Clark Howell -
Rating: 100
Yngwie is genuine, passionate and pure. His devotion to his music is unparalleled. WTEAW stands as Yngwie's most consistent and heaviest CD to date, an even more powerful addition than the spectacular Alchemy. This CD features Yngwie's fiercest bass playing yet, which combines beautifully with drummer John Macaluso to form a relentless assault of groove and precision. The songwriting is stronger than ever, and as always, the maestro delivers a plethora of powerfully passionate, high-octane guitar runs. The guitar tone itself is clear and full; reminiscent of Yngwie's fluid solos on Marching Out and Seventh Sign. But MORE of everything. Yngwie albums stand up under repeated listening, with so many subtle movements and lines available, there is always a surprise and a treat with every new play. This is what sets Yngwie apart from the crowd. Listen to this CD thirty or forty times...each day... its THAT good!

01/12/00: Harmonized - .
Rating: 90
I think the songs on this album is great, the production may be abit old school but hey all songs are "old school yngwie". bottom line: buy this album if u liked the early albums, if u play guitar. dont buy this if u dont like yngwie.

30/11/00: John -
Rating: 0
This record sucks big time. Bass is played as a guitarist would have played (picked and badly) and the sound is horrible, so is the production.
Yngwie was a genius in early-mid 80s he quickly ran out of ideas. What about calling it quit?

30/11/00: Ardian Nurcahyo -
Rating: 50
After hearing the soundbytes on this site it is obvious that the production is bad. Surprisingly enough, Mark Boals materials on his "Rings Of Fire" album is way much better than Yngwie's new album. It's stronger and the line up is more solid. Thanks Tony Macalpine, Virgil Donati and Vitalij Kuprij! Also to Mark of course. He did it right by leaving Yngwie. Now I'm worried if Jorn Lande will be forced doing this kind of stuff on the next album. His work on "Starfire" and "Hourglass" are first class!
My new message for Yngwie: please, let Mats Olausson shine. He never had a chance to do keyboard solo, like Jens did. That is why I liked the outro of "ANother TIme" from "Facing The ANimal" a lot. Very sweet hammond organ from Mats.
Also, Yngwie indeed could play bass like Billy Sheehan, but why not hire him to play on the album instead. I don't mind if he changed bassist for the tour...

30/11/00: Dallas Hodgson -
Rating: 35
After only a single listen, it's clear that this is a very raw production, maybe even more so than Marching Out. Almost punkish, actually - what's with the unedited false endings, was that deliberate? Very little keyboards, harmonies, or doubling. And lots of recycled material; maybe I'll get around to posting how many earlier songs (like Fire) were just slightly retooled here. Lots of odd level changes in the mix - lead guitars occasionally bursting in too loud, (for shock value?) or sometimes being buried underneath the drums.

This might be the album we look back on like Van Halen 1; throw a band in a studio, setup a few mics, and be done. Buy it for the two instrumentals, I think - there aren't a lot of great melodies here. Too bad Ted Templeman wasn't producing. 8)

30/11/00: Josh Farrell -
Rating: 80
Okay. Everyone knows the production on War is less than stellar.
Aside from that, this album was exactly what I expected - a bit
more commercial than Alchemy (but in the same vein), but not even
close to being as good as Facing the Animal (There was a
coproducer on Facing. Coincidence?). In spite of the shortcomings
mentioned above and in other reviews, I think every Yngwie fan
should own War to End All Wars.
Also, I just saw Yngwie with Dio and Doro in Denver, Colorado,
USA, so here's a quick review of that:
The show lasted about an hour and was about half instrumentals.
The band included the guys on War minus Boals plus Randy Coven
on bass and Jorn Lande on Vocals. I don't remember the full set
list, but here are the songs with vocals that were done:
Rising Force
Red House(during Trilogy Suite, Yngwie on vocals)
I'll See the Light Tonight
Yngwie and the band were awesome. I was disapointed in Lande.
Granted, it was only his fourth or fifth show with yngwie and
at a high altitude, but he just didn't have the range to handle
the material. He has a great voice, but not enough upper register.
Other than that, the show was incredible.
I have some lingering tinitis from Yngwie's pitch shifter shpeel.
I'd recommend ear plugs if you see him in the US with Dio.

30/11/00: Torgeir Krokfjord -
Rating: 94
First of all - no, the production does NOT suck. Second - YES, this is vintage Yng in a new and fresh package. Third - YES, this is far better than Alchemy, and if you call yourself an Yngwie fan, BUY IT!

30/11/00: JGS -
Rating: 5
I comment this album in two perspectives: Quality recording and Musically

Quality recording: very, very poor. Yngwie is a good musician but he isn't as a productor. The quality is nearly a 'demo' or worst (i've listened very good real demos outside), muddy sounds, poor effects, bad EQ and instrument level, i have a home-studio and i think i can recording with the same or more quality, but the worst of all are the mix, it can distort in any stereo system when is a bit loud!. Yngwie will must concentrate in his composition/harmony and leave this work for sound engineers and specialized persons, he could be colaborate with ideas... but Yngwie don't touch the mixer, please!. We know very well the good quality sonic in the rest of Albums (except Alchemy).

Musically: it's not convincent for me, it's little cool, at begin of some songs i can view some ideas, some perspectives, but Yngwie didn't completed them or they go down in the routine about the middle or end, because i think, 'Oh, it's same...', we could be predict how is the rest of song. It isn't awesome. They are the same conception in song structures, full shred solos in a medium tempo song (less feeling), same arpeggios draws with minimal changes, all songs are dark and gloomy... Some riffs and rhythms are interesting, but structure song is not very distinct to others (arpeggios movements before of shred solos, solos over the voice to end of song...). Mark did a good work with his voice, but it isn't bolded with actual mix. The goods: some riffs, wild solos (i would like he played more slowy too).

30/11/00: John -
Rating: 90
My only complaint with WTEAW is the mixing of the rhythm guitar. It was a bit too muddy and had a tendency to be drowned out be the bass. Other than that, this is a GREAT album. I fully intend to buy the Japanese version of it. There isn't a song on it that I don't like. You can't even compare the crap that gets called music now days to songs like "Crucify" "Masquerade" or "Wild One." The instrumentals on the album are beyond sick. Actually, this album has a very "live" sound to it...which isn't nessesarily a bad thing. Another masterpiece from The Maestro!!!

30/11/00: Chad Armstrong -
Rating: 75
"War" is one of those albums where you need to listen to it several times before getting used to most of the songs. But once again, Yngwie has come up front and still continues doing what he does best: play neo-classical metal.

The bad sides to this album are mixing, especially parts of the vocals are turned down too far, but I do like how the bass guitar is more pronounced. The other bad side, is how some of the songs sound like parts taken off from the Alchemy album. The starting to Catch 22 sounded like too many parts off of Alchemy, and Instrumental Instituition sounded like a part in the Asylum Suite.
However, with this points aside, he has whipped up another batch of kick-in-the-teeth heavy metal. After a few listens, several of the songs shine through, and he even experiments a little with this album with Queen-like choruses on songs like "Prophet of Doom" and "Bad Reputation", a slightly different approach to combining instruments on "Tarot", and even a reggae-type song ("Black Sheep of the Family"), which isn't nearly as scary or bad as I expected it to be.
For those Yngwie fans who stuck with his music past the first three or four albums, then WTEAW is an album to add to your collection, but if you are one who accused Yngwie of not changing his style, then maybe you should go pick up something else, like the Backstreet Boys.
Another bonus is that "War" is his fourth album he's put out since 1997. How many mainstream musicians can make that claim?

30/11/00: Mika -
Rating: 82

30/11/00: Yelena -
Rating: 85
People, don't get so hard on Yngwie! At first I was in schock regarding the sound of this recording.
The music often does sound like a demo and when Mark Boals is heard I feel like exploding on top of the lungs:his voice
dies overpowered by Yngwie's extensive shred. The lyrics leave one hope for the best as well....but BUT!!!
BUT to be original(unlike the rest of you extra critical people)and out of the respect for the old maestro who's music literally makes my heart stop
I will give this bold viking 95% for the afford. He tries to stay alive(grabing to the end of his rope as he likes to express in his lyrics),he keeps on
composing regardless "the bad reputation", and most of all he doesn't change his music:he stays true Yngwie, genuane and original!That is exactely what I love about him.
I sincerely hope that there's many more CD's to come and much more time for maestro to bless us with his music. Play loud Yngwie!!!!!!!!

30/11/00: Gilberto Edouard Arizpe -
Rating: 10
I donīt like this album, i think that this album was created
without conscience, i feel that YJM tried to fill a CD only for
increment the sells of Spitfire records... is a betray for his fans...

29/11/00: Mats -
Rating: 0

29/11/00: Arto -
Rating: 6
I am a Malmsteen fan, but i didnīt like this one. Production was poor and songwriting sucked. There were variations from the old riffs, licks and solos. I think Malmsteen should concentrate on creating something new than using used stuff. One song started almost exactly same way that see you in hell (Eclipse). Good ol`merlins castle riff was used in wizzard etc. Still Yngwie is one of my guitar heroes and will allways be. But i would like to hear Yngwie creating something new. Now i like listening to Symphony Xīs new album V. It kicks WTEAWīs ass.

29/11/00: Ghede -
Rating: 80
I do agree with the bad production. Because Ygnwie's playing bass too on this CD, and he produced it too, he tried to put the bass sound into the attention, by making it loud. Sometimes it's cool (end of Miracle of Life), but most of the times it's bothersome. Bass should be on the background, it's a supporting instrument. I don't think the sound of the voices is too bad though. Some riffs are a little bit to copied, Catch 22 for example, that's almost Vengeance! And there's nothing really new on this one. Some solo's dont have 'it', I agree with that, but the solo from Wizard is just great. Just listen the songs a few times, you'll like them... it's like that most of the time with Yngwie. At least with me. Alchemy was better then this one I think... Alchemy simply does not contain songs I don't like, and Wield My Sword and Legion Of The Damned are just TOO good. I really DON'T like Facing The Animal, you know... it's weird..

29/11/00: Alessandro -
Rating: 0
Being the great Yngwie fan I am, I really believe this record sucks. And I'll tell you why.
Once Yngwie set a standard for epic/neoclassical/metal guitar. Everyone was to become an Yngwie-clone.
He had ideas, his records (Trilogy was his best) were really masterpieces. His guitar solos were a pleasure to see and hear live.
But like his master Richie Blackmore, this guy has too much of a bad ego. He really believes no one in the whole world can really surpass his reachings, his fast diminished scales and arpeggios.
Funny since every guitar teacher I had ALWAYS tells me the moment you believe you're the best at doing something there's already 10000 guys out there doing it better.
This doesn't apply for Mr. Yngwie, who badmouthed every great guitarist (ie, he told Steve Morse was a fuckin' country player.... please!).
With Inspiration he tried to lead us to believe he could play cover tunes BETTER than the original. Those orrifying versions of Child in Time have no feeling, they are just a display of ultrafast scales and arpeggios that every 15 years old kid in love with his instrument would have played like...
Now he wants to do everything, from the production to the playing. And he does badly... His last tour had Randy Coven on bass. He managed to let him go away. This record has a great singer. He managed to let him go away.
Egosteen did one too much, he lost one fan. I'll stick with Tony MacAlpine, at least he evolved during the years, and now Yngwie is like a "first-times" Yngwie clone...

29/11/00: Shredfest -
Rating: 0
At first, I was appalled by the production on this disc. Not only is the sound kind of muddy (it sounds like the band was playing in a garage), but there is actually feedback present in several songs! Not sure if it's from Boals' mic or from the guitar, but it's there!

That being said, I try to never judge an album on first listen. I've listened to it a dozen or so times now, and with a few EQ tweaks, it doesn't sound that bad. As far as the songs go, they are not as good as the tracks on the awesome "Facing The Animal" (which SHOULD have been Yngwie's big U.S. comeback album if Mercury Records didn't have their heads up their asses), but they are better than the stuff on "Alchemy". "Crucify" is a heavy, kick-ass tune - anyone who doesn't find themselves singing along by the third or fourth time they listen to it doesn't like music that rocks. The instrumentals on here are incredible. Overall it is a heavy, rockin' album.

There is much to like about this disc. If only the production didn't tarnish it... But I say you should give it a chance. Just make sure you listen to it a few times to get "used" to the sound, and if you can do some EQ tweaking to fix it up a bit, that'll help too.

Oh, and the last track is a tongue-in-cheek reggae tune for all those people who say that Yngwie always plays the same stuff. Apparently, Andrew didn't get the joke!

29/11/00: Chris A. Erikson -
Rating: 40
Shit man, another disapointment. The ONLY thing good about this album was Crusify, Arpeggios From Hell, Prelude, Wild One and Instrumental Institution. The rest was an insult! Yngwie realy needs to reinvent himself, he sounds like a scratched vinyl! Mark Boals voice is just awefull on most of the songs and yngwie's solos all sound alike. Atleast the instrumentals ruled like usual!. He realy needs to make a full instrumental album. Doesnt he understand that he CANT write lyrics!?!?!?

God damn egomaniac! Let some outside influences in.

/Chris A. Erikson

29/11/00: James Krieger -
Rating: 50
I am a huge Yngwie fan. I have Yngwie memorabilia from the early '80's, I have all of his instructional videos, I have many posters, my own YJM Strat, etc. Despite all of this, I have to honestly say that this album is mediocre. As a die hard Yngwie fan myself I can say that I like it...but it is only OK. The biggest issue on this album is the mixing and engineering. It is really bad. As other people have said, it sounds like a demo. I am an amateur recorder with a digital 8-track and at times I think I've done better mixes than this. The vocals are buried in the mix, and the whole rhythm section sounds muddy. I think Yngwie's rhythm guitar sound is awful. The drums sound like tupperware.

The album does have some strong points. Yngwie plays some great, catchy riffs on this album, some of the best I've heard from him in a while. Crucify and Bad Reputation are good examples. And Yngwie has always been good at writing instrumentals. Instrumental Institution and Moltos Arpeggiosa are really great, especially the latter.

Some of the songs show flashes of greatness. Like I said before, some of the riffs are really cool. The opening keyboard part to "Tarot" is something I haven't heard Yngwie do before. And Yngwie does some cool stuff on bass and I occasionally hear a few new guitar licks I haven't heard before. But unfortunately these flashes of greatness are only that...flashes. There is no one song that is great from beginning to end. You might be listening to a song and you might hear something and think, "Wow, that's really cool," but then the next moment I feel like, "Yawn." It seems like this album has a lot of great ideas that are extremely undeveloped and incomplete. For example, the opening keyboard part of "Tarot" is really cool but the song itself, i.e. the lyrics and the melodies, are somewhat weak. Sometimes I wish Yngwie would take more time between albums for more fresh ideas to come about and to give time for thos fresh ideas to expand. I also wish Yngwie would be more willing to collaborate with others. I think that would bring out the best in him.

One highlight of this album is Yngwie's guitar tone. It is full and rich, and although not the same as "Rising Force" and "Marching Out" which I believe represent his best sound, it is still a good guitar tone.

The guitar solos sound cool at times yet at the same time sound very stagnant to me. I would like to see Yngwie slow down and breathe during solos like he did in his old days. His solos sometimes seem like big wankfests and they don't seem to have the melody or memorable qualities of solos from his early days, when he used to slow down. I'm not asking Yngwie to change his style. But I would like to see some more variety and dynamics in his soloing...the solo on "Miracle of Life" is a step in the right direction but I think it should be taken much further. I would also like to see some new licks rather than the same 3-string arpeggios, pedal point licks, and 4-note melodic sequences. His solos just aren't as interesting as they used to be.

Overall, while any diehard Yngwie fan should have this album, I don't think someone who is new to Yngwie should get this one. Anyone new to Yngwie should get his early stuff, notably "Rising Force" which still stands as one of the greatest instrumental guitar albums ever done.

29/11/00: Paul E. Morrison -
Rating: 100
Well, my interpretation of the "poor sound and production" is that this album has a "live" sound to it. I like that. It's rough and raw and very heavy, and it smacks you right in the face. It's quite complex, like Yngwie's last few albums, and it takes a few listens to get right into it. As far as I am concerned, nobody can touch Yngwie for melodic hard rock/metal, and this is a perfect example of Yngwie at his finest. His playing is faster and cleaner than ever, and just damn exciting!!! The songs are ok lyrically, lots of anger in them which isn't surprising considering recent events. Bottom line - if you like quality rock played by expert musicians, get "War To End All Wars". Beats the hell out of yer Limp Bizkit's any day.

28/11/00: Bailey - .
Rating: 2
Holey jesus! It gets more ridicluous with every album. Yngwie's incestuous songwriting is based on the premise of remaining 'true' to himself? To me, it sounds like remaining true to himself means sodomizing every good idea he came up with in the first 5 years of his career.

The sound is disgusting. Was he wearing earplugs when he recorded this shit?

Grow up Yngwie. You are a petty fool, not the fantastic 'live forever' legend you think. Get some help, mentally and musically. This stuff insults your brilliant past work.

Truy a sad day for metal. It sounds like Axel Fucking Rudi Pell for christ sakes! The day Yngwie sounds worse than his imitators is today. Enough Already.


PS. Will there ever be an Yngwie album that doesn't contain a necrophillic rip off of the "demon driver" arpegios?

27/11/00: Steve, Denmark -
Rating: 3
Yngwie has been my unrivalled favourite artist since 1986 and I regard him as "the Rolls-Royce" of melodic metal. He is the standard by which I judge everything. He has previously delighted me with a plethora of Rolls-Royce albums.
If by that analogy Odyssey, Eclipse, 7th sign and Facing the Animal were Rolls-Royces; the first 3 albums and Inspiration top-class Mercedes, and Alchemy a Ford Sierra, then this is a Fiat Punto.
Why? The production is awful - worst on the opening 4 tracks (maybe one gets used to it after that...?). The "songs" are basically terrible - 3/14 are OK (hence the rating) but they are the sort of thing Yngwie can knock out in his sleep. There are quite a few good ideas throughout the album (the opening riff to Bad Reputation springs to mind) but none of them are exploited fully. The lyrics are just laughable for the most part (just pick one!) and the lyrical melodies often tired and uninspired. Even most of the solos are generally lacking that special something.
He refuses to collaborate in songwriting or production and in doing so is severely underachieving. Heīs wasting his tremendous talent and I find that unexcusable. The record company should have refused to release this album and at least that way the legend would have been relatively unblemished. If this was the first album a non-fan purchased, there is no way that he/she would visit Yngwieīs back catalogue.
Wake up, Yngwie. Open yourself to collaborating with other musicians/producers. Before itīs simply too late and even your staunchest supporters get too dismayed to follow you anymore.

26/11/00: JORGE - HELL
Rating: 75

26/11/00: More Sugar -
Rating: 8
If you don't dig Yngwie I can understan why you would not like this album. But if you are a fan this is great sh*t!! I felt Boal's vocals were a bit annoying on Alchemy so it is nice to hear him lower in the mix. I can't remember the last time Yngwie has let his drummer go so nuts, this guy is great. His drum sound is where the 'demo sound' references are coming from but I like to think of it as more of a live sound. As for the songs; only one ballad, and a pretty good one at that (Usually we have several terrible ballads) The rest of the tunes are all rockers. This is a pure rock album and if you like Yngwie then you should be happy with this one. By the way, Malmsteen is well aware that he cannot write great lyrics, and he does NOT like working with a producer. Take him for what he is man, he will never be what you want him to be.

25/11/00: Ardian Nurcahyo -
Rating: 50
haven't heard the album but i am sure it will be another version of "alchemy" which wasn't better than the mighty "facing the animal"... "facing..." is the best of his recent works... great production, nice songwriting, tight musicianship (cozy powell, mats leven)... it has a ballad opened with piano (like an angel)... but this and alchemy will surely be one for the fans only... my message for yngwie: now you have brilliant singer in jorn, don't waste his talents... write something commercial like "odyssey" and record it with jorn, it will be classic... by the way... i hate joe lynn turner and mike vescera :)

25/11/00: Wilvis Dillon -
Rating: 50
I'm being generous for a couple of reasons. Primarily, I believe that Yngwie was seriously attempting to give fans what they have been asking for. The second reason being that he is at least touring in a fashion that allows me to see him. With regard to the obvious poor production, I also believe that he has released a couple of dogs with a slick sound also. The bottom line is that Mr ego needs to learn to collaborate with someone who knows how to bring the best out of him. I really believe that his future is looking up; however, I also agree that there is no excuse for the final song of this album. Bottom line, if you love Yngwie this is what a demo sounds like.

24/11/00: Captain Kaos - dont_call_us_we'
Rating: 5
This album sucks !!!!!!

24/11/00: Bjorn - SECRET
Rating: 35
This sucks. i will forget this album quick,
and see forward to the next one with the great Norwegian
Jorn Lande on vocal. Heia Norge